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Once that was all there was ever suppose to be. They had needed each other after Haley's death, not their so called significant others, just them, Penelope and Derek.

That night started out innocent, Derek had came over, Tamara was out of town for some big convention or another for work and Kevin well Penelope had told him she needed time. Time to process what happened, to get the sobbing voice of Haley Hotchner out of her mind, to get the gun shot from ringing in her ears. But really who she needed was Derek and like a moth to a flame he appeared.

He'd been pacing his apartment going nuts from all the pent up energy and rage at not being able to do more. Feeling like he'd let Hotch down in some way. They hadn't been quick enough to save his ex-wife from the hands of a sick bastard. Of course in the end Foyet had paid with his own life. Now if only Derek could get the broken face of their once fearless and stoic leader out of his head. Alcohol wouldn't help, sure for a few brief minutes there'd be bliss and unawareness of the situation, but in the end everything all the rotten details would slip back into his mind. No what, or more importantly who he needed, was Penelope the soothing balm for his tortured soul.

Without giving it much thought he'd jumped into his truck and drove over no phone call, text or anything to let her know he was coming. He just appeared on her doorstep and she let him in. they'd watched a movie sitting on the couch cuddling something they hadn't done in a very long time. It felt right, felt like the world wouldn't and couldn't tear them apart when they were that close. One question, Penelope asking why and Derek having no answer, but the soft touch of his lips to hers. It sparked something inside them, something deep and needful and even a bit primal. To mark and claim what was rightfully theirs, but only in the dark of the night and when times were just too much to bare. They would cling to one another, all business and professional to a point at work. Sure there still were the occasional nicknames and slight touches when no one saw, but for the most part they kept their passionate secret just that.

Until after the burial case were they almost lost Emily. He'd come to her seeking comfort in her arms instead of the woman he was in a relationship with. From there it took off, every time they had a hard or particular nasty case he'd show up at her door and they just fell into each other arms. He'd stay until early morning after making love till they were too exhausted to do anything more than pull the covers up around each other and chase away the demons.

Tonight would be no different, as Penelope pulled on her well wore t-shirt night grown dark blue in color falling just below her knees, red hair falling down around her shoulders in curled ringlet. Nothing to special cause she knew every time could be the last, and every time was special no matter what they wore.

He didn't knock just put his key in the lock and opened the door. She looked at him, tired and weary from the road and watching a sick soul take his own life. She didn't have to think she just moved forward engulfing him in a tight hug, breathing in the manly scent that was all Morgan. A potent mix of laundry soap, his own lingering scent and the fresh from the shower aroma that since her head spinning in all directions.

This time however she didn't have time to think as his lips came crashing down on hers something that was ferial and wild coursed through his veins as he grabbed her bottom in his large hands and hoisted her onto his hips forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist and traveling the well worn path towards her room.

He set her down next to the bed, hands roaming her body, cupping her braless breasts through the cotton fabric pinching and pulling her nipples until they were taut hard pebbles in his fingers. His mouth devouring every inch of her mouth he could find. Frustration build inside his body at not being able to touch skin and in his haste to see and feel her he ripped her shirt from the top where three buttons held the fabric together, to the bottom.

She groaned in annoyance at her ruined garment, but it didn't matter when his hands started molding her breasts in his warm hands, continuing to pinch and pull until she wrenched her lips from his a deep groan pulled from her lips, chest arching up into his hands, feeling the first tell tale trimmers stir in her stomach. Only Derek could send her into orbit by just touching, caressing, nipping and licking her breasts no man ever in her life had that power over her and she doubted any man could but him.

Shutting her mind to everything but the man in front of her, she gave over her body and soul to him, surrendering to the passion he built in her body, before she cried out, clutching his head to her body, the only thing holding her up at the moment.

"I'm thinking you enjoyed that Goddess," he chuckled against her breast planting light kisses up her collarbone, her neck, and capturing her lips in another heated soul searing kiss not letting her respond.

For payback and to only be fair for the wonderful state to took her too so readily, she trailed her hands down his sculpted chest to the hem of his tight fitting black jersey knit shirt, tugging it from his jeans and yanking it over his head, breaking the kiss for a fraction of a second, before their lips fused together again.

Her hands, so skilled on a computer, fell down on his shoulders, sweeping down his sides, then running just her nails along his abs, fingers toying with his pebbled nipples, a growl emerging from deep within his chest. Those same hands made a trail around to his back, running those same nails over his skin a shiver of pleasure coursing through his body making all sanity slip from his control.

In a swift movement he gather her body up into his arms and gently laid her out on those purple satin sheets. Standing his eyes hot with desire, that he never felt for anyone, but her not even Tamara could bring out this side of him. He was a mix of both feral and gentle taking pleasure from the woman laying on her back watching him shimmy out of his jeans, and giving her pleasure as she returned the favor in spades.

