Naruto stood before the Hero Memorial Stone, where upon it's surface lay the names of people that have died in the service to Konohagakeru. But only two names interested him, they were Uzumaki Kushina and Namikaze Minato. He had laid both roses he brought from Ino on the steps leading to the giant stone. He stood there for well over half an hour, thinking about the past, and the possible future now that he was aware of his heritage.

'Iwagakeru will no doubt send assasins to kill the son of the Kiroii no Senkou' he thought.

He laughed out loud and muttered "Let them come."

Hatake Kakashi woke up later then usual, from the nightmares that still plagued his sleep. He sighed and pulled himself together. He had to visit a few people today, like every other day.

He walked slowly to the Memorial Stone, his past haunting him even now. As he came up to the stone, he saw Naruto, and almost shat himself at his resemblance to his late sensei.

'Could this….' He thought hopefully.

Naruto sensed someone coming to the stone, and figuring they would want to be there alone, decided it was time to back off and return home. He still had training to do with his new weapons and The Vault Room.

He walked past the person that appeared to be a Jounin, nose deep in Icha Icha Paradise. He had a rather unique hair style, as well as a mask and his hia-ate tilted over one of his eyes.

Kakashi got the chills as he walked past Naruto, something about the boy(man?) screamed danger. 'I hope he does not hate Konoha, I haven't felt this wary of someone since I saw Jiraiya-sama go Sennin Modu (Sage Mode)' he thought nervously.

Naruto arrived at his home, and the gates automatically opened up for him. He smirked when he saw this. 'Looks like I don't have to get that ofuda seal after all' he thought happily.

He opened his door and walked to the Vault Room. As he saw the open circular vault room, he remembered what he said to Sarutobi last night.


"Right now I don't see a hokage, I see a old man overcome by time, grow a spine Hiruzen, you're a shell of your former self. The one called Kami no Shinobi. You aren't the man I admire. Don't ever talk to me until you are yourself.'

Flashback End

He sighed, he probably should not have said that, but he was rather angry at the man, and he did say that he would show his shinobi side some more.

He was rather amused at the thought of people finding the kind old man suddenly ripping them a new hole to breathe through.

He saw the clones his clones had made, leafing through books about many things, history, geology, biology, anatomy, politics, and many other subjects.

"When you have all finished your books, dispel yourselves in groups of 3's." he commanded.

"Hai." Came the response.

Naruto walked along the shelves, admiring the collection of data. He saw one called 'Hiraishin'

He smirked.

In the Hokage Tower:

Sarutobi Hiruzen felt good, he was on the road to his former glory, he was almost there to getting Naruto to recognize him once more. 'I won't fail you this time, Naruto.' He thought determinedly.

He felt a sudden shift in the universe, and shivered.

He sighed as he realized the source.

"He found it. Great." Hiruzen face palmed himself.

This was asking for trouble only Naruto could get into.

Back with Our Awesome Hero:

Naruto cackled at how simple the technique was. A seal that acted as a advanced mixture of Shunshin, Kuchiyose. If he could make the seals on his eyes, then he could instantly make the seals appear wherever his eyes were looking. And it only took enough charka to make a bunshin, something he could do a million, a billion times over.

He cackled even louder.

The only reason no one could replicate the effect of the Hiraishin is because the seals were written in the blood of the user, thus making it a blood seal, with a disguising seal written in there so subtly, most people would have missed it.

Then again, most people were not a Jinchuuriki.

No one knew this, not even Jiraiya, the sensei of the Yondaime. Naruto, in theory could merely use the Yondaime's copy of the seal, but figured his version would be better.

He made a clone and told it to start brainstorming about ideas for techniques and the like.

The clones had all dispelled themselves as he summoned the clone to brainstorm. And his head hurt slightly. He sat down and processed the information. Most of the History had been about battles in the Shinobi Clan Wars, The Shinobi Great Wars and the Battles of the Samurai of Tetsu.

The rest were just touches of information, he would need to remake them to find advanced books of the subjects he had the clones had.

A hand seal later, the clones were replaced and set out to finish their tasks.

Naruto's stomach growled, and he sighed as he forgot to buy any groceries. 'Great, just the thing I need.'

He remembered a apple tree at the back of the mansion, that held a training ground for him to use. "It's better then nothing I guess." He said.

He had eaten 5 apples before he thought of trying out his new weapons. He unsealed Shodai no Tsurugi, and started to weave it around, trying to find the attack pattern most comfortable. His clone had read a book about taijutsu, it's author's initials being J.L(1) and it spoke of water, and some other philosophy to do with combat. How to never be predictable, to be shapeless, and formless. He figured if his taijutsu could be like that, where he reacted depending on the attack of the enemy, he could adjust when appropriate.

He thought about using clones, and the more he thought about it, the better it sounded. The clones would see their own weaknesses as they fought each other, there by doubling the effectiveness of the learning capability of the Kage Bunshin no Jutsu.

As he thought about a style for his Kenjutsu. He read a quote in a book about history that explained a battle about a legendary warrior. It said 'You're first strike should be your last.'

He liked this quote.

He would have to train his accuracy, speed and strength to be able to pull this off. He made more clones to practise what he had decided.

He decided to train himself physically first, intensely so that he could pull it off.

In the Hokage Tower:

Sarutobi Hiruzen frowned at the gall the Council had to get someone to fetch him, as if he were no more then a regular citizen. He scowled. Time to put a stop to this tomfoolery.

"You wish to see me, fine. But instead of the old man you once pushed around, You will find the Kami no Shinobi." Hiruzen said with a vicious smirk.

The ANBU guards shivered in fear.

Hiruzen marched down the hall, his back straight, his chin up and proud, his eyes cold. His poor secretary, a cute woman in her twenties had nearly peed herself when she saw him march out his office, flanked by his guards(Not that the strongest ninja in the village needed guards).

As he came up to the Council Room, he shook his head at the coming shit storm the council would throw, but they would do as he said or some accidents involving a rusty kunai, ducted tape and bananas would happen to select councillors.

He kicked the door open, the doors banging with a loud boom as they hit the walls. The council appeared shocked at his gesture. Danzo paled as he saw the look in his old rivals eyes.

'Crap' he thought.

Hiruzen sat at his regular chair, the char sinfully comfortable. But he sat straight, proud. He would have fun messing with them, for his IQ ran circles around even Shikaku Nara.

Speaking of Shikaku, he had woken from his daze on the table when he saw the look in Hiruzen's eyes.

"Crap, he's angry." He said fearfully.

Hiruzen smiled.