Growlanser: Wavering Rapture

Hello everyone! Sorry for the long hiatus, I was just being lazy... Yeah I have no excuse. This chapter is kind of random but has a bit of plot so I hope you enjoy it. I am aware they are OOC but I really wanted Carmaine to be like a total drama queen so that what's what i made him. I missed writing this and I ended up working on again after a long time. This chapter is sooooo short, I'm soooooo sorry about that. I will hope for more reviews. I'm not going to bother to say I don't own anything because this which generally mean the originality for characters or place flies out the window. I'm aware this isn't a big fandom but I will fight to keep it alive!

Chapter 7: Nothing More

~Somewhere Between the House of Cruz and Growlanser High~

"Must - catch up - to Wein," Carmaine huffed as he jogged toward the school, sweating bullets. After several minutes Carmaine stopped to catch his breath. He could barely breath, and he felt as if the very sun was burning him from the inside. His fever wasn't getting any better and his condition was only getting worse. Normally Carmaine could have sprinted to school with a horse on his back, no problem, but now he wasn't even close to his destination and he was already clinging to the wall of the nearby building barely holding himself up and stay conscious.

"Just a little more," Carmaine told himself, willing his sickly body forward but he only took a few steps before he fell to the ground. He couldn't move anymore, he was slowly fading into unconsciousness when he felt someone pick him up and carry him firemen style on their shoulder, he couldn't tell who it was, but tried his best to see the man's face yet all he saw was the stranger's silhouette.

~Growlanser High Room 319~

"Slayn! Earth to Slayn! We are awaiting for your words our esteemed Dark Lord." Raimy leaned in closer to the white haired boy. Slayn jumped back only just now returning to reality.

"Raimy don't do that!" Slayn swatted her away. "I'm sorry I'm a bit out of it. It's just I sensed something peculiarly strange coming from somewhere nearby. It was only for a moment but I could have sworn… never mind. Commencing with today's activities we-" he stopped midsentence as he spotted Maximillion sporting one of the club chairs. "What? Who invited you here?" Slayn growled between clenched teeth.

"I'm joining your club. I have a particular interest in black magic, but if you feel as though I must go I will take my leave." Maximillion smiled.

Slayn simply glared at him and looked around finally noticing his beloved was absent. "Where's Wein?" He asked squinting at the darker corners of the room.

"Oh don't worry. Wein has a habit of being late," Max crossed his legs, showing off his shiny dark boots.

"Is that so?" Slayn frowned, club wouldn't be as much fun without Wein. Slayn leaned back in his throne and closed his eyes. "Well we're not starting without all our members here so I'm going to take a nap. Raimy wake me up when Wein gets here." And it wasn't long before the Dark Master was fast asleep.

~Growlanser High, Hallway~

"I can't believe I got lost again!" Wein complained dramatically to the sky, or the ceiling, which ever came first. He was half-way between a sprint and a jog as he rushed through the halls looking for a number that would strike him as familiar. "I'm late again!" he had to stop doing that, it was his only major flaw as far as he could tell.

Suddenly a hand tapped him on the shoulder and he turned to find a boy with wavy white hair and an extremely pale complexion staring back at him. He smiled at Wein, "You look lost. Can I help you?"

Wein looked terribly embarrassed. "Uh, yes please! I'm looking for-" he was cut off.

"The Black Magic Club, correct? I just so happen to be the president of the White Magic Club that's located just across the hall from that atrocious, I mean wonderfully dreary place. My name is Zion, what might yours be?" Zion was incredulously eager to learn the name of his pretty boy love rival and the quicker he could push him and Slayn together the better.

"Oh how did you know I was looking for, oh right you must have seen me there before or something since you said you're located right across the hall," Yes Wein, it was something like that. "It's nice to meet you Zion I'm Wein Cruz." Ha, so his name is Wein that totally rhymes with Slayn.

"I can lead you there since you know that I know where it is." Zion plastered on a fake but believable smile and led the naïve boy to the second floor until they reached room 219.

"Well here you are now in you go!" Zion quickly opened the door and shoved Wein inside before locking him in. "Mwahahahahaaa, I'm off to go tell Slayn that his princess needs saving." Then the pale second year skipped merrily through the halls toward the stairs to the third floor.

Wein landed on his hands and knees as he heard the door slam shut and lock behind him. He bolted to the door but it was locked. He shook the door handle and banged on the wood, "Hey, what is the meaning of this?" He turned back around before finally taking in the full sight of the room.

