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Loving You In Silence

Chapter 1

A pair of bright green eyes stared hungrily at the cart of fruits in front of them. The sun had started delving into the depths of the Caribbean water and Tortuga's shops were ready to close for the day. The little girl took a few steps forward as the owner of the shop disappeared for a moment to place his products inside the old shop. The little girl's ebony hair bounced as she hurried up her footsteps in order to get closer to the nice looking green apple that seemed to taunt her by its mere presence in the half empty cart. The moment she was a few steps away from her so desired food she collided with someone and almost fell on her face.

"Oi! Watch where you're going!" a high pitched female voice thundered as the little girl was pushed aside by the blonde woman's hand. With a quickened breath the girl looked at the entrance of the grocery shop before she eyed the apple again. Leaving guilt and other shameful feelings aside she reached with her hand and her fingers brushed the apple, her stomach growling in delight as her fingers closed around the juicy fruit. She tentatively brought it closer to her face and her eyes widened in delight as she eyed the precious food.

"Hey!" a rough voice exclaimed and the girl's frightened eyes turned towards the voice as she reflexively clutched the apple close to her chest. The shop's owner narrowed his eyes at the small girl in front of him before he growled and pointed a finger at her.

"You! Get away from there and leave my apple where you found it!" he barked. The frail looking girl blinked before she took a few steps back and without even thinking of obeying his request she turned and sprinted towards the direction of the docks. The owner's voice as well as his heavy footsteps rang in her ears as she made her feet run faster towards the docks, hoping to loose herself among the large ships that vacated the busy port. She pushed through people-mostly pirates-and she could still listen to the man's heavy footsteps as he got closer to her. She paused for a second as she came to a dead end; the sea. Her eyes looked frantically around for a place to hide and she gasped the moment she encountered a large ship. Her eyes moved over it with fascination but the man's voice reminded her of her current predicament. She once again started running and without even realizing it her feet brought her to the plank of the ship she had so intensely admired a few seconds ago.

"Hey! You stop it there!" her chaser's voice reached her ears as she made her way onto the seemingly empty ship. The girl whirled her head around to see that the man did have a trouble climbing up the plank and she once again looked ahead of her. Her vision was disturbed by the image of a long dress and right next to it the sight of a pair of brown boots. Not caring for anything else but her escape from the man's sight she made her way in between the heavy dress and the pair of boots that belonged to a pair of legs. Safely hidden behind the two people the girl held her breath as she heard the man's footsteps approaching. She looked up and her eyes encountered the most peculiar sight she had even seen. A pair of chocolate brown eyes gazed down at her with plain amusement and a gold smirk slowly formed on the man's tanned face. Her breath hitched in fear that the man might betray her hiding place and she swallowed hard, still holding tightly onto her apple. It was the first time she desperately wished to be able to speak.

"And what is that?" the owner of the heavy dress right next to the still smirking man asked as she too gazed down at the girl with less amusement than her companion.

"A little thief if I say so meself, darlin'. Now hush up." The man said as he winked at the little girl.

"Hey, you Sparrow! You've seen a small brat running around here?" the owner of the shop asked out of breath and the girl frowned at the name.

"Brat? I've no brats on me ship, mate. Now, if you're talking about Marie here then maybe we can come to a sort of agreement." The smirking man said with a wave of his hand and the woman next to him gasped.

"What? You promised all night!" the woman said angrily and the tanned man held his hands up in surrender.

"Sorry, love but you charge way too much for the whole night. Rum will do for tonight." Sparrow said and he spotted from the corner of his eye as his young visitor slowly made her way towards the open door of his cabin.

"Fine. Just hand me over the money you owe me for this evening." The prostitute said with a huff and the man dug in his pockets for a few coins.

"So, you haven't seen the brat?" the man asked irritated.

"Oh, for the love of the seven seas! No! I've not seen this brat you're talking about, mate!" Sparrow said as he pressed three cold coins in Marie's outstretched hand. She took them and turned around to stomp off the ship as the owner of the shop left the ship cursing.

