Tittle: Two Heads are Better Then One.

Summary: Being hit with a wayward spell leaves Harry with more then just a headache. Strange dreams, unusual thoughts and an all too familiar voice in his head are just a few of the side effects he's left with. How will he deal with the aftermath? H/D. Rated M. WIP. Anything in italics is a thought.

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Anyway, there's no real time line, at least in reference to the books or movies. It's year seven, but an alternate year seven. There was no war and I don't mention Voledmort in great detail so you can assume what ever you like about him. And if some things don't stay canon to the books or movies don't hit me. I'm evoking my right as a fanfic writer to Make Things Up.

So now, for those of you I haven't lost with my quasi- self deprecating explanations of how I have no control over my writing, lets get on with the story.

CHAPTER ONE: What? I'm sorry, I meant.....What?

Harry hated Mondays. They always came and no one could stop them, like a freight train roaring through his tiny make-shift trolley of fun. Mondays signified the great death of precious freedom. They were like the obnoxious fat kid in class who stepped on your toys and ate the cupcake your mom packed especially for you. Except in this case the toys were fun and the cupcakes were your free time.

The only good thing about this Monday was that it was nearly over. Harry was sitting in Transfiguration, watching Hermione merge two glass cups into one, while simultaneously levitating them. Blatantly ignoring the fact that he was supposed to be practicing too, Harry stared out the window. It was the last class of the day and he was ready for dinner.

Instead of doing his work, he chose to slowly wait out the eventual expiration of this Monday by day dreaming. He wished he could be outside flying. The wind rushing through his hair, the thrill when he dipped a little too suddenly, the feel of his feet dangling off the sides of his broomstick, the.... pain?

" Hey!" He protested against the invisible intruder.

Harry felt something hit him in the head, heard some one scream and then promptly fell to the floor in a Harry shaped heap. After a second of unconsciousness he came back to the world. Dizziness and nausea were making it difficult to comprehend what was going on around him, but it didn't stop him from trying.

The first thing he registered was the mind blowing headache. His head felt like it was going to split in two separate spheres. Harry gripped his face in attempt to quell the pain. His glasses had been knocked off and all he could make out were some one's shoes.

" Harry, are you alright?" Hermione's voice floated above him.

" What happened?" Harry mumbled. The pain was getting worse and he didn't think he could take it much longer. It felt like something hot and hard was trying to burrow it's way through his skull.

" Don't know. You just fell." Ron answered. Harry was about to tell them about his head, but he passed out before he got the chance. His body fell limply onto the cold stone floor of the class room. This time he didn't find his way back.

He woke up surrounded by white. Lots and lots of white. White walls, white curtain, white sheets. He knew instantly where he was, having been there more then a few times since his start at Hogwarts.

All this white could only mean one thing. He was in the hospital wing.


He found his glasses to confirm.

Yep, defiantly the hospital wing. But contrary to most of the times Harry had visited, this time it was packed full of people.

It looked as if all the beds were taken. Students were either trying to leave or sneak their friends in, causing the place to look even more full because of all the commotion. Harry had never seen the place so busy.

He began to worry that maybe some sort of disease was going around, and he caught it.

Just as the brunette was wondering where Madam Pomfrey was, she choose that moment to come into his line of vision.

" Ahh, good your awake." She said, spotting him. She set down a tray on the table next to his bed and gave him a quick taut smile. Exhaustion was clear on her worn face and in her slightly less then crisp uniform. A stray hair had fallen out of her usually pristine bun. Harry felt a pang of sympathy for her.

" Well, I guess you can go now. We needed the bed anyway."

Harry opened his mouth ready to respond, when the guy in the bed next to him suddenly fell onto the floor.

" Mister Coldmar, I told you not to move. Your legs are still weak!" Harry watched as Madam Pomfrey helped the boy back into bed.

" But I have to go to the bathroom."

He tried to argue with the nurse, but to no avail. She turned her back to Harry so he couldn't hear what she said next. What ever it was, it got the boy to stop whining and lean back in his bed with a scowl.