The place was completely white, almost as pure as light itself and it completely disturbed Wein. It reminded him of the hospital and he absolutely hated hospitals. Only this place was worse it was like a carton of milk had vomited all over the place onto everything. Then he noticed them, the people in this sea of white he just couldn't see them before because they were dressed in the same color as everything else. They stared at him like mindless drones and he whimpered. There was nothing wrong with the color in his mind but this place was just in two words, pale hell.

~Someone's Apartment~

Carmaine slowly returned to consciousness, first taking in the fact he was alive, then noticing he was in a bed of some sort, and finally he wasn't alone in that bed. His first thought was to get up and run for the door but then he remembered he was sick and that someone had carried him there. He could hear the other person's breathing, it was slow and natural they were still asleep. Carmaine cautiously opened his eyes and looked around with as little movement as plausible. The room was modern and well kept but lacked anything that could be deemed personal. The bedspread was a neutral shade of slate grey that had comfortable and familiar texture. And then it dawned on him, he'd been there before.

He finally dared to look to see who it was that laid next to him and immediately frowned. Carmaine could only see the back of this person's head but he could recognize that white hair anywhere.

Ernest shifted slightly as he slept and rolled over, facing Carmaine and instinctively wrapped his arms around him. The dark hair teen was utterly numb, he knew that he couldn't just push the guy away. Carmaine had known Ernest better than anyone else, well except for possibly Reever, but that's a different story. Whenever they had sleepovers Ernest had a habit of hugging the thing next to him, be it pillow, dog, or best friend. The first time it had occurred Carmaine reacted by pushing him away but then he quickly learned that Ernest was a heavy sleeper and would just hold on tighter in a death grip. So yes, he did nothing, Carmaine enjoyed breathing.

Lyell mumbled in his sleep, like usual, and Carmaine wasn't surprised by the name he heard escape his ex-friend's lips. That is how he learned about Ernest's affection for his little half-brother after all, not that it wasn't obvious, but the sleep talk proved it, forced Carmaine to see the truth.

The dark haired teen turned to face his former best friend and couldn't help but smile. Ernest always looked absolutely adorable when he was asleep because his features were more relaxed and peaceful. At this close a distance he could see Ernest's long lashes and the sheen on his pale perfect lips. His body was so close, and very warm, in fact it was warmer than usual, or was that just Carmaine's fever.

Carmaine carefully placed his hand against Lyell's forehead and then on his own. They were about the same, they were both sick, and it was his entire fault. "Damn it Ernest. This is mainly because you're a reckless and impulsive delinquent. Not to meantion you never wear a proper shirt." Carmaine grumbled to himself

Suddenly Ernest opened his eyes, "Like you can say anything about my clothes and if I remember correctly you're just as reckless and impulsive as I am." The two sat up, Lyell had his usual poker face and Carmaine was flushed with frustration.

"Well you… you're right." Carmaine turned away. His will to fight was gone, mostly due to his illness and partly due to his underlying guilt.

"I hope you don't mind that I brought you here. You had passed out and my apartment was closer. I only have the one bed and we're both two tall for the couch. I was out buying medicine when you collapsed so if you need any I have some." Ernest slipped out of bed. He wore his favorite black jacket which revealed his lean muscles and he also wore his skin tight leather pants that complemented his long legs. Carmaine couldn't help but stare, his eyes lingering toward the other teen's lower back a flush of warmth ran through his body.

"Are you ok you look rather feverish? You can take a cold shower if you like," the white haired man offered.

Carmaine snapped out of his daze "What? Oh right, no but thanks for the offer."

Ernest slipped out of the room and Carmaine slapped himself.

(C: No! This isn't the time to get lusty over someone you're supposed to hate! Pull yourself together, the guy isn't even interested. That's right he's after your cute little brother and that makes him, and most of the guys on this planet, your enemy. Why don't I hate him? Oh right… Now I'm forgetting something. Why did I leave the house again? Oh right! The stupid Drag Ball, what time is it? 3:10! School's already over and he's probably already in club. I suppose it's too late to go now, I'll just tell him when he gets home after club. I should head home but I'm still rather tired and dizzy. I should definitely eat.)

Carmaine entered the living room, "Hey Ernest can I get something to-" he stopped midsentence as gazed upon the sight. Ernest was kneeling on the ground, a cheerful smile on his face, as he held a feathery cat toy above a kitten's head. It was definitely going to be in the top ten of Carmaine's cutest moments ever witnessed. He couldn't help but blush and feel rather envious of the kitten. "Whe-when did you get it?"

