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This story was a Fic challenge from user "WHITEOWL". Here were her requirements:

1. Draco x Hermione of course.
2. Hermione's broken in some way.
3. Theodore Nott is not allowed to be the kind of lovable guy you love him to be. (sorry about that).
4. Set in Hogwarts. Optional as to when.
5. Include/Reference a unicorn, fairies, Leprechaun and the LochNess Monster.
6. Ginny Weasley is not the brilliant best friend you like her to be either. (Again, sorry about that but it had to be done)
7. Keep things believable!
8. Include a fight, either verbal or physical that's up to you. Optional as between who. Non-con requested.
9. Angsty, passionate sex. Multiple times if possible.
10. Include a bit of voyeurism.

DISCLAIMER: "Harry Potter" is the property of J.K. Rowling and Warner Bros. This fanfiction was written entirely for fun, not for profit, and no copyright infringement is intended. All characters depicted in sexual situations are above the age of consent.

Timeline: October, 2006 – December 2007

Main Characters: Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger

Other Characters (in alphabetical order by last name): Mr. & Mrs. Granger, Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy, Minerva McGonagall, Theodore Nott, Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Molly Weasley, Ron Weasley + original characters

Story Details: Novel compliant up to The Final Battle of Hogwarts (May, 1998), then follows the EWE format (Epilogue, What Epilogue?). British spellings for this fic.

Summary: Professor Hermione Granger-Weasley is married to a consummate cheater in Ron Weasley, but so far, she's taken the high-road, choosing to forgive his infidelities. However, in her heart, she is desperately in lust with Professor Draco Malfoy – her former childhood enemy, and now co-worker at Hogwarts. Draco has set his sights on wooing Hermione away from her husband, and he's refusing to take 'no' for an answer. This will be an affair to remember!

Warnings: Explicit het sex, Explicit profanity, Infidelity, Obsessive desire, Falling in love with a co-worker, Unplanned pregnancy, Divorce, Jealousy issues, Child birth out of wedlock, First-time new mother problems (breastfeeding, unwarranted fears of hurting child, bonding issues), Remarriage, Family squabbles, Blood prejudice, Slytherin manipulations, Angst-Angst-Angst.

Author's Additional Notes: In revision 2.0 of the story, I removed the non-con/rape element, as it didn't fit with the story's flow and was uncomfortable for too many readers, as well as me, the author.



Early October, 2006

The Hogwarts library was always comfortably quiet on a Friday night, especially after ten o'clock, but now that once succoring silence held a palpable tension to it that threatened to unhinge Hermione.

"Please stop," she begged, not looking her companion in the eye, but down at her sensible leather shoes, gripping the book she'd previously been reading before being interrupted, More Fantastic Beasts & Where To Find These Too, close to her chest. "This isn't a game."

True to character, Draco Malfoy did not take her request with graceful surrender. Instead, he made a challenging step closer. She took one backwards in automatic response, colliding with the bookshelf finally, knowing there was no where left to run now. She was effectively cornered by him as his arms shot out and blocked her escape to both the left and right sides.

"I never considered it one, Granger," he murmured, his breath hot against her face as he drew into her personal space without fear.

"Weasley," she corrected in a whisper, terrified now by her traitorous heart and how it reacted to this man's presence.

"Granger," he stubbornly retorted. "We both know your relationship with freckle face is a sham."

She shook her head, put her hands up to his chest to push him away, but the wall of his pectoral muscles - and one hell of a center of gravity - solidly resisted her attempts. "Move, please," she pleaded, shaking all over now. "Don't do this. I'm a married woman."

"Only on a sodding piece of paper!" he snarled, and capturing her small wrists in one hand, Malfoy abruptly yanked them above her head and pressed the entire length of his rock hard body against hers. He swooped down in the next second and kissed her for the first time. They both gasped and moaned at the electric feeling of finally, after years of verbal foreplay, they physically joined. It was true magic.

