Days of Hana

Mall Part 1

by unwrittenaria

Disclaimer: nothing below is mine. Cept the words and their combinations in this particular form. I own those. The ideas, names, and everything else aren't they all belong to Disney. Hope you enjoy.

Happens about two weeks after the Yono Ep. Loosely based on the elements brought up in the show and mostly following plot elements introduced in the show before branching off.

Italics – thoughts

Bold – not sure? I'll make it up as I go

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Saturday 1:36 PM

"So Ron... how goes the Stoppable baby care secret service detail?" the redhead asked with a wry grin.

Just another stunning teen enjoying her day off at the Middleton Mall, fairly normal stuff. Although, on closer inspection, the company she kept was decidedly not.

A casual observer could be forgiven for not noticing who was next to her at first. Once they got over the novelty of seeing Kim Possible (world famous teenage hero) in the flesh, curiosity dictated a more thorough observation of the blonde next to her. A blonde teen who was (for those who recognized him) rather strangely attired in a black suit with shades and an earpiece. The whole ensemble gave off the vibe of a presidential detail that had been hired but five minutes ago.

Ron Stoppable, boyfriend of the aforementioned teen heroine, and half of the duo that was known around the world as Team Possible, (and thankfully, so far, the only- Jim/Tim Possible) premiere group for dealing with troubles on a personal and global scale.

Rufus was nowhere to be seen. He had been bribed by Ron with nachos to cover sniper scouting. The pink naked mole rat made his way across the mall roof like a satellite. Tracking the trio, reporting any discoveries with the occasional words/squeaks that Kim could on occasion understand, but which constituted Ron's second language.

As Kim watched Ron talk into his throat mike she wondered idly, why her bf was doing so poorly in his courses.

Maybe if they used nachos as incentive, and taught in naked mole ratinese he'd get the material. Even as she considered it she knew it wouldn't work, but not before reviewing the bizarre idea again. Uh-oh Possible, as much as I like Ron, I so don't need to start thinking like him.

She figured the mental weirdness was due to all the glances she was getting, or rather that Ron was getting. A comically large device was strapped to his chest, looking like some kind of futuristic harness. The contraption in question was large enough to make her concerned about his balance. It defied description.

(That was to say it was a silver metal affair, the size of a backpack adorned with an incredible number of belts, latches, buttons, safety features, panels, and possibly warning stickers. Was that-RADIATION?)

Wonder how long it took Wade to build this for Ron, or should that be how long did Ron take to wear Wade down? The teen idly played with a lock of her hair as she wondered further whether Wade had a little too much time on his hands.

Mental note, talk to Wade about not building any old random thing Ron wants, even if Ron can be... persistent. She couldn't help but flash back on the love ray debacle, chased by the loud buzzing of spinning tops of doom. Remembering that made her forehead crease.

Kim glanced at the device again, peering past the metal, through the translucent visor to the grumpy eyes of an adorable baby Asian girl nestled at the heart of the harness. Hana Stoppable, adopted baby sister of Ron Stoppable, and currently seconds away from busting out into some crazy ninja skills to escape her prison.

Kim sympathized, having spent half an hour since arriving at Ron's house, to pick him and Hana up for their trip to the mall, trying in vain to talk him out of that...thing that had Hana in a death grip. She could guess at the reasons well enough. Young Hana Stoppable, at the grand old age of 3 years was physically talented beyond her years, and then some. A leaked family video online had caused simultaneous breakdowns in at least five Olympic coaches as well as severe depression amongst the general crowd of gymnasts in training around the world. The strain of parenting said super baby had resulted in the Stoppable parents second trip, in as many weeks, to get "out of town" for "business." That left Ron holding down the fort by himself.

When she had confronted him earlier in the afternoon he was quick to respond. Clearly, this was something he had put as much thought in as he did the Captain Constellation wiki articles.

"Look Kim, if there's anything I've learned about dealing with sis-" and here the smile was proud but weary, "-it's that everyone, but dudes with mystical monkey power, and badical ninja baby sitters are in over their heads."

Kim arched an eyebrow, and while she resisted crossing her arms it was a close thing.

"And you of course!" he recovered quickly.

"I mean I love my folks, but they were expecting a nice normal kid to bring up in their middle age, to fill the void when I left for college." He grinned at this. "That, or this is their way of saying I'd better graduate so Hana can have her own room." He joked a little lightly.

"That might be true enough Ron, but Mr. and Mrs. Stoppable love taking care of Hana. I've seen them with her." She felt the need to defend the Stoppables.

He held his palms up. "Don't get me wrong KP, diaper duty and late nights no problem. Ceiling chases at sugar rush speeds are another thing entirely." He admitted leaning in for the last part.

I get it. It's not exactly the usual sitch, holding hands or just carrying Hana around like with the other kids I babysit. Even as she rationalized the need for heavy duty equipment, she couldn't help her instinctual urge to help. The little girl looked so frustrated. Even as she watched, Hana futilely struggled in what Ron had dubbed "Super Hana Incapacitator Ninja Obstruction Build mk. I," or "S.H.I.N.O.B.I" for short.

