Naruto walked to his new home along side Hiruzen in silence. It was a very bittersweet night, finding out about his heritage from Hiruzen, The Kyuubi, and the Shiki fuin.

Hiruzen and Naruto walked into the richer part of Konoha, near the Shinobi/Clan districts. Naruto looked at the pretty buildings built for the clans and snorted. Hiruzen kept casting worried glances at Naruto, afraid he will someday snap, and have no one to blame but himself.

They came up to a high wall with black seals over the beige coloured walls. An wooden gate with a small spike near the place where a handle would normally be. Hiruzen gestured at the spike, so Naruto pricked his thumb, watching the wound close with a slight hiss.

The gates swung open, showing a traditional Japanese garden, complete with koi pond and white and pink sakura trees. The once black seals flashed green, then blue, and then faded back to black. Hiruzen turned to Naruto "This is the home of Yondaime Hokage, your home. I know what I did, or rather, what I didn't do, can't be taken back, and for what it is worth I'm sorry my boy." Naruto nodded stiffly, still vexed with Hiruzen.

Naruto watched as Hiruzen walked back to his Tower, 'Probably only came to escape the work he has to do'.

Hiruzen sneezed.

Naruto turned back to the giant mansion that was decorated a light beige colour, with highlights of blue and white. It was a mix between western houses and a traditional Japanese castle.

Naruto climbed up to the front door, all the while many emotions and thoughts were doing his name sake in his head. Swirling and rolling and tumbling around each other, trying to form order but only getting the opposite.

Naruto remembered what he and Hiruzen had discussed. The Yondaime and the Seal. How his father sealed the dreaded Youkai into his stomach. His eyes darkened with bloodlust at his father. After all, his father condemned him to a lonely life, to this hell with no friends, no family. While the Ichiraku family made him ramen, it was still lonely, especially how he couldn't always go there. Iruka liked him well enough, but not enough. He only saw himself in Naruto, like somehow he can take back everything he did when he was younger.

'I will take your techniques father, mother, and I will make them my own, they will be mine.' He thought viciously.

He then sighed, letting go of his anger. He hated his father, yes. But under that hate was a profound respect. Naruto didn't know if he could do the same in his shoes, and for a mentally tough guy like Naruto to not know something like that, it really makes him wonder. Would I have the guts to do that, to sacrifice for people that were nice to me? Would I be able to protect, to shield those that I loved, if I ever had any?

Naruto didn't know.

Maybe because he never really felt love, never felt anything worth protecting. Shaking his head at the absurdity of his life, he started when he realized he had climbed all the way to the third story of his house and was already making his way to his new room. Naruto patted the scroll in his new leather pants that contained his few precious things; his wallet, his few pictures with Iruka and the Ichiraku family, and his Icha Icha.

What? He's a guy, of course he likes girls.

Sakura doesn't count.

And how did you think he made his Sexy Technique.

Naruto shook his head, it was time for bed. Stripping himself and putting on a pair of his fathers old sweat pants, he climbed into bed, eager to sleep away his wariness.

Next Day:

Konohagakeru was peaceful, people just getting up at the crack of dawn to do their things. One of these people is Naruto. He opened his eyes as the suns ray's streamed from the window to his bed. As he sat up, his hair had flipped over his shoulder to rest on his stomach. He let loose a jaw cracking yawn and scratched his chest. Crossing his fingers, he muttered at quick, Kage Bunshin No Jutsu, and lo, five clones came to be.

"You know what to do." said the original Naruto.

"Osu." Said the clones.

The clones were charged with enough energy to make a thousand each, and each one would be going to the vault with his family techniques in it, while he relaxed. He yawned once more, and then headed to the shower.

As Naruto came out of the shower, wrapped in a towel, he 'felt' the seals on the walls activate, telling him someone was waiting for him. Shrugging, he stepped into the closet and grabbed some clothes. He put on black leather pants and boots from yesterday, and grabbed a black trench coat from the closet. He frowned. Something was missing. He shrugged it off, and grabbed a strange belt like garment that secured the trench coat to him, while also wrapping around his stomach area.

He strode to the gate, feeling the sun on his back, as well as feeling the new memories of clones dispelling in the Vault Room. He opened the gate to see a shinobi standing there, to see one ANBU operative. He nodded once at Naruto and gave him a scroll bearing the seal of the Hokage. He disappeared after it was handed over.