"Hold on there, love. Don't I get a kiss goodbye?" Sparrow asked as he caught the woman's wrist and pulled her tightly to his chest.

"I don't think you deserve it, Jack." The woman purred and the man smirked before he captured her lips in a firm, passionate kiss.

Upon hearing the man walking away, the little girl poked her head out of the cabin door. She hid her eyes with her small hand as she saw the man who had helped her doing something strange and gross with that lady with the heavy dress.

She returned to her hiding place under the cabin's desk and sat there while gazing at the stolen apple she had so fiercely protected.

Soon, the same pair of boots appeared at her line of vision and she gulped, not even daring to step out from under the desk. The cabin door closed and her eyes widened as her only way out was blocked.

"You can come out from under there, love. I've already seen you." The man said, the smile clear in his voice even without looking at his face for confirmation. Slowly she crawled out from under the desk and she looked up at the man towering above her with his hands on his hips.

"Now then…" he started as he gazed down at the girl," Care to tell me who are you and what you're doing on me ship, lass?" he asked but the girl simply gazed at him with scared eyes. His eyes narrowed and he crossed his arms over his chest.

"I asked you a question and it would be very appreciated if you answered me, young missy. I just helped you get rid of that man, didn't I?" he asked and the girl slowly nodded her small head in agreement.

"Good. Now, who are you and why did you steal that apple?" he demanded and he watched as the little girl visibly gulped before she shook her head.

"What's that supposed to mean?" again she remained silent. Groaning he shook his head.

"Since you ruined my very…pleasurable evening I demand to at least know your name, lass." He said as he came down on his knee so he faced her. The girl blinked and looked around for something before she turned to look at him again.

"I am not going to hurt you if that's your worry, love. I am Captain Jack Sparrow and you're on me ship. So, I told you my name. What's yours?" He said as he observed her features. She was not older than nine years old and her face was covered with spots of dirt here and there. Again she shook her head and he growled.

"Cat ate your tongue, little missy?" he said roughly and she lowered her head. That caught his attention.

"Ey, look at me." He commanded as he took hold of her chin and lifted her face up.

"Can you talk?" he asked curiously and she shook her head in denial.

"Oh." He stated.

Just me bloody luck! He thought as he let go of her chin and moved back.

Why do you bother then? Just remove her from the Pearl! A voice said and he grimaced at that suggestion.

"Can you write?" he asked with a raised eyebrow and she nodded her head twice. He stood up and reached inside a drawer on his desk. He produced a paper and a quill and motioned her to come closer.

"I want you to write me your name and where your mother is." He said to her as he handed her the quill. The girl climbed on the chair in front of the desk and started writing in relatively fine letters. Jack peered down at the paper and tried to make out what she was writing since her hand was blocking his vision. She moved back and let him see.

My name's Felicity and I no longer have a mommy. The letters said. Jack frowned and looked at the girl suspiciously.

"Hmmm…Felicity. Pretty name, love." He said with a smirk and to his surprise the little girl blushed.

"Where do you live?" he asked and again she started writing.


"Now, that's interesting." He muttered and his eyes fell on the apple she was still clutching close to her.

"Are you going to eat that or you simply stole it to look at it?" he asked amused and Felicity eyed the apple before she wrote something again.

"If I eat it, it will disappear." Jack read out loud and pity fell heavy in his gut as he looked at the girl. Felicity looked up at him and blinked while he gazed at her thoughtfully.

"Tell you what, love. I'll let you stay here tonight and tomorrow we'll see what we'll do about you. Savvy?" he told her and she looked at him uncertainly.

"And you can have the apple tomorrow. You see, on me ship we have a great cook. I am sure he'll be happy to share his food with you tonight, aye?" he offered to calm her down. Felicity studied him for a moment with her green eyes before she slowly nodded her head.

My, if they don't have the most peculiar shade of green I've ever seen. Jack thought as he looked into her eyes. A small hand tugging at his sleeve brought him out of his daze.

"Right. Come with me to the galley, love. Let's find something for you to eat." He said cheerily and Felicity climbed out of her chair to follow him tentatively towards the galley.

End of chapter 1

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