Pomfrey turned back to Harry.

" Well, come on then, up!" She told him, gesturing with her arms.

Harry pulled the blanket off his body and found he was still fully clothed, only his shoes were missing. He discovered them placed neatly by the side of the bed.

" Ummm, Madam Pomfrey? What exactly happened?" He asked as he bent to get his shoe. He began pulling the sneaker over his foot, as she answered.

" Some of the students thought it would be fun to go around cursing each other. Apparently it's some sort of new game. There are teams and each student has a target, and by target I mean another student from the opposite team. You get certain points for hexing your opponent." She looked around the room sternly and said the next part very loudly.

" We intend to find and punish all those involved. So I don't expect to have anymore patients." She turned back to Harry as he tied his left shoe laces in a knot.

" Unfortunately, not all the spells used are easily reversed. So, as you can see there are many students in need of assistance."

" Is that what happened to me?"

She frowned at him for a moment, before something crossed her face.

" Oh, dear boy. I'm sorry. I thought you knew. No, you were hit with a spell from your classmate Neville Longbottom. He was practicing what you were learning in class when his toad jumped from his pocket and in his attempt to catch it he aimed his wand at you. Well, you and another student."

Harry must have looked worried, because Madam Pomfrey put a hand on his shoulder.

" Not to worry. Seeing as how you're not merged with your chair, I think it's safe to say the spell had no effect. You'll be alright."

Before Harry could ask anything else, a loud clang came from the other side of the room. Madam Pomfrey gave Harry a curt goodby, before turning and running in the direction of the noise.

Harry decided it was time to leave. Assuming he missed dinner, he headed straight to the Gryffindor common room. He didn't have much of an appetite anyway. As soon as he crossed the portrait hole he was meet with an anxious Hermione and a somber looking Ron.

They began talking at the same time.

" Harry, what happened? Are you alright? Madam Pomfrey said we had to leave."

" You alright mate? Did you find out why every one's in the hospital?"

Harry's head ache was starting to come back. He tried to remember their questions.

" I'm fine. Madam Pomfrey said I was hit with a spell, but it didn't have any effect on me. Apparently, there's a game people are playing. They're cursing each other or something."

He spoke in a rush, probably not making sense to his friends, but not really caring. All he wanted was to sit down.

" Sorry, Harry. Here, come inside and rest. You look tired." Hermione and Ron moved so he could walk to the common room. He found a chair and sank into it, letting his head fall back. Ron sat in the one to his left while Hermione choose one on his right.

" I'm glad you're alright. We were all worried. Ron thought it might have had something to do with...you know who. But then we saw Neville, and professor McGonagall was yelling..." Hermione broke off. She didn't need to go further, Neville's mishaps were almost legendary.

" They took you to the hospital wing, but Pomfrey kicked us out. I've never seen it so packed." Ron added, hinting he wanted to hear more about why.

" What did you say about a game?" Hermione turned to him curiously.

" That's what Pomfrey said. I don't know much else."

Harry's headache was back and with a vengeance. He rubbed at his head, trying to massage the pain away. He assumed it was just a side effect. After all, Pomfrey told him he was alright.

" Are you really o.k., Harry?" Hermione put a hand on his shoulder.

" Headache." He said. Hermione looked concerned, but Harry got up before she could question him further.

" I'm going to head up to bed. Goodnight, guys." And with that he walked up the stairs. He fell into bed and sleep took him before he could even remove his shoes or pull the blankets over his body.

That night Harry had a dream he was running down a long hall. Large portraits lined the deep red walls, but Harry couldn't make out the faces in them. He was excited. Something was waiting for him downstairs.

He raced the to end of the hall and into a wide room. There was a beautifully decorated Christmas tree in the center and dozens of presents littered the floor. Harry knew he should wait, but he was too eager. He ran to the colorfully wrapped boxes, but didn't open them.

He was searching for something. He knew there was another, even better present waiting for him. He just had to find where.

Harry circled the tree and still didn't discover what he wanted. He looked around the room. In the wooden desk by the window, behind the couch and even under the cushions.


