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Before the Entourage went to Naruto's Mansion:

Tsunade and Shizune walked together with Jiraiya. They three of them were walking in silence, having understood that they stood in very deep doo-doo.

Well, not Shizune, she was too kind hearted to be angry with.

She tried to soothe both of the two Sannin. But the two knew what was coming. They had brushed off their duties as not only godparents, but as human beings. Leaving a defenceless orphan alone in a cold Shinobi World was beyond cruel, it was a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Thankfully, they didn't take into account Naruto's tenacity. He was a strong individual that much they both could gather. They had discussed what Hiruzen had told them via letters for the years.

"He had to grow up tough, very tough, to handle his emotions and his life. Lesser men would have broken under the weight of the oppression. Instead he thrived, strove to show them who he really is. And that is what I am afraid of, Who is Namikaze Naruto?" Jiraiya said remorsefully.

What was he to do? Abandon his spy network to look after his godson, it shouln't, couldn't, work like that. He had heard rumors of a certain organization that was after Naruto's life for his bijuu.

Irony is a harsh mistress. She was married to Murphy.

He of course, didn't know that they were after Naruto to protect, to help¸ him for his fight with Xeno. Only Madara and Pein knew the true purpose of the Akatsuki, so when the hosts started to die after the unsealing process, and the overall plan of the Akatsuki was all but nonexistent, Jiraiya had no choice then to continue his work to hopefully protect him from foreign enemies.

Too bad Hiruzen could barely keep the Domestic Enemies at bay.

Tsunade scowled darkly as she eyed the Hokage Monument that was clearly in view. It would only be a matter of time before they reached the village that took everything from her. That took her Dan, took her Nawaki.

"He was cornered sometimes, and was beaten, but more often then not the attackers would end up in the hospital with him. He was very quick for a little brat, being able to cut hamstrings with a kunai he had scrounged up from somewhere. I can't imagine his mental state right now. Not only would lesser men break, but any man. Thankfully he was only beat rarely. The people that hate him soon learned that you can't corner him without loosing something, a limb maybe. Those that did survive were not only executed by Sensei, but by ANBU and most of the nin populace." She muttered angrily.

She needed a good bottle of alcohol. Only the gods know how they both will be received by their teacher. Even though she had marched through battlefields, healed the grizzliest thing a human can do to another, and even watched her boyfriend die, that didn't make her immune to her teacher. She feared him, a respectful fear, but a fear none the less. This was the man that shared the same title as the Mythical Rikudo Sennin, Kami no Shinobi. He could beat her until she is black and blue, and make it look as easy as writing.

Hell he could probably do it with a pen too, just for Ironies sake.

She shivered. And Jiraiya nodded, he understood her shiver immediately.

She had finally admitted her fantasies about them together.

She glared at him, with a baleful gaze that could melt Gai's Genjutsu.

Tsunade could almost read his perverted thoughts before they even happened.

Shizune looked at the two of them act like idiots, and slowly shook her head.

"They must be more afraid then they care to admit." She whispered to the pig in her arms.

The answering snort from the pig had a certain feel to it, it was almost sarcastic.

With Hiruzen:

Hiruzen stared frostily at Konoha as the ANBU guard slowly rearranged his documents and new desk.

The desk had a stash of a certain book and lots of Sake. He mentally thanked Shikaku for the forethought, no doubt the meeting with his students would go south, and he would need to unwind after it or he might do something he would enjoy, but regret.

Like burning the Hokage Tower down. Or killing his Team mates. Or burning his paperwork. Or just plain burning things.

He sighed as he slowly walked to his chair. He could feel the blazing chakra of his students at the north gate. He twitched as he realized they didn't feel the need to hide their chakra in Konoha. He sat down in a cold rage as he realized why.

The fools were starting to slip up. He paused though; he had slipped up as well, so he couldn't really judge.

But then again, he was also Hokage.

