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Straight After

"We're always fine, Danny."

Sometimes my brother is painfully easy to read, he didn't mean it. I'd like to say that my brother never really meant any of the nice stuff he said to me, but I'd be lying. Scott generally means what he says and when he doesn't he has a great reason for it, but I couldn't work out his reasoning this time. Why didn't he yell and scream and punch me in the face? I had taken the one thing he still cared about.

That's something I've always hated about Scott; he cares about so little. He doesn't have any big causes to fight for. He barely even cares about Dad's constituency. He used to care about Jake, but he's gone and I've lost him forever. Now all he cares about is her, the girl he can never have, that Tory bitch. She deserved everything she got.

My head was spinning, the last couple of months racing through my mind. I had to get out, so I put on a jacket and left. I walked aimlessly along the pier, semi-hoping to see Kristy. I sat and waited in the pub for no one as it got louder and quieter, and then the weirdest thought came into my mind. I'd like to say I was drunk, but I hadn't had a drink all night. I'd like to say that it was just being over tired, but I felt so awake. I'd like to say it was a bad idea, but somewhere I know it wasn't.

I called the cab and caught it to where Jo lived, I didn't even hesitate before knocking on the door. She appeared half dressed at the door, hair out and incredibly blurry.

"Danny?" she muttered, "What are you doing here?"

I tried to answer her. I told her about leaking the photos of that woman and James Northcott. I told her about that woman and Scott. I told her about the election and about how close we were to loosing Dad's seat, and then I started crying.

People have always seen me as one of those "sensitive guys" that you can talk to about anything moving and they'll get all emotional. I hate that, but I'm generally too polite to tell them. I hate crying, so I try not to. It just happens sometimes.

Jo normally would yell and tell me that I was an idiot and that I'm a shit researcher, but she didn't. She just stood there, blocking the door and staring at me. I calm down in a second and she pulled me inside the house.

I don't remember much after that, it was late and by then I was feeling tired. We sat together for a while and talked about work. I think Jo said something about how admirable my loyalty to Dad was, and what an asset I was to the party. When she went to make a cup of tea I must have collapsed on the couch because when I woke up it was morning and I was chewing on one of her embroidered pillows.

"Wake up Danny!" Jo roughly shook my shoulder; "I can tell you're not sick so you can't take the day off. Work!"

"Jo…" I moaned, as she flung open the curtains, dressed in the same business uniform I saw her in everyday.

She moved closer to me and knelt down next to the couch, her lips brushed my ear as she spoke softly.

"You and Kristy helped me out when I was like this. I can't not help you."

"And besides," she straightened up, "I need you in work today, we've got a new bill to start work on."