A Tuesday Four Weeks from Now

While reading a Liar Game blog for spoilers [I'm currently too lazy to read the latest chapters of Liar Game], the idea for this fanfic just popped into my head. It simply began with the confrontation between two characters [won't say who; just read] and a chilling quote said by one of them, but weirdly developed into this… story. Okay. Yeah. I never thought I'd ever write a Liar Game fanfic [the idea never occurred to me until now], but it's pretty interesting. This is sort of an epilogue, of sorts, to Liar Game, with a few story twists and turns [wouldn't be Liar Game without it], and I hope you all will enjoy.

Oh, and yes, the title sounds strange, but it makes sense in context [read!].

This is my first Liar Game fanficcy! Please enjoy!

I do not own Liar Game

It had been seven months since the end of Liar Game, but it had only been at least four weeks since Kanzaki Nao had seen Akiyama. He meant so much to Nao that she could barely describe it in words. The day Liar Game ended saddened her; it meant the day Nao's road with Akiyama would end. He would visit her sometimes, and they would go out together if there was time, but it wasn't the same as Nao seeing Shinichi Akiyama almost every day during Liar Game, hearing his voice whether he was scolding her or praising her, and having his presence near her. There was a loneliness that ached in Nao, but she tried to not let it bother her. Her life had returned to normal with slight changes. She still visited her father in the hospital, and she kept in touch with Fukunaga, who visited her whenever he felt like it, and the other participants in Liar Game who she befriended, but the bond she shared with them wasn't the same as the bond she shared with Akiyama. There was so much Nao wanted to tell Akiyama whenever she was able to meet him, but the words seemed to always vanish the moment she'd see his familiar face. She remembered the last time she saw him, where her unspoken words led her to a mistake.

"You're leaving again, Akiyama-san… aren't you?"

"Yeah, I got another part-time job. I have to wake up early in the morning."


"… Something wrong?"

"No, it's nothing. I was just thinking… This is different, isn't it? Our lives now… compared to our lives in Liar Game…"

"I guess, but you sound like it's almost nostalgic."

"That's because it is. I know we've been through a lot, but I was glad I was able to be by your side. Say… Akiyama-san, there's something I've been meaning to say."


"I… I don't want to meet you anymore."


"I don't want that anymore. What I really want is… I want you to–"

"– I got it."


"I guess I was worrying too much. You seemed to have adjusted to your normal life just fine. I guess by hanging around you this long… I became a nuisance, didn't I?"

"Akiyama-san, th-that's not what I–"

"– It's all right. You don't have to make excuses for me. I'll leave you alone. I just… want one last request. Can I meet with you four weeks from now? On Tuesday? That's the closest day I have a day off from now, and… I'd really like it if you'd let me see you one last time, Nao."

"… Y-Yes."

What Nao really meant to say was, "I want you to stay."

But instead a misunderstanding occurred. Nao never intended for Akiyama to believe he was becoming a bother; she tried to explain what she really meant to say many times, but she could never find the right chance, just like how she could never find the right chance to tell him how she really felt. Every time she tried to call on her cell phone, she'd either be transferred to his voice mail or Akiyama would tell her, "I'll meet you on the Tuesday I said I would" and hang up the phone before Nao could say a single word.

Today was finally the day that Akiyama would meet her, and this was the last chance Nao had to mend the rift between them. So, when the doorbell rang that day, Nao expected the person on the other side would be Akiyama. She anticipated it. But when she opened her door, Nao found herself staring at the one person she never thought she'd have to see ever again.

"Hello… Kanzaki Nao," greeted the chillingly sinister voice of Yokoya, "Do you remember me?"

Remember him? How could Nao possibly forget about Yokoya? He proved to be a great foe during her days in Liar Game, second to Liar Game itself. Her conflict with him may have started growing when she antagonized Yokoya into returning to the fourth round of Liar Game, but it really began when Akiyama opened himself to Nao and revealed his anguish at the horrible similarities between Yokoya and himself, "that he was no better than Yokoya." At that time, Nao had cried for Akiyama, for she did not know what else to do, but when she saw Yokoya following Akiyama's and her departure from Round Three – the moment she saw Yokoya, Nao instinctively thought, that man is nothing like Akiyama-san. That is what truly triggered her confidence that day long ago.

But Nao's confidence was stung at the sight of Yokoya returning to her normal, everyday life. "Yokoya… -san…?" was the only thing she could say in reply to his presence.

"Would you please invite me inside?"

Nao told herself she wouldn't, but her manners caught the best of her and let him inside, just like every time anything Liar Game-related entered her doorway.

Nao sat down in the living room by the table. She watched as Yokoya lingered around her apartment, taking slow and careful steps around the living room, examining every inch of it. She shivered at the reality of having Yokoya inside her home. She reluctantly looked up at him and their eyes instantly locked. Nao didn't know why Yokoya was here, but his ominous expression told Nao that something wasn't right about this visit, especially how coincidental – or not – for Yokoya to visit Nao on the same time Akiyama is going to.

"What are you doing here, Yokoya-san?" Nao hesitantly asked him.

Yokoya stiffly stood in front of her with the small brown table the only obstacle between them. "Do you really want to know?" he answered her question with another question.

Nao really didn't want to know after hearing the threatening tone from behind Yokoya's usual monotone voice, but she knew she couldn't let Yokoya linger any longer in her household. "Yokoya-san, I don't know why you're here, but…" Nao began, "If you're here because of Akiyama-san, he's not–"

"– 'Akiyama-san?' I'm not here because of your precious Akiyama-san. It's here… because of you."

Her eyes widened. "Me?"