The ANBU guard that hid in plain sight gulped as they saw the look on Hiruzen's face. It was a look that said 'Give me one reason I shouldn't shove a rusty kunai in your nostril.'

The look didn't look right on the grandfathers face. He was kind, indeed he was, but his patience with certain things was incredibly short. Like his two students that thought it prudent to take awhile to get here.

With his fingers in a steeple, he spoke quietly.

"Fetch me my students."

The ANBU sighed as they realized something.

They were expected to drag back two sannin.

"Tsk, this is your fault, Tsume." Shikaku said. It wasn't really, but she had talked him into taking this particular shift so she wouldn't have to deal with Chouza, who smelt of meat that distracted her partner. And they couldn't afford to be distracted by anything.

"Fuck yourself." Was her relpy.

With the Students:

Jiraiya ogled the women of Konoha, there is just something about Konoha women that it was almost a necessity to be beautiful. Tsunade wanted to punch the creep back to whatever hole he crawled out of, but then realized that he was soaking up his perv'ing in case they died from their sensei.

She promptly pulled out a special sake jug that held more sake then the container allowed, via special seals at the bottom.

Shizune herself had just bought a squid on a stick, and was busy munching it while watching the two perv/get drunk.

In public no less.

With Kakashi:

He kept reading his book as he gravitated towards the two sannin. He had been in a shop doing some groceries and had decided to go greet the two. He was met with a proud look from Jiraiya, and two baleful glares at the book from the females.

"Well if it isn't little Kakashi, how are you?" asked a rather happy Jiraiya.

"Meh." Was Kakashi's reply.

"Kakashi." Growled out Tsunade.

Kakashi suddenly recalled how incredibly angry Tsunade could get. He promptly sealed his book before it could be torn, or burned.

Tsunade had a smug smile on her face.

Kakashi sighed; didn't they understand that pervertedness is what makes life good? Surely they had perverted thoughts every now and then.

Tsunade growled again. Looks like she could read any perverted thought.

Shizune giggled while holding her pig.

The citizens of Konoha seemed to be sweat dropping at the scene.

"Tsunade-sama, Jiraiya-sama, Shizune-san Hokage-sama has summoned you to his office." Said a ANBU that walked from a nearby alley.

"Okay Shikaku. We'll go right away." Jiraiya said.

The ANBU nodded once, and then disappeared.

Jiraiya looked around at the current company, "Well, let's go then." He said rather sadly.

Tsunade had a bad feeling about this meeting.

With Kakashi:

Kakashi stood outside of the office, wincing at the shouts and yells of the Hokage. Rarely did he lose his composure like this.

The yelling was very loud, louder then he had expected from the kind man. He was yelling about Naruto and his treatment, paperwork, bananas, explosives, and burning things.

The old man had clearly lost his mind.

"With a job like that, I wouldn't be surprised." He muttered as he read about the sensual message Aoi was giving Kimiko.

The giggle that followed didn't fit the background yelling of sticking a rusty kunai up someones nostril.

The secretary didn't even look up at the yelling, this sadly was a normal day.

Kakashi sweat dropped as he heard the Hokage command the two to introduce themselves to Naruto and explain the situation. Shizune who was glaring at the book while also looking concerned for her mentor sighed sadly as she recalled what she had been told about Naruto's life.

It hadn't been pretty.

As the two Sannin walked out, fear evident on their faces, Kakashi and Shizune joined them. Walking towards the office was Sakura Haruno, who had been looking for someone that knew where Naruto lived. She had found her mark when she heard the yelling of the Hokage.

"Do you mind if I come with you, Kaka-sensei?" Sakura asked.

Kakashi knew the reason, she had felt bad about how she had treated Naruto, and wanted to formally apologise and try to make up for it. The fact that Naruto was handsome and cool had nothing to do with it.