Hermione's overly active mind completely shut off and her sexually-starved body switched on as her co-worker's lips hungrily slanted over hers, at first conquering, then slowly coaxing a response from her, seeking her participation in her own seduction. Her will completely eroded in that instant, and with a whimper, she gave in to her basest desire. The book she'd been holding dropped with an unceremonious 'thunk' to the floor, flipping open to the bookmarked page she'd been reading on Karkadann, a type of very rare Persian Unicorn.

As soon as she relaxed and her mouth parted for him, Draco's tongue shot repeatedly between the split and fiercely twined around hers, sensually coaxing a response. His grip on her wrists let go, and his hands fell into her curls, tangling his long, pale fingers up in them, pulling her head closer to his with a low groan. She gripped his hips tightly for purchase, afraid she'd go tumbling end over end much as her book had, for she felt like she was in free fall.

This was the best kiss Hermione could ever remember getting, quite honestly. But then again, she'd only lip-locked with two other men in the entirety of her life: once with the Bulgarian heartthrob, Viktor Krum (a hurried, sloppy series of small pecks – her first intimacy with a man), and from then on, only with her husband, Ron (whose kisses were little more than a rushed platitude as he groped to remove her clothes and get her on her back fast). With Draco, this pleasurable art encompassed lingering, sweet, and hot touches that tingled up her spine and melted her brain.

As if cued by her eager response, his pelvis began grinding against hers and he pushed her further back into the shelf. Pent-up desire exploded between them then. Panting hard, they started divesting themselves of clothing in a rush. His hands roamed everywhere, smoothing down the sway of her back, gliding up her waist, cupping her now exposed breasts. His mouth followed an erratic pattern as well, nibbling on her earlobe, sucking hard on her nipples, biting her pulse, sweeping across her lips. Her nails dragged down his back leaving a trail of red streaks between both shoulder blades. Their equal cries of pleasure echoed in the empty room about them.

Locked onto her lips, Draco backed her swiftly towards one of the flat tables nearby, and with an easy pull of muscle, he had her bare bottom up on the very edge of the cold, wooden surface. She spread her legs and he inched between her thighs. His exposed cock pressed against her lower lips, rubbing through her crisp hairs, leaving a trail of pre-come behind, dampening them.

"Tell me you want me," he bid, shuddering against her as the rosy-pink tip of his penis found her entrance and waited, straining for completion. He reached down between them and grabbed it, and began circling her sopping wet opening with the crown, tickling and teasing. "Say it, Hermione."

She shivered. It had been so bloody long since she'd had sex –- over a year and a half, at least - and even then, she'd never felt this accelerated level of desire for Ron, ever. Her blood was boiling under her overly-sensitized skin, and she flushed hot all over, from the tips of her ears to her toes. She wanted Malfoy so much that her insides ached. It had been all that cleverly built-up anticipation, of course. All of the months of lingering stares across the Quidditch stands or in the Entrance Hall or in the teacher's lounge, the "accidental" brushes against her hands or waist or bottom by his well-manicured, long fingers as they passed each other in the hallways or coming and going from the storage closets or in the Greenhouses, the low whispers against her ear as he bent his tall frame down to wish her good morning or good afternoon or good evening, the argumentative banter that he threw around that had contained double entendre and sly innuendo and blatant intimation… all of it had driven her mad with want for him for almost a full year, and now they hovered on the brink of finally giving in to all of that repressed, wild sexual energy. All it would take was her telling him what she wanted.

Grabbing Draco's biceps, she grit her teeth and looked him in the eye, feeling emboldened, almost drunk on her complete abandonment of control. "TAKE. ME."

It was good enough. He nodded, and lining them up perfectly, he grabbed her thighs and thrust into her roughly, burying himself to the hilt. They both gasped loudly and their foreheads clunked together, as they reveled in the feeling of being so recklessly connected finally. He rocked side to side a bit to help open her up.

Godric, he was so big, filling her up, stretching her out!

