Hey.. So... I'm abandoning this fic. But, don't lose hope! I plan to post all un-uploaded chapters and scenes and whatnot over here on ArchiveofOurOwn, so you can read those and get some kinda closure out of this.

Sorry I couldn't finish it guys. You're all gonna be pissed when you find out how little I had to write to get the next chapter up, but a block of a thousand words is still a block. As immovable as a rusted out tank. But, whatever. Head over there and try to enjoy my peace offering. I think some of the early chapters are rewritten? I can't remember, it's probably pretty minor if they are. But new stuff will be up around Saturday. I have a lot of files to organize.

Edit- Sorry the links aren't working. My name on Archive of Our Own is 'ryulabird' and the story is under the same title.

Go to Archive of Our Own if you want more!