Days of Hana

Globalization of Justice: Protocols

by unwrittenaria

disclaimer: no profit, all fun, KP and co. belongs to their respective owners

Kim was making her way to the Director's office, when she got the call from Ron.

"Kim, you heard the com announcement?"

"About Alpha? I'm on my way Ron. I'll be there in minutes- does Betty have a way in?"

"Not sure, I had to run out when they told me Hana and Rufus was in the room with Alpha." He whispered. "They've lost the video feeds... but they'll know soon enough if something happens."

"Ron, I think we could trust Betty."

"It's not the Director I don't trust Kim." He told her wearily.

She sighed, but decided now was not the time to belabor the point. "Tell Betty I'll meet up with her agents there, I'm going to call Wade and see if he has a route in."

"Got it Kim." He said with a sharp nod.

"Head in the game Ron, this isn't over yet." She gave him a smile before she signed off and called Wade.

"Hey Kim. I've identified bits of signature coding from Dementor and Gemini, but there's one more bit I can't quite identify." He told her without preamble.

"Keep on it Wade. For now, I need to know if you can help get me into the Director's private room. Hana and Rufus-"

He cut in. "Are in the room with Alpha. I know, I've been trying to open up the space, but Betty re-designed that room and everything about it to be... Wade proof." He sported a look that was equal parts self-conscious and sheepish at this.

Kim raised an eyebrow, projecting dry sarcasm with a hint of her mother's "Now boys..." (thrown in for good measure when Anne caught the twins "re-designing" the toaster).

"Been doing some extra-curric Wade?"

The dark teen sucked his Slurpster slyly. "You could say that. In the mean time, if you have to, try the wrist Kimmunicator functions. I've upgraded the stealth scrambler option, so if you drain the battery, the power should be sufficient to create a small scale EMP burst that would short out the security defenses. The only problem is you might fry the Director's systems as well."

Kim filed the option away for now. "Rocking the gadgets as always, Wade. I'll have to check with the Director, but I'll hold off until I need it. Good luck with the computer stuff...and see if you can limit data on Hana after this blows over."

She stopped when she saw the door to Betty's quarter. Half a dozen trainees and recruits were gathered around working on the door. Okay, please tell me everyone's got a better plan than standing around and waiting?

She didn't bother wasting time with pleasantries. "Any progress?"

"No we uh-Ms. Possible! We're working on it right now, the Director... has some special measures in place." Reported the nearest agent.

"I've noticed. Get me a line to-" Muffled thumping and shouting noises were heard, drawing their attention back to the hostage situation.

"Hana!" Kim jumped a little when she heard shots fired in rapid succession followed by more muffled shouting. "Down!" Kim shouted bringing her wrist up, an icon lighting up with a flash. Saying a mental apology to Betty (again) she slapped the button.

The other agents looked confused, until the wristwatch made a loud hum, followed by a wave of something that short circuited all of their equipment. Sparks from the door control panel made the metal gate open and close, just as the lights went out.

"Door's open. Take him down!"

Kim lead the charge, flipping through the entrance ready to kick Alpha and his over-sized A into a wall. She had to bite back a cry when she cleared the entrance.

Alpha was scared now. What the hell was he dealing with? He'd read reports on Team Possible, and he knew seeing Kim Possible would mean trouble certainly. Ron Stoppable was a footnote, some kind of failed squabble between Gemini and Betty Director. This naked mole rat...Rufus? His feverish memory supplied a file with words like Rufus factor on it.

It had been that file and the earlier one, which made him suspect that the only thing keeping the World Wide Evil empire from taking over... was incompetence. Surely, an opposing organization studying and wasting money on children and animals was a waste of funds? Might Gemini have some kind of leftover familial ties that kept him from striking decisively? Well, as the Alpha and the soon to be lord and master of an evil organization, he'd be free of those shackles.

Except...somehow this (both of these) tiny freaks were making him nervous. How the hell does a naked mole rat know Kung-Fu, much less move that fast?

He swore it was definitely glaring at him, and those eyes were definitely glowing blue. He was about to finish off the baby, only to have the gun explode in his hands. Somehow, the naked mole rat had leapt at his hand, and now both hands were bleeding and burnt.

"You freaks, stay away! I'm going to-" His threat was cut off again when the lights cut out, even as he felt the toddler back on his head balancing precariously on his shoulders. She seemed to be playing drums, his head pounded by a flurry of tiny fists, before the back of his head exploded in pain from an unseen blow (Hana indulging in her headbutting).

Head rattling, and a truly fearsome headache between his eyes, he slumped down falling face first onto the floor. He looked up briefly, to see the tiny Asian girl and her pet standing in front of him. Eyes watering, he could barely make out the toddlers' scrunched up face as she stuck her tongue out at him, while the other gave him a buck toothed grin.

Gemini is going to kill me. He groaned.

Kim's vision was adjusting to the low light, and she could just make out the Mystical Weapon and Rufus posing triumphant over their downed foe. There was a ghostly dissipation of blue fire from their forms, that she almost convinced herself she'd seen. Still, with agents right behind her she should probably get them to "safety".

She picked up both of them, getting happy sounds from both bundles as she took a moment to nuzzle Hana's cheek with her own (Hana obliged with a muffled squeal and giggle).

"Glad you're safe Hana, we really need to talk about your habit of getting free and into trouble." She said, relaxing a little now that the girl was safely in her arms.

"Miss Possible, is Agent Alpha down?"

"Yes, I think the EMP just now made his weapons and gear short circuit, and it blew up in his face." She said thinking quickly. "Lock him up and get him back to a holding cell, I think the Director will want to talk to him very soon."

She planned to be there as well. There was no way she was going to let Dementor get away after all this, especially since she was part of the reason this had happened in the first place (with the botched transfer). While no one could point any fingers, she was determined to see this through to the end, and if that meant bagging Gemini as well, all the better. (That and she suspected from the looks of it, Director Betty was going to need to redo her room.)

She cradled Ron's sister close ("K'm"), Rufus on her shoulder as she retreated back through the doors, letting the agents in to cuff and escort the prisoner. She was about to use her Kimmunicator to call Ron, then she looked at it. The smoking piece of tech was slipped into her cargo pants. With luck, maybe some of it could be recycled or fixed by Wade.

