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To the DragonBard: You raise excellent points bro, thanks for pointing it out. But I should of really clarified what I did with bending and spells as well as the Avatar thing, my bad. Anyway, with the way that material works, is that you focus mana/chakra/energy/whatever, and you release it in a specific manner that interacts with the world, conjure water, whatever. Since Naruto tried to do spells without material, his Avatar heritage came into play. The elements have always listened to the avatar, as such, when he says Blizzard and uses chakra, the elements bend their knee to him, as it were. And the man with the blue arrow on his head is actually the master that told Aang he was the Avatar, again my bad, some little stuff just slip my mind sometimes . The reason he was laughing because Naruto's reaction was as funny(to me at least) as Aangs.

To VFSNAKE: Indeed dude, and thanks for reading my fic, I'm a big fan of your work.

Here's a little food for thought. If indeed the Avatar can bend the elements, and is reincarnated, which other Shinobi was able to command all the Elements. His name starts with R.

Here's the chap, enjoy:

A new day, Naruto sighed as he dragged a hand down his face. He needed to meet up with the other genin and Jounin at the training ground 7, which would be forever theirs to use, sanctioned by the Hokage himself. Naruto woke up pretty early, 6A.M, and did his normal morning routine, Shower, eat, make clones to do stuff. The usual.

Naruto skimmed his memories of the clones 'harvest', as it were. Some were reading about geography and some history of other lands. Naruto came to a conclusion that most have already come to, well, most Nin anyway.

The elemental countries are fucked up.

A few examples are Yuki no Kuni. The current "Daimyo" is a bastard who had taken the thrown from his brother, and rules the place with an Iron fist, he had even sent out nin to hunt down the true heir. His own niece.


Nami no Kuni wasn't that much better. Their Daimyo was killed by one of the richest man in the world, Gato. He has the entire chain of islands under monopoly. It was rumoured he has dealings with most of the worlds criminal organizations.

Many more countries had equally or even worst case scenarios when it came to their ruling and economy in general. It was pretty sad, as sad as Naruto could feel anyway.

He had problems of his own to attend to. Like finding useful things to teach to two girls that ignored/hate/hit him, and a quiet girl that has a crush on him.

He looked at the single cup of coffee he had in his hand.

'I'm gonna need another cup of coffee'

He suddenly remembered that Sasuke would be there.

'Make that a few cups of coffee.'

At training ground 7:

Sasuke stood over the fallen form of his brother, multiple stab wounds to the chest, legs, arms, and groin area on Itachi. Sasuke let loose an insane laugh that brought to mind an image of a certain Shinigami that wore bells.

"Sasuke-kun, are you alright?" asked, Sakura Haruno.

Sasuke snapped out of his daydream to see the bane of his existence. That stupid, useless girl that can't even defeat Ami. He died a little inside as he saw she was slowly inching her hand to his thigh.

He glared at her.

She shrank back.

He turned to the bridge and made to move to it, him and the rest of the genin had been here early talking (well he didn't contribute, but he listened) about the new approach of the Jounin to training the genin. A ground training session hasn't happened before in Konoha, except for when in ANBU. Who had their own secret base.

Sasuke frowned as he eyed the new genin group that had been genin for a year. Gai had felt a bit left out and took it upon himself to invite his group over, saying 'My team will be able to bring out the youthful flames in all your students!'

The fact that he screamed this in front of his group had only added to their shame.

Well, except to Lee.

Apparently, they were extremely powerful genin that had been on numerous C and even a B rank mission. Sasuke schooled his features when he saw all the genin were mingling with each other, except a few exceptions. Like Shino who was off to the side sitting down, meditating. Sasuke had respect for the boy, he was a true shinobi, serious and logical. Shikamaru was laying on the railing of the bridge, staring up to the cloudless sky, muttering 'troublesome'.

Chouji was beside him, talking with Ino and Tenten. Well, when he wasn't stuffing his face. Kiba was playing with Akamaru, in an extreme game of tag. Hinata was sitting quietly beside Ino and Tenten, the girls gossiping and doing what girls do. Sasuke shivered a bit.

With the Jounin:

Anko stared incredulous at the Smoking Nin, Asuma.

"You got fired?"

"Yup" was his rely.

Kurenai and strangely enough, Gai, were giggling at Asuma.

"I got fired because someone planted false information in a report of mine, and the price was a few S-Rank mission going wrong."

S-rank missions, they were very, very few ever preformed. S-rank was like "OH SHIT THAT'S TSUNADES FIST" type mission. It was very rare for any mission to be labled S-Rank, so to hear that false information had blown a few S-ranks was a bad. bad thing.

"Unlucky." Anko laughed at him.

Asuma glared back.

Asuma took a puff of his cancer stick. "Put that out, Asuma." Said Naruto.

The gathered Jounin jumped and turned around to see Naruto leaning against a tree.

"Don't freaking do that." Screamed Asuma.

"You're Jounin, fix it." Commented Naruto.

Asuma glared in mock anger, while Kurenai just smiled in a bit of pride for the boy. She was looking at Konoha's most (in)famous prankster ever, so it was no surprise that they didn't detect Naruto.

If you were able to catch Naruto, it's because he wanted to be caught. Naruto could avoid anyone. He was that good at hiding. But people rarely acknowledge this talent. For to them, Shinobi were warriors. And they were right, to an extent, but being able to run and hide is a very valuable thing. It saved lives.

Anko looked at Naruto, same clothes, same sexy look, but the giant scroll on his back was different.

