Naruto and the Olympians


AN: What's up people. This is just a little something i came up with after seeing the Percy Jackson movie, and subsequently reading the books. So yeah just let me know what you guys think.

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I never asked for anything and I never complained about what I had, or rather didn't have. I never knew peace even for a moment. Unlike most children I didn't grow up with the illusion that I was living in a peaceful world. I was an orphan and I was hated by just about everyone in my village even before I grew my first tooth. The only exception from even the very beginning was my sole role model, the man known worldwide as 'The Professor' the Sandaime Hokage, Sarutobi Hizuren who I had affectionately dubbed 'jiji'.

Like any young boy I grew up wanting to be like my biggest positive influence who obviously was the old man so I of course wanted to be Hokage. The problem was from the very beginning I had a severe disadvantage, first the entire village hated me and more importantly I had the unfortunately luck of being what was known as a jinchuuriki. A jinchuuriki is basically a person who has a demon sealed inside of their body.

Now as far as we knew there were nine great demons collectively known as the bijuu, tailed demons ranging from one to nine tails. The first was the Ichibi no Shukaku which was basically a giant tanuki made of sand with a craving for blood. The next was the Nibi no Bakeneko, which was a cat made of what was thought to be hellfire. The next on the list would be the Sanabi no Kyodaigame, a giant turtle, don't ask me what it's made of cause I never encountered it so lets move on. Next came the Yonbi no Saru which I think is made of fire though I'm not positive.

Then came the Gobi no Irukauma, which is obviously a dolphin-horse with the body of a horse and the head of a dolphin. The next is the Rokubi no Namekuji, which is obviously a giant slug. The next is the Nanabi no Kabutomushi which is a mix between a rhino and a beetle. Next is the Hachibi no Kyogu, a giant freaking ox that appears to have been spliced with a squid. Finally came the big daddy the Kyuubi no Kitsune, a giant fox with an attitude and ego to match its height.

Out of the nine I contained the Kyuubi which was known as the most powerful and 'King of the Bijuu'. It was just my luck the damned fox would attack the village the night a was born, leading to it being sealed into my gut and our long beautiful friendship, please note the sarcasm at the end. Truth be told I hated that fox and he hated me and if we could've we'd have most likely killed each other.

Now unlike most jinchuuriki I grew up ignorant of the fact that I was one, hell I hadn't even heard the word until I was fifteen. I found out about the fox when I was twelve though after being hated for it with no explanation leading up to that point. Also unlike other jinchuuriki I neither worked with nor got along with my beast. Like my best friend Gaara, who had been the Ichibi no jinchuuriki who used to work with his beast and ended up a murdering psychopath until I put my foot up his ass when his village tried invading mine with the help of Oto a few years back. There were also the Nibi no jinchuuriki and Hachibi no jinchuuriki, Ni Yugito and Kirabi who were trained by their village to handle the powers of their beast and got along with them for the most part.

It was just recently things started changing for me though. First my village was attacked and nearly destroyed and in the end I was cheered as the hero who saved their asses. Not long later the Fourth Great Shinobi War kicked off and people started dropping like flies. Granted I had already lost jiji when I was twelve and my kyofu (godfather) about a week before Pein's invasion of my village. On top of this I still kind of felt guilty for the death of jiji's son Asuma, no matter what anyone tried to tell me to the contrary.

The first to die during the war was Kakashi, my former jounin-sensei though he wasn't much of a teacher. Anyway Kakashi died by the hand of my treacherous former teammate Uchiha Sasuke, he still got the last laugh though as he caught the teme with that Sharingan technique of his Kamui. The next to go was the entirety of team Gai, who'd fallen in the battle for Iwa. My old teacher Iruka and my friend Anko fell next along with Kiba and Akamaru in the battle for Kiri. Team ten fell along with Gaara and his siblings when Suna was attacked. Then the unthinkable happened Shino and my Hinata-chan fell in Kumo.

My rage then well lets say it made my four tailed rampage seem like a nice walk in the park on a clear sunny day. When I got word I went to my closest place to vent Oto, in Rice Country who'd been supporting Madara in the damned war. That day I unveiled not only my knowledge of my fathers Hiraishin no jutsu, but my gift of utilizing the Mokuton element which under my kyufo's direction I had been hiding. Adding these two on top of my wind elemental abilities I earned the nickname Susanoo, Oto was crushed and buried by the very earth that hid it and I acquired the legendary Kusanagi from Kabuto's corpse, not bad for a days work if I do say so myself.

When I got back to the village I learned I'd been named Hokage, which I had already seen coming. Not only did the village not have anyone stronger or better connected than me but it was the easiest way to keep me in the village and thus out of Madara's clutch's as I was now the last jinchuuriki. We were in desperate need of a leader too as the alliance had this massive force of shinobi and no Kage's to lead us, the only remaining one being my baa-chan Tsunade who was still in a coma from Pein's attack.

Once again I was a very well connected guy. Upon entering office I immediately began calling more allies and I knew people everywhere, Takigakure, Yuki no Kuni, Nami no Kuni, Amegakure, Hoshigakure, Tori no Kuni and Oni no Kuni to name a few. With a single call for help I had a massive army under my command and I had honestly never thought I'd see so many shinobi and samurai gathered in one place. It wasn't long before other territories heard about this and started sending request to join the alliance, I guess they figured it was better to be with us than against which was smart even though I had no plans of attacking any of their villages.

Still even with such a large force we were blindsided by an attack by Madara, as out of nowhere Konoha was attacked by his force of eight bijuu. I however had been working on something special and decided to unveil it by having Kage Bunshin's that shocked everyone by taking control of the bijuu, I figured Hashirama could do it why the hell shouldn't I be able to you know. Meanwhile I was fighting Madara when out of nowhere my clones are disbursed and I froze mid battle, Madara knocked me out at that moment.

When I came to I was in the one place I hated being most in front of the fox, that damned things breath stunk to high hell. Now where both pissed even more because we were forced to speak and even worse Madara was in the process of withdrawing the Kyuubi from me to release the last hold of the Juubi.

Now that's another thing to get into. Apparently a long time ago even before the bijuu I knew of existed the Juubi. Now this bastard was so bad the Rikkudo Sannin sealed it into himself and sealed its body within the moon of all places. Then nearing his death he split the Juubi's power into nine separate pieces that wouldn't you know it formed the bijuu.

Now at this point I'm like to hell with it, majority of my friends were already dead and all I had back in the leaf was Sakura, Tsunade having died when the safe house she was in blew up. On top of this I'm going to die anyway so I figure what the hell right, so I gather as much wind chakra as I can while still in my mindscape and compress it like a Rasengan and then released it. Everything around me was shredded instantly and I had the experience of having a cave collapse on top of me.

Still I'm not really bothered by it honestly I mean I killed the bad guy at least so the war's over. The statue holding the bijuu was destroyed so nobodies ever got to worry about the Juubi again. I was tired of fighting and honestly I just wanted to be with my Hinata-chan again, it was time I got to enjoy some peace right? I should've known I wouldn't get that wish.

Instead I was woke up by these three hags that between them only had one eye. Anyway these hags called them selves the Fates, I didn't believe in fate though. So anyway these hags tell me a whole bunch of shit about me being a halfblood and this other world they want me to go help save. Naturally I was going to refuse but then they tell me my family was there, along with one more person Sasuke.

At that I was ready to go, I still had a score to settle with the teme. They left me with one more surprise though too. When I destroyed the statue containing the bijuu their spirits rushed to the closest container they could find, my body. Before I could even get a word in though my body was sucked in a hole or something straight to some place called New York.