As she watched his little performance, eyes growing black with passion, when his pants finely were thrown into a corner until morning, leaving him to stand there in nothing but his boxer briefs a pop up tent very noticeable to her hungry glaze. Slowly she rose from the lounging position to sit on the side of the bed, tugging the waist band of his boxer briefs making him stand between her parted legs, before inching down the fabric making sure to caress his hard length as she went, watching as his head threw back and deep moan of satisfaction dripping from his lips.

A devilish grin pulled at her lips when said garment fell to pool around his ankles baring his hard manhood to her ravenous eyes. Licking her plump pink lips, she leaned forward taking just the tip into her warm mouth swirling her tongue around, lapping at the pre cum droplets that seeped out, making him hiss out in bliss, before swallowing him down her throat.

Fingers tangling into red hair, holding him up from collapsing under the pressure her sweet mouth and torturous tongue brought to him. His hips bucked up wanting more from the vixen before him, but not wanting to let go this way, he'd rather explode deep inside her warmth with her surrounding him, and underneath him, squirming and moaning.

Gently he pushed at her shoulders causing her to look up at him confusion in those soft trusting brown eyes. "Not that it doesn't feel incredibly heavenly Red, but I want to be inside you, buried to the hilt, you surrounding me."

She nodded and moved back up the bed, ready to strip her panties off when his hands stilled her movements, and a nod of his head. Slowly he prowled forwards drinking in her soft body, her beautiful curves, porcelain skin, and stunning breasts. But the best part one that no one could see, her heart that beat within that was what got him hook line and sinker.

Shaking those thoughts from his mind, he hooked his fingers underneath the silk fabric of her underwear pulling them down her hips and tossing them to the floor, crawling up her body inch by slow inch, to rest between her parted thighs that cradled his straining painfully hard erection. He kissed her slowly hands framing her perfect cherub face, lips devouring her as her own hands stoked him tenderly guiding him home into the warmth of her body.

Gasped into each others mouth at the completion, he rested there for just a minute enjoying having her surround him, so tight and wet, just for him. However the need to thrust and love the body under him grew and he gradually pulled back out leaving just the head inside her, then plunging back in. his pace didn't, couldn't remain so measured, no the need to take her over came him making him thrust into her faster, harder delighting in the moans and purr like sounds coming from her mouth as she arched up to him. Grabbing her legs and pushing them up bending at the knee to get a deeper angle filling her and brushing her womb with every push.

"So close," she breathed clutching his shoulders nails scoring his back.

"Come with me Goddess," he answered picking up the pace.

Two deeper mind blowing thrusts later and Penelope convulsed around him, screaming his name into the silent apartment, he followed second later her name ripped from his lips. Gradually he slowed his pace before clasping on top of her heaving breasts. She took him willingly enjoying the weight atop her body, how he felt pressed so close.

These late night's or early mornings depending on how you look at it, meant more to her than she could ever say. She loved him deeply. He held her heart in the palm of his hands and would always remain. But she didn't fool herself for one minute that he'd ever see her as anything other than comfort in the dark times of his life. No Tamara was his real joy.

Rolling onto his side, he studied his baby girl, a hand brushing an irate red curl from her cheek. He could see something was on her mind, "What is it baby girl?"

Her eyes searched his, before quietly saying, "Kevin proposed."

His heart stopped in his chest and he pulled away from her side like he'd been slapped. Sure she only saw this as consoling, reassuring each other that they were still alive and kicking, but not to him. He loved her body, heart, mind and soul and it would be forever. "That's wonderful Penelope," he said standing from the bed and searching for his boxer briefs.

A frown marred her face, "Where are you going?"

"Ah," he paused, he couldn't do this anymore, he couldn't keep coming here knowing that she didn't love him that she would never want that ring to be from him. "Home silly girl. We have an early morning remember."

"But," she couldn't think of what to say her mind stopped working the moment his naked backside was turned to her. Gathering her courage she asked, "Do you want to know what I said?"

He turned to her dressed only in underwear, "So?"

She searched his face again trying to find something anything to tell her this meant something other and comfort, "I haven't gave him an answer yet. I couldn't."

He didn't know weather to feel relived or frighten, "It's something you have to decide Penelope, but what ever you choose I'll stand beside you no matter what," he answered coming to sit beside her on the bed cupping her cheek in his hand.

He was so tempered to just crawl back into bed with her, forgetting everything, but he couldn't. so leaning down and placing his lips against hers, he gave her one last passion filled kiss before getting up and dressing, leaving with just a wave.

Standing outside her apartment door, he felt the argue to hit something, he was loosing his baby girl the only woman he every and would ever love. Shaking his head sadly he made his way down stair and towards his waiting SUV.

Penelope sat in her bed, legs drawn up to her chest, tears swimming in her eyes. Quickly she wrapped the sheet around her body and crossed to the window watching as he jumped into his truck. She put a hand to the cool glass, "I love you Derek Morgan always."

Inside his SUV, he looked up at her window whispering to himself, "I love you Penelope Garcia forever."

The end…?

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