"You're tight," he hissed, his fingers pressing into her thighs, bruising. "Merlin's rod, Granger, you haven't had sex in a long time, have you?"

She shook her head, unable to form coherent sentences; her whole body was primed for feeling only. Silken steel lay locked within her, and it felt so delicious to be wanted with such extreme and honest passion. Hermione wanted to cry at the brilliant sensations swirling through her body just then.

Laying her back on the desk gently, Draco leaned over her, staring into her eyes as if memorizing her in this moment. Then, he smirked arrogantly. "Remember not to make too much noise." With that, he rose to his full height, grabbed her hips and started moving.

At first, he was leisurely, deliberate, pulling all the way out and gliding all the way back in unhurriedly, letting them both work into the experience. It was so nice, feeling every inch give itself away to her, but the speed wasn't to Hermione's liking. She didn't want enforced restraint - she wanted them free, chaotic, primal. Wrapping her legs around her lover's waist and gripping his wrists firmly, she dug her heels into his arse, urging him on, hastening his momentum. "Fuck me, Malfoy. Fuck me hard," she demanded in a low growl and he swore under his breath, his eyes darkening as the dominant animal inside him was given permission to come out and play.

The grip on her hips tightened as he pulled her to him with an acute strength and began giving her what she wanted. He slammed into her, setting a fast, powerful tempo that had her biting back the wail that threatened to give their illicit affair away to the whole castle. It was both pleasure and pain; the kind of ecstasy she'd always hungered for.

She peeked up at him and he was alternating between watching her face, watching her breasts move, and watching himself sink into her. His wintery irises were glimmering, his lips were parted, and his cheeks were crimson with lust. Merlin, he was so beautiful!

In a very short amount of time, her orgasm crept up on her. She clenched her lower muscles forcefully, focusing her whole being on where they were joined.

"Oh, gods, I'm so close," she warned him. "Don't stop!"

He complied, holding nothing back, pounding harder, his breathing as desperate as her own.

When it came, her climax crashed into her with all the force of a white-hot, pleasuring wave, dragging her down and drowning her in bliss. Draco's name was torn from her lips as her back arched under its incredible power. A beat later, her core clamped down on the feeling of its own will to prolong the ecstasy, her toes and fingers clenching at the same time as if they could grab hold of the sensations for just a little longer. Ultimately, she was forced to release the tension or risk her next breath. Her thighs trembled with the effort of relaxing, but the throbbing and quivering inside her core continued for a few seconds longer. At last, her body calmed as the storm passed, and a sense of utter satisfaction washed over her.

Draco had gone still within her to experience her orgasm, but now he continued his love-making of her without interruption. The rhythm of his hips changed, however, slowing down, and his thrusts drove deeper into the very heart of her. "Mmm... my turn," he purred, and proceeded to have her as he'd wanted all along – slow, steady, with measured control.

Hermione lay back and reveled in her lover's attentions, enjoying the thrumming, liquid feeling overtaking her limbs and watching him through lazy, half-lidded eyes.

Pulling her long, golden legs from around his waist, he drew one foot up towards his mouth, kissing her ankle, her calf, laving his way down towards the back of one ticklish knee. He was deliberate, never faltering in the rocking motion of his hips even as he gave attention to gently, intimately learning her body with his lips. When he'd bent at an impossible angle to reach the top of her inner thigh, he drew back and repeated the process with her other leg, showing her an attentive, tender side that she hadn't know existed within him.

She sighed with pleasure as his tongue found and exploited erogenous spots she'd never guessed she'd had. Ron had never touched her this way, she'd mused, not in all the years they'd been married. How was it possible someone like Draco Malfoy could know what she'd like?

When he'd finished his exploration of the lower part of her body, he began to learn her hands, wrist, and arms in the same manner, hunching over her to leave no spot undiscovered. Her belly, breasts, nipples, and throat were next, and with each swipe, each nibble, each kiss, Hermione came a little more alive. By the time his mouth had sealed itself over hers once more, she was humming from head to toe and ready for another orgasm.