She'd snorted a laugh at that even as she'd eventually have to go over with her boyfriend how the name might be giving a little something away.

"Well technically it's the S.H.I.N.O..II, since Hana ninja'd her way out of the mark one I built, but-" explained Ron in one of his ongoing rants that Kim usually tuned out after awhile.

Then a thought sparked, and she whirled around stopping both of them by grabbing Ron's hand. That proved to be a mistake. Ron, who was literally on fight or flight every moment of the way here reflexively froze, stopped, dropped into a crouch (producing Hana's first happy noise of the trip), and flipped to cover behind a muffin display stand nearby.

"Kim! Did you see something? Rufus I need a report now!" His hands flashed for a quick second, and suddenly a large light blue silver shield was in Ron's hand.

Wha-? Kim's brain spazzed again for the second time in as many seconds, processing this new information. She marched up to him quickly.

"Ron. Calm down, I didn't see anything. I just wanted to ask you what you meant just now." She tried to explain quickly and quietly.

She couldn't help but let out a short yelp when Rons' unoccupied hand swiftly swung out to grab her around the waist, pulling her close enough that she was snuggled right up against him breathing into the crook of his neck. (The harness was smooth and egg shaped thankfully, so at least nothing was poking into her ribs.)

"Ron?" she hissed furiously, crimson. Immediately Kim fought warring feelings of embarrassment being this close to Ron in a public area, while his arm pressed her to him.

Okay, so we've been hanging around each other since forever, it's not like we're strangers to being close, but he's never just grabbed me like that. Her mind politely disagreed. Fine, outside of missions I mean!

"Let go! There's no danger Ron." She continued to whisper vehemently, struggling not to writhe around more than necessary.

We're pros at hugging, held hands, kissed- a fair bit... so what's the sitch here? She thought in a haze of embarrassment, before realizing it was public nature of the whole thing that was driving her up the wall.

She had enough presence of mind to look at Ron, if he didn't notice her glare soon she'd be forced to trample his toe a little. The glance told her he was in his "zone" too busy looking for danger to notice her signals.

Much as I love the whole boyfriend girlfriend deal, I'm not exactly ready to be with Ron quite just yet. We haven't exactly discussed it in detail, but he seems to be following my lead.

That thought finally made her relax, even as the stares made her tense up again.

Gotta admit Hana is a godsend.

She knew from talks with other girls that having a new boyfriend, especially in the early stages, meant a lot of... boundaries needing to be set.

For both sides, whether we realize it or not.

With a new little sister though, Ron was forced to deal with so many new things at once he'd pretty much let her dictate the new pace of their relationship (their studies, missions, food-). Kim was slightly miffed that she had never been called back to help babysit since Hana had arrived.

You'd have thought watching me babysit all those years he'd be inclined to ask me to help out. Heck I figured I'd be visiting every other day. That's not weird is it? She mentally shrugged before refocusing. Ron's even cut a few dates because he stayed behind to watch Hana when his rents were out! I mean he could ask me to come over, we could pop in a movie and watch her together.

Kim worried her lip, equal parts glad and sad that Ron had entered the role of protective big brother so completely. A flash of pink and whiskers caused her to sigh. "...should have known better." She mumbled to herself.

Still I'd probably trade Hana for the tweebs, super ninja baby or not.

Without realizing it, Kim must have muttered some of her thoughts out loud, because Ron began to address her complaints even as he let go of her waist. Finally allowing her to regain some space between them.

"Y'know KP, I know we haven't had as much time together-together. Maybe you were wondering why I never asked you to babysit Hana or something." He offered with a sheepish grin taking his mission shades off. Kim squirmed a little at this, opening her mouth to argue before closing it abruptly.

That makes me sound so... needy, and if there's one thing this girl doesn't do it's nee-before she gave an imperceptible nod, or maybe it was just a shrug of her shoulders. Unnoticeable to anyone other than her best friend of 14 years.

Ron took this in and continued. "Sorry KP, I mean I know you can do anything. I just...I want to make sure my sis gets the best-er... well not like you're not the best babysitter in the world or anything. Cuz you totally are!" He stopped here and Kim could tell the other teen wasn't sure how to pick up after that, so she put her hand in his, giving it a tiny squeeze in an effort to get him to go on.

"But like I want to do my best for her...?" Ron tried hard to explain, even as the enormity and simplicity of the thoughts kept him from getting it out the way he wanted.

"Arrgh. So Rufus is family right? Hana's the same, and even if I screw up I want to be the one to take care of them. I mean Ron Stoppable might make some mistakes-" Kim managed to roll her eyes playfully at that, "okay, a lot of mistakes, but... I'm going to step it up for my sis." Ron finished at last, exhaling loudly as the last bit came out in a rush.

