I made this as a note on my iPod last night when I couldn't sleep. I sent it to my friends and they thought the same as I. Well, now the story has a preface!!

He is proud, arrogant. The world is his and he can do with it as he pleases. Nothing is beyond his reach. Nothing can be refused to him.

She was selfish and fanciful. Her own world wasn't good enough for her and he loved her for it. It would be fun to send her through the labyrinth. She wouldn't make it without a little help from him. Even if she didn't make it he could keep her.

But she grew in the labyrinth. Nothing was as it seemed, not even her. She showed that she was as courageous as she was selfish. That she was as kind as she was self absorbed. She shared qualities with him and had many he didn't.

He both loved and hated her for it. His mixed emotions caused him to meddle with her journey irrationally and randomly. And he fell in love with her.

And she defeated him. She broke him and she denied him! She had cast an irrevocable spell of affection on him and though he gave her what she wanted and offered her so much more she rejected him.

And for that he hated her. His pride was broken and his wrath would be felt in all if his subjects.

And she tortured him still. She tortured him by not caring. By moving on with her life when he couldn't. By loving men. Other men. And bearing their seed and loving their children and their children's children.

And he hated her for growing old. She grew old, rotted, as he stayed trapped in bitterness and relentless youth and forced to watch her enjoy withering away. Forced to watch her mourn her lover as he reveled in the other man's passing. She highlighted all of his most terrible qualities and forced him to see. And she neared death. What would he cling to when he couldn't even watch her any longer? So fragile and she could have been so strong.

As strong as the black haired little girl with the captivating blue eyes? This little girl who had nothing but her dying Grandma? He was fascinated when her grandchild smiled. She had nothing for which to smile. And for eighteen years his attentions began to wean from his dying love to the person she loved most of all. Her granddaughter.

And when she neared death he found his anchor in this girl.

When his only love died, he acted quickly to secure her to him.

Because after tasting love he knew he could not live without it.