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With the Rookie 12:

The genin stared dumbly at Kakashi's excuse for being late.

"Could you, like, come up with a better excuse, at least?" asked Kiba, who had a deadpanned look on his face.

"Hmmm, you say something?" asked Kakashi, who had gone back to reading his Icha Icha Book.

Every female glared at him with pure malice, wanting to rip the book to shreds. Except Anko, who knew that if she tried she'd be killed, like the last sap who tried to take the Icha away from Kakashi. Idiot.

Like poking a 500lbs bear with a sharp stick in the side. It's just something you don't do if you value your life. Kurenai knew this, but well, it was pure smut, what more could she say?

Naruto himself snorted in amusement, not many people can stand down Kakashi, who was on par with Jiraiya in his prime. Only kage, and super powered Jinchuuriki it appeared. Being a descendant of a psychopath who wanted to destroy the world had it's perks. Being able to keep up with the fastest and strongest ninja because of the latent mako in his genes was pretty awesome. Especially the extended stamina. He had a few more uses for that then just the battlefield.

He chuckled as he drew out his book, Loveless.

He started reading, not caring what was happening, but listening anyway.

"Normally, your teams would go through a Exam given by your Jounin Sensei, but considering that Hiruzen-sama thought it prudent to pass you anyway, from not only you're parents, but because of your untapped potential that he saw in each and everyone of you." Commented Anko.

Kurenai carried on for her, "Indeed, we all will be training under each other, I myself am a Genjutsu expert, Kakashi is a Ninjutsu Genius. Gai himself is the worlds best Taijutsu Teacher, on par with Hyuuga Hiashi. Anko is the best interrogation nin there is, on par with Konoha's Untouchable Soul, Morino Ibiki." Everybody shivered at the mention of the man.

Even Anko.

Kakashi carried on for Kurenai, "Asuma was chosen to be one of the twelve guardians of the Fire Daimyo, and is a Elemental Affinity Expert. Naruto, well, he's the son of the Yondaime Hokage, if that wasn't enough, he's also the son of Uzumaki Kushina, one of the worlds top Kunoichi. He's a literal monster on the battlefield. Stamina off the charts, chakra is limitless, plus is a genius when he thinks it's important, other then that, he just ignores you. He also happens to be a Kenjutsu Master."

Everyone nodded, it was generally accepted that Naruto never got tired, never got chakra exhaustion. It was normal, he was the definition of stamina. More of the lewd women blushed a bit. But the Kenjutsu thing was new.

Naruto chuckled again.

Naruto spied Tenten staring at Kurenai with admiration, and when she glanced at him, he winked back. She blushed at him. Hinata had a Byakkugan glare pointed at Tenten.

He merely read his book as the teams split off into small groups.

He snapped the book shut, as he turned to his team. Ino, Sakura and Hinata were standing in front of him, all serious. Just as he was about to issue a physical activity, the S.S.S played up, screaming at him to move.

Naruto vanished.

He moved with such speed, while also throwing the three girls to the other teams, just in time to dodge a butt load of shuriken. The three girls crashed into the Jounin, who barely managed to catch them.

Naruto rolled to his feat, while simultaneously summoning the Shodai no Tsurugi. It's sharp edge(s) gleamed in the sunlight. More then two dozen nin appeared from the wood works, wearing what appeared to be konoha ANBU gear, but with subtle differences. Like the armor being beige instead of white, and their masks bearing the symbol of Iwagakeru. Two men stood at the back of the group, one was a Red head and had a strange sword at his side. While the other was a tall, brunette that had a zanbatou on his back, and a straight sword on his side, Naruto's pupils lengthened into slits at the sight.

"I was wondering when you would come. Did you get lost?" he asked the ANBU.

They were emotionless. The redhead raised his hand, and spread his fingers, then struck forward like a multi pronged poke. The ANBU platoon surged forward.

Naruto looked back at the other Jounin, and the message was clear.

Protect the Genin.

Naruto came like a bat outta hell, swinging his blade with such accuracy and proficiency that it was like he had been doing Kenjutsu since he was young.

A shinobi wielding a wakazashi came at him from the sky, he sidestepped and beheaded him with a over head chop.

No blood touched Naruto.

Naruto took out a sword from the Tsurugi, and entered a Ni Ryuu Giri stance. He clashed with a kunoichi that swung a Naginata, he quickly riptosed her, and tore open her chest, the red mist never touched Naruto, as he quickly somersaulted over the mass of kunai that had headed to his back. They thudded into the kunoichi's corpse. He threw the sword he had taken out of the Tsurugi, and it found its mark in the Kunai Flingers forehead.