Naruto opened the scroll, and it read.

Dear Naruto,

For all the things I did not do, and for the things I should have done, my biggest regret is not helping you enough. In this scroll you will find a small fortune, and a hia-ate of konoha, I give you this money so that you may buy your supplies, even though you have money from your parents, I still feel that I must do this. And for what you said in my office, about me and my lack of spine. Do not worry my boy, I have rekindled my Will of Fire, and I shall once more remind people that would mess with you and I, that I am called the Kami no Shinobi for a reason.

Love, Sarutobi Hiruzen

P.S: Go to Higurashi Weaponry, they will give you a discount and will not hate you for your burden. The directions are with the money.

Naruto smiled, lighting up the garden where he had stopped. Some good news finally.

"Looks like I should go to this shop now. I need to find some materials for sealing and new equipment." He said happily, glad that something in his life was going good for once.

He unsealed the scroll's money, and was shocked to see well over fifty thousand ryo. (I'm going with the 1 ryo = $1, so yeah)

As Naruto shut the gate behind him, he left another five clones to go sort out the house and to dispel themselves when they find something the house needs, like food and such.

Naruto walked through the streets, seeing many people are up despite the early hours, well early for him anyway. It was 8 A.M.

Naruto saw people gawking at him, and they were not the usual glares. Instead they paled slightly, and some women's cheeks even coloured. It was hilarious.

'I wonder if I should mess with the women a bit?' Naruto questioned himself.

Naruto shook his head of the though, while entertaining as it would be, he didn't really see the point going for women yet. Perhaps when he was stronger.

Up ahead of him by a few buildings, was the Higurashi weapon store. As he neared, he saw a girl with her hair up in two buns on her head sweeping the front of the shop. She had a hia-ate on, so she was a genin Kunoichi. He walked past her, ignoring her staring blush and stutters as she tried to say that the shop was still closed. He opened the door and walked inside.

Rows and rows of gear lined every millimetre of the place. From Zanbatou, Katana, Wakatashi, Tanto, Naginata, Kunai, and Shuriken to all types of armours. He saw a pair of shoulder guards with the konoha symbol carved into them. He picked it up as he walked through the place, finding sealing equipment and such. He smirked.

Tenten Higurashi was a serious Kunoichi, she did not fangirl around, or worry about her hair and face and other oddities other girls worried about. Thus, she was very good at her job, having trained with her maniac of a sensei and her team mates so as to work as a team. She woke up this morning like any other morning, clean up the shop and set it up with her father, then leaving for her team practise. Well, she would of left, but her team had the day off, to do what they wanted, as they had just came back the other day from a C-Rank mission.

She swiped the front of the shop in a daze, still trying to wake up after having her shower. When she saw a shadow covering the place where she was sweeping, she looked up, and despite her no nonsense front, and nil fangirl tendencies, her heart skipped a beat.

A blond god in black was walking to the shop, with a small scroll in his hands. His coat billowed behind him, giving him a majestic appearance. His hair was the colour of spun gold, it was trailing behind him. His eyes, the colour of the bluest skies, looked at her, and she almost fainted. As she tried to stutter out a "the shop is still closed." She only got more tongue tied when he walked past her. She watched him through the window as he walked around the shop, picking up materials.

She quickly got to the cash register.

Naruto looked around, seeing books and scrolls on weapon maintenance, weapon crafting, and more. He picked up a one of each, figuring he would need it. All done with what he wanted, he started to the cash register, and saw the same girl there that was outside sweeping.

She was blushing slightly as he walked up to her. Deciding to have some fun, he smiled at her, and watched as she blushed a bit more. He put his things on the counter, and watched as she tallied up his things.

"That would be 10,000 ryo." She said somewhat nervously.

He smiled at her, electing another blush, and handed over the money. As she bent over to get him a scroll to seal the equipment in, he asked, "Do you have any Nodachi in stock, Miss." Here he trailed off, implying he wanted to know her name.

"Tenten." Was he quick reply, as she stood up in a hurry to address him.

Naruto watched as she stood up quickly, making certain things jiggle excitingly. He smiled again at her.

"I'm sure we do somewhere, I think my father had one special one if you want to see it. He called it………. Masamune."