He was about to give up, thinking he was wrong all along, when he heard a bark from behind a great big box covered in bright blue paper. Harry raced to the box and quickly shoved it aside to reveal a white furred puppy. A black ribbon was around its tiny neck and Harry ripped it off as he scooped the dog into his arms.

" I told you he wouldn't like the ribbon." Said an amused voice behind him.

Harry recognized the voice, but woke with a start before he could place it. Or before he could turn around and see it's owner. The first thing he notice was his headache was gone.

The second was that it was morning. The hushed voices of his roommates as they got ready for the day told Harry it was time to get up. He pulled back the curtain with a sigh and got up to face Tuesday. Which was far better then Mondays, but still not as good as Wednesdays.

He was worried at first, that there would be some side effects of the spell that the nurse had overlooked in her haste. When he assured Neville, later that morning, that all was well he had to fake a bit more calmness then he had. But as the day wore on he found it easier to believe there were no lasting consequences.

Until the final class of the day, when Harry's head ache returned. He told himself that Snape's excruciatingly long lecture on the similarities of Bashmite flesh and Coolrid skin, would not have a positive effect on hhis sore cranium. He was convinced that all he needed was some cool water and good diner.

So he made his way to the great hall with the rest of his class. Hermione was shooting him little looks but said nothing as they took their places at the table. Harry had less of an appetite then usual. He mostly scooted his food around the plate and watched everyone else eat.

Stupid dolt

" What?"

" I said, what kind of pudding is that?"

Ron repeated his last statement. Harry shook his head.

" No, some one said...."

Harry looked around for the owner of the annoyed voice. It was as if someone had spoken directly into his ear. All he found were the last of the Gryffindors making their way up to the dorms.

" Are you alright Harry?"

Tired of the question and even more tired of the look accompanying the question, Harry opted for nodding. Nothing he said would convince Hermione any way.

" Maybe we should get upstairs. It's getting late and tomorrow's early classes."

Harry nodded and followed his friends up to the dorm. For the second night in a row sleep claimed him the moment his head hit the pillow. At least this time he had changed into his night clothes first.

Wednesday. A boring day in Harry's opnion, but at least it wasn't Monday. His headache was gone, thankfully. It choose to stay gone all through breakfast.

He settled in for a long dreary morning of lecture as he casually crossed his feet in front of him. Hermione and Ron settled in at his side. They learned long ago if they were going to endure the slow torture of Professor Flitwick then the might as well be comfortable.

Harry set his books out in front of him, arranged his quill so it wouldn't roll off the table and dropped his bag to the floor. Now all he had to do was his regular struggle against his suddenly heavy eyelids.

"Cornwalps. Ancient creatures that used to roam over half the continent from 1854 to 1923. Well, perhaps roam isn't the right word. Maybe, wander. No, drift....gallavant....no, no. Tramp. Better. Anyhow, the Cornwalps were an angry race, fuled by, ummm, well anger."

Harry let out a huff of air. And settled down further into his chair.

" Before their anger lead to the final war between them, in 1923, that caused their down fall, they managed to take out 13 different magical races with them."

Too bad they missed your's.

Harry was half way through a snort of agreement before he realized it wasn't his red headed friend who spoke. He quickly replayed who had sat around them in the class. He was positive that Luna and Neville were directly behind them. They were siting on the end of an isle and because of Hermione's necrotic behavior they were directly in the front. So, no other students were around them.

Harry turned in his chair. Neville was resting his head on his hand. He gave a smile, which the brunette returned before facing the front once more.

Who is that? Harry started at the question.

Who are you? You're in my head! He responded.

No you're in mine.

Harry wondered if this was some kind of joke. Maybe the Weasley twins had invented a new product and Ron had slipped it into his drink at breakfast. But a quick look to the zoned out teen told him otherwise. Ron was good, but not that good. He'd want to watch the joke play out.

Harry, as subtly as he could, turned his head to the other side. He scanned the room looking for signs of anyone under distress.

Bloody hell. Of course it's you. Stop looking around, people are starting to stare.

