Author's Note: I have to reiterate, this is NOT incest! I've always wanted to explore the deleted scene of River pretending to be pregnant and Simon's wife in 'Our Mrs. Reynolds'. Special thanks to Jadzia Bear for encouraging me to finally post some of my work. Please read and review, even if it's a simple, "I like where you're going".

Simon hadn't heard her enter the med bay.

"Simon?" River asked as she gracefully perched on the exam table.

He jumped and turned to look at her. She was lucid, he could tell by her eyes. They were always bright and clear on her good days. These days were once few and precious, now they were beginning to be more frequent and lasting longer.

"River, how are you feeling today?" River reached for his hands and as he took hers, she whispered, "We have to tell them". Simon cocked an eyebrow, "Tell who what?"

River sighed, and bowed her head. She wanted this to be a happy moment, but she knew captain daddy would be mad, and the crew wouldn't understand. Things would change, the probability of that was certain. River had calculated that once they could hide their secret no longer there was a ninety two percent chance that Kaylee would not speak to her for approximately two point three weeks.

Simon frowned, he couldn't see her face but something was obviously bothering her. Simon lifted her chin, and as her curtain of hair fell back, tears pricked her eyes.

River squeezed his left hand and sobbed "Simon, I'm pregnant".