"Thanks again Miss Possible." One of the agents gave her a salute.

"No big, I didn't really do anything this time." She gave a weak smile, turning around to reunite the siblings. Looks like I'll get to surprise him in person.

Betty bit back a curse. The scrolling list of injured was long, longer than it had any right to be. Knowing every one of these names, details about their family, recognizing each of them by face. It was something that took dedication, one of the things she prided herself on. So seeing the list of them here... tech, service, security, recruits, agents, and staff. She would make Sheldon pay.

She frowned. Agent Alpha was in custody now, as soon as they finished tallying up the damage she'd go down herself, and she would get him to sing.

Meanwhile there was something I wanted to ask...

She was cut off before she could start. Kim Possible returned with Hana and Rufus in tow, to more cheering and clapping. It had been a tense period, information had come in that Ron Stoppable's sister had made her way into a secure compound (she reminded herself to make a note of how on earth that was possible). Certainly, when the readings from the room indicated weapon discharge, many had paled at the idea of a child being hurt, much less one with close ties to subject Stoppable. Minutes ago all signals had flat lined, and everyone held their breath as contact was cut off suddenly. Wade had checked in again to tell them about the EMP, and while Bety wasn't pleased, she put it aside with an innocent life at stake.

"Man, Kim! Hana...Rufus buddy! I was freaking out over here. Getting close to monkey, insect, Wannaweep levels of freak all at once. Everyone okay?"

"Everyone but Agent Alpha, Ron. I don't think he's going back to report to Gemini anytime soon."

"F'reflys! Pretty." Hana threw in her two cents, before she latched onto him, comfortably snuggled between the two teens. Rufus relaxed, duty done.

Betty felt her anger and guilt flicker for a moment, seeing the group hug. She'd have to hold onto this image for later, when she had to write a report about the wounds GJ had taken today.

"It's good to see she's okay, Ronald."

"It hurricane rocks Doc! But then again that's Team Possible and Global Justice! The good guys always win!" Ron exclaimed to another rousing cheer of the staff around them.

"Not over yet, Ron. We still haven't cracked what Gemini wanted to do in the first place."

"Quite right Kimberly, I suggest all of you get checked out at the medical bay. We can take it from here."

"Huh, I uh-" Ron looked curiously at her, until he saw the soot and dirt on Kim and the slight bump on Hana's forehead. "Right! C'mon guys, let's get you two checked out."

"Ron I'm fine, I don't need a-" Kim began to protest.

"I'd appreciate it, if you could look in on Agent Du while you're getting patched up Miss Possible." Director Betty intervened.

Kim sighed, knowing she was beat. She did owe him for the tip off earlier, besides it would be plain rude not to go check up on the injured. Kim also knew a bit of first aid, and a little more besides (thank you, missions in the middle of nowhere) from her mother, so she could probably help out if they were shorthanded.

"Okay," and here she turned to the Director, "-but the moment there's an update on Gemini or Dementor, we want in. Please and thank you." she stared until she got her affirmation.

"Whadya' say Hana? Up for seeing if top secret organizations have candy for their patients?" Optimism high in Ron's voice.

"C'mon, candy boy." Kim sighed rolling her eyes with an exasperated grin, before she led them all off to the medical bay.

Betty glanced one last time at the group, before her eye provided her with a private video stream of Alpha being escorted along a hallway to his holding cell.

Medical Bay

Will Du was not pleased. It would be safe to say that had he been any more less pleased he'd be downright pi- he was not pleased.

All around him was evidence of a sting gone wrong. People lying in casts, or on IV drips. Most of them had been sedated, a few were fine, but others were required to stay in for observation.

His own situation involved some bruises, and a large gash that would keep him from stretching properly for at least a month. Just thinking about the training he'd have to do, to get back into top condition made his head throb. Doubly galling was that he'd been essentially sidelined this whole time. The capture had gone down, and he'd been in a cot while it happened.

So much for being the top agent. He thought bitterly. First the training, and now this, the Director will probably ask me to hand over my keys when I get discharged.

Further incensing him was the fact that he had no way to get a status update on the situation. No general PA announcements had been made, and the medical bay itself was designed to keep from over stimulating it's patients- which meant no com links. Everyone who had been brought in had no further information. Judging by the lack of explosions (in the last half an hour that he had been awake) the situation was under control.

Just as he was about to get up and demand information on what had happened, he spotted a flash of red and yellow come in. Even top agents need a break, and he gently laid back down closing his eyes. Bad enough that the amateur had saved the day again, buying her more points with the director, it was infinitely worse that she might have come down to tell him in person. He'd feign sleep first.

"Ron, stop babying me! I fell down and got a little dirty, that's all."

"Chillax, KP. Also, I'll have you know Hana takes offense to the term. Nothing wrong with a little marinating after the mission's accomplished. That in no way constitutes babying!" Came the voice from somewhere to his left, still a ways off.

"Fine, but let's get that bump checked out first."

"Yah, Hana's feeling a little grumpy about it. Doesn't hurt as much though, maybe it'll teach her to stop head butting things."


"What? I'm serious, cranial shock and head injuries are a terrible thing for a developing child. Us Stoppables' may have a hard head, but that's no reason to go around showing it off."

He heard a light laugh at this bit of idiocy. "I'm sure being hard-headed is the least of your worries when it comes to what you put on display."

"What'd you mea- Oh, C'mon! Again with the pants?" Amazingly enough, Will could picture the next scene by the audio alone. Stoppable with his fist up in the air in mute(-ish) anger.

"Relax, Ron. I'm sure Hana will have better luck with that part of the Stoppable legacy. I would keep the fist pumping down around her though."

"Good idea. Okay, let's get you checked out sis."

"Be with you in a sec. Saw someone I have to talk to."

He didn't hear anything after this, so he assumed Stoppable had headed off to see a nurse. It was hard to distinguish, but he eventually narrowed down the sound of her footsteps, making their way through the ward, finally coming to a stop near the foot of his cot.

"Hey Will, I know you're awake, so stop pretending." Came her voice, light and amused.

He though about the humiliation involved with him laid up while she collared the criminal again, and decided the only way to preserve his pride was to pretend he just woke up. He faked a yawn and opened his eyes. If she wanted to believe the glare was from being woken up, well he would not feel unduly concerned.

