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Naruto had pulled out Masamune from the seal on his wrist. And he stood ready before the two Jounin. One was in the traditional Goken Stance, while the other had his Sharingan out, ready to kick ass.

Too bad for them, that their opponent happened to be the hero here.

"Hajime." Said Hiruzen, who was off to the side.

The two nin, Gai and Kakashi, surged forward.

Kakashi pulled out a kunai, but against the massiveness of the Masamune, he might as well have pulled out a tooth pick. Gai charged forward and spun with his torso, while throwing out his leg. Naruto bent backwards to avoid the kick, while blocking the initial stab of the kunai from Kakashi.

Naruto grabbed both of them, then threw them back to where they started. Both nin appeared shocked at his strength, for him to lift Gai, who wore weights is amazing.

Naruto decided to stop playing around and charged. His swung his massive sword around, cutting up the landscape. The hope that the sword would stop if he hit something was dashed as the two fleeing nin saw him slash through a tree.

It didn't matter what was in front of Naruto, he sliced and diced his way through it, from the Katon: Karyu Endan to the mass of Shuriken heading his way by Kakashi and Gai respectively.

The flaming dragon was split down the middle and the shuriken were cut into tiny shrapnel. Kakashi and Gai were in a panic, while they could of easily kept up with him, the sword gave him advantage, and they dared not open their more destructive techniques like the Eight Gates and Kakashi's Raikiri.

Kakashi and Gai weaved around the massive nodachi, ducking, running, spinning, jumping, dodging, parrying so that they don't go home looking like Swiss cheese. Their opponent looked to be very competent with his nodachi, for his footing and attacks were wild, unpredictable, while looking graceful and powerful. It was pretty scary.

Eventually they had no were to run, so they faced Naruto ready to step up the game.

Naruto was no different.

Gai exploded into action, as he let loose flurries of punch barrages and kicks. Kakashi unleashed hell with pin point techniques, like Katon: Housenka no Jutsu, and controlled them with Chakra Strings.

Naruto's