A/N: This is ABSOLUTELY a one shot. I have no intention of doing it in ANY of my stories EVER… because I just don't wanna deal with that. However, the scene will not leave me the hell alone even though I've had countless conversations with River about how I would never write the thing. So as a way of appeasing that annoying ass crazy psychic in my head here it goes.

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"HOLY FUCK RIVER!" Riddick roared at her as he narrowly avoided slitting her throat. He'd only made the attack because he knew she was going to dodge it. He knew it was the obvious attack. She should have seen it coming. Except she hadn't. She'd suddenly faltered and frozen. Fucking frozen in mid spar. "River!" He barked again when she didn't answer him. "What the hell was that?" He yelled as he grabbed her and shook her. He could have fucking killed her. He nearly did fucking kill her. His hands were actually trembling from fear induced adrenaline. "River answer me!"

River slowly turned her head; her mouth opened and closed several times. She had no words. Her shiv slipped from her hand and the sound it made in the otherwise silent bay was ear splitting. It didn't echo; not in the conventional sense. The sound itself was rather quiet in comparison to how distinctly Riddick heard her heartbeat; it was the simple fact she had dropped her shiv at all which made the sound seem to tear through existence. River never dropped her weapon. River never froze mid spar. River never did not have the words.

"River." It was a plea.

"Ssshh." River whispered; bringing her fingers slowly up to Riddick's lips. "A whisper." She raised his hand to her flat stomach. "One plus one equals one."

Riddick's shiv clattered to the grating as he dropped to his knees. Reverently he pushed up the bottom of her tank and ran his calloused palm across the smooth expanse of skin. He buried his nose into her stomach and inhaled deeply. "Knew you smelt different girl." The words came out as a soft purr; a caress against her mind. "MINE." He growled against her skin.

"Is everything alright?" Simon's voice shattered through the bay.

Riddick rose abruptly and spun pushing River behind him instinctively. A snarled escaped him.

Simon skidded to a halt. "I heard yelling, what's wrong?" He demanded from a safe distance.

River placed one small hand against Riddick's bicep; his gaze was drawn to hers and his stance relaxed. She turned to face her brother and brought her right hand to rest against her stomach. "A new heartbeat." She said simply; she was one hundred perfect lucid, more sane then she had ever been in that moment. She was simply in awe.

Simon's brow furrowed, his confusion evident. "What do you mean a new heart…" Clarity struck. Simon paled; his stomach lurched and his legs gave out. Dr. Simon Tam, Mr. Top three percent, fainted.

There was silence, broke in the next breath by Riddick's booming laughter which echoed off the walls of the bay and filtered through the ship. He picked River up and spun her as he laughed and she allowed herself to laugh with him. There was a God and he wasn't such a bastard after all.

Endnote: There it's out. Now let's never speak of it again. LOL (Now Shut Up River! Are you happy now?! I think I just gave Simon a stroke.)