"Hello, Kimberly. I assume you're here to brief me?" His voice came out clipped and weaker than he would have liked.

"Nothing much, bagged Agent Alpha, rescued the kids, y'know the usual." She said airily.

"Well congratulations are in order I guess. Let me guess, you did it all by yourself this time?" He all but sneered.

Kim caught herself before she could throw more snark at him. She'd been glib so far because... well just look at him! But she'd come over here to do something different.

"Not exactly, Will (I'm trying aren't I?) I uh... came over to say thanks. It was a good tip off about the distraction. Wade and everyone else ended up doing a lot of the heavy lifting..." she trailed off, and Will turned back to observe a strange smile from the redhead.

"Anyway, I wanted to...thank you for that." She finished awkwardly feeling odd flashbacks to a science room earlier in the week.

Will seemed to consider this, quickly discarding it with a shrug of his neatly coiffed hair. "It's what I was trained to do."

There was another pregnant silence, what would have emerged (kicking and screaming?) would have to wait for another time. Kim wasn't flustered, really, just... anxious to see how Hana was.

"Anyway, I'll see you... around. Hope you get better. Who knows what GJ would do without you?" She recovered.

"GJ will operate just as well, Miss Possible. After all, I'm merely their top agent. An organization like mine is much more than their top agent." Will said proudly.

Kim crossed her arms wondering how they managed to fit him into the bed. "Later Will." She said with a wave as she left.

"Stop by at the training hall with Stoppable, you should finish the course so I can set the next standard." Will called after her.

Kim whipped around to catch a quicksilver smile(?), and shook her head as she continued down the ward.

The orderly would find patient 12 in a much better mood, when she stopped by to give him his lunch later on.

Detention Cell E - A Ward

There were flickers of lights worming their way through his closed eyes. Even that seemed to hurt, after the pounding he had taken. What now? How long...ugh have I been out?

Returning to consciousness can be unpleasant, more so if you wake up to find yourself in a maximum security cell.

Agent Alpha growled a bit, as he forced his eyelids to let the light in slowly. He had been restrained, stripped of everything that could have given him an advantage. No doubt the echoes of footsteps were that of the legendary GJ director herself, coming in to give him a talking to.

How... quaint, like an erring schoolboy. He mused even as he closed his eyes again. He could sense it deep in his body. It would seem things are still going according to plan.

Low murmuring was heard from outside. He managed to pick up "his – vitals?"

"Good." Was the last clear word he heard before the gate phased open, force field powering down, and the physical bars retracting to let to the Director through.

"I hate games Alpha, so why don't you just tell me what your boss is up to."

"Surely you jest, Doctor Director. You know what he does to the people who betray him. As it is, I think I'll rather enjoy my accommodations." He gave her a lazy smile.

She smiled back, although the look was all too predatory for his taste. "That's a shame then, I was thinking I'd ship you back to him with a thank you note."

The prisoner eyed her with suspicion. "Why would you- no!" He paled a bit as he saw what she was up to. "How do you know he won't believe me?"

Her smile turned merciless and cold. "He'll be too busy seeing blood from my note to care. I hardly need to be the one to tell you how... button happy my brother is? I daresay any mention of me will be enough to get him to dismiss anyone in the vicinity, regardless of the reason."

"So this is the way Global Justice operates? Blackmail and coercion?"

"Oh, no. I'm merely setting you free, in a fashion, if you decide not to cooperate." The matter of fact delivery belied the threat in her eye. "You'll be free to do as you please once we ship you off. Whatever happens will be on your head, or you could cooperate. My brother is a dangerous man, and he needs to be stopped before more events like today can happen. Unlike him, I care about the well being of my associates." The Director continued in crisp business tones.

"I see. What happens if I talk? A few years, or a life sentence of armed guard house arrest? Locked away until WWE falls?" He chuckled with derision.

"Maybe, but I'll negotiate what benefits I can." Her placid features sharpened. "You hurt people under my command, one way or another justice will be served."

Alpha sneered.

"So this is the best thing you could come up with? I help, and maybe some sunshine after a few years of good behavior? Is it any wonder more people aren't on this side?" He laughed contemptuously,

"Fair enough. Then again, I'm not the one in a cell having botched a mission, am I?" she said, unfazed.

"Good luck withthat, Director." He all but spat. "I'll take my chances with Gemini, there's a reasonable chance I'll still have more of a life that way."

He watched. Any minute now, they'd haul in the more serious interrogators and he'd be stuck here. His smile turned malicious, causing the Director to look alarmed, for the first time since stepping into the cell.

"-Or I guess I could wait for my rescue call. Accept call." He said.

Betty had her pistol up and out, even as she sprang forward. "NO!-" and the guards behind her were raising their weapons, when a bright white light surged in the cell throwing them all back.

"Well done, Alpha." Intoned the cold voice of WWE. "You will be richly rewarded when we return."

"Thank you master." Alpha said humbly, prostrating himself on one knee. Strong metal hands reached out to rip off his energy shackles and soon he was rubbing his wrists.

Betty looked calm even as she faced up the monstrosity before her. "Sheldon, what have you done to yourself?" She said in slow horror.

"You like, sister? Testing out some new equipment. I figure a good test run would be destroying GJ, and YOU! HAHAHAH!" From the behemoth of muscled mass came the voice of Gemini.

A slow shadow loomed over Betty even as she called out to her communicator. "I need back up, and fast, in the Detention Ward. NOW!" She said scrambling to get up, picking up a rifle from the downed guard.

"Dear sister, is this how you would want our parents to see us?" Gemini mocked.

"Mom's not here so I'll have to do the disciplining. It can stay our sibling secret, Sheldon." she said even as she hit the lock down switch for the cell.

A terrible cry of rage was shut off as the cell closed itself off. Betty was too experienced to relax yet and was proven right, when the cell door noticeably bulged from the tremendous force applied against it. The force field flickered briefly, sparks shooting out before it came back online. It would be minutes, maybe seconds, before he broke out of there. She'd have to get Wade and the tech's to design a better cell soon.


Medical Bay

"There, see Ron? It was no big, just a little dirt." She said, annoyed that Ron had pestered her until she gave in to a check up.