With the Genin and Jounin:

The genin watched on in revulsion, in awe, in respect, in sadness.

They were watching the true meaning of shinobi-dom( is that even a word? IDK)

Sakura could barely control the bile that threatened to rise from her throat. Her father had told her that this was what it was like to be a kunoichi, that there was so much blood, that she would feel overwhelmed. Sakura shook as she held her hand over her mouth. She didn't take his words seriously, well, now it seems karma was a bitch.

Ino was no better, as she cried tears of fear as she saw the flashing of steel and the spray of blood. Her father had sat her down when she graduated, and had a serious talk about shinobi life. Like all teenagers, she had simply pretended to be serious, while shrugging it off after he had left, it had entered one ear and left out the other. She regretted her decision to not pay attention now.

Shikamaru and Chouji looked on, they had also been sat down and talked to by their fathers, and it had been the same, except they both semi- paid attention.

"Horrible." Shikamaru uttered, Chouji nodded, agreeing immediately.

Chouji looked at the Jounin surrounding them, and in a flash of insight that his clan was said to get during times of stress, saw the reason why. If they were to be used as hostages against Naruto by the iwa nin, it would surely spell disaster, as they might be kidnapped and used as a brood mare. The looked that Naruto had sent to the Jounin, was so full of confidence, so full of authority, that they obeyed without question.

Chouji shook his head 'What have you become, Naruto?'

Kiba shook with anger, he had seen the look that Naruto had sent to the Jounin, and though he was the first to admit that he wasn't on a Jounin's level, but for them to not help Naruto, 'How much more will Naruto have to go alone, a lone alpha without a pack' he thought in sadness and repressed rage. It never sat well with the Inuzuka that Naruto had no family. Especiall his mother, it sometimes drove her to a quiet anger, that was more deadly then screaming anger.

But he saw the reason why the jounin stayed back, and he merely glared at the ground.

They were a liability.

Hinata was scared; she looked on as her crush decapitated the head of a wakazashi wielding shinobi. She was scared, not for her life, for her life was useless, that was why she needed protection from the jounin. No she was scared for Naruto. He took the lives of the Shinobi and Kunoichi so readily, so emotionlessly, so calmly. 'How many lives can you handle taking, Naruto-kun, before you start to change for the worst?' she thought gloomly.

Sasuke glared. He didn't need protection from these Nin, whatever enemy Naruto can face, he could face with one hand. Well, maybe. 'How the hell did you get so powerful, how!?' he thought in rage. He saw the look Naruto threw at the Jounin, and in a moment of clarity, understood. "He's…. He's willing to sacrifice himself for us." He said with horror. No one had been willing to sacrifice anything for him, even his mother.

Kakashi nodded once, sharingan out, looking at the battle with trepidation and anxiety.

"It wouldn't be the first time he has." He said angrily.

Shino merely nodded. He felt the need to help Naruto, to work together to help bring down the enemy shinobi, but he knew he was out of league and would only get in the way.

The gathered Jounin grit their teeth in anger, how much more will Naruto have to endure? Endure the loneliness, which was supposed to disappear when he was with a team. Even now they couldn't help him. Their KI spiked a great deal, drawing the attention of the emotionless pair, the redhead and the brunette.

The redhead smirked, while the brunette had a look of apathy on his face.

Back with Naruto:

Naruto tore his sword out of the forehead of the kunai thrower, just in time to block several sword slashes from a few shinobi. Their ends were swift as he casually crushed their skulls in with the flat end of his swords. Jutsu were cast, kunai were thrown, shuriken were deflected, swords were broken, and lives were ended.

Naruto didn't even break a sweat.

Eventually the dust settled, the dust having been thrown in the air by a stray doton jutsu by one of the kunoichi at the back of the platoon.

Naruto dismissed his Shodai no Tsurugi, and summoned Masamune. He walked towards the two iwa nin that was left. The two had headed next to a small hill that was near the river at the training ground 7. Small was a little dismissive, as the thing was easily as tall as the Hokage Tower, and it had two arms stretching out of the cliff face that was in the form of a ramhandseal. It was a work of art that some shinobi did, but never got around to finishing it. The river of the training ground was actually from a waterfall that was next to the hill. The two shinobi had landed on the peak, and Naruto appeared before them.

The Jounin and Genin moved with Naruto, hoping to help, but as they neared the hills peak, they turned around to see six shinobi ready to die for their cause.

Kakashi and Gai happily obliged them.

Now safe, the genin and Jounin headed to the top, which was flat and huge. Apparently the shinobi wanted to place a boulder here and do the head of the shinobi figure he was making. Naruto and the Two nin were in the middle, eyeing the other(s) down.

