Hurley slumped down, grasping for the piece of cake that had been waiting and smiling at him all day long. He threw it up, about to catch it with his open mouth when Darwin popped around the corner, caught his attention and caused the sweet to bump right into the rookie's tuft.
"What are you doing there," the red guinea pig questioned, a critical eyebrow raised as he put a biting emphasis into the last word, "Bro?"
Startled the white-brown giant tried to swipe the pastry out of this fur, which proved hard, yet not as hard as finding an explanation.
"I… just- I… uh…"
Darwin tilted his head as he impatiently tapped his right foot.
"We're guinea pigs, Darwin," Hurley sighed, "Saving the world is totally cool and all, but…" he slumped down, glancing up at the commander with pleading eyes, "We need some cake and cuddles once in a while."
The red guinea-pig remained disinterested and wordlessly urged his fluffy – not fat – companion to go on. The big one gave a weak sigh, before he forced himself back onto his feet. He was getting better on at least that everyday, but he still looked rather clumsy.
"Nooow?" Darwin insisted.
"I'm just the rookie, man! Give me a break. Give ma a cuddle."
The red commander pulled back, shook his head disapprovingly and left Hurley where he was. The fuzzy one let his head fall and glanced up at Marcie who was just working on something, her back turned on him. Sapless Hurley dragged himself over to the edge of the table, making himself look pathetic in an attempt to beg for cake, but really anything was fine for him at the moment.
He looked at his human-friend for a moment and then removed his gadget. Sure the unusual animalistic squeaks would get her attention.

And it did.

She turned around, spotting the culprit.
"Hurley," she cooed, "You lost your language decoder."
When she lifted it from the desk, ready to re-attach it, Hurley backed away from her hand, and instead tried to make himself look cute with the best puppy eyes he could manage. He had gotten a lot of practise in this from the pet shop, and yet it had never worked well enough for anyone to pick him out from all the ones that had been on sale.
"Cakes. Cuddles. Cakes. Cuddles…"
Hurley repeated these little words like a magic formula for eternal bliss, and he didn't care if any of his cavy-pals would come around the corner right now and gawk. He was sure that even if they spoke his language, that they still wouldn't understand. Probably none of them had ever been cuddled before in their whole lives.
Having a few problems first, since Marcie had gotten so used to the language decoder, the woman soon deciphered herself what the fluffy one intended. She carefully lifted him up like a little baby and Hurley, pressing close to her body, rewarded her with the highest response of all – the purring. Now if she somehow managed to get the cake from his back and give it to him – he'd be in heaven.
If just this once; it was all he'd ever wanted.

The strange sound of contentness didn't stay unheard by his team members and soon Darwin peeked around the corner again, spotting how Marcie was tickling Hurley's ear. Shaking his head with an unnoticed smile the red cavy decided to leave him be – just this once.