"Better safe than sorry Kim. Besides, you know your mom would be mondo mad if she found out I let you just walk off." He said, apologizing while not quite saying the words. "Look at the bright side! We all got candy, didn't we Hana?"

Hana was in her own little gumdrop world, talking and paying attention was a distant obligation, taking time that could be better spent sucking on the next gumdrop (that Rufus fed her once he unwrapped them). Ron thought on this for a moment, and mentally spent the next minute re-designing his plans for this years Halloween haul.

For once, it might be better if he didn't go for a two person party with Kim. The amount of candy Hana had milked out of the fawning nurse was unbelievable! She'd practically scored them the whole jar!

"Is there anything you can't do Hana?" He said to her cheerfully. His reply was more contented humming and gumming.

Kim could see it play out like he'd drawn a map. She absently wondered if Ron and her knew each other too well, but they were best friends (and a little more) so this kind of thing was unavoidable. She was about to suggest they jet for now, and wait for Wade to update them when- *Beep-beep-be-beep* trilled the screen next to her.

"Wade?" She asked unsure at the TV that was emitting her standard ring tone.

"Rigged up the network to patch the Kimmunicator calls for a while. Handy huh?" He said.

"Wade, that is awesome! Hey buddy, anyway you could hook up the arcade grid to the school system? There's been a couple lunch breaks where I figured I could uh-back to the situation at hand...right Kim?" Ron backpedaled.

Wade winked at Ron before continuing his report. "Guys, bad news, I got a massive reading from the cell detention ward! It was the cell Agent Alpha was being locked in, and from the readings they match the ones I recorded from Dementor's teleportation device. I think Alpha managed to port something right into GJ headquarters."

Kim and Ron both exchanged worried glances. "Doesn't that thing only work with phone lines?" Kim asked at last.

"Yah, that's the way his tech worked, but it seems like somehow they've got some kind of upgraded wireless phone tech inside Agent Alpha's body. He accepted a call, and that gave them the coordinates to beam whatever it is straight in past the defenses."

Kim made a face. "Okay, way gorchy imagery aside what's wrong? Aren't there like, a hundred agents or more guarding this place?"

"There are, but half of them are tied up tending to the injured, or trying to get the systems back up and running. The whole base is a mess right now and they weren't expecting this." Wade told her grimly.

"Uh guys, as great as all this is... what the heck did they transport in here?" Ron ventured for the first time in the conversation.

"I'm not sure, the light from the teleport messed with the cameras so I didn't get any pictures, but the Director was asking for back up and she mentioned Gemini. So it's got to be bad."

"The head honcho of WEE himself huh?" Ron said rubbing his chin.

"So this was all a ruse, to get Alpha into the base. Just so he could teleport something into GJ?" Kim said with disappointment. As far as villain schemes it was pretty lame. Dangerous, but lame.

"It looks that way, but it could still be major trouble if left unchecked. If they wanted to, they could start a full out war right here in the heart of the enemy camp by moving in mass." Wade warned.

"Any idea how it got past all the defensive stuff GJ has set up over the base?" Kim asked.

"I'm pretty sure it's that ventilation shaft Dementor was messing around with. They could have reasonably teleported into the transport tube tunnels, but the heart of GJ has much stronger energy defenses. I'm guessing they left behind something to tamper with that." Wade reasoned.

"Okay, here's the plan. Ron, you and Rufus go to the transport tube, find whatever present they left behind and get rid of it. I'll go backup Director Betty at the cell, and we'll meet up as soon as we're done." Kim said laying it out.

"Yes ma'm!" Her boyfriend said with a salute before running off.

Detention Cell C

GJ's arch nemesis could feel another outburst of laughter swelling up within him. He should have done this years ago! Granted, the technology wasn't available, but the sensation of crushing his foes in person! It had been too long, much too long.

Agents hastily scrambled backwards as they struggled from being flattened by the huge fists of whatever it was they were fighting.

"DIRECTOR! NONE OF OUR WEAPONS ARE HITTING THIS THING. WHATEVER ARMOR IT HAS, IT'S ABSORBING THE HITS! WE NEED BIGGER GUNS" The squad leader screamed into his com unit over the din of continuous fire.

"Keep...*kscht*... it. *Kssch* on i...ay!" He caught through another show of sparks and yelling.

"Alright MEN! We're going to back up until we get to the entrance! We're leading this bastard there where we can concentrate our fire!"

Even as he gave the order, he wondered what he could do if nothing was working. The monster had already taken out a few agents with giant sweeps of it's arms, sending them crumpling into the walls. The ground shook as it continued to advance, almost invisible due to the heavy concentration of laser attacks hitting it.

Ron raced at top speed to the transport chamber. Somehow despite not knowing how, he could feel bad vibes. There wasn't a noticeable sign like the explosions earlier, but something just as bad was happening. He stepped it up with Wade lighting up doors and lights to guide him.

"Rufus, run ahead if you can and see if you can find that UPS thing." He asked once they were close enough to see the room.

Rufus was riding on his shoulder, nodded smartly before jumping off and scampering up the transport chamber.

Ron arrived scant seconds later breathing hard. He barely had time to check on his naked friend, when there was another blinding flash of white light. A sizzling smell of burnt air and suddenly the transport tube platform was brimming with henchmen.

Skidding back quickly, Ron pointed his finger at them while looking behind trying to buy time. "You guys need clearance for that. Invitations only, Director Betty won't be pleased when I tell her you've been using their transport tubes for joyrides!"

The henchmen looked at each other before shrugging, and flicked on their staffs. The crackling arcs of energy, coupled with the dull hum of power did nothing to reassure the blonde.

"Now guys, uh... we can talk this out!" He said slowly, backing away before bumping into the control platform and jabbing random switches. "C'mon transport tube activate! C'mon, c'mon..."

Seeing the struggling teen "the muscle" traded knowing smiles. They were about to step out when they noticed the younger figure strapped to the boy's chest reach out with a finger to jab a button herself.

Wade was busy monitoring things when he noticed a weird glitch in the global justice system. One of the service transport pads had gone spastic.

That was the very pad where the signal was coming from. He signed on in a hurry, worried that something had happened to Ron or Rufus.

Moments later, he was actually surprised. "Uh guys...what's going on with the pad?"

A whoosh of compressed air.

