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In a remote jungle office in Peru, Sir Alistair frowned at the flickering electricity. 'Hopefully this is the last time they send me down here,' he complained to the other officer in a UNIT uniform. Sir Alistair paced the floor, while the other officer simply sat at his desk.

'I apologize for the rougher conditions, Sir Alistair. The recent storms have left our electricity spotty at best.' Major Williams frowned.

'It's all right, Williams, I just didn't expect to be back down here this quickly. The scope of the mission changed faster than we anticipated, and we need to get our operative out of here before the situation degrades any further.'

'I understand, Sir. He should be here shortly.'

Sir Alistair continued to pace, knowing the young officer in charge here was trying his best, under extreme circumstances. The door opened and another man entered, looking rather haggard. Sir Alistair looked at the man, and despite his almost completely grey hair, full beard and rather worn appearance, there was no doubting who the person was. Sir Alistair reached out a hand warmly. 'Commodore, good to see you again.'

Harry shook Sir Alistair's hand and smiled. 'It's good to see you too, Sir. Although, I must admit that I didn't expect to see you back so soon.'

'Will you excuse us, Major?' Sir Alistair asked. The Major nodded and quickly left the room. 'Harry, the Antarians have given us the complete breakdown to the formula you were working on.'

'Have we verified that the information they gave us is accurate?'

'We've had our best scientists tearing it apart and reconstructing it, and it's accurate.'

Harry took a deep breath. 'Does this mean what I think it means?'

Sir Alistair smiled. 'Time to go home. We've made all the arrangements, so that your identity can be restored. However, you know you'll have to find a new place to live, but we'll make any arrangements you need in the interim.'

Both Harry and Sir Alistair looked at each other as neither one missed the wheezing, groaning noise that filled the room. They both watched as a young man with wildly spiked hair in a pinstriped suit and trainers quickly exited the TARDIS. 'Ah, Harry, Alistair, good caught you both in the same place. C'mon, let's go, no time to waste.'

'Doctor, is that you?'

'Who else would it be?' He gestured towards the TARDIS, 'Allons-y!'

'Doctor, while I'm sure Commodore Sullivan and I both appreciate your offer of a lift, we do have transportation already arranged.'

'Yes, but we're in a bit of a hurry. There's a situation back in London that you need to be there for.'

Sir Alistair frowned. 'Did something happen at the event that I called Susan about?'

The Doctor frowned. 'Oh yes. It wound up being much more of problem than even I expected. I'll explain more on the way.'


Sarah walked over to the door and opened it. Her jaw dropped as she saw who was standing there. 'It's you!' she exclaimed, a mix of surprise and wonder on her face. 'You're alive!'

As Harry stepped in the door, he quickly wrapped Sarah in a warm embrace. He'd cleaned up while in the TARDIS, so the beard was gone, but his hair was still longer than Sarah had seen it before. After a minute, Sarah pulled back and looked at Harry. She reached up and put her hands on both sides of his face. 'I can't believe it,' she whispered.

Sarah turned around to call for Susan, but didn't see her in the living room. Turning back towards Harry, she finally realised there was someone else standing on her doorstep.


Susan snuck out the back door and worked her way around front as soon as the doorbell rang. She thought she heard a familiar noise just before the doorbell rang. Sure enough, she saw the Doctor leaning against the TARDIS, smiling as he watched the reunion in Sarah's doorway. When he saw Susan, his smile widened even further. She ran straight into his open arms and he swung her around. 'I thought I'd never see you again,' she said, smiling when he put her back down on the ground and released her.

He looked at her, almost looking through her. 'Aw, Sue, you know me better than that.' He motioned towards the house with his head. 'How's Sarah?'

'She'll have a rough few days, I expect.'

The Doctor nodded. 'I knew she needed her family close by.'

'Doctor, you're as much family to her as anyone. Please, come back in with me.'

Crossing his arms, he looked back to Susan. 'You know that I'm not overly fond of domestic, Sue.'

