I found a way to get the ending I want, with better end results as well, took some thinking but I found a way. Anyway, some responses to your guys reviews.

2010-05-20 . chapter 11

why not make the Knights of the Round the boss summons, they kick ass.


The First Kitsukage
2010-05-06 . chapter 11

I'm a kage of few words... fail on the summon boss... Bahamut ZERO is the 2nd strongest summon there is... and Knights of the Round is the strongest... read up on your FFVII summon history... but good none the less... you might want to fix that... but if that's how you want it... you must like Odin a lot...

This is fanfiction, enough said. That said, Odin is a Norse God, and Knights of the Round is a group that served a King. While they could fight, could they really fight a god?

I didn't think so. While I generally agree that Knights of the Round are awesome, I want to try and be original while retaining some stuff from FF. Bahamut Zero is cool and all, but I prefer Bahamut. That's just me. And the 'I'm a Kage of few words….. 'That is both epic and fail at the same time. I laughed and facepalmed at that. Also for the FFVII summon history, you should take your advice and check where the actual inspirations came from in real life. As I said, I was trying for originality while keeping the stuff that makes FF…. FF.

2010-05-13 . chapter 19

Nice chapter, only problem in my opinion is the songs you keep using to waste space.

Please bear with me, the singing is being used to strengthen his voice. It isn't for wasting space, it will come in handy.

2010-05-09 . chapter 18

Cool! Can't wait for more!

Will Haku be in this? Will Haku be boy or girl? If girl, will she be one of Naru's girls?

Haku is girl in this one, but I don't know if she will be Naru's girl. I haven't decided yet. I like the idea of her with Chouji, the dude is awesome. Who wouldn't want to enlarge any appendage of their body? *snicker*

2010-05-27 . chapter 19

"Naruto laughed quietly. "Welcome to hell, Bitches."

Shino whimpered."


Hahahahahaha!I love it when people make Shino a little OOC very now and then. If there was a way to get a real life Shino, I would. Even bug boys need lovin'. LOL. Can't wait to see where the story goes.

Now I have the urge to go watch Advent Children. Thank you very much. (If only I could remember where I stashed it... Hmmmmm...)

~Tattered Faerie~

Indeed, and your welcome.

Shino is a gansta, I might even have him start listening to Opera and Rap music.

Anyway's enjoy:

At the Namikaze Mansion:

Naruto, Shikamaru decided, was troublesome.

No, he was something more, if there was a god of trouble, he would be it.

Shikamaru paid for those thoughts, by getting slammed from a log that swung on the course the entire group had been forced to go through.

He went flying into the Snake pit.

Screams ensued.

With Chouji:

Chouji had never climbed a tree so fast. The dogs that somehow seemed vicious enough to scare the Jounin, had decided to chase the slowest. He cried when one bit him in the ass and ripped his shorts in the process.

"Naruto you motherfu-" he was interrupted when the dogs managed to grab a hold of his shirt and pulled.

Chouji felt a bite on his tenders, before all went black. The last thing he heard was his own voice hitting the note most opera singers wish they could hit.

With Kiba:

Kiba screamed as a Tiger dragged him back into a cave that was somehow in the Training ground that didn't seem that big from the outside. The tiger was the size of a small house.

He screamed as the darkness engulfed him, he saw Akamaru turn tail and fled.

"Akamaru you traitor, you son of a bit-" he was cut off by the roar of the tiger that dragged him back to his cave.

High pitched screaming sounded like trumpets.

With Shino:

Pants filled the air as Shino tore through the course, seeking a hiding place, in hopes of escaping that thing.

The sound of spraying sounded, and Shino redoubled his efforts.

Behind him, a mud clone of Naruto chased Shino.

With a spray of Raid insecticide.

The clone was clearly crazy, from its insane laughter that sounded like some Anime Bad Guy laugh.

With Sasuke:

Sasuke looked up in horror, how, how on earth did he do it?

A horde of girls dressed in leather, wielding whips and paddles and chains and ball gags charged straight for him.

"Naruto, you are so dead, you piece of shi-"

He was cut off by the first tackle of the leader of the fan girl army.

She smiled, and held something up to his face.


Sounds of squishing plastic and panicked screams chilled the air.

With Neji:

Neji coughed blood, he couldn't make it, it was too far, too long, too far. It…. The light was fading.

He tried to swim faster, but the small sharks were gaining on him. He was in a large lake that somehow fitted into the back of the training ground.

One bit him right on the buttock, he kicked it off while trying to swim faster, and keep his cool about being bit in the ass.