Harry frowned at the voice. Now that he was the only one left out, he was desperate to find out who it was. He craned his neck all the way around. Next to him Hermione bumped him in the ribs. He ignored her.

Potter. Quit now.

Harry's eyes immediately shot towards the blonde in the back of the room. Malfoy looked up to met his gaze and managed to pull off both an annoyed and bored look.

Turn around, Potter.

Harry gaped at him.

Why are you in my head? He asked, dumbfounded. Malfoy snickered and rolled his eyes.

"Harry? Is there a problem?"

The professor's voice brought Harry out of his gaze and forced his attention to the front of the room. Everyone who wasn't was looking to the back of the room to see what was so interesting was looking at him.

" No sir." He mumbled embarrassed.

Except for the git in my head.

Hey!" Malfoy protested.

Professor Flitwick gave him a curt nod and went back to his lesson.

" Later." He whispered, stopping Hermione's question before it started.

Nice one, potter. No wonder people think you're a loon.

Harry frowned at his quill.

Shut up, Malfoy!

Hey, no need to be so rude. I told you to stop looking around. You should have listened.

Malfoy! What are you doing in my head?

How the bloody hell should I know! Here I was minding my own business when all the sudden I get a flash of ....

And then the voice was gone. Harry resisted the urge to turn in his seat again. Professor Flitwick kept sending him worried glances. As if Harry was going to suddenly revolt and walk out, consequently bring the rest of the students with him.

Using all his will power Harry remained firmly facing the front. He even took a few notes. Although most of them were surrounded by drawings of a certain blonde in various states of pain and humiliation. And one of a dog.

When class ended Harry searched for Malfoy, but the blonde had already left.

How could he just leave after something like that? Wasn't he curious about what just happened? Unless he already knew what happened.

"Harry?" Ron got his attention.

" We need to talk."

Once they were settled in an old dust covered abandoned class room. Harry told them what happened. There were a few beats of silence then...

" Well it's obvious isn't it?"

Harry and Ron gaped at the brunette.

" Harry, the spell in McGonagall's class. The one Neville hit you with. He hit Malfoy too."

" And you're just telling me now."

"It wasn't really relevant before, was it?"

Harry sat down on a wobbly desk.

" But that spell was to fuse things together. Harry and Malfoy aren't fused."

" Thanks, Ron. I missed that fact." Harry said sarcastically. Hermione ignored him.

" No.... But it can't be a coincidence. Something must have happened. Harry, what did Malfoy say?"

" Nothing important."

" Well, there's only one thing you can do. You need to see Dumbledore."

Harry nodded in agreement. And for the first time since this started he felt slightly relieved.

Dumbledore would fix this.

" I can't fix this."

Harry gaped at the man sitting in front of him. He had gone straight to the headmaster's office instead of his next class. After Harry explained the situation, the older wizard had Malfoy brought in. They were currently sitting side by side with equal looks of trepidation on their faces.

Professor McGonagall had been called in as well. She and the headmaster talked in hushed tones for a minute, before she left. Harry tried to calm his nerves when she exited with out sparing them a look. As soon as the door shut Dumbledore told them the news.

" At least not right away. Let me explain."

"First off, I have to say it appears as if your minds are fusing."

Both boy's faces lost a considerable amount of color.

Harry's mind raced. Were they going to end up as some one-headed freak? Doomed to spend eternity sharing a single cortex between them. He swallowed thickly, as all the possibilities flew through his head. Dumbldore's chuckle, didn't help matters.

" Not literally of course. It appears that Mr. Longbottom's spell was not completed. But it did still have an effect. As you already know." He peered at the shocked boys over his half moon glasses, before continuing.

" The spell was originally meant to combine two objects into one. Since it was made for simple things and was not completed properly, it did not effect you fully."

Good news, Harry thought.

Immediately he wondered if Malfoy could hear him. But the blonde gave no sign. He'd gotten over his shock. Or so it seemed. He was sitting with his back straight, eyes front, wearing a mask of indifference.