'This is me you're talking to. Both my parents travelled with you, I've travelled with you and the only other person here is Uncle Alistair, one of your oldest friends. If that's not as close to family as you have, I don't know what is.' Susan gauged his reaction before continuing. 'I think you need this as much as Sarah does right now, given what you know is coming.'

He wrapped an arm around her shoulders. 'You're probably right,' he said quietly. 'Come on, you need to say hello to your father.'


Sarah ushered in both Harry and Sir Alistair. 'Both of you have a seat, I'll go put the kettle on.' As she started in towards the kitchen, instead of sitting, Harry followed her into the kitchen. She filled the kettle and plugged it in while talking, 'Susan was right here.' After a moment, she added, 'Your timing on getting here is impeccable.'

'Well, the Doctor brought us. He told us what happened.'

She turned to face him, ignoring the last statement. 'The Doctor brought you here?' Sarah gave a mock laugh. 'Well, that explains where Sue disappeared to.'

'What do you mean?' Harry asked.

'Which Doctor are you with?'

'Young, tall, lanky.'

Sarah smiled. 'That would be the one.' At Harry's confused look, she continued. 'He whisked off our daughter for the better part of the last three years.'

She could almost see Harry's blood pressure rising, but reached out and took his hand in hers. 'I'm very glad you're all back safe and sound.' She almost hated asking the next question. 'You don't have any plans to go back out anytime soon do you?'

'No, I think I'm home for good now. After this, I think I'm ready to retire.'

At that moment, Susan practically flew into the kitchen. 'Dad!' she exclaimed, throwing herself into her father's open arms.

Sarah poured the tea into a mug and got ready to walk it into the living room for Sir Alistair, also to give Susan and Harry a moment alone.

Susan glanced over at her. 'Oh, Mum, you'll need another cuppa. The Doctor is in there talking to Uncle Alistair.'

Just then they heard a door slam. 'Hey Mum, I'm homeā€¦' Luke's shouting was cut off when he realised there were people in the living room.

Sarah looked back towards Susan, who only shrugged, 'Sorry, Mum. I called him a little bit ago, I thought you might like to get all the introductions over with.'

Sarah, Harry and Susan went back into the living room, each carrying two mugs. Sarah gave her second mug to Luke, Susan gave hers to the Doctor and Harry gave his to Sir Alistair. They all sat around the living room, Luke sitting close to Sarah and staring at Harry. 'I guess I should introduce everyone, yes?' Sarah asked. She reached out and put an arm around Luke's shoulders. 'Harry, this is my son, Luke. Luke, this is one of my dearest friends, and Susan's father, Harry.'

'You're Commodore Sullivan?'

Before Harry could answer, the doorbell rang again. Sir Alistair stood up. 'That would be my taxi.' Sarah and Harry both stood up. Harry reached out and shook his hand. 'Thank you, Sir, for everything.'

'Don't mention it, Sullivan.' He leaned in close to Harry. 'Take care of her,' he whispered.

Sarah walked him to the door. 'Thank you, again.' She embraced Sir Alistair warmly.

'Don't mention it, Sarah Jane. Just let me know if there's anything you need.' With that, he walked out and Sarah shut the door behind him.

Back in the living room, the Doctor stood up. 'I think that's my cue as well.' He nodded to Harry. 'Glad to see you back where you belong, Harry.'

'Thank you for bringing me home, Doctor.'

The Doctor wrapped his arms around Susan tightly and buried his head in her neck, but said nothing. Finally, Susan spoke, 'Be careful, please.'

He pulled away from her. 'Course I will, you know me!' he said with a grin.

'Yes, that's why I said something.' She looked up at him, refusing to let any tears fall. 'Thank you for showing me the universe, Doctor.'

'Don't mention it.' Then he added, 'Sue, you were incredible, thank you.' He gave her a lopsided grin, turned and walked towards the door. Sarah met him at the door. 'My Sarah Jane,' he smiled.

'You brought my family to me today. Thank you.'

'Well, I couldn't very well leave you by yourself, could I? What sort of friend would I be then?' More softly, he added, 'You're still my best friend.' He then wrapped her in a tight embrace, almost willing himself to never let go.