A/N: It's been a blast writing my first fanfiction after five years of just reading and reviewing! I felt like this fic deserved a short fluffy epilogue. Thanks for reading!

Kaylee had insisted they have a formal ceremony complete with 'all the bells and whistles'. River had resisted at first, complaining that no one wanted to see a big whale in frillies and tool waddling down the aisle. Simon had kissed her and said that she was the most graceful whale in the known 'verse. In the end River had agreed, anything to keep mending the bridge between her and her friend.

Now it was her wedding day and Inara had made sure she was a 'vision in red' before the ceremony began. River was glad Inara could come. It has surely made captain daddy, no, Mal, she corrected herself, happy, although he will never admit it. A smile spread across her face as the Companion ushered her to the mirror. Inara had been right, opting for traditional Chinese red instead of antiquated white had managed to turn the eight month pregnant dancer into a blushing bride. Inara excused herself to give River a moment alone but not before subtly checking her own reflection.

The day was lovely, and River was glad that they were able to have the ceremony outside while they were in port on Hera. The name of the planet had caused River to laugh. Her laughter became contagious once she explained to the rest of the crew that Hera, an Earth-That-Was god, was both Zeus's wife and sister. "What are the odds of that," Wash had chuckled, flipping his three switches with gusto.

Music had begun to play softly as River made her way to the end of the aisle. She smiled at her new family, each step bringing her closer to her Simon. Wash held Zoe's waist while they watched her procession. Inara took Mal's arm, much to his surprise, although he tried hard not to show it. It did not escape River's attention that Kaylee and Jayne were holding hands as her friend dabbed her eyes with an oil stained handkerchief.

We're cut from the same stock, just makes sense ya know? Kaylee had told her shortly before the ceremony had begun. Yes. River did know, and as she stopped in front of Simon and Sheppard Book she was happy that fate, although sometimes cruel, could lead to such happiness in the end.