Naruto eyed the two of them. The red head was wearing a red trench coat with black leather shouldpads, and the brunette wore a blue, sleeveless, tight vest that showed his muscular physique. They both wore plain black pants, and brown leather shoes. Rather unremarkable. If not for the powerful swords they had.

The red head was reading something, taunting Naruto by implying that he wasn't worth his attention.

The red head was reading out loud.

"Infinite in Mystery, is the gift of the goddess, we seek it thus, and take to the sky. Ripples form, on the waters surface, the wandering soul knows no rest."

"Do not take Namikaze Naruto, lightly." The brunette told the red head.

The red head had drawn his sword, after he had put away his book.

"Noted." He snorted.

They both flew at Naruto with high speeds, but Naruto was ready.

With the Jounin:

They watched in awe as the swords clashed, both nin working in tandem, yet it was for naught. Naruto outclassed them in skill and speed. The brunette seemed to be on par with strength though, considering he was swinging around a straight sword and his zanbatou.

The red head and brunette were just thrown back by a wild slash from Naruto, and they stood panting.

"All hail Namikaze, huh?" asked the brunette.

"Angeal, stand back, I'll take Naruto, alone." Said the red head.

"Genesis!" he replied, shocked.

"The world needs a new hero." Genesis intoned, while running a hand down the flat of his blade, igniting it in a plasma energy.

Naruto frowned. Those names were foreign, and were not easily pronounced. No name like those were in the Elemental Countries, it's almost as if…

Naruto's eyes snapped to their swords. He blinked and saw a clear aura the swords were giving off. It was going inside of their wielders, changing their thought patterns, their genetic makeup.

'So, the swords are forcing the wielders into different people huh.' Thought Naruto.

'And if my hunch is correct, it was past wielders of the swords.'

"Hmm, come and try." He replied to Genesis.

Genesis scowled, "So smug, but for how long?"

They surged forward, meeting each other in the middle. No one paid attention to the brunette.

With the Jounin:

They saw that whatever this 'Genesis' did to his sword, increased his strength tenfold, evident when he make an over head chop and Naruto blocked it. It had caused a crater to form around Naruto. Naruto chuckled at Genesis.

Genesis snorted back.

A scream interrupted the concentration of the Jounin, and they turned around to see Hinata with a sword sticking out of her stomach, the sword had been thrown from Angeal.

Naruto saw, and kicked Genesis away.

With Hinata:

Hinata coughed up blood, everyone trying to help stem the flow of blood from her wound, but she knew none of them had the skills to do a medical ninjutsu to help her. Naruto shoved everyone away. She smiled as he appeared. She savoured his features for when she died. Her vision slowly started to dim. The blackness around the corners of her vision started to close in. The last thing she heard was a mumbled "Curaga."

She fell into the darkness.

With Naruto:

He shook with rage, as he finished casting the healing spell. He had asked Kyuubi how he had done that, when the Avatar part of his spells covered elements. Turns out that Kyuubi's chakra naturally mixes with Naruto's. Since Kyuubi's chakra was (ironicly) a healing one, or self sustaining. It enabled Naruto to cast support spells like Cure and Protect.

Naruto still didn't understand, until he finally got Kyuubi to admit the history of the Bijuu. The bijuu were once all together in the form of the Juubi, and the Juubi was made from a monster falling into a forgotten mako reactor. This coupled with the fact that Naruto had mako for his genes, meant that while the avatar heritage helped his spells along for awhile, it would only be a matter of time before Naruto became a walking, talking Materia himself.

Naruto felt a acute fury bury itself in his heart. Hinata had been kind to him, never spoke ill to him, accepted him, for him. His wing unfurled itself from his back, the color was pure black. It was rather awe inspiring. He stood, the wing on his right shoulder blade flapped once, and he took to the air. The gathered shinobi looked up in awe as he turned around to face both Angeal and Genesis.

Angeal looked like he was pissing himself. While Genesis glared at Angeal.

"You fucking idi-" he was cut off from the nodachi that suddenly pierced his right lung.

Angeals head was removed from his shoulders in a spray of blood.

Naruto stared down at the ground in anger. Someone had been hurt because of him.

The Jounin shook their heads in sadness, correctly assuming his line of thought.

"Troblesome" muttered someone. Three guesses to who said it.

The first two don't count.

Naruto looked up, as the sun shown on his face. His wing had outstretched as far as it could, the wind blew the discarded book of Genesis, and the pages turned and then stopped.

"Even if the morrow is barren of promise, nothing shall forestall, my return."

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