Of course, when you can Water Walk, and you forget about it during a time of crisis, that doesn't make you cool at all.

A small shark bit a portion of Neji's hair clean off.


With Lee:

Lee looked stunned at what he was seeing.

Giant Pandas, with bananas.

They started to enclose around him.


The sound of roaring pandas and squishing bananas echoed in the course.

With Tenten:

There was no end to them, there were too many, too many!

"How the hell did he get all these in here!" she bellowed.

There were cuddly cats, unleashed upon her. She would not submit to her feminine instincts to hug them until her face turned blue. She would not be seen as a weak female!

"Meow." One particularly cute kitty (the type of cute kitty that is so sweet and cute, it's positively sickening) crawled up to her, and started to paw her sandal.

The scream of cute had deafened Gai of all people, who was on the other side of the course. Yeah.

With Ino, Sakura, and Hinata:

They stood on the sidelines next to Naruto, learning a minor healing technique that would heal scrapes, bruises and small eviscerate like injuries.

By the screams and the roaring and the squishing bananas, they thought that Naruto was wise to teach it to them.

They would obviously need it.

With Naruto:

Naruto watched all this with amusement. He was eating a bag of chips he had taken from Chouji.

It was called Kodiros, or Motidos, or something like that.

Salsa flavoured.

Naruto licked his lips, and then turned around to start towards the house.

It was well into 3PM.

Naruto decided to give them a break. He slowly walked up to his house and grabbed a giant air horn. It was on the patio that connected to the back of the house, where the Jounin were sitting down and talking quietly, discussing training and such, while also shaking slightly from the screams they heard from their students.

Anko herself was grinning.

The air horn sounded, loud and clear, and the entire course itself was programmed to the sound of the air horn frequency, and shut down.

The cries of relief and triumph were loud and clear as they limped, crawled, inched and clawed their way to the patio.

The scene was amusing. Chouji was limping, obviously his injuries were his crotch, by the way he was limping. And he was holding his rear. Kiba was hopping on one foot, and Neji was clawing with his hands, dragging himself forward. Shino seemed to be walking with difficulty, as he was hunched over. Shikamaru had a giant bruise on his face, and the right side of his body seemed to be limp. Numerous bite marks adorned his face, arms and shoulders. Lee was covered in liquid banana juice, and his suit was clawed up pretty good. Sasuke had dark bruises on his next and face, and he walked like something was wrong with his tenders and rear. Like something had been abused. Looking closer, the bruises had tints of red, purple and black lipstick. Tenten was covered in kitties that meowed cutely at her. She was twitching and fuming at being taken out by kittens of all things.

Naruto schooled his face, even when a slight chuckle threatened to burst from his lips.

Anko wasn't as withholding.

The genin all glared at her.

She continued to laugh anyway.

"Right, can anyone tell me why I did that, the reason?" Naruto asked.

"Because you are a son of a bit-" Kiba was cut off from Hinata, who surprisingly smacked the back of his head, while healing his injured leg. Though it was akin to slapping a band aid onto a stump that used to be an arm.

Ino and Sakura were like wise treating the others, Ino was disgusted she had to heal Chouji's behind, but she sucked it up, she knew that it would hurt him to keep it like that.

Sakura was healing Shikamaru, trying to close up the bite marks.

It barely worked her reserves as low as they were.

"You did that to see where we were as Ninja, to see where you would train us, our weaknesses and strengths." Shikamaru said.

"Wrong. I did that to show you the power of fear. That was a complex Fuin-Nin-Genjutsu that altered reality, a personal technique of mine. Kokugen Kyou Kuuhaku Jutsu: Kokudo no sono Youkai is powerful. Of course, some of your fears are plain ridiculous. I mean, really, Bananas, Lee?" Naruto said.

Lee coughed awkwardly.

"I don't like bananas, Naruto-sensei. I had an accident once where I sat-" He replied.

Naruto raised a hand while closing his eyes, shaking his head "I don't want to know what accident you could get into with a banana, I don't want to know."

Everyone had gone slightly green at the implications.

"Anyway, this showed me, that you do not take being a ninja seriously. As a true shinobi's fear would be to see his/her comrades die, or even enemy shinobi attacking their village. I will rectify this." Naruto commented.

The group of genin felt a collective tingle at that. That sounded awfully like a promise.

Naruto then smiled, and clapped his hands together, "Well! On to lunch, My clones will bring out some food, you can eat out here."

Naruto snapped his fingers and a dozen or so appeared. Naruto smiled, he had managed to replace hand seals finally. Now if only he could get that one technique to work.