"Oh, hey Wade! Glad you could make the party." Ron said with a waggle of his eyebrows. Rufus is still grabbing the chip thingamajig. It seems Gemini may have decided to crash the party with some extra guests."

A scream that turned into a low keening noise.

"And by "guests" you mean 4 squads of goons."

Another compression of air punctuated with grunts and shifting bodies.

"Calls em' like I sees them dude. They're lobbying for uhm... decorative will enforcers, or something.. kinda missed out on the whole worker's union pep talk once they turned on the glowy sticks." Ron said unapologetic.

Another silent hum of immense weight being lifted at great speed.

"And I'm guessing someone pushed a button." Wade said with a grin.

A sliding hiss as the teleport pad landed again before rocketing back up.

"Someone may have indeed pushed a glowing white button. They're almost as satisfying as the glowing red ones." Ron said with an answering grin.

"Well, I'll leave you Stoppables in charge of the uh- GJ teleport pad stress test. Tell me when Rufus comes back out with the device."

"You got it Wade." A cheerful nod his last image before the screen closed.

"Hana looked extra happy." Wade chuckled to himself. Then looked around his room at all the delicate, priceless tech, covered with buttons...

She can never enter the Fortress of Wade.

WHAM! The harsh slam ended with a thud and a cry of pain. A distinct meaty sound of flesh hitting walls and leaving an impression (both the body and the wall) lasted, before it was covered by the sound of laser fire.

Gemini couldn't be more pleased. It was working out beautifully. Crushing them in person, he should have done this years ago.

His hand turned into a scoop with a thought, and redirected a blast aimed at his head back towards his attackers. The fool was too busy looking surprised to dodge, taking a laser blast to the chest propelling him forcefully into another squad of agents.

"C'mon BETTY! IS THIS THE BEST YOU CAN DO?" He bellowed, knowing they were monitoring him.

"SENDING LACKEYS TO DO A DIRECTOR'S JOB?" He ranted, temporarily ignoring the pests shooting at him.

He lunged forward to the comforting feeling of muscles not entirely human (or his own) bursting with power. In conjunction with suit technology stolen from cheerleader herself, amplifying his powers twofold, and today would be the day he would triumph. He thought ignoring the growing headache. Once and for all I will be the favoured child, they will acknowledge me!

He idly admired the glowing white material that stretched to accommodate his form, with the blue bands of power, even as he used it to decimate another squad of agents. Though it was incomplete, Dementor had promised 60% functioning capabilities, identical to the one the annoying brat possessed.

He laughed again, scooping up 2 men at a time and throwing them with ease. A reflective glowing blue shield blocked more incoming laser fire, and he charged forward scattering them like bowling pins.

"Utterly pathetic."

He spat with derision at the downed members of GJ lying around him. He was about to start breaking walls for the sheer joy of it, when a pleasant female voice interrupted his spree.

"I wouldn't talk Gemini. Not when you've got to outsource parts of your -it is still "your"right?- evil plan. If you can't cut it anymore it might be time to walk out peacefully, or-" and here she struck a pose as she landed "-have a seat."

She made a come hither motion drawing attention to let the wounded retreat. Behind her confident grin she was worried. There was no mistaking the design of the suit Gemini was wearing, and that raised the troubling question of just how they had managed to get their hands on the designs. She couldn't possibly imagine that Wade had been hacked, but had little idea of what other explanation there could be for her foe sporting her gear.

Table it Kim, deal with the sitch and wonder later.

A flash of red and she'd fired a line over his head, swinging over the behemoth in one smooth motion. *WHAM* Or that's what should have happened, had Gemini not brought his defensive shields up, just in time to clip her as she was about to land behind him. She went flying into a wall jerked to a halt by the cable. Rolling to brace herself, she groaned lightly and got to her feet.

"That's new." She muttered.

Retracting the cable she holstered it again. Whatever Gemini had done to himself, (and it's clear he did quite a lot) it had given him hair trigger reflexes and speed, to say nothing about the enhancing properties of the suit.

Wish I could remember what Wade said about the power support for that thing. Was it two or three days of operational time on a full charge? She wondered distracted.

Gemini was smiling in a sinister way and rapidly closed in on her. She'd hoped the narrow corridor would limit his reach, but she was being rapidly hemmed in by the blue shields he deployed. Thinking quickly, she scanned the ceiling for-there! She brought out her trusty hair dryer and aimed at him this time.

Gemini looked unamused.

"It has been gratifying to see Kim Possible reduced to a joke, but I really do not have time for games." He growled even as another shimmering blue light enveloped his form.

"If you want to take me down, you'll need more than some pretty lights Gemini." Kim told him, even as she aimed slightly above his shielded form and fired.

With a loud bang, the grapple flew up, piercing the lights, causing a shower of sparks and electricity to rain down on the shielded figure. The teen braced, wrenching hard, and pulled down some more glass as well as a mass of live wires that would have electrocuted anyone unlucky enough to come into contact with them.

Thank you Wade, for electricity resistant rubber gloves. Fortunately for Gemini, his shield continued to work, although it flickered rapidly trapping him in place.

Kim didn't waste any time, knowing the electricity wouldn't stop him for long. She ran towards the nearest wall and kick flipped off it, reaching for a nearby ceiling tile that had been knocked loose during the previous fight. In a blink of an eye, she was up and in, making her way through the air ducts. Below, she heard the angry roar of Gemini as he noticed her disappearance.

Relax Gemini, we've still got a dance left. She formulated the rest of her plan as she crawled, roughly making mental calculations for how much further she needed to go.

Once she was reasonably sure she was in the right area she kicked down hard, popping the tile and dropping through the new exit. Rolling quickly into a defensive crouch as she landed. Just like she'd hoped, she was at the entrance of the corridor at the far end away from Gemini.

"Gemini! Global Justice couldn't be bothered to handle you, since they've got real problems to deal with. I can tell, because Global Justice doesn't have their top agent on it, and we'd all know if GJ's top guy was here." Kim yelled out loudly, trying to get his attention over the racket.

Gemini heard her over the crackling of live wires and his own shields. With every word his headache and anger seemed to triple until he started to see red. With an inhuman growl, he whirled around to attack the source of his irritation.