"Take me," she pleaded around pulls of his lips. "Please."

She'd never begged for anything sexual in her life, not from Ron certainly, but right then, in the moment, she'd have given anything to reconnect with this sensual, desirous part of herself that had lain dormant for so long.

"I will," he promised, his next thrust a little more forceful, heavier, signalling his desire to find release soon. With a flexing of muscle, he pulled her bottom up and off the table, holding her suspended in the air by the strength in his arms alone. Shifting his hips, he widened his stance and dropped her calves into the crooks of his elbows, opening her up. "Oh, I definitely will, Granger."

The new angle, she quickly recognised, allowed him to plough into her at whatever speed and depth he desired, and it allowed the thick ridge of his crown to rub over that ultra-sensitive spot inside that was guaranteed to quickly send her over the moon. Never having been taken this way before, Hermione grabbed onto the edge of the table for stability as he abandoned the laid-back, easy pace for a much more exciting rhythm, one guaranteed to bring them both to a fabulous end sooner rather than later. Flesh slapped against flesh, and the table rocked as he incrementally sped up.

Oh, Godric, surely, someone would hear them!

"I want you to come so hard that you see stars," he panted, uncaring of the noise they were making. He leaned over her and captured her mouth for a quick kiss, forcing her to meet his iron-hard gaze. "I want you to see me behind your eyelids every time you close them, Granger. I want you thinking of this moment tonight, when you're in your bed, and I want you touching yourself and feeling me still inside you."

Malfoy was digging into her again, just as he always had, only this time he was using something infinitely more primal than words to disturb her world. Slytherin that he was, he was exploiting her vulnerability, tapping into her vanity, using her desperation to bind her tightly to him and his desires, uncaring of the mess that all of it would cause in the aftermath.

He was selfish to want this, something he couldn't have.

But then, it was the same for her, wasn't it?

"Don't do this to me," she sobbed, unable to articulate her thoughts through the jumbling, tumbling mess of her brain right then.

"Don't do what, Granger?" he gently taunted. "Make love to you as you deserve? Show you the truth that your marriage is really over? Make you see that there's something better waiting for you, if you'd only stop being so bloody stubborn?"

She tried again to explain, but all that came out was an impassioned, "Please!" that held too many meanings to pick just a single one:

Please bring me.

Please stop tormenting me.

Please keep reminding me that I'm not an ugly, unwanted wife.

Please don't hurt me with this.

Please don't let me fall any deeper for you than I already have.

He turned his mouth to the delicate shell of her ear and murmured against it, "From now on, you'll need this every single day. You'll crave it, crave me until you can't think of anything but us fucking like this. It'll consume you."

Shivering, she denied his devilish belief - told herself that what he wanted from her was arrogant, and preposterous, and quite impossible. Sex, that's all this was, all it could ever be. Her 'tit' for Ron's 'tat'. Stress relief. A tension breaker. A one time thing. Her curiosity sated.

Something inside reminded her that she'd always been a rotten liar.

"No," she doggedly whined, digging her nails into the wooden edge of the desk, unable to stave off the impending climax that Draco was so expertly coaxing from her.

"Yes," he hissed in counter and thrust harder. "Fucking hell, yes!"

Even as she made to deny it again, her whole body peaked. Every nerve combusted, igniting her blood and tearing her sanity to shreds. She cried out, loudly, uncaring if anyone else heard now. Nothing else existed in that fraction of a moment than how much she loved Draco Malfoy for making her feel like this.

Her rippling body was enough to send her lover spiraling towards his own orgasm a beat after her. "YES!" Draco shouted in triumph, tossing his head back as his body tensed and then fractured, too. With a final slide forward and a gratified moan, he completely married their bodies, sealing them tightly together. His magnificent frame shuddered as he released his seed deeply into her wet, welcoming core.

