A Tuesday Four Weeks from Now


Anon- Thanks. I always liked the Nao/Yokoya mind games. It's actually fun to write!

Dagas Isa- Basically, the argument was my way of showing how things can change. With the LGT no longer an obstacle – and with the one thing that brought Nao and Akiyama together in the first place gone and done with – I feel it would actually be difficult for them to have the same relationship they had when they also have to return to their lives before Liar Game. Sorry if it sounded too OOC; I just felt that Akiyama wouldn't misinterpreted the conversation because I assumed he'd figure that Nao would rather resume her everyday life than be reminded of something (or someone) LGT-related.

SnowyReverie- Thank you!

This is my first Liar Game fanficcy! Please enjoy!

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"– 'Akiyama-san?' I'm not here because of your precious Akiyama-san. It's here… because of you."


"I could care less about Akiyama when it comes to you," Yokoya murmured lowly, "You, you, you. You destroyed me, you humiliated me, and all I want right now is to hurt you. I had a plan to destroy everything you cherished most, from your little Liar Game friends to your hospitalized father to your special Akiyama-san, and then I would hurt you, but when I thought about it, I realized I just wanted to hurt you. Right here, right now. Nothing else matters anymore. I just want to see you squirm and beg for mercy."

Nao gulped a little and bit her lip. Inhaling a breath and a thought of Akiyama, though, was what brought back her confidence. "Liar Game is over, Yokoya-san. You can't hurt anyone anymore," Nao told him as she stood up, no longer looking up to him in inferiority but standing across from him as an equal, "And least of all, you can't hurt me. I think you should leave now."

"Oh, I'm not going anywhere! I'm going to hurt you. I'm going to destroy you," Yokoya let his cleverly twisted words escape his hardened mouth, "I'm going to destroy you the only way a man knows how to destroy a woman."

Nao flinched, understanding the implication immediately. It made her skin crawl and shiver at the very thought of it. From the corner of her eye, she could see her cell phone sitting on the counter – her only access to reach Akiyama – but refused to even glance at it. From her journey through Liar Game, Nao had learned many things. She learned to doubt and to be cautious of others, and she knew that any slight movement made could trigger Yokoya in a matter of seconds. Yokoya circled around the table as Nao took a step back.

"I see you've taken some thought into this, Yokoya-san…," Nao finally admitted after a period of silence fell between them.

Yokoya smiled. "This thought has crossed my mind many, many times. Of course, I took into consideration of a few minor detours. I knew Akiyama would be crushed by the idea of this ordeal, but I also know he could take it under his power to never allow this to happen. You always seemed so strong with Akiyama and all your little friends," he sneered, making his way towards Nao with each slow step. Nao tried to hold her ground, but found herself taking a few more steps back until she no longer could; her back leaned against the wall as Yokoya cornered her. Nao winced as Yokoya took hold of her wrist. "Now look around us. You have no one. You're all alone. You're not so strong anymore. Akiyama isn't here to save you this time. He isn't here to think of some brilliant plan to help you. You have no one to rely on. All I see is a helpless woman standing before me with nowhere left to run."

Sweat trickled down Nao's face. To say she was scared was an understatement. She was terrified. But she wouldn't let Yokoya see her fear. She wouldn't allow showing any weakness. As much as she was felt the temptations to run to her cell phone, fight off Yokoya someway, or scream for help, Nao knew that this wasn't the time to be helpless; this was the time to be cunning. Nao took no effort to move; she stayed where she was and kept eye contact with Yokoya. She knew she couldn't beat Yokoya physically, but Nao could try beating him mentally.

"I should have expected this as much. After all, you are a cruel man. But… won't this be… boring, Yokoya-san?" Nao asked him sweetly. Yokoya stared at her, brimming with bitterness and anger – and a hint of curiosity at Nao's interesting choice of words. "You've been trying to beat me ever since I beat you in Round Three, or should I say the first time I antagonized you. I forced you to return to Liar Game, Yokoya-san, and you've tried to cause my downfall countless time through cleverness, bribery, lies, and other cruel acts. Comparing then to now, can't you see how your plan seems to lack something?" Yokoya seemed to be listening to her. Really intently. Nao could feel a slight loosening of Yokoya's hold on her wrist. "If you have your way with me, sure, it might hurt me, it might even scar me, but it's not going to break me. After everything I've went through in Liar Game, I don't think there's a thing in the world that could break me. But if you have your way with me, Yokoya-san, it will hurt you even more."