Then he looked down at her and returned her hand squeeze. "Sides, I know my bon-diggety girlfriend's up for helping me when I-we need it right?"

And for once, a new smile came onto Ron's face that Kim couldn't quite catalog in her mental scrapbook of 14 years labelled in a part of her mind as "Ronpressions." All she knew was that she had probably blushed, taken his face in her hands to give him a quick peck, and finally settled in the warm feeling pooling in her stomach.

"You got it Ron, you need anything and you can call me, beep me- you know the rest." She said feeling buoyant.

Ron has stepped up as far as I'm concerned, in fact it seems like he's sprinting as fast as he can, and sadly in the wrong direction. Kim hated to break up their little moment, but it was for the best. Perhaps, Kim thought sardonically, it was time to exercise her girlfriend/friend/team leader privileges to rein in Ron a little.

"Ron that's really sweet. I know you're on edge about protecting Hana, I get that (well sort of what with my experience with siblings) but you're going a little too far with this whole thing." She motioned to the machine, even as she felt his hand on her back stiffen.

"Hana's a special girl and let's be honest, if she can handle the Yono... I think the terrors of the Middleton Mall don't pose as much of a threat." She continued gently.

Ron looked like he wanted to protest, and Kim cut him off having heard the gist of the "threats" he'd outlined before.

"I'm not saying you should let her free, but you could probably ease up on the whole bodyguard thing." Hard to imagine I'm talking Ron out of wearing a suit. "That and as safe as it is, the S.H.I.N.- ah... isn't winning you any points with her." She held onto his hand as he tried to pull away.

She went for the final blow. "She looks ready to punch her way out Ron."

Hana seemed to catch on by their tones and began to sniffle with large wounded puppy dog eyes. Even Kim couldn't help but be impressed by how completely Hana had her brother wrapped around her tiny delicate finger. Ron stiffened to protest, slumping a little as he listened, finally crumpling when Hana pulled her best PDP impression.

"Heh, seems like I went crazy huh?" Ron replied eventually, rubbing the back of his neck as another flash of light reverted the shield back to a silver ring. "Thanks Kim, I just wanted to make sure Hana y'know? Especially...after the whole Yono deal." Ron said self-conciously.

He laughed a little, and Kim could tell it was mostly to convince himself. "I mean it seemed like I lost you then, and I kept waking up at night to dreams of you and Hana and everyone else I knew becoming statues. Guess it bugged me more than I thought, thinking I'd screwed up forever." He said with a brief shudder, eyes haunted by what she guessed was memories of her frozen form, Yono, or some mix of the two.

Her eyes widened at this explanation, and Kim silently chided herself for a second for never talking about it with Ron some more after that mission had ended. At first glance, Ron seemed okay and she had passed it off as Ron's usual resiliency in light of the way he had bounced back from other life and death missions. She herself had a few awkward nights, but in usual Kim Possible fashion threw herself harder into her day to day obligations to exhaust herself, and soon found the memories began to fade. Having Ron during the day, and Panderoo at night helped.

You're his girlfriend, closest friend, and partner. I need to start opening up to him and talking to him more, -well not like I don't talk to him all the time really- but I guess there are a lot of things we just gloss over as understood after all these years.

An acidic voice in her mind chimed in: As long as you make sure he doesn't go around to other girls to talk about his problems, and by "other" girls I mean a certain Japanese sneaky ninja school girl. Then fine.

Growling slightly at the though of Yori, with her perfect hair, and perfect manners, and 'Oh! Stoppable-san giggle'...grrrr.''

Ron studied Kim for a second as her face shifted from apologetic, to biting her lip, finally mumbling angrily, making him wonder about what she was thinking. Just as he was about to suggest food to break her out of- whatever it was, she faced him suddenly resolute.

"C'mon Ron, we'll pass on Club Banana for now and just head to Bueno Nacho." She began to drag him along out of the mall.

"Something wrong?" eyes narrowing slightly Ron began to scout around again making a gesture to begin speaking to Rufus.

"No Ron, nothing- no danger. I just think we should talk about what you said was bothering you earlier. Now." She began to impatiently drag the young blonde towards the nearest parking lot exit.

"Hey, whoa- KP stop!" he said in protest at this sudden change.

"Wait Kim, I thought you wanted to come pick up those new clothes you've been talking about for the last week. I was there when Monique told you the final sale would be today and the stock cleared so this was your last chance." he said hurriedly trying to derail this sudden flight from the mall.

"And I quote: "Kim girl, you would not believe how few of those jackets in your size are left right now. Just between me and you those jeans you were checking out last time you came in were TDF on you. As your bgf and fashion consultant you need to pick them up while they're all on sale this Saturday. It's the final sale of the month. end quote." He chuckled a little inside at how surprised Kim looked every time he did that.

"If you want to hit up Bueno Nacho afterwards I will be always happy to come along, but we can wait until you get what we came for." He said taking a breath while Kim slowed down some.