Exhaustion and shock settled in nicely together, and Hermione found it nearly impossible to move, much less to think in those long minutes after her orgasm had finished with her. Released from its overwhelming sway, she lay like a limp otter napping in the warm, afternoon sun, boneless and spent from too much play.

Drained from their exertions as well, Malfoy slumped over her with a long exhale of satisfaction. Snuggling his cheek against her breast, he let her support the upper half of his weight as his hands released their nearly bruising grip on her buttocks to slide up her sides. Unlike Ron, who ritualistically pulled out of her right away and rolled over, she was profoundly aware that Draco kept their bodies intimately connected, refusing to move even when she eventually squirmed under him to be let up.

The comparison between the men in her life suddenly brought the cold reality of their situation back to the forefront of Hermione's consciousness, and with reclaimed sanity came a sobering and renewed misery. Cheating had been one of her hard lines in the sand, an unforgivable thing, and she'd just crossed it.

Her breath hitched and she struggled in earnest now for the sexy blond to get off of her, to pull out and go away. He'd gotten what he'd wanted, after all: her complete corruption. There was nothing else here for him to conquer, so why wasn't he buggering off and savouring the successful execution of his plans?

As if sensing her dark thoughts, Draco tiredly raised his head up off of her chest and thrust his hands into her hair, forcing her to still. "Don't. Not yet. Just... wait." He paused to glance up at her, before adding, "Please," to the request.

The use of that one damning word served a purpose opposite to his intention, though. Rather than spending time appreciating the post-coital bliss, Hermione was instead reminded again of the fact that she'd finally done the unthinkable and let this man get under her skin in a rather calamitous way: she'd just willingly betrayed her wedding vows with him.

Guilt sickened her. Shoving against him with a sob, she tried a second time to get away from the situation. Malfoy's hands gripped her wrists instead, pulling them away from his shoulders and pinning them to the table with mild force. "Stop," he demanded, angered. "Don't ruin this, Granger. It was about time we fucked, and it wasn't wrong."

Hateful tears filled her eyes. "It was wrong! I'm an adulteress now!"

"Weasley's a no good slum. He doesn't deserve you."

"That's no excuse for breaking my vows, or my convictions! Married people shouldn't cheat!"

He didn't even blink when he suggested, "Divorce him, then. Problem solved."

Before she could reply, he tossed down a second gauntlet.

"Leave him before he finally gets up the balls and leaves you for that Brown bint. You know he will. It's only a matter of time. Get the satisfaction of being the one slamming the door on the relationship, rather than the other way around."

Frustrated tears burned hot down her cheeks. Divorcing Ron certainly wasn't a novel idea; she'd toyed with that same plan many times over the past several months. However, leaving her husband came with a whole other set of emotionally charged and painful problems that Draco couldn't understand, and that Hermione didn't feel confident enough in him to share.

"I've considered it, I assure you, and I just... can't," she replied instead, evasive in her reasoning.

"You mean you won't," he contended with a disgusted sneer, pushing off and out of her. "What happened to the Gryffindor swot I knew who was stupidly courageous to a fault?"

Bereft of his wonderful warmth, Hermione suddenly felt hollow inside and out from Malfoy's abrupt withdrawal.

Despite the voice of reason telling her that it was the smart thing to keep him at arm's length, there was still an untamed, greedy side of her that desired a repeat of what they'd just done sometime in the near future. It was a rare and special person who could so perfectly fulfill a woman's sexual needs, and clearly, Malfoy was that man for her. Merlin, had he made her body sing! She'd never come so hard in her life - and twice in one session! She'd never done that, either.

You're one step out of the boat already, Hermione. Why not just jump in with both feet?

Thinking like that would only lead her somewhere ruinous, she knew. A man with that kind of power over her sensuality would be dangerous to her emotions, too. Besides, she was married, and had taken vows to try even in the face of hardship. And she had nosy, meddling friends, too, who had made it clear where their loyalties would lie in any split between her and Ron.