Kim had expected the rival organizations name to make him angry, but somehow the level of hostility being thrown her way was... unprecedented. Gemini's face was a mask of contorted animal fury. He was quite literally growling at her... and all that's missing is some foam at the mouth.

Kim couldn't help but backpedal slowly away, before she remember what she needed to do.

Okay Possible, you've got him mad and focused on you...even if it is a little more animalistic than you'd expected. Somehow she could hear Ron chime in. Don't look now KP, but it seems like you've got some common ground with the bad guy... you both really don't like Du. Maybe you could bond, start an anti-fan club for GJ's numero uno agent.

Kim gave a harried sigh even as she felt her anxiety dull down. Okay, so Gemini got a little angrier, still doesn't mean I'm not taking him down. In fact, she was pretty sure she could turn this new rage into an advantage.

Edging back deliberately now and acting on a hunch, Kim waved her hairdryer at him. "You know I'd be utterly ashamed to be compared to my sister if I were you. I mean look at Global Justice and look at WWE." Gemini snarled and snapped at the mention of the rival agency.

Some memory tried to emerge, but Kim couldn't spare any attention. Gemini had sped up, rapidly approaching with earth pounding strides. She waited, arms crossed with a disdainful sneer, doing her best to channel Bonnie. "Global Justice-" She began even as Gemini made a prodigious leap, arms outstretched and teeth bared. She nimbly ducked out of the way, helping him to his date with the wall with a well aimed boot to the head.

Another back flip brought her out of immediate range, and she continued like he hadn't tried to maul her. "-for instance has much better facilities. The last time you kidnapped Ron, I remember my tour of WWE. For an organization priding itself on international villainy..." she trailed off like she was embarrassed for him. "Take for instance, the Global Justice gym." She continued walking at a measured pace even as she kept her eye on him.

Gemini was struggling to control himself. There was something wrong...but it was so hard to think, with the white hot rage choking out rational thought. The headache also seemed to be growing worse, and the impact with the wall (while only stunning him) did not help. The Possible girl was taunting him, and as her words got through another blast of anger wiped out any more thought.

Gemini seemed to shake himself off, before his head snapped up and he focused his gaze on her. In another beat he was on all fours and springing at the cheerleader. Kim lead him on a chase throughout the halls of GJ, keeping one step ahead of the raging monster by the narrowest of margins. Only her cheerleader reflexes and knowledge of the base layout helped her stay out of reach. When he tried to break away, she was quick to throw in a jab about GJ and his own attempts at world domination. Soon they had reached the spot, and she quickly slipped in once she was sure he saw her.

Seconds later the doors were blasted open with terrible force as two large meaty hands punched through them. Gemini took one side and flung it at her with a howl. She sidestepped out of the way, hair wafting lightly from the passing object. The crash echoed in the large open space of the gym.

"What's the matter Gemini, can't take the truth about you and Global Justice?" She said the last two words with deliberate slowness. Gemini was panting and slavering, but he still howled and gnashed his teeth at her.

"That's okay, we'll put you through your paces here. Who knows? Maybe your results will be enough to get GJ to take you seriously." She grinned at him, even as she vaulted over his streaking form sending him crashing to the ground. Kim gave a quick prayer of thanks that he seemed too enraged to use the more advanced tech in the suit.

Kim raced over to the command centre and hit the button for the training simulation to start. Gemini seemed momentarily paralysed by the loud klaxxons and flashing lights signalling the start of a trial run. Still, the bang and her voice was enough to draw his attention back to her. She swung through the air to land on the finish line at the far end of the course. "Here boy! I'll give you a Global Justice treat if you beat Du's time." She yelled waving lazily.

Gemini howled and leapt.


Skittering wildly on the surface of the training floor Gemini whipped his head around. Searching. Animal senses focused on pinpointing the source of that wretched noise.

Through the haze of red rage that was filtered by "Global Justice" Gemini howled throwing his head back. He could feel the powerful flex of his form, the sheer crystal sharp clarity of the world around him. Especially, the sense of enhanced smell.

She wouldn't be able to hide or dodge much longer. She was already starting to slow down, and then he'd wring her neck with his jaws. His animal mind already hearing the satisfying CRACK that would signal the end of the annoying pest.

Hackles rising he threw himself at the red blob.

By this point I should be used to it, but can I just spare a moment to say Eughhh dog slobber? The teen groused dodging another lightning fast hurl.

It was scant inches that kept her from being plastered full on by a mouthful of psycho saliva as Gemini howled by.

Any levity at the situation though she kept off her face. While she wanted Gemini enraged she didn't want him to go completely berserk. This kind of animal rage kept him focused on her and not much else which made it easy to dodge what would have been bone crushing charges. She was worried at any rate that if he got any angrier he'd get hard to direct.

Spotting another wall that looked nice and solid she dove to the floor and executed a tight set of handsprings to put her in place. Keeping her eyes on her opponent she held up both hands and did her best babysitter voice for Mrs. Adlers adorable 5 year old.

"Whose a good boy? You are? Yes, you are!" Kim falsetto'd at the homicidal monster.

Clearly, this pacified Gemini. He rushed to show her what a good boy he was (preferably with his teeth).

Kim neatly leaped up in an incredible vertical hop that cleared the majority of his bulk and executed another bread and butter handspring giving the back of Gemini's head a solid kick to reward him.

She rolled away and sprung back up ready for action a good 10 feet away.

She was slightly impressed to see the cracks on the wall. Gemini certainly seemed to be emitting some pained whimpers when he could be bothered to make any noises.

Shaking his head like he was trying to dry off, Gemini could only feel incredible signals of pain coming from his nose. There was a throbbing stomach churning sensation whenever he twitched his nose that threatened to send him whimpering back. In a haze of pain he fought to orient himself, his senses that had been augmented by heightened smell now a liability.

He swiped in front of him feverishly hoping to catch the teen not realizing she was beyond his reach.

Kim sensed weakness and decided to capitalize on it. She reached down to whip out the lipstick goop and blasted Gemini with a steady stream of super strength adhesive. That was what was supposed to happen. Unfortunately, her shade of cherry blossom pink merely nudged itself out a little.

"Wha-" Kim barely had time to gasp before a flailing paw swipe caught her across her midsection sending her reeling back.

