I was in school when I've got this idea about an imaginary city called 'the City Of Dimensions' with its population comprising of anime/cartoon characters. Almost immediately, my imagination went wild and this is the result. Enjoy!

"Remember those walls I built…"

"Baby, they're tumbling down…"

"They didn't even put up a fight..."

"They didn't even make a sound..."

The parade float carrying the Glee club members streamed from the busy Times Boulevard of the City Of Dimensions and into the Grand Stadium. In a huge, colourful display, hundreds of parade floats depicting golden birds, fantasy lands and hundreds of dancers pranced and sang their way through the boulevard; their beautiful costumes glittered and glowed as their voices mixed with the music to create an exotic symphony that has not been heard in our world before or since. (Imagine the Rio Carnival, but drop it on Times Square and the Beijing Olympic Stadium and you get the idea.)

"Everywhere I'm looking now..."

"I'm surrounded by your embrace..."

"Baby, I can see your halo..."

"You know you're my saving grace..."

Everyone around the stadium rose and cheered as the Glee club parade float streamed into the stadium grounds, many of them singing and clapping to the song.

"I used to think maybe you loved me, now baby I'm sure..."

"And I just can't wait till the day when you knock on my door..."

In the Golden Box, the leaders of the dimensional worlds – characters from the Disney Universe and the Anime Empire – stood up and started clapping and dancing to the song.

"I'm walking on sunshine...woh-oh..."

"I'm walking on sunshine...woh-oh..."

"I'm walking on sunshine...woh-oh-oh..."

Across the stadium, the giant plasma screens now showed the dancing and singing crowd of singers and dancers from the carnival, all of them singing the same song.

"I can feel your halo...halo...halo..."

"I can feel your halo...halo...halo...I see your halo..."

"I can see your halo...HALOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

As the song ended, the stadium roared, cheered and applauded the Glee Club. Then, suddenly, young Phineas Flynn walked up to the golden podium in the Golden Box, snatched the microphone from the commentator's hands and shouted the only word that could sum up the event.


And the whole stadium roared in mutual agreement.

Okay. This is officially the weirdest story I've ever written. Reviews please!