No, she was stuck in the boat, for better or worse, so it was time to draw her foot out of the exciting sea and row it firmly back to shore, where it ultimately belonged.

Shagging Draco Malfoy could be no more than a one-off mistake.

As he turned and bent to retrieve his clothes from the worn, wooden floor, she gingerly sat up, wrapped her arms around her breasts to cover them, and closed her legs to protect what little modesty she had left. "That girl... she doesn't exist anymore," she told him. It wasn't something she was proud to admit, but it was the truth. For the last two years, she hadn't much felt like the lioness she'd been as a teenager. Adult life, post-war had whittled away her daring and bravery.

Sliding his black trousers up and over his hips, Draco turned to argue with her, but abruptly stopped as he caught her gaze skim down his perfectly chiseled, pale body to that part of him she now craved so intensely. He was semi-erect, heavy and thick against his inner thigh, and the sight of him in such a state made her throat close and her heart suddenly pound. She squeezed her legs together, very aware in that moment of his thick, warm cream inside her, keeping her slick and ready for another round.

Good Lord, she wanted him again. How was that possible? Shouldn't she have already had her fill?

As if reading her mind, her lover gripped his cock and began a slow stroke that had it growing hard again in seconds.

Embarrassed by the obscene little whimpers coming from her throat, she bit her bottom lip, hoping that would stave off the desire to beg him to fuck her again. She cupped a hand over her pussy and rocked back and forth on the creaky table to alleviate the renewing ache growing there. "Please," she whispered again, closing her eyes and praying he'd just go and leave her be. It was sheer torture wondering how it would feel to wrap her lips around that magnificent length and suck, how he would taste sliding down her throat, how he would look as he watched her pleasure him.

"You want it again?" he asked, his voice all the more wicked for its low, lulling cadence.

Through the fringe of her lashes, she glanced at him. "We can't. It's wrong."

His smirk was a naughty slash across his charming face. "When has that ever stopped either of us before?" Dark mischief simmered in his gaze as he dared her to take up his challenge once more.

It was surprising to see him so open and playful. Normally, Draco Malfoy was a cold, impenetrable man to the rest of the world, much like his deceased godfather, Severus Snape. Over the last two years, however, he'd slowly thawed where she was concerned. Truly, there was something beautiful and heady about witnessing the melting of his icy heart over that time.

Now he was all burning fire and storm-tossed clouds, and she feared she lacked the strength not to be tossed about by his tempest.

To her great disappointment, however, he re-zipped and re-buttoned his trousers after only a few swipes of his fingers, and he buckled his belt back into place with some measure of finality. Retrieving his dark blue, silken shirt next, he buttoned it back up, hiding the rest of his beautiful body from view. He slipped his fancy, expensive-looking leather shoes back on and silently Accio'd his wand to his hand from where it lay on the floor.

When he was done, he stalked back over to her, leaning his hands once more against the desk on either side of her nude form. His eyes roamed her from top to bottom, lingering over his favourite parts, and then they settled on her lips.

"We're going to do this again, Granger," he told her with a lazy, satisfied smile, supremely confident in that conclusion. He leaned his mouth against her left ear, letting his warm breath steal over her sensitive skin and whispered, "I'm going to fuck you so much, love, and I'm going to fill you with my come every time. And eventually, when I'm soaked into every ounce of your skin… then you'll leave him."

He pressed a soft kiss to her lobe, another over her thrumming pulse point, one under her jaw, and the final kiss across her lips before pulling away. Hermione had remained perfectly still, refusing to give into the compulsion to melt against him, but when he met her eye, and his smile widened with wicked amusement, she knew she was lost. Her body trembled with renewed need and answered to the heat in his grey gaze.

He was right. She'd never be able to resist doing this with him again. This would destroy what was left of her marriage… and her friendships.

Satisfied that he'd won her capitulation at long last, Draco straightened up, turned, and walked away without a word, leaving her at emotional ground zero to clean up the mess that their clandestine liaison had left behind.


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