Five traces of liquid fire formed along her torso where the elongated nails of Gemini had tore at her. Every breath brought a new sharp pain echoing down her torso. Gritting her teeth, Kim wondered if maybe Wade had a point about the protective covering for her torso.

Lucky, he was just thrashing or this would have been deeper. She berated herself mentally. He still seems disoriented. That was stupid, Possible. Why did you think you'd be safe and free of the need for all your gear in Global Justice?

With shaking hands she put back the lipstick and tore at her sleeves to wrap around the wounds. They weren't crippling by any means, but they bled freely, and that would mean Gemini would have an easier time tracking her once the shock of the pain wore away. She needed to take him down before he got that chance.

Sucking in a breath (and ignoring the hitch when she did) Kim started thinking of a plan.

Rufus hopped out of the hole with a silver blue piece of tech between his paws. Ron was quick to reach down and relieve his partner of his burden. Another short trip from the floor to his cargo pant pocket and the Team Possible squad was ready to go.

"Wade Rufus got the thingamajiggy. Where's Kim?"

"Good work guys, I've hacked the security and Kim's having a training exercise with Gemini. High difficulty level." Wade told him as he directed Ron to the training grounds.

"Like Kim knows any other setting." Scoffed Ron. "So what's the deal? Gemini's a pushover, or maybe a pushunder?" He crowed.


"I've had a stressful day okay?" The blonde whined looking embarrassed.

"Terrible puns aside, I think Kim could use a hand. I've been helping by manipulating the training settings. Gemini's gone and gotten himself a rip-off battle suit, and if the readings from the machines are accurate some kind of genetic manipulation."

"Definite hardcore level." Ron agreed minutes away from the training facility.

"Kim had a moment, so she told me her plan. Here's what I want you to do-"

Gemini lunged for the nth time. It had long since ceased to be anything other than a trained response. Any whiff of the girl's scent or sound and he'd barrel forth arms outstretched. The smell of her blood had galvanized him into a minor frenzy. The misses were getting nearer. The trade off being he ended up crumbling into a wall or pillar that hadn't been there a second ago.

It certainly didn't help that she was constantly leaping from raised platform to platform, keeping up a steady stream of jibes and laser fire from a pistol she had picked up.

While she hadn't managed to do any damage, Gemini could feel in some remote corner of his mind that he was getting tired. The animalistic hate had given way to a kind of weary resistance and dogged determination that was bleeding him dry. There was something weird with his body. Micro shivers and random spasms of his muscles were hampering his speed and actions. Something was terribly wrong, but the confusion and haze in his mind was slow to leave.

Even as he managed to think of this, a new voice cut into his thoughts broadcasted into the stadium (and around the base) that was vaguely familiar.

"Welcome to our latest show! The X-games experimental division. I'm your host Rooonnn Stopppable! Your contestant today is the well known division leader: Kimberly Possible! She's competing in the Bust-a-Baddy trials aiming for a top time and a shot at the gold. Sources tell me contestant Possible has chosen the fairly easy WWE Gemini stage, but with difficulty factors including a gene mod, and a battle suit modifier. Judges tell me this is a respectable course difficulty, though the wicked Shego course ranks up higher. I'll be co-hosting with my fellow MC's Rufus and The Han." Following this introduction a light scuffling noise is heard.

What little sense he can bring to focus indicates the female is laughing. He growls.

"And finally a word from our sponsors-" this is followed by an energetic chirp "Glowal Juice!"

Around the base, the various members collectively known as Global Justice gets their one and only entertainment/training video. (It stays at the top for a relatively long period of time being requested by new cadets and training seminars to be replaced later – by other videos also starring the subject of this one. None of them have the voice overs by her partners though, and so this one remains something of a gem in the (eventual) long library of Team Possible related training vids.)

"A perfectly executed dismount off the face with a tangle trick using the cables. That will be a high score folks!" The excitement in the voice coupled with the screen vids is enough to get some good nature clapping and cheering from the crew.

The Director looks stern but finally just relaxes and watches, toggling her master control to record.

"Notice how she's using the full arena, that kind of versatility and full usage of the available areas is sure to do well with the judges. Ooh good use of the pithole Ki-contestant Possible."

Will grits his teeth and a nurse stops by to see if he needs a sedative when his heart rate rockets.

"And holy-nachoes! She's-she's actually going for it folks! I think we're going to see contestant Possible attempt an impossible trick- this will be huge people, if she pulls it off!"

Wade also has his devices set to record. He's not sure what he'll do with this but he feels like it'll come in handy at some point.

"-Ooh close shave. She's going to lose some points for that slip there, but- no! She's gotten onto his back! He's swinging folks, but can he dislodge her?" Ron is really selling it now, almost as into it as the rest of the cadets.

Gemini is whirling dervish of snapping teeth and claws. He can feel her on him and try as he might he can't seem to-

"NO! He's on all fours! She's tripped him up! It's a perfect 4.0 hogtied villain plus a smashed his own face in flourish! A first here at the Villaim X-games! History in the making folks."

Kim shrugs, reaches down and using the pistol charge disables the suit before heading out.

"That was an inspiring performance by contestant Possible. I think a gold medal is definitely in the works. Let's see what the judges have to say."

Instantly, (via Wade) screens come up of Rufus, Hana, Director Betty, and Will.

"We've got two 10's from my esteemed colleagues, an Excellent Job from the chairman, and finally a..." a note of confusion and relief in Ron's voice "acceptable from our last judge."

Strangled yelps from the cadets at this last announcement.

"Anyway, while we tally up the scores we're going to commercial. Enjoy, Gemi!"

A second after he says that the recovering Gemini is bombarded with projections of every person from Global Justice (and a few additions) in holographic form with a message right out of a recruitment drive. "Welcome to Global Justice."

Gemini seems to freeze at this continuous loop of "Global Justice's" being repeated ad infinity by a legion of people.

The people who are still paying attention to the video notice a tic developing in one side of his face, even as the face in question changes color. Just as it seems like he's about to tear the room apart Gemini falls over. What comes out as he's twitching uncontrollably on the floor isn't a howl, so much as it is a whine of a very sick, very hurt dog.

This time there is foam.

"Thanks again Miss Possible, and to you Mister Stoppable." There is a warm salute at the end of that, returned by the two teens.