All in good time, he thought.

As the clones went into the house, he started to think about his Hiraishin training.

It was easy, almost too easy. He didn't see how no one could see how it's done. It was almost insulting. He could now do it, but he was still fiddling with it, trying to see where he could improve it, if at all. While he had a group of on that, he concentrated on an attack he found in the Vault.


He smirked.

With Jiraiya:

Jiraiya sighed as he sank in the hot waters of the Hot Springs. He normally would have peeked at the women's side of the Hot Springs, but his body hurt.

But mostly his heart.


"I hate you"

Flash end:

'This isn't good, He needs to know about the organization that's after him. If only I could get him to understand what I was doing was for him. Of course that doesn't excuse what I did, but…. , *sigh* nothing is ever easy.' Jiraiya thought.

The giggling and laughing of women on the other side of the wall separating their bathing areas, for the first time ever, disgusted Jiraiya.

"Goddamn student of mine, goddamn Akatsuki, goddamn Jude Law." He said.

A nearby shinobi, one named Tenzo, was soaking in the pool adjacent to Jiraiya.

'Who the hell is Jude Law?'

With Tsunade:

She shook, taking up the saucer of the liquid she used for the past few years to erase the memories of what she had seen.

It wasn't working for the most recent ones.


"Please, sir, I'm hungry, can I have an apple?" a small blonde boy asked, holding out money for the apple he wanted.

"I don't serve your kind." A short, bald, and fat man sneered.

The hurt look on Naruto's face, as the man walked away to talk to other customers, hurt her.

There was no metaphor for that, it just hurt.


"Today, class, we will be learning about chakra, the energy nin utilise to execute Nin, Gen and even Taijutsu." A nameless teacher said.

The class was buzzing with talk about the subject, finally something cool.

"I will write it on the black board, and then I must go gather a paper test, on it you will write down what you have read and learned from the board." He continued.

Naruto let a frown of frustration mar his features.

He was frustrated and irritated and angry at this teacher, who had deliberately gone out of his way to write it down on the board without voicing the information.

Naruto couldn't read.

He was ten at the time.


"Mother, Father, where are you? Why did you leave me here, why?" a tear filled voice sounded in a silent apartment, belonging to a lonely child. He had been bullied today, and the bullies yelled insults about his heritage and his parents.


Where are you?

Where are you?

It echoed in his bedroom, and the sound of tears hitting the ground accompanied it.

Flash end:

The one that hurt the most thought, were the ones that showed her what it could have been like.


"Hey Tsunade-oba-sama, can we go to the park today!" a small, happy child beamed up to a blonde bombshell.

"Of course, Naru-chan." She replied warmly.

Naruto pouted at the nickname, before he grabbed her hand and dragged her to the park, laughing all the way. Tsunade smiling had lifted him and held him in her arms, He wrapped his arms around her neck and smiled to her.

She ruffled his hair.


It was night time, and Tsunade was reading about a Shinobi Legend, Rikudo Sennin, to Naruto as a bed time story.

"And with his kekkei genkai, the Rikudo Sennin sealed the spirit of the Juubi inside of him, and then he used a technique of his blood line limit, to encase the body of the fallen Demon in stone, and cast it to the sky, where it became the moon."

"Woah!" Naruto yelled excitedly, throwing up his hands in the air, almost hitting the book from her hands.

"I want to be just like him!" he said again with enthusiasm.

She smiled at him warmly.

"Good night Naru-chan." She said as she tucked him in, kissing him on the forehead.

"I love you grandma." Love and comfort in his voice.

"I love you too, Naru-chan." Protection and Happiness in hers.

Flash end:

The saucer slipped from her hands and shattered on the floor. Shizune came to her aid and cleaned up the ceramic shards and spoiled liquid.

"What have I done?" Tsunade whispered. It could never be like that now. Never, she realized.

Shizune could only stare at her hopelessly.

With Naruto:


Naruto grinned. The first phase of the Rasengan training was easy. The directions on the scroll was remarkably detailed and crisp.

He picked up a rubber ball and continued on to the next stage of the training. The fifty copied his action.

Kakashi stared at Naruto, his book having fallen into the ashtray Asuma had brought for his ciggies.

It soon caught fire, and Kakashi didn't care. He had completed the first step in a few minutes.

Kakashi deadpanned quietly, "What frightening potential."

Gai nodded, quietly.

Yes, quietly.

With the Genin:

"A Fuin-Nin-Genjutsu technique hybrid. Man that is some serious shi-" Kiba was cut off again, by a smack from Hinata, again. His yelp seemed to amuse his partner, Akamaru. Actually, it amused everyone.