"Besides (and here he leaned in to whisper with a wiggle of his eyebrows) I thought having Hana would give us a good reason to go into Cuddlemporium. See if Hana has the same weakness for cuddle-hfmph" and was swiftly cut off as Kim reached up to kiss Ron, partly to stop him from finishing his sentence.

"Okay Kim, you're going to have to stop flip flopping on me here or I'm not going to last the day. What'd I do?" She quirked her lips at how pleased and slightly dazed her boyfriend looked.

"Nothing, just glad you're here with me" she replied grinning. It consoled her a little to have this reminder of Ron's focus on her after thoughts about Yori-nevermindthat!

"C'mon Ron, let's go to Club Banana, then we can look at toys for Hanna, and I'll treat you to Bueno Nacho."

Ron was dragged away again this time with little resistance by a smug Kim Possible.

Club Banana

Monique, gossip master, Pain King super fan, and confidant/advisor to both members of Team Possible on occasion was filling out a few records at the counter. Another 2 months or 10 more commission sales later and she'd have a platinum club banana discount card. She was determined to get it in time for the fall line. That and Kim could always appreciate a discount which meant more commission sales which meant more bonuses for her.

Satisfaction all around. Monique thought cheerfully.

As the familiar chime rang of customers coming in she looked up. She mused that even Ron won in the sense that he got to enjoy whatever pretty clothes Kim wore.

Not that he noticed in particular what Kim wore all that often. He was usually too focused on her flippy hair. She laughed to herself.

Yep, Monique was a master of her craft. That of course, was the master craft of subtle human manipulation. She didn't do anything malicious, but she had convinced herself that Ron and Kim could use all the help they could get. That moment when they stepped in during the dance holding hands was her moment of vindication of months of subtle nudging, and vague conversations that led them to consider the possibility of seeing each other as more than best friends. It was hard to refrain from just beating them over the heads with it. It wasn't something they had been ready for at the time when she first met the two best friends, but the potential was there.

Monique rarely felt like it was her business what other people did with their lives, but she felt she could make an exception for her clueless about relationships best friend, and her equally hopeless but well meaning boy/best friend.

Speaking of the teens, she checked her watch. Weren't they supposed to be coming in soon?

Looking up again at the door she caught them coming in. For once, her focus on making a pitch fled at the sight of Ron.

"Whoa there, KC I'm a superstar, but there's no need to be a bodyguard for this girl. She can handle herself just fine." She giggled a little at the confusion on their faces before waving it off.

"Never mind, now explain to me just what's with your bf suiting up? And what in Club Bananas' name is that ridiculous thing strapped to his chest?" She asked crossing her arms amused.

Definitely not designed as a fashion accessory. She thought looking at the metallic contraption.

"Some kind of left over machine from a mission? Trying a little James Bond impression there Ron?" Monique teased.

Ron grinned at the Bond comment and tried to nonchalantly smooth back his hair before he caught Kim giving him a "stare".

"Sorry Monique, I forgot you hadn't officially met her yet, but this is as good a time as any. Meet-" Here Kim paused, wrinkling her forehead a bit before turning around to Ron.

"Ron, I think you should deactivate the S.H.I.N.O.B.I, it'd be easier than explaining."

"Roger, KP. Uh hold on a sec."

Monique watched in fascination while subconsciously edging behind a shelf in case it was somehow dangerous, as Ron stretched out his left arm activating a button on a wristwatch that caused the silver mass on his chest to let out a hiss.

I know Kim would never let anything too dangerous happen and neither does Ron, but Ron's accidents aren't something you can plan for. She thought with a touch of anxiety at a "Ron incident" in her store.

She came a little closer once it was clear it wasn't going to spring, as the safety latches, and joints unlocked before the screen flipped up. Ron knelt down unclasping the sling to the ground while reaching in to lift out...a baby girl?

Free at last! Hana leapt at the chance and made a desperate tumble for freedom. She giggled as Ron snatched for her – "HANA!"- and was determined to run around until she got tired as revenge for being cramped for so long.

Just as she landed she felt a different more slender pair of hands grasp her under her little arms, scooping her up before she could take off. She was about to sulk when she was cuddled up to someone that smelled nice, was pleasantly warm, and soft in stark contrast to the cocoons temperature regulated coolness, and slightly uncomfortable plastic padding. She fought for another few seconds struggling to move as she was rocked slowly.

"There, there Hana, Ron's sorry about it and I promise you won't have to go back in." Hana heard even as she continued to push back a little.

"We can't let you run around here but I promise you'll get to stretch late-" and was pacified by the soft voice consoling her.

Hana started to smile again, before cooing softly as she reached around to hug the pretty shiny red curtain. She barely noticed the loud hypersonic squeal that emitted from her left. (Which is to say she did, but she figured there were only so many battles you could fight in a day)

Monique usually in control of her words and (rightly) proud of her own level-headedness, squealed (well, like a schoolgirl). There was definite babblage going on.

"Ohmigosh, she's so cuuuuttttte! Kim, who's this? You babysitting on the go now? What's her name?" came the rapid fire questions.