"Hurt… me?" Yokoya asked slowly, a chuckle escaping his lips. He was baffled and irritated by such an inferior comment.

"Yes, Yokoya-san," Nao repeated firmly, "It's going to hurt you even more than it would hurt me. Would you like to know why? It's because at the cost of doing this cruel act, you will lose something very important: your pride. From a corruptive and calculated mastermind to a lowly man who is using his last resort on a woman that he believes is not even his equal. You may think your pride is your greatest asset, Yokoya-san, but it's really your greatest weakness. It's the reason why you returned to the Liar Game and the reason why you lost Liar Game. Would you really like to risk your pride again, Yokoya-san?"

Yokoya lowered his head. Nao couldn't see the expression on his face, but she knew he was thinking, trying to find a counterattack of some sort. Just when Nao thought Yokoya would release her, he instead squeezed her wrist even tighter as he raised his head with a sly smile on his face. "You're such a clever girl…," he murmured slowly with an edge to his voice, "You thought you almost had me, didn't you? With your little words, with your little mind games… You thought wrong."

He tossed Nao aside. She fell on the floor as her wrist had banged onto the table on the way down. She gripped onto her wrist in pain. She could barely move it. Was her wrist bruised or was it broken? Nao didn't have the time to think about that. One of her legs was throbbing too, but Nao ignored it. Each breath felt painful, but she ignored that too. Nao had to do something. She had to move, and she had to move fast. She scrambled to get up, staggering like a marionette on strings, but Yokoya kicked her back down. Nao coughed as she fell onto her side, clutching onto her ribs. She looked up at Yokoya.

Yokoya's eyes twisted. He had Nao where he wanted her. Low and inferior. But there was something wrong. Her face. No matter the threats and harm he caused her, Nao's face continued to hold determination and resistance. And it irritated Yokoya. He tried to kick her again with more force, but Nao managed dodge the attack, rolling to her right. He could hear her breathing, he could see sweat rolling off of her cheeks, but he could also see her face that held an unmoving perseverance. She stared at him with firm, unyielding eyes.

Nao didn't know how to fight. She never went to any self-defense classes – although her father had told her to consider it because she was a young woman living all by herself – and Akiyama, if he knew how to fight, and he probably did, had never taught her. But that didn't matter. Nao knew there were more types of fighting besides physical fights. There were psychological fights, battles between minds was something that Nao was all too familiar with. She may have the disadvantage physically, but mentally, Nao had something. She had a weapon.

As Nao struggled to stand once more, Yokoya was about to deal more damage when he stopped and watched her curiously, wanting to see what she would do next. Would she try to reason with him? Would she run away and hide? Or would she fight? If she reasoned with him, Yokoya would find a way to turn the tables on her words. If she ran away and hid from him, he would definitely find her. And if she fought him, she would surely lose. All these were facts in Yokoya's mind. He watched Nao as she raised her head when she finally managed to stand on her own two feet. Her legs wobbled slightly, so she placed her hand against the wall to steady herself. Strands of her short, brown hair fell over her face, but she didn't fix it. She just stood there, staring at Yokoya. Yokoya could see her shaking legs, her reddened wrist, her trembling hands, the beads of sweat that rolled down her face, and knew by Nao wrapping her arm around her side that her ribs were bruised, if not cracked or broken. But Nao's expression remained the same. Determined. To see a broken bird still defiant only increased his irritation.

Yokoya reached his arm out and grabbed Nao by the collar of her sky blue dress. He pulled her close to him that their faces were barely inches apart. He glared at her intensely. Nao wished she could look anywhere else, but forced herself to stare straight back at Yokoya. She knew avoiding his gaze would only show weakness, and Nao would prove to Yokoya that she wasn't his inferior.

Then her cell phone rang… shattering the silence.