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Summary: Naruto, Sephiroth's descendent, this has awesome written all over it.

Naruto stared in disbelief as the giant shuriken hurled to his torso, intent on stealing his life. He looked at the hate fill gaze of the one who threw the shuriken, Mizuki, his former teacher. He looked at Naruto with a sneer and malice. Naruto's mind screamed rejections of his status as a Jinchuuriki, as he just found out by Mizuki. His eyes dulled as he remembered all the sneers, the glares, the jeers and the insults throwing to his back and to his face. Naruto jerked forward as the Shuriken slammed into his stomach, stealing his breath from his lungs and wounding him grievously.

Unfortunately, it buried itself where the seal of the Kyuubi no Kitsune lay prisoner.

Iruka screamed as he tried to race towards the Giant Shuriken to intercept it. But his wounds were too painful, the shuriken so far away. He watched with horror as the shuriken broke muscle and skin, and then lodged itself into Naruto completely. He flinched when Naruto let loose a wheezing cough, blood dribbling down his chin, mixed with salvia and bile.

Naruto was huddled into a little ball in his mind, the sewage water sloshing around his form. The roaring and jeering of the Kyuubi no Kitsune, which was behind a gigantic gate, sealed only by an ofuda (Paper Tag)

The Kyuubi growled as it beheld the descendent of that man, the one of chaos. Kyuubi was scared; it could freely admit that, after all, even bijuu are scared of those that can break the world in half. Kyuubi yipped at Naruto "You monster, descendent of that creature, you who would destroy the world as if it was an insignificant gnat, I would feast on your marrow if not for this damnable seal."

He continued with his rant, having no idea that his very words would bring about the thing he feared most.

"Just die, you mangy cur, and become nothing but a memory!" The Kyuubi roared.

Naruto stiffened at his yell, and then looked up at the giant fox.

"Watashiwa o moi dene wa nara nai sa.(I will never be a memory.)" His words echoed eerily in the mindscape of a broken child. Naruto rose to 6 feet tall, somehow having grown taller while sitting down. His once spiky hair is now long and smooth, with bangs covering his cerulean eyes. His orange shorts (for they were once were pants when he was short, are now shorts while tall) were replaced with long black leather trousers, and hard black leather boots that came to just under his knees. His torso was bare, showing his new muscular physique. His face had its fat melted off, leaving a lean and handsome visage behind.

He started into the startled eyes of Kyuubi. "You call me a monster, just like the rest, without even knowing me, I expected better from my kin." He let loose a hollow laugh.

"I will show these people who I really am, I am no monster, and I am just an angel. An Fallen Angel."

He glared at Kyuubi, before the cage that imprisoned him lit aflame, and the surrounding walls where covered in fire and lava. In the middle was Naruto, glaring at Kyuubi, before he turned on his heel and left his mindscape.

Kyuubi started wide-eyed at what it had witnessed.

"Oh shit." He deadpanned.

Naruto opened his eyes to see Mizuki standing over Iruka with his another damnable shuriken. He saw the sick smile on Mizuki's face as he stabbed forward with it.

It never connected.

Naruto had pulled out the shuriken, which had been in his stomach, and hurled it mightily at Mizuki's unprotected back. It severed sinew and bone, squelching into his cartilage and marrow of his spine. Mizuki died.

Naruto stood, seeing that his transformation in his mind had gone through. Naruto spat at the corpse, and walked over to Iruka. Naruto looked down to see his stomach free of the wound it had not two minutes ago.

Iruka watched in awe as Naruto walked to him; to have survived such a wound, and then kill a Jounin Level Ninja. Such power and majesty with how he threw the shuriken, the very one that was in his stomach, baffled the Chunin Instructor.

He watched as Naruto glided to him, and he almost frowned. Naruto ran, sprinted, walked, hell, he tripped. He never had the balance or patience to glide like that, like a lion that stalks a gazelle.

Naruto arrived next to Iruka, and his hands glowed a soft emerald green.


With the simple command, all the normal shuriken and kunai wounds Iruka had taken for Naruto had closed with a slight light the colour of Naruto's spell.

Naruto picked up the Scroll that he had taken from the dirty old man, Sandaime Hokage; Sarutobi Hiruzen. He equipped it to his back, before helping Iruka up to his feet.

Naruto turned around and looked at a tree.

"You can come out now, ANBU-san; the fighting is over, no need to be scared." He said snarkily.

It was silent for a moment, before ANBU melted off the trees surrounding the area. They are silent and deadly assassins and the most efficient weapons of the village.

One with a dirty white cloak stepped forward. "Uzumaki-san, what happened here."

He said in a monotone.

Naruto replied "Well you see, a training session got out of hand, and I had to kill Mizuki because he made unwanted gestures to my ass."

Iruka gulped with a sweatdrop at his head.

Naruto sighed when he saw the ANBU stiffen.

"If you ask a stupid question, you'll get a stupid answer. I know Sarutobi is watching on that Pervert Aiding Tool he has, that crystal orb." Naruto deadpanned.

Iruka wondered about Naruto's new behaviour and new intellect. Then again, having a shuriken shoved in your intestines would change anyone, even Sasuke. Iruka Paused his musings.

Ok, maybe not Sasuke.

In the Hokage Tower:

Sarutobi frowned as he saw the healing of Iruka, for he knew no one could focus a healing technique like that by themselves, it can only be done with an aid of more then two dozen people, and a giant seal, with a medium of the patients DNA. He groaned as he saw his stupid ANBU underestimate the boy. He blushed when Naruto called him out on his "Ball Activity" as it were.

He called in his nearest Nin. "Call off the search for the scroll." He said simply.

The Nin nodded once, glad to be able to return to his Icha Icha paradise in peace.

Sarutobi groaned again when one of his nin giggled like a little boy that just got a peek at some ladies unmentionables.

"Then again, am I any better?" he asked himself, stifling his giggle and trying (read: failing) to suppress his blush.

Naruto watched as the ANBU escorted Iruka to the hospital, just to make sure he healed up all fine and dandy.

Naruto saw a platoon of ANBU staring at him, or more specifically, the scroll on his back.

"Hand over the scroll so we may return it, Uzumaki-san." The same dirty white cloaked ANBU said.

"I think I should do it, so I can apologize and explain what happened." Came the cheeky response from Naruto.

The ANBU platoon stiffened.

Naruto rose in the air, to the admittedly funny shouts of the ANBU, he smirked down at them "Keep up; if you can."

He flew off into the distance to Konoha.

The ANBU looked at each other.

"We're going to be demoted, aren't we?" a female with long purple hair asked.

"Yes." Replied another female with purple hair, but shorter.

The one wearing a dirty white cloak was face palming himself, muttering something about blondes, explosives, and bananas.

After their moment of insanity, a right earned when in ANBU, they raced after Naruto.

Naruto landed on the window sill of the Hokage Tower, in the Hokage's Office.

He looked at the old man behind a desk, which had leaning towers of paper work on top.

Naruto looked around the office, and said "Leave us, we have much to discuss, Hiruzen and I."

Hiruzen winced.