Kim simply smiled in reply rocking on the balls of her feet, while cradling the younger Stoppable.

"Oh, look at her! She's hugging your neck with those adorable little arms. Oh Kim, can I hold her for a second?" Monique pleaded arms partly outstretched.

"I promise I won't drop her! Pleeeaase?" She continued moving closer when Kim glanced over to Ron who nodded his consent.

Ron looked slightly shocked at the effect his baby sister had on females, although he understood as well having had his own breakdown in face of Hanas' overpowering cute factor. (intruder to sister in 3…2…1…)

"Hey Monique, I'm proud to present Hana Stoppable, my badical nin-Japanese baby sister that was adopted during the whole uh "Sacky" genocide." Ron said to the ecstatic African-American teen holding his sister.

"Hana, this is Monique, Kim's girlfriend and a totally badical babe herself." He said with a grin as he put a hand on each girls shoulder.

Ron tried to reach out to let Hana hold his thumb hoping get her to look at him. No dice. If anything she seemed to start struggling again, prompting Kim to take her back.

Definitely holding a grudge, Ron started to tug at his collar.

"C'mon Hana I'm sorry about the S.H.I.N.O.B.I and I promise I'll only use it if we're going into a dangerous situation." He explained in the same tone he used when he had to say no to Rufus about something (usually whether a fifth round of BN was acceptable).

Moving on Ron continued to explain. "Like into a lair, or when we go to school, because you know those bullies pick on the littler kids, and you're really small right now, although I guess with your flippy skills you could kick-butt, wait...maybe I could bring you with me to D-hall and-"


"Right Kim, uh- what I meant to say was, sorry Hana just trying to do my best to keep you safe. I mean I screwed up before with Sacky I-well I just want you to be okay. Forgive me?"

This was followed by Ron's own spin on the PDP that was more hangdog than cute, but worked on females in general when he needed it to (which meant Kim, but the results were suspicious since Kim tended to forgive him after awhile no matter what.), and a candy gum drop that he had been assured was sugar free and suitable for children of Hana's age.

(Oh yah, bringing up Rufus had definitely taught him some parental tricks)

Hana buried her face into Kim's shoulder and peered up with her eyes only to judge Ron's sincerity. A long moment of tension passed for the whole group as Hana searched Ron's soul, before popping up releasing one hand from around Kim's hair and grabbing the candy. With another gurgle and a content smile she ate the gum drop, patted Ron's cheek and started to burrow into the alcove created by Kims neck and hair.

"Phew, looks like big bro lives another day" laughed Monique as Ron collapsed in relief.

"So I remember Sacky and I get that Hana was adopted. I'm just confused as to why she's Japanese." Monique said testing out the thought aloud. "I mean didn't Ron go on all those trips to Japan, and then that Yori girl, and now Hana?" She saw Ron tense slightly while Kim suddenly discovered she was having an allergic reaction to eye contact. "Seems like you've got a real... connection with Japan, Ron. You going to go to university there as well?" there was a flash of compressed curiosity and suspicion at the pair who suddenly began to look nervous the more Monique mused out loud.

"Wha-" "Monique!" they both started.

"No/Pshaw of course not" definite elevation of tone and heart-rate I bet. Monique thought to herself.

"I mean... sure, I've been to Japan a few times" Team Possible did their best to speak over each other. "I mean me and Ron go all around the world for missions, so Japan is bound to come up" definitely babbling.

"la la laa la laa" Hana seemed to cue into the wild hand waving pair as a dance.

"Anyway-There's nothing going on with ninjas because that'd be crazy..."


"GAH! Err... I mean, you see that crazy Ninja show with... eh heh the ninjas? Those ninjas we fought that one time and-shutting up now"

Monique warred within herself on whether to leap at this chance for some obviously juicy information about Hana, but resolved to settling with amusing herself watching them sweat it out a little bit longer.

She smirked.

Monique calmly spoke once they settled down. "It's okay guys seems like its one of those mission secret things so I'll let you guys off the hook" ignoring their protests before continuing. "and I promise I won't bring up anything about Hana until you guys decide if, and when to let me in on it. In exchange Ron has to cook me lunch next Saturday with enough for leftovers."

Kim looked torn between being relieved, and angry that Monique was blackmailing them for Ron's cooking, but huffed good naturedly at the end.

Monique's too smart for her own good, a hand crafted meal by Ron is nothing to laugh at.

"Deal, so Monique anything in specific you wanted me to make?" asked a grinning Ron.

"Hmm, well I was going to suggest whatever you think will make Kim groan in appreciation" with a naughty wink at a now flustered Ron, and a laugh at a rapidly coloring Kim.

"But I trust you to come up with something good." She bussed his cheek affectionately wrangling a strangled cry from Kim, before laughing inwardly again at how much fun it was messing with these two.

"C'mon Kim, give Hana to Ron, and I'll show you what'll make Ron groan when he sees you in them okay?"