"However, because the mind is such a delicate and complicated organ, not to mention living, we can't be sure of the total range of side effects."

Less good

" I believe it will continue to evolve. Professor McGonagall and I will be working on a solution, of course. Until then, it would be wise for you to try and... accommodate to any new developments. My office is always open if you need assistance. Also, I recommend not letting the distance between you two get too great."

" Why?"

Harry and Malfoy glared at each other when the words left their mouths at the same time. Again, Dumbldore found himself smiling at the teens while he answered.

" Well, as I said before, your minds are becoming one. Soon, they'll look for each other... to work off, to pull things from. They will, as time goes on, become more dependent on each other, become closer to being one. I assume your ability to communicate, as well as some other more interesting side effects, will increase."

"Of course there's also a chance nothing more will happen. There's really no way to be sure. In either case, we should have this cleared up before it gets too out of hand."

He felt the need to reassure them some more, for fear of their health. Both boy's looked far too pale.

"If it does turn out that way, it might comfort you to know you should find it... easier to be near each other. You might become uncomfortable if one of your minds seek the other, and it is not reachable. It's too early to determine how strong your connection is. You may have to be in the same room or just in the same vicinity. We can work out the details if we even need to. But don't worry, it shouldn't be too long. Professor McGonagall is very good at her job, and I'm not to shabby either."

He winked at them.

" A few weeks at most. Try not to worry." He smiled at them, but neither boy smiled back.

"I believe that takes care of things for now. Again, boys, I am always here for assistance. "

Harry had spent enough time talking to the headmaster to know when he was being dismissed. Besides, the older man was right, there was nothing left to say. They stood up and nodded to the man, not fully processing everything they just heard.

" Thank-you, Sir." Harry said, before he turned and followed Malfoy out the door.

" Thank-you, Sir." Malfoy said in a mocking tone, once they were out of ear shot.

Harry frowned at him.

" What's your problem, Malfoy?"

" Oh, sorry if I'm not jumping at the chance to thank the man that just sentenced me to more time with you."

Harry was not happy about that part either, but he didn't think Malfoy was being fair. The boy's mood changed far to quickly for Harry's taste. Just an hour ago he hadn't even bother to stick around after class to find out why they were suddenly words free. And now he's acting as if it's the end of the world.

" It's not Dumbledore's fault." Harry tried to defend the headmaster.

" Your right. It's that idiot Longbottom's."

Harry suddenly felt like he was standing in an extremely windy corridor. The force of the wind was so intense his body actually lifted of the ground for a moment. Then in a flash it was gone and Harry was left with the sole image of Neville. The boy was hit with a curse.

The plant loving Gryffindor's nose began to swell as his teeth flew out of his mouth and started bouncing around the castle floor. Neville tried to catch them, but his nose was so large it was blocking his view and it showed no sign of slowing. Another 'whoosh' feeling and Harry was back in the corridor standing next to the Slytherin.

Malfoy was staring at him, with a funny look an his face.

"What?" Harry said.

" You..... Never mind." He said before he turned the corner and headed towards the dungeons with out another word.

Harry scowled as he walked back to the class he was missing. He had to remember to warn Neville not to go anywhere alone for a while.

He couldn't help feeling disappointed some how. He had expected the headmaster to fix the problem, not send him away with some vague answer and time limit. Maybe he was putting too much faith into the older man.

He was only a person after all. Just like everyone else. Did he always have to have the answer? Harry shook away his sobering thoughts, but the feeling they left wasn't so easy to get rid of.

When he finally got the chance to tell his friends what Dumbldore said they each sympathized with him in their own way. Ron put a hand on his shoulder and made a joke.

Hermione launched into an explanation of a book she'd read about students who'd made magical errors that couldn't be reversed and how they'd learned to live with them. Hearing about the girl in Tokyo who accidentally turned her elbows inside out helped Harry feel a little better about his situation.

At least it would end. Eventually.

An: You like? A bit shaky in my opinion, but there comes a point when you have to but down the bottle of Jack and just move on to the next chapter. So, until next time....