"What'cha got there, Naruto-kun?" asked Anko cutely.

The answering laugh chilled the surrounding area.

"Oh just some things, to … train my students." Said Naruto.

Just then Kakashi appeared in a Shunshin, "Ohayo, Minna." He said happily, ignoring the few glares about his tardy ness.

Kakashi did a double take at Gai and Anko, and Asuma being there.

"What are you three doing here?" Kakashi asked.

"Anko's here to help train the Kunoichi, Gai came cause he felt left out, and Asuma got fired and was lonely." Replied Naruto.

Kakashi deadpanned for a bit, before pulling out his Icha Icha.

"So, why were you late this time Kakashi?" asked Anko.

"I was filling out some paperwork for the teams." He replied.

Naruto looked at the rest of the Jounin.

"Why is it, that even though that sounds possible, I still think he's full of shit?" asked Naruto.

The rest of them snickered while Kakashi mock glared at Naruto.

"Let's go greet the locals." Said Naruto, turning towards Training ground 7 before leaping into the sky. He didn't come back down after the leap.

Kakashi looked up from the book and to the sky, and muttered "Show-off"

The rest felt a bit foolish disappearing in a swirl of smoke and leaves.

With the Genin:

The genin didn't really noticed the lateness of the Jounin Sensei's. They were too busy talking to the New Team. And talking about Naruto's ascention to Jounin and his heritage.

"Namikaze, as in Nami-freaking-Kaze, as in Nami-oh my god it's the Hirashin-kaze?" asked Tenten with awe on her face.

"Yup." Replied Sakura. She winced as she recalled her parents reaction to the information. It had NOT been pretty.

"They do resemble each other though, it's pretty humbling to think that a Shinobi Village couldn't see it for how long? Ten years or more." Said Chouji.

The all nodded.

Shino stiffened as his Kikai bugs told him of an incoming chakra that was as large as the Hokage's, maybe larger. But he was confused, his kikai told him that the source was up high, like a bird. But no bird had that much chakra. No normal, non-summoning bird anyway.

Shino stood, alerting others to his movement, and looked up. They all followed his line of sight to see Naruto slowly descending to the ground. They all gaped.

Even Neji.

As soon as Naruto touched down, the Jounin Appeared in swirls around him. Everyone thought the same thing.

'That is so badass'

Even Hinata.

Kakashi smiled, "Well, I'm sorry we're late, for you see, a robot attacked me on my way here, and I had to use my awesome skills as a Jounin to defeat him, but I got hit by his exploding chickens of doom, and had to go to the hospital to get patched up by a medic nin." He said rather cheerfully.

Everyone sweat dropped.

With Madara:

Madara looked at the new tablet in his hand, he kept finding more and more tablets carved/writ by the Rikudo Sennin.

'It's almost as if someone is making me find them, but that's just absurd, I'm impervious to genjutsu unless it's from an Eien no Mangekyo Sharingan( Eternal Kaleidoscope Copy Wheel Eye)'he thought dismissively.

(insert authors snicker)

He grabbed the giant tablet, and took it to Pein, perhaps it had something to do about the fury of the elements, as it had dubbed it.

He found Pein piercing a new body part of his, it was on his lower body region, and somewhere in the middle too.

'I don't want to know, I don't want to know.' Madara repeated in his head.

He merely threw the Tablet at Pein, who hastened to grab it.

Unfortunately, he ripped the piercing off his body.

With the Tsuchikage:

The small, old, wrinkled, slightly smelly man looked up as he heard the scream of all screams. He winced in sympathy, that was the scream of a man who had something unmentionable done to his unmentionables.

"Great, I'm gonna have nightmares tonight, screw war, screw death, that is something that no man will get use to." He said with the heebie-jeebies.

Back with Madara:

Madara would later reflect back on this moment with amusement, but right now, he was wincing in sympathy for the Rinnegan user. Said Rinnegan user was currently on the ground sobbing, while holding his groin.

"Well, what does the tablet say." Asked Madara with no tact at all.

Pein pulled himself up from his crying and careful growled out the wording on the tablet.

The first will come, he is the son, the one that will herald the others. His name is Ozai, and he will come to this earth in a blazing tail of flames, brining with him strength and destruction in equal. The next is his mother, the one that is called the Calamity of the Sky, the eternal mother of carnage, of rage, of anger. But the last, the last shall not come soon, eons will pass before he will come, the father, the father of chaos, the father of the great void, the husband of the Calamity of the Sky, his name, Xeno. Beware of him, beware of the Harbringer of Chaos, of the Eternal Void, of the End, For he is the God of such, he is not to be denied, when he wills it, so it shall be, he is the most powerful, if such were to come to pass, as it was foretold by the Juubi, hope and pray for the Chosen One to rise and defeat him, for the alternative is a fate worse then death.

Madara and Pein looked at each other, all fooling around gone.

"Is this…. Is this the reason why you are gathering the bijuu Madara-sama, to help Naruto kill this Xeno?" asked Pein.

Madara nodded, even as his hand shook from fear. His face didn't register it, but he feared the next to come, he feared Xeno.

Pein looked green, he looked like he was gonna throw up. Madara didn't blame it.

"Step up productions even more now. I don't care if we loose members, if we don't meet the deadline, then we're all screwed." Said Madara.

Pein could only nod, so he limped away, holding his groin, to warn the others to hurry up even more.

But first, getting Konan to heal his unmentionables.