Growlanser: Wavering Rapture

Author Notes:

Ok my first fanfic, I hope it's not too terrible. I just finished Growlanser II and I loved it so now I'm replaying it (lol.) This is a shounen-ai, boy love, whatever you wish to call it. Sorry, nothing too sexy, I'm not mentally mature enough for that yet. Anyway I would like to thank my sister who helped give me ideas for this fanfic and my friends, you know who you are. Anyway enjoy!!! ( 'vv' )

p.s. (Thoughts) will be in () and the person with those thoughts will have the first and maybe the second letter of their first name followed by a : .

Chapter 1: Trigger

Wein Cruz, age 15, was getting ready to go to school with his older half-brother Carmaine. Growlanser High was known for its infamous student council nicknamed the Imperial Knights, and Carmaine was student council president. Wein longed to become an Imperial Knight as well and smiled as he carefully picked out his school supplies. When Carmaine first moved in when Wein's mother died they didn't get along but now they were as close as any full-blood brothers and Wein wanted to make his brother proud.

"Wein, are you almost ready, we should leave soon," Carmaine leaned on the door frame his jacket was hanging low on his back from his elbows.

"Almost, I still can't find my lucky ring." Wein carefully searched everywhere before taking a hastier second check through his room. "It's not here."

"Did you search the bathroom? You might have left it in there last night," (C: after your shower.)

"I'll go check." Wein rushed past his brother and down the hall. Carmaine took a step into the room and leaned over. He picked up a golden ring off the ground, it had a shine of perfection.

"Wein I…" Carmaine held up the ring and turned just as Wein entered the room.

"Oh, you found my ring, thanks Carmaine." Wein took the ring and lovingly placed it on his index finger.

"Wein," Carmaine said looking at the ring.

"Yes brother?"

Carmaine shook his head, "It's nothing, just hurry up and get ready."

~ Later at Growlanser High East Entrance ~

"Whoa, this school is just as beautiful as it was I my dreams!" Wein exclaimed.

"Don't get too excited, it's like most schools only not like most schools. How should I put this? Growlanser High School is a school for the beautiful and the gifted no matter what that gift may be. Growlanser High accepts all forms of elite. At least that's what I'm supposed to say but it's really just a normal school filled with interesting people." Carmaine chuckled and looked toward his little brother.

Wein chuckled at his brother's last remark. "But still it looks like something out of an anime or manga. I've always wanted to come since I was a small child but was unable to because I lived on the other side of the city."

(C: I worry about you sometimes. You're just too innocent and this school, I'm afraid this school might take away that innocence.)

"Wein!" shouted a familiar voice.

"Hans, I haven't seen you in awhile." Wein smiled at his red-headed friend.

"I was busy over the summer studying with Charlo. She's such a strict tutor but at least I'll be better prepared for the year." Hans shifted in his uniform, it was obviously uncomfortable for him.

"Where is Charlone anyway? I haven't seen here since the school year ended." Wein asked looking around for a girl with long blonde hair.

"I dunno, probably checking out the archery range here, I heard it's amazing." Hans placed his finger under his nose, a well known habit of his.

"Want to check if we have the same classes?" Wein asked flashing his usual smile. You'd half expect sparkles and roses to appear out of nowhere at times.

"Sure," Hans grinned, showing his dimples.

"I'll escort you to the class boards," Carmaine offered, his smile was smaller than earlier.

~ Meanwhile at the Growlanser High South Entrance ~

Slayn Wilder, age 16, was exiting his families' private limo. A girl with long red hair and rabbit ear like ribbons came to his side immediately.

"Slayn, why did you take the limo? Your house isn't that far." She looked at him with disappointment.

"Why should that be of any concern to you Annette? Besides my parents wanted me to take the limo, it couldn't be helped," Slayn walked into the school, Annette followed and then separated to head for the archery range.

A crowd of students surrounded the boards that assigned classes. Slayn started to scan the crowd until he caught sight of the student council president and then the person next to him. The boy looked a little like Carmaine, could they be brothers. The boy had beautiful black hair and wore a silver hair band, his smile was absolutely adorable, and his skin was so fair. Slayn felt the heat on his face and his heart began to beat at a faster tune. (S: What is this? Why am I reacting like this? I must know who he is! He's giving me butterflies!)

Carmaine made a path to the boards with his presence alone. Wein and Hans practically clung to his back. "Here we are first year students, let's see… Wein you're in 1-B and Hans you're also in 1-B." Wein and Hans smiled at each other. "Now let's see, I'm in 3-C."

Wein looked at his brothers' class list. "Oh look Lyell's also in 3-C, you two are the same class together." Carmaine frowned at the thought, this would make the year that much harder.

Lyell and Carmaine use to be best friends until one day when they got into a fight. Lyell was once an Imperial Knight and head of the disciplinary committee, but was soon kicked out or exiled for getting into a fight and seriously injuring the other person. Carmaine never told Wein since he looked up to Lyell he told him that Ernest has quit the student council of his own accord.

Slayn managed to reach the front of the crowd. (S: So his name's Wein, how cute. I remember I was in 1-B last year, what retched times that damn Zion.) He looked at the board, class 2-A, what joy, history. Slayn looked at Wein as he left and followed him. He had to know more, if there was any chance he could get him to join his club, then he could learn more.

Slayn tapped Wein on the shoulder, "Would you be interested in joining the Black Magic Club? I'm looking for new recruits." Slayn smiled nervously.

Wein looked him blankly for a moment and then smiled, "Sure, I was actually hoping to join just such a club." Hans gasped out of surprise. Carmaine looked at his half-brother in pure amazement.

"I had, I had no idea that you liked that sort of stuff." Carmaine's eyes were wide.

"Well I would have thought it was obvious, I mean I've always found dark magic and the occult quite fascinating." Wein smiled oblivious to his brother's panic.

Slayn grinned, this year is going to be interesting.