Chapter 13: Poison

Summary: Jack Mercer was your typical Third Class Rockstar. His life meant lots of women, cheap gigs and even more alcohol and cigarettes. But what will happen when an old flame comes back into his life?

Author's Note: I know, I know. It's been ages. It's very bad. But I can say that I will complete this story in the next two chapters.

Also, the person I had in mind for the character look of Dean (Rachel's ex) is Ian Somerhalder with green eyes. I'm actually a big fan of his, but somehow his look just works. Hope that helps while you're reading! :)

Just a warning that this chapter is not fluffy, and is an example of why this fic is rated M. Please do not read if the theme of sexual assault is something you can't handle.

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'D-D... Dean,' Rachel stammered. She couldn't believe her eyes. She'd heard that he'd left Detroit years ago. The sight of him was nostalgic. And the memories were not pleasant.

'Rachel,' he began, sizing her up with his confident eyes. 'You look amazing. I almost forgot how gorgeous you were...'

Rachel was almost non-responsive. He was still the same. He hadn't changed one bit. He still had that slick way of speaking. And this is how he spoke to all women, even when they were going out. His words made her feel sick.

'Um...' she croaked. Her stomach churned. She started thinking about how she could get herself out of there. Or whether she could. 'I should go...'

'You make it sound like you're leaving,' he interrupted with a self-satisfied tone. 'Of course, you wouldn't speak to an old lover like that. You're not capable of being so rude.'

Rachel avoided eye contact and headed for the cafe's exit and Dean barricaded her path. He had a way of being physically intimidating with sweetest smile on his face. An expression that could make any girl feel loved. It was one of the reasons it took so long for her to leave him. Apart from the fear, that is. She felt her face heating up. She felt uncommonly warm and her face started to redden.

'Please- just let me go, Dean...' she pleaded. Nothing could wipe that smirk on Dean's face. He paused.

'No,' he said flatly. 'You'll have a coffee with me.' Rachel shook her head. She felt her temperature rising. What the hell do I do?

'No... no I don't... I have to...' she mumbled.

'Sit,' he insisted, before she her head began to spin and she lost her balance. Her vision became blurry until she blacked out completely. Other customers at the cafe began to gasp aloud and ask if she was alright. Sure enough, Dean was able to grab her in time.

'Should I call 911?' asked a middle aged woman, peering over to their table.

'No,' Dean replied, licking his lips. 'She'll be fine. She's my girlfriend.'

Some people took a sigh of relief and sat back in their chairs.

'Are you sure?' asked another. Dean gave them a warm smile.

'I'll just take her home. She's had a long day.'

It was evening by the time Rachel woke up. She found herself lying on an uncomfortable bed in what looked like a motel room. Where the hell am I? What's the time? She sat up and her eyes adjusted to the dull lighting of the room. It was adorned with old, wooden furniture, ugly brown carpet and a dingy looking bathroom to her left.

'Nice to see you up again,' said a voice from the doorway. Rachel's eyes adjusted and she made sense of her predicament.

'No! No!' she cried, scrambling to her feet. 'Not you!' She tried to find her purse and get the hell out of there. Dean just half-smiled at her as he leaned on the door frame.

'Rachel, Rachel, Rachel...' he cooed, running his fingers through his silky, dark hair. 'You're still as stupid as you always were, huh?'

'Fuck you!' she screamed. 'Let me out of here, you bastard!' Dean's smile faded and his eyes darkened as they focused on her coldly.

'You're the big shot college student who just never learned her place. Your parents didn't want you. The guy you began fucking after me doesn't want you...' he hissed.

'Go to hell...' she said quietly, trying to push past him.

'Jackie Mercer, right?' he asked in a high pitched voice. She ignored him and tried to push past him. He wouldn't budge.

'Get out of my way you fucking psycho!' she cried.

This pushed him over the edge. He grabbed her waist and forced her over his shoulders. Her screams became louder as her threw her on the bed and backhanded her left check. She tried to fight him and push him off of her, but he only intensified the blows to her face and abdomen.

'STOP IT!' she wailed, tears tricking past her temples. Her sobs grew louder. He gave her one heavy blow to the navel which forced her to stop twitching. Her lip was bleeding. She whimpered in pain.

'I am the only one who ever wanted you,' he snarled, looking down at her. 'Now give me what I want...' He slid her off the foot of the bed only to sit there himself and begin unzipping his pants. She sighed helplessly. She was in excruciating pain. She felt like a ghost. She positioned herself in front of him, on her knees...

'Where the hell is she?' Jack asked Bobby in the Mercer kitchen. It was almost midnight and Rachel hadn't met him at home like she said she would. Had she forgotten? She wouldn't have come all the way back if she didn't want to try. He had called her almost eighteen times. Maybe she was having car trouble. But it wouldn't take her over five hours to get sorted.

'That's strange,' Bobby replied. 'Let me try calling her.' A moment later, he shook his head. 'No luck.'

Had she changed her mind? Was she playing hard to get? It was all so perplexing. Jack seated himself at the dinner table and crossed his arms, before falling asleep.

'Miss,' the nurse said sternly. 'You need to identify yourself.'

'Jane Doe...'

Rachel's expression was frozen. Her eyes had lost their brightness. She felt dead inside. Even though she was breathing and was in the hospital recovery room. The nurse tapped on her clipboard impatiently.

'Jane Doe,' Rachel managed to blurt again.

'Now this is not going to turn out well for you. We need to find out who did this to you...' the nurse explained. Rachel felt herself getting angrier.

'No one fucking did anything to me!' she hissed. 'I hooked up with a guy. That's it...'

'Then why did the motel proprietor call an ambulance after he saw you semi-conscious on the floor with bruises on your arms and stomach? Not to mention your busted lip...'

'I like it wild,' she lied. 'Can I go now?' Fucking proprietor. I just want to get the hell out of Detroit.

'Not yet...'

Rachel groaned. What the hell do these people want from me?

'We're just waiting for some results.'

And the nurse left her alone. Rachel placed her bag on her lap. Somehow, Dean had left her half awake and had the decency to leave her stuff behind. He got his dick service and left her in the room. She was surprised he didn't rape her as well. There's the silver fucking lining. Rachel felt her phone vibrating again. It was Jack. He was calling all night. She was done. Done with it all. She'd relived her past. Her greatest nightmare. And couldn't give a shit any more. Dean was right. I am stupid. She wanted out. Once and for all. She wanted to put everything in Detroit behind her. It just wasn't worth it anymore. She couldn't face him. She loved Jack so much. But she just wanted to leave.

The nurse returned after fifteen minutes with a piece of paper in her hands.

'Miss "Doe",' she said. Rachel looked up. She'd already changed out of her gown and back into her clothes, ready to leave.

'Can I go now?' she asked.

'Just a minute,' the nurse replied. 'Have you been feeling nauseous lately? Or weak?'

'What? Why?'

'Miss Doe, you are just over a week pregnant.'

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