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There were few ugly truths about himself that Joe Briggs could not own up to. Yes he was arrogant, cocky, and domineering. Yes he had issues with the mafia. Yes he needed to call his mother more often. Yes he was willing to do anything to get what he wanted, be it lying to a patient or sleeping with a coworker.

But jealousy wasn't something he ever thought he'd experience.

Least of all when it came to comparing himself, the distinguished, handsome and talented young director of Mercy Hospital's ICU, with the mediocre minimum wage Abercrombie wearing schmuck who was dismally holding a sparse bouquet of weeds as he stood at the entrance of Mercy Hospital. But he knew this no-name hack; well he knew why he was there.


His favorite spitfire and sunshine pain in the ass nurse. He remembers going to the pub favored by his co-workers on Saint Patrick's Day. He remembers riling her up as she drank a shot of whiskey. He remembers her forgetting him when the idiot hit on and ask her to dance. He moved on to far more liberated curvy redhead, but kept an eye on Chloe, not leaving the pub with his next conquest (if you could call shooting a fish in a barrel a conquest) until Dr. Harris rescued her from the clutches of yet another sack of hormones.

It was two days later that he overheard Chloe tell Angel all about it on their way to the ER. All about Henry the artist – about how he called despite his hangover her (and hers) and they had planned to meet in front of Mercy before he took her to dinner.

He could barely keep the bile down at her excitement.

Looking at his watch he saw there was still 15 minutes before Chloe would arrive. The guy was pathetically over-eager.

Not bothering to check his freshly pressed and crisp grey Burberry suit he walked over, "She's not coming."

Blinking rapidly the idiot swallowed. "Uh- excuse me? Do I know you?"

"Your date- lithe brunette with big blue eyes –"


"Yeah she's not coming."


Raising an eyebrow, he continued. "Your 'date': he said with disdain "was a joke… did you really think a girl looking like that would go out with someone she met on Saint Patrick's Day." He scoffed just for the effect, and the look of embarrassment and outrage on the face in front of him was pleasing enough. "If I were you I would go now before someone notifies security…"

"How-never mind I don't care. Thanks for the heads up."

"Your welcome. Now go away, your blocking the entrance to my hospital."

That was enough and Mr. Saint Patrick's Day was leaving and taking his undesired jealously with him, the weeds twisting in his hands. Satisfied, Joe went inside to his office to finish up some paper work.

"Briggs I thought it was your night off"

Smirking he glanced to Dr. Sands. "Just rubbing in that it's my Friday night off."

"And that you get to go to the fancy charity dinner?"

Without another word he nodded and left Sands, making sure to spend just enough time in his office, making it so when he walked outside he would find Chloe, wondering where her date was.

God he loved being right.

"SWTTT" he whistled for a taxi, nonchalantly looking her way as he waited. "My my aren't we all dressed up in our big girl clothes." His eyes were immediately drawn to the flowing wisteria silk dress that hugged her form beautifully with an outline of soft grey lace peaking out of the hem of her a-line skirt and slightly revealing neckline.

"I have a date." She said abruptly. "Thank you…You look nice too."

"Charity dinner. Where's this so called date of yours."

"I'm not lying!" She looked around sadly. "He's not here."

A taxi had just pulled up, responding to his call, he held open the door. "Get in."

"What! No-"he cut her off, trying to smile as she protested him. She liked to protest him.

"Come on – you're all dressed up and your "date" didn't show – come with me to the dinner. We'll call it a favor…"

"Fine!" She walked purposely in her impossibly high stilettos. "This is three you owe me now." She sat on the far side of the cab, her legs pointed to her door, facing out the window.

"Three? I meant you would owe me. Take us to Van Vorst Park please."

"3 – Newark – TV Show – Charity Dinner --- It's outside?" She squeaked as they drove away.

Author's Note: My first ever non sci-fi fantasy related fic. I'm amazed with myself really…maybe it's what I need to break through my other stories that are currently blocked. Hopefully someone reads this – Mercy only has 3 fics in it right now and none of them are about Chloe and Briggs. Which is why I wrote this – I need a fix. For anyone who has watched the show, you probably think I'm crazy but I think Briggs likes Chloe and that's why he keeps bugging her. Yes I saw this last episode where he asked about another nurse but remember back to Dawson's Creek Pacey and Joey or Buffy's Xander and Cordelia – they fought like cats because of sexual tension and hey one of those couples lived happily ever after till the series finale! The way NBC is these two probably will too as the show will probably be cancelled before they can establish a broader plot than Veronica and Sands. Yep I said it – but NBC didn't run the show Rex's not your Lawyer – staring David Tennant - that's right the DOCTOR ….so sad….he could have been living on American soil and everything! Alas….I've got the Doctor Who series DVDs at least…

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