Here Ron gulped loudly while Kim fought a smile and handed Hana to Ron.

"Won't be too long Ron, watch Hana for now." she said with a twinkle in her eye, before walking off with Monique.

Thanks a lot Monique. Way to get a guy flustered, and now I gotta watch Kim walk away. He spent a moment imagining Kim before shaking his head to clear his thoughts.

Ron looked down at the crown of his baby sisters black hair, held her close, and then looked up to see the two girls putting their heads together whispering excitedly.

"Looks like it'll just be us Stoppables for now huh?" he said finally, slightly subdued.

Hana did her best to cheer him up by playing with his ears, baby-talking the whole time Ron bounced her on his knee at a now familiar bench seat.

(Rufus meanwhile, had taken advantage of the lull to go to the food court to sneak some snacks in, having finished Ron's stakeout provisions much earlier)

"Wow, Monique these threads are spankin'." Kim said appreciatively.

"I can't believe the sale ends today. So what do you think about the sweater?

"This pair of pants or should I try the skirt?" asked Kim holding up the clothes in front of the mirror for comparison.

"Hmm, with your coloring I'd go with this one" Monique commented as she reached into one of the racks pulling out a pair of jeans.

"There we go. That's perfect, as long as you throw in a pair of sandals." pleased with her own impeccable eye for fashion, Monique whirled around to pick out the rest of the clothes she had lined up for her friend to try out.

"By the way what was with Ron's get up earlier? I thought I walked into a spy movie for a minute seeing him." asked Monique still curious.

"Oh, you know Ron he got an idea into his head, and decided Hana needed extra secret service strength protection." Kim replied offhand.

"Although... there was something bothering me earlier about it." Kim spoke switching out the sweater for a dress.

It's weird but I've started to wear a few more dresses now. Still not my favorite type of clothing, but I like the effect it can have.

"Ah, thanks-" Kim said as Monique passed her another set of clothes.

"Well, I mean beyond the whole encapsulating Hana into a machine thing."

Biting her lip and furrowing her brow for a moment trying to remember, "Something Ron said… hmm what was it? Hana, S.H.I.N.O.B. , broke…"

Here she let out a gasp eyes widening. "Monique! Hesaidhe built it!"

"Whoa girl, CDBYB a vessel. Now what did you say? Are you saying Ron built that metal harness outside?" She said holding a vest dubiously.

"I figured he asked Wade for a favor or something, but you're telling me our Ron, the same one who demolished our arts and crafts room built this?" asked Monique with one eyebrow raised.

"And why does Hana need so much protection anyway, bad guy de jour after you guys now?" She continued looking for an explanation.

"Yah I'm certain he said he built it, in fact he built two of them, or at least fixed the first one..." here Kim trailed off biting her lower lip in a rare show of worry, at the implications.

She had known Ron always had potential. If nothing else his time as Zorpox *shudder* was a time not easily remembered for either of them, but undeniable proof that Ron was capable of much more than he appeared to be at first glance. Certainly, Zorpox had displayed an amazing ability to cobble together complex machinery from anything - in fact thinking back further, she dimly recalled Ron had claimed once before to building a doomsday machine with trash while he had been imprisoned by Drakken and Shego.

She had brushed it off at first but now...

"Kim, Kim? Earth to Kim Possible!" Monique snapped her fingers a few times in front of Kim trying to snap her out of it.

"You kinda trailed off there." she said lowering her hand from Kim's face.

Kim dropped the clothes she was holding into the bin without thinking about it, and grabbed Monique's shoulders.

"There's something weird going on with Ron Monique. I need to find out what."

She looked a little wild for a second, before grabbing the cart and heading to the register to pay for the clothes. She was done shopping for now; she needed to figure out what the deal was with Ron before anything else.

"Wait- Kim! Damnit." Monique was even more confused now than before and nobody was making any sense!

She looked at the rest of the clothes she had picked out for Kim.

She'll thank me later. She though as she grabbed another basked picking out the last of the tailored pieces she had reserved for her best friend, before heading to the counter as well.

Girl's probably too zoned out to even notice. Monique thought as she hurried after her best friend.

Kim had already told her the budget she had for clothes, so with her employee discount it'd be just enough. She was tempted to close shop and take her lunch break early to follow them maybe find out what was happening, but didn't want to snoop too obviously.

Although, Kim did look pretty frazzled by whatever it was that was bugging Ron. A little backup never hurt. She reasoned to herself.

That and Kim can get a little narrow when it comes to Ron from time to time.

She decided she'd close up half an hour early and drop by Bueno Nacho by "coincidence" later and depending on how they looked she'd grab take out or join them. After all her curiosity could only be held back so much.

That and somebody had to watch out for the mental health of her best friends who happened to be teenagers responsible for saving the world. Best not to leave things like world security entirely up to chance.