Lyell looked up, quickly putting away his smile, and stood. "Wein and I found Randolf yesterday. He was abandoned and we couldn't just leave him out in the rain." The kitten clawed at his leather jeans, begging for attention. Ernest picked Randolf up and the cat instantly went limp as he placed it on his shoulder.

"Randolf? That's a rather peculiar name." Carmaine came over and gently rubbed its tiny head with the tip of his index finger.

"Wein picked it." Ernest blushed, the mere thought of the younger man made him do that sometimes.

"Of course he did," Carmaine chuckled. "I remember when I visited him when we were younger he'd named his neighbor's dog Sereb. The poor creature looked rather displeased but the owner loved it."

"You smiled," Ernest comment allowing his own lips to curl up slightly into a small grin.

Carmaine's face flashed red and he bit his lower lip, "What does it matter if I smiled?"

Lyell's smile widened slightly, Carmaine noticed he only ever smiled when he was truly at ease. "Well I was beginning to think you hated me and that I would never see it again. You know that you and Wein are very important to me. I couldn't stand seeing you frown because of me. So I'm just glad you could smile even with me standing here."

The dark haired teen went even redder and turned away, "Well I don't hate you. I should hate you but I don't. Just be glad I haven't forced Wein to move to Alaska because I know you so well. Plus Wein's happiness means more to me than anything. He was really looking forward to going to Growlanser and you just so happen to also be going there. I forgive you for that one thing, but as for the other thing I want a formal apology."

Ernest frowned sadness was present in his eyes, "Which incident are you referring to exactly?"

Carmaine turned back to him, "You know, for calling me fat."

"What? I never called you fat." Lyell looked rather confused.

"You may not have said it out loud but you were so thinking it. Don't tell me you don't remember."

"Are you talking about when we went shopping and you wanted to buy that jacket which was identical to the ones you already possess and then you stormed out after you asked me what I thought?"

"It was not identical! The one I have is red the one at the store was light red, there's a huge difference. Besides that's not the point, when I asked you what you thought you didn't say anything!"

"I was contemplating over how to best place my opinion into words without offending you."

"Ah ha! So you did think it made me look fat!"

"No, that never crossed my mind." Ernest rubbed his temples and dragged his hand down his face. "I thought…"


"It made you look…"


"Well, it made you look rather feminine… It was pink… You looked gay and not in good way… That shade of pink did not flatter you… I'm sorry…" There was a long moment of silence before Lyell stepped forward, Randolf jumped down. "Are you ok?"

Carmaine perked up, "Well as long I didn't look fat, everyone knows the only colors you like are black and red and white anyway so who cares if you don't like the color." He started laughing in a rather disturbing fashion.


Carmaine attack hugged Ernest, latching on tightly to his chest. His hand grabbed firmly onto his jacket, "I'm sorry I misjudged you! Let's never fight again. Promise me you won't rape my brother and I promise not to rape you right now."

"What?" Ernest should have been used to Carmaine's mood swings, he was practically bipolar or a girl on constant PMS, but he still was caught slightly off guard with the final remark. "Uh sure, I promise not to rape your brother, and may we not fight again… Now can you please let go?"

Carmaine snuggled his face into Lyell's collarbone and held on tighter, "I don't want to."

"You promised you wouldn't rape me."

"Does it look like I'm raping you?"

"You have that lusty aura emanating from you and this is sexual harassment. Let go." Ernest tried to pull away but Carmaine didn't loosen up.

"I haven't held you in so long. Just give me this embrace for the moment. I promise I will let go when I'm ready." Carmaine closed his eyes.

Lyell sighed into submission and wrapped is arms around the subject of his newly restored friendship.

(E: I swear Carmaine, you can be so spoiled sometimes. Our relationship is rather unhealthy when you become like this but it's not like you can act like this toward your brother so I'll deal with it for a while longer. We can comfort each other this one last time but I hope you confess your feeling to whoever it is you are in love with soon. You can't latch onto me forever and I can't go to you when I feel the need to be with Wein either. Just because you smell and somewhat look like him you are not Wein. We need to end this… Before it starts up again, we must establish that we are only friends… and nothing more.)

Randolf looked enviously up at the hugging men.

(R: I feel… meow… so left out.)

So this sort of implies that Ernest and Carmaine are friends with benefits or at least were. There's soooooooo much drama between them even idk sometimes. I really want people to start making out but what kind of fan fic writer would I be if i was like and then they kissed and all was good and then there was pie the end. Yeah no, I'll just wait for the hot make out senssions, by the time I'm their I'll probably be mature enough to write about sex scenes... Not that I will ever... most likely write any. Today is christmas! Merry Christmas! Here is your gift.