Nodding absentmindedly, Kakashi led them towards the bottom floor. Sakura had beamed before gawking at Tsunade. Tsunade had merely lifted an eyebrow, before Sakura had introduced herself and her admiration for Iijutsu. Tsunade smiled at that. Finally someone was taking interest in her area of expertise.

They walked out of the tower, and started towards the Namikaze Mansion. They were surprised to see Anko and Kurenai walked into the gate already, and even more surprised that they didn't act like they got caught doing something. That meant that they come here fairly often.

The giggles from Jiraiya and Kakashi were barely tolerated by the females, they didn't want to break the walls surrounding the mansion now.


Naruto had gotten out of the giant pool of warm water and dried off. Afterward he put on some black sweat pants, with a singlet. He had tied his hair up, since it was starting to get in the way of his eyes.

"I really need a hair cut." He said rather redundantly.

He walked down to see the company still blushing at what his clone had said. He beckoned them towards the kitchen.

They followed in a daze.

He made a clone as soon as he got throw the kitchen door and together they prepared food for everyone. They sat at the table, eager for the food they could smell already.

He started to sing softly, and his clone joined in with him.

Nothin' On You by B.o.B ft Bruno Mars

Beautiful girls all over the world, I could be chasing
But my time would be wasted, they got nothing on you, baby
Nothing on you, baby
They might say hi, and I might say hey
But you shouldn't worry, about what they say
'Cause they got nothing on you, baby (Yeah)
Nothing on you, baby (N-n-n-nothing on you baby, n-nothing on you)

[Verse 1]
I know you feel where I'm coming from
Regardless of the things in my past that I've done
Most of it really was for the hell of the fun
On a carousel, so around I spun
With no direction, just tryna get some
Tryna chase skirts, living in the summer sun
And so I lost more than I had ever won
And honestly, I ended up with none

It's so much nonsense, it's on my conscience
I'm thinking "maybe I should get it out"
And I don't wanna sound redundant
But I was wondering, if there was something that you wanna know
But never mind that, we should let it go
Cause we don't wanna be a TV episode
And all the bad thoughts, just let ;em go, go, go


[Verse 2]
Hands down, there will never be another one (nope)
I've been around, and I've never seen another one (never)
Because your style, I ain't really got nothin' on (nothing)
And you wild when you ain't got nothin' on? (haha)
Baby you the whole package
Plus you pay your taxes
And you keep it real, while them others stay plastic
You're my Wonder Woman, call me Mr. Fantastic
Stop- now think about it

[Bridge 2]
I've been to London, I've been to Paris
Even way out there in Tokyo
Back home down in Georgia, to New Orleans
But you always steal the show
And just like that girl, you got me froze
Like a Nintendo 64
If you never knew, well, now you know, know, know


Everywhere I go, I'm always hearing your name
And no matter where I'm at, girl you make me wanna sing
Whether a bus or a plane, or a car, or a train
No other girl's on my brain, and you the one to blame


Yeah (laughing)
And that's just how we do it (laughing)
And I'ma just let this ride
And Bruno Mars

(I do not own the song, etc, etc. GTFO with your law craps)

They stared mesmerized by his singing. He set down the foot on the table they sat at. He stared expectantly at them.

Sakura looked sad as she spoke up "I know I've never been nice to you Naruto, and I really don't expect forgiveness. But I want you to know that I'm sorry for how I've treated you."

Short, simple, to the point. Naruto mused.

He smiled and said three words that made her day "You are forgiven."

She smiled back with tears in her eyes. She was very glad to be forgiven.

The one with white hair and red tattoos, cleared his throat then.

"I'm Jiraiya no Gama Sennin, and this is Tsunade Kyoui Kangosotsu, and we are your god parents." He said with a nervous smile.

Anko gaped.

Kurenai Gasped.

Kakashi dropped his book.

Sakura fainted.

Naruto glared.



Kyoui Kangosotsu = Miracle Medic

Gama Sennin = Toad Sage

Thanks for reading, Later.