They are both thrilled when she reaches down to shake the hands of both Rufus and Hana. "Rufus, Miss. Stoppable." She looks at the young Asian girl critically for a moment, as if evaluating her future in GJ. Ron noticeably cools.

The Director shakes her head to clear something (although to outsiders she merely shifts her neck a little).

"Once again, Global Justice is happy you were here, and may I once again extend our offer to join Global Justice in a more permanent fashion?" She smiles knowing what their answer will be.

"We're honored, but I think we'll stick with our current thing for now Director. I kind of enjoy having my own say." The talented young woman tells her. The Director can't help but wonder how long such smooth sailing will last for this incredible group.

Ron just waggles his eyebrows at her and grins, getting Hana to wave back as well. "What the Chief says, Doc. Give us a holler when you need Kim for anything though." With that, the group of the youngest and arguably brightest hopes for the future that Director Betty knew vanished into the wide world above.

She turned around to see most of the crew hastening away, knowing full well they had stuck around to say goodbye to what was for at least a few idols and crushes.

Where they couldn't see she rolled her prosthetic eye up.

Secret Agents.

Outside of the Director's office Will stopped briefly, a touch to his side (and a brief wince at the twinge) before straightening his uniform and entering with his shoulders straight. He'd go in with his head held high, determined to look the part if nothing else.

The cool hiss of the doors closing behind him made him uncomfortable, another disquieting realization amongst the many he'd had today. He made his way over and stood at attention – the director still signing a form without looking up to greet him.

"Agent Du," she started without looking up "do you know why I called you here?" she asked.

He thought about answering and settled instead for a simple "No Ma'am"

She nodded along with something, perhaps more to do with the paper than his answer. "Today was a disaster. The structural damage can be fixed, but the personnel who have to be rotated out of active duty is... considerable."

He gritted his teeth, but besides clenching his fists a little tighter he only nodded. "I apologi-"

She held up a hand to cut him off. "I didn't call you in to hear apologies Will. I called you in to ask for your help." Then she looked up at him for the first time since he entered.

He was shocked by how tired she allowed herself to look. Then shocked by the casual-almost conversational use of his name. "Of course Director, if there's anything I can do." Despite the situation, he felt his spirit rising at the thought of being trusted with greater responsibility.

"Good, I'm glad to hear that. So I will be direct. Will you need to accept that there is a good chance Kimberly Possible will be running Global Justice someday."

"Director! You can't be serious?" He lashed out without thinking.

"Do you see a problem with that Agent Du?" She continued flatly. It had the effect of cutting through the anger and Will mentally pulled back to give a more rational assessment.

"She is an amateur, capable yes, but hardly qualified to take on the responsibilities of handling a global operation such as Global Justice. She is a loose cannon! A reckless civilian! I would be-" He all but spat.

"Indeed, you raise several valid points Agent Du. However, should Miss Possible be given GJ training, and provided she passes... what then?" The director asked calmly.

"she lacks experien-"

"Easily gained, and her own missions give her a unique perspective that might prove beneficial. I hear she operates on a financial basis unthinkable even for a small operation. Funding might be an issue of the past with Possible at the helm." I should actually have financial figure out the exact cost/ratio for her missions.

"Furthermore, Agent Du I will tell you now, that you could be the head of Global Justice. You have that potential but you will never become the Director as you are now."

Will looked crushed, almost staring at the floor before catching himself and wrenching back up to meet her steady gaze.

The director held her hand up as if to count. "You possess many gifts Agent Du, you are an excellent field agent, highly trained, educated by the best and brightest, all of these qualities makes you ideally suited to be an agent." She saw him look a little less despondent at this recital.

"It also makes you proud, confident in your abilities, but it limits your ability to deal with others. You top the records as the best. Which in turn alienated those you could rely on, or who would support you. Only your talent and drive has kept that from being a problem." She sighed.

"I work hard for the sake of Global Justice-"

"You do, but you do it for yourself. Ambition will get you up the ladder Agent Du, lord knows I've dealt with my share of politicians more interested in power and influence than fighting the important fights. I trust my judgement though, I do not believe you are that kind of man." ...yet

His chest inflated.

"What you cannot do is work in a team, you cannot bend. Those who cannot bend, cannot lead." She took a moment to see how he would take this.

When it was clear he could offer no response she dismissed him. "Will, there is a difference between honing and growing. Perhaps you could look on Kim Possible as... competition. In all respects."

Will saw her turning around to finish paperwork as the door closed behind him.

Omake A:

Off Duty Hours 0300

Gym Facility – Training Course

The euro-asian man stood at the centre of the course idly playing with his wristwatch. On a whim he spoke into it. "Display course records."

Up on the display, in the centre of the room neon orange lights flashed once, flickering letters and numbers forming. 5 courses started with the letters K before moving down and being replaced by W's as the list continued scrolling.

A grin that was bitter... or maybe resigned.

"Competition? Well... at least I have a clue where to begin." The agent walked back over to the starting line and began prepping. It was a start.

Omake B:


Accessing Files Database: Record Logs -0230011#A9-COD#9A03D

Searching Files: -

Subdirectory – Latest and Archived Logs

Record logs: 01300 – 01500 – 01600

Delete Files? Y/N

Requesting User code and Password: *******DD *****************

Access Granted... loading

Import files from database?

Replace logs -0230011#A9-COD#9A03D? Y/N

Refreshing Database...


Omake C:


"So Kim what'dya say we- Kim?"


"Something up? Another mission?"

"Oh it's nothing. Just checking something Wade sent me."

"Ah, well anyway-"


"You do it!" "Why should I?" "One of us has to!"

"My Kim, that's a delightful shade of embarrassment you're wearing..."

"Kimmycub, it's like...uh-" anxious rubbing of the back of the head, "a pat on the head! Yep, that's right!"

"Look Hana, this is going to hurt me more than you..."

Authors Note:

Yeesh it's been awhile. I've been sitting on half of this chapter for at least the better part of the year, and I swear nothing would happen. Here's hoping the next chapter isn't such a pain. Anyway hope you enjoyed it, and apologies for leaving it on a cliffhanger for so long. Let's be honest though... I wasn't going to hurt Hana (yet). Anyway like I mentioned to one reviewer bonus points to anyone who can pick out who/what Gemini spliced himself with.

Until next time.