Ino and Sakura smiled at Hinata, glad to see she was showing her feminine superiority.


Chouji was busy expertly stealing bits of food from everyone.

Chouji was so good, that no one noticed until they went to bite the sandwich in their hand that already had a bite mark in it.


Chouji just kept chewing.

With Naruto:

Naruto thought about the Rasengan for a minute. He really should practice his bending, as he had neglected that in favour for kenjutsu and his other techniques.

Leaving his clones to learn the rest of the Rasengan, he stepped into the clearning near the patio.

Shrugged out of his trademark coat and shoulder pads, and then the belt that used to belt it to his body, he stood with black leather pants that were tight fitting, and black combat boots.

He crossed his fingers in front of his chest.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu." He said.

A single k.b formed in front of him. Having been made with the idea of training in mind, the clone automatically knew what was happening. He didn't need to be told that they would be practising fire bending.

The both slid into solid a stance that was taught to him by Kyuubi.

The real Naruto stood with his left foot forward, his right foot back behind him, his torso turned so that his left side was facing the clone. His left arm was pointing straight at the clone, his hand in a fist. His right arm bended and was open palmed, where it was right next to his eyes, palm out.

The clone was in a horse stance, but sideways. Meaning is right side of its body was facing Naruto. Its left hand was curled into a fist at his hip, and its right hand was out, it's pinkie, ring, and index fingers curled, while the thumb and pointer thumb was till pointed.

Naruto kicked out, sending a spray of conflagration in a sweeping motion. The clone sent its own blaze to meet the original's fire. The met in a blistering flash of heat and light.

Naruto punched with his right hand, using the method of Karate, and twisting his whole body to increase the speed and strength of the punch, and it sent a ball of blazing flame to the clone, who then 'caught' the flame with both hands, bending, and rotating his torso in a circle to catch the momentum and send it back to the original, who proceeded to jump up and kick out with both feet, sending a bigger fireball that consumed the redirected fireball. The clone jumped to the side, while executing a perfect sweep attack, sending a 'wave' of heat and fire towards Naruto. Naruto jumped up with his body parallel to the ground, and punched the air three times. Three moderately sized fireballs headed towards the clone.

The clone dodged two, and dispersed the last one. The clone then sent a large, twisting inferno of blazing magma to Naruto, who clapped his hands together into a sort of cone, and then jerked his hands apart. The magma followed his actions by splitting before it hit him, hissing as it fell to the ground and hit the nearby trees.

The group simply stared at him in awe.

"Only Naruto." Someone muttered.

"Only Naruto." The rest said in unison.

Naruto summoned two more clones, and all the Naruto's got into ready stances that represented Air, Water, Earth and Fire.

Naruto shifted to water.

The fight began now.

With Pein and Madara:


"You heard correctly, Yugito-san, we do not wish to kill you, but we will remove the stigma of the Nibi from you. This offer is offered to you as well, Kirabi-san."

The two chained Jinchuuriki were gobsmacked.

"You will of course, have to help the organization in its quest to help Naruto-dono." Pein said.

"I won't serve some weakling who doesn't know the meaning of pain and battl-" Kirabi was cut off by the enormous pressure of Madara's massacre intent.

His MI dwarfed Itachi's.

"Do not doubt him, foolish little Jinchuuriki. While your help would be helpful." Here he rolled his eyes at the idiocy he had to point out, "You are replaceable and disposable."

The words chilled the chamber which stood a monstrous statue that had nine hands and nine eyes. Its mouth was in a expression of the utmost torment and damnation.

Kirabi and Yugito looked at each other, Yugito's blue eyes seemed glint, while Kirabi's gaze darkened.

"So be it, we'll serve Naruto-sama." Kirabi said.

"That's Naruto-dono." Madara reminded him.

Kirabi had the most uncommon urge to poke his tongue out at Madara.

"Stupid oxhead." Yugito whispered to herself. The idiot will get her kill at this rate.

"Pein, gather your men and start the new extraction process. I must investigate a new ruin that was found in Tatsu no Kuni that may hold more tablets from the Rikudo Sennin. Do not fail me or Naruto-dono." Madara commanded.

"Indeed." Was Pein's reply.

Figures shimmered onto the outstretched hands of the monstrous statue, flickering and unfocused.

Two tethers, purple-black and earthen brown-green flowed out of the two Jinchuuriki.


Here's the update, didn't really have time to put that much effort in it, but I like it overall.