Hi y'all! This is my first adventure into the Twilight Twenty-Five. I'm writing Jane and Alec because…well…I love Jane. She makes my heart go pitter pat. I'm sorry that I've been on a semi-hiatus recently. Real life is a whore with genital herpes. Okay. Moving on! Here we go!

I own nothing!

The Twilight Twenty-Five

Prompt: alone

Pen name: ze yellow dahlia

Pairing: Jane & Alec

Rating: T


He looks at me from across the room, sultry eyes roaming my very soul with just a glance.

He continues, staring, searching, tempest grey and full of secrets.

I count the seconds on the clock, knowing he'll meet me after three, anticipating our unholy union of bodies and minds.

He stands abruptly, grabbing her hand and leading the statuesque brunette to the courtyard, another crack in my dam.

He has a cunningly suave smile dancing on his cheeks.

I want to tell myself that I'm not alone.

But I am.

How could I think he would choose me over her?