Ron was of course getting a little bored waiting for Kim, or at least he would have been once upon a time while he waited with Rufus. Chances are in the past he would have been playing on the Kimmunicator while she shopped. Today, he had someone to explain and educate during Kim's Monique/Club Banana time which helped pass the minutes.

He maneuvered Hana so that she was facing him and fixed her with the face he had used trying to teach her to turn a page.

"Okay Hana I want you to pay attention okay? Your brothers got some important life lessons that you need to learn if you want to jump ahead of all the other future save the world babies." Ron explained seriously.

Hana recognized the look and began to anticipate a chance to play with what she'd begun to recognize as "pages and books" according to her brother. It was fun tearing that floppy, smooth, "page" and her brother made the funnest faces when she did.

"Wouldn't want you to not get into the secret school for heroines, because I failed to give you the lessons you need." He said solemnly.

"So here's Ron's quick lesson to saving the world and being a cool butt-err forget that part about kicking but-BEING a cool hero." Ron rode over his mistake as best as he could.

'Focus Ron, get your head in the game' (echoed in his mind in Kims' voice) little Sis' save the world scholarship depends on you.

Hana meanwhile was looking curiously up at her brother with a mix of adorable befuddlement and delight as he waved his hands to make his points, and the way his face would twist around trying to explain things to her. She had no real clue what he was saying, but a part of her that she couldn't articulate yet felt a warmth, a sense of belonging here in her brother's arms.

The Mystical Monkey Power that created a bond between them that assured her that she was safe and in good hands. Even if those hands made funny shapes and tickled her from time to time. She reached out to grab those fingers darting around her face.

"Right so a) Find an awesome best friend who wants to be a cool hero with sixteen kinds of kung fu and-hey Hana! That's my thum-" *WHUMPH*

"OWWWWW not cool little sis." groaned Ron now on his butt after being flipped upside down.

He scowled a bit at Hana's delighted clapping, and laughing as her big brother laid in a heap on the floor.

"Yah-yah, laugh it up now ya little rascal." He huffed from a decidedly uncomfortable position on the floor.

"We'll see who laughs tonight when it's milk time, and someone doesn't get apple sauce dessert, or the special UFO feeding dance." Ron continued to grumble from the ground straightening himself to look up at the chair where Hana was.

Ron nearly fell over again when the small couch was obviously lacking a small Japanese toddler busy laughing at him.

"HANA!" bolting up right to see where she could have run off to, Ron swung around in a circle trying to catch a glimpse of small black hair darting around.

"Rufus I need a location track of Hana right away. Rufus?" squeaks and a slightly softer "sorr'y" could be heard from his ear transponder.

"Man this is bad. Hana? C'mon, and come back here sis." he pleaded.

"Mom and Dad would totally freak out if I lost you on our first trip to the mall. Sensei is going to-" blood drained from his face.

"Oh man! I'm going to face off against ninja baby sitter assassins, which would be totally cool if they weren't going to assassinate me." he gibbered in terror for a moment.

"Okay, don't freak out. Find KP and Monique, get both of them to search for her. Hana!"

Ron leapt away to the register spotting Kim and Monique to explain to them what had happened. The clothes at the register were forgotten temporarily as Monique went to check the security cams, and Team Possible took each end of the shop with Kim covering the entrance. He felt unusually calm after the initial panic attack.

Wonder if this is how Kim feels all the time. Was a fleeting thought before he ducked around another shelf of shirts to check the floor underneath.

"Ron!" came a cry from inside as Monique appeared flushed, mouth agape.

"I saw your baby sister... I think. She was...she- was running on the ceiling. Ron what- How-?" Ron could see her struggling, and while he sympathized he brushed that aside for now.

"No time to explain-just tell me when you spot her, she's fast" ordered Ron and looked up to see if he could track her. There!

"KP, Hana's doing the run around on the ceiling." he alerted her with a yell.

"Got it." replied Kim as her mind raced furiously for a second to consider what to do.

Hana could keep running, and she'd probably run back down given enough time. Unfortunately, it was too dangerous to leave her alone to run back down herself when she could fall and there were fans spinning.

"Ron I see her, she's running towards a corner." She caught his eye and training born from countless missions, and years spent together transmitted her plan like they were perfectly in sync.

Ron gave a short nod as she began to run while he backed up slightly and crouched with his knees, interlocking his hands together to create a spring for her. She was a about a foot away when he locked his arms as she came out of her handspring. Kim felt him boost her even as she pushed off him to make a perfect launch in a tight arc towards the speeding toddler.

Monique watched at this perfect bit of teamwork that couldn't have been timed any better if they had a practiced it beforehand. (Which of course they had in cheer practice)

Hana meanwhile was enjoying her stretch of exercise, innate Mystical Monkey Power instincts surging to give her a perfect route free of the dangers or obstacles, and she was about to begin another lap when out of the ceiling tile in front of her popped out a familiar face. Rufus of course had analyzed the situation and decided to take on his masters' usual role of distraction. Burrowing through the tile he popped out when he felt the tremors of Hana's little feet speeding his way. Hana smiled at her playmate of many days (a sort of Panderoo only alive) and reached down to scoop him out of the hole. That pause as she clutched Rufus to her, gave Kim the opening she needed to scoop Hana and flip kick off the wall back onto the floor. Had Hana not been in her arms she would have finished her perfect dismount arms outstretched Olympic style.

"Awww' H'ink" Rufus chittered happily rubbing against Hana's cheek who happily squeezed her favorite pink toy pet.

Kim smiled down at the two and would have been freaked out to realize her smile then was very reminiscent of her mothers smile when Anne hugged Kim.

"Kim! Hana! Rufus buddy, great job!" an exhilarated Ron ran up to hug the whole group.

Monique cursed her lack of a camera. It was a picture perfect family moment.

Am I getting a glimpse into the future? Asian girl aside- although who am I kidding, Kim's bound to get attached someday saving orphans. Wonder what Kim girl and Ron think about starting a family?

There was a quick pang of- something in her heart staring at the circle of them so clearly connected to one another while she stood off to the side, but she shook her head again. They really did make such a cute picture. Kimmunicator! They'd given it to her to connect to the security system to check for Hana.

She fumbled praying that they'd hold the hug another second longer. *click* SNAP! Perfect. Sigh. They really were cute together.

She took a second watching out of the corner of her eye as Ron fussed a little longer over Hana scolding her for running off by herself. Fiddling with the Kimmunicator, she managed to get it to send e-mail attachments of the photo to all 3 of them. She had no doubt Wade would have already grabbed the photo somehow for automatic analysis or something. She gave them all another second as Hana appeared appropriately chastised by the way her laughter had stopped, but was still smiling with large innocent eyes in guileless curiosity at why her brother was so upset.

Like she didn't know the little devil. Monique huffed.

Hana leapt from Kim to her brother for a hug as her way of soothing him in a move of shameless manipulation every child knows. Ron tried to continue being stern, but was forced to sigh/grin in relief instead. He hugged her a little harder eliciting another happy noise, and felt a tremble go through him at the thought of what could have happened to her.

He sensed more than felt Kim close in, and her tone was soft and comfortable in his ear as she hugged him.

"She's okay now, I promise you we won't let anything happen to her. That's a Kim Possible guarantee."

"I mean she's even got Rufus looking after her. Okay Ron?" she whispered comfortingly rubbing his neck slightly, while leaning on the other shoulder unoccupied by Hana. Kim finally moved another arm around both Hana and his side in a protective embrace.

This felt right. Protecting and saving people always felt good, but protecting Ron and saving him always felt special. Kim mused while holding the siblings.

Perhaps this was partly what led me to start down this path all those years ago. Saving Ron at first, and that feeling that came with helping my best friend, and his presence through everything, made it natural to try to take it to the next level. All the way to her current international level heroics.

Wonder if my fathers inevitable breakthroughs in space travel will result in Team Possible going interstellar someday.' Another inner wry grin at the Captain Constellation motto's that was sure to be shouted if they ever got a space shuttle to travel around in from her boyfriend/father.

Monique cleared her throat a bit, "Not to break up the celebration party, but if somebody doesn't-" she broke off apparently too flummoxed to articulate the rest of her demands. Hands on hip with a classic SBST expression on her face as Monique waited (not at all patiently) for an explanation.

Okay sure you expect a certain amount of weirdness dealing with Ron, and more given the Team Possible angle, I mean Rufus alone would have driven someone mad along time ago if they stopped to question everything strange but...this? She thought over what she had just witnessed, and whether she could gloss over it.

Oh this was not going to fly. Nuh uh. No way baby girl. That blank pass was used up. Ron meal or no. Monique decided.

Kim stopped the hug and turned to face Monique. Well whatever the future holds, be it aliens or whatever I'm pretty sure it'll be like this. Standing with Ron right by me and our chil-Aaauuggghh where did that come from?

Authors Note: First Chapter done. It's weird, because I keep looking back over this one changing and fiddling with it. In a sense this is the most important chapter, because it sets the tone and the hook for the rest of the story. Or at the very least it's the only way for the audience to decide whether they want to invest more time. While some of the hooks aren't too clear I did want to expand a bit more on where the story is going. This is a story focused on Hana, or Ron, or Kim, well... it's a story mainly about how Hana will have an effect on our heroes. For good or bad.

Hana is an interesting plot device in a sense, she's so young, but so has so many powers that it's hard to say for certain how she'll turn out. It's a struggle not to just write her one way, or reduce her to a mere plot device. (One I suspect I'll fail more than I'll succeed at) After all she is still a baby girl, gifted with incredible mysterious powers of prophecy. At some point hopefully that will be addressed. If not here, at the very least I would like to see what having a sister does for Ron Stoppable and by extension Kim Possible by the end of this story.

Anyway, this story begins during Team Possible' senior year, near the first month or two of school with the two episodes "Big Brother", and "Oh No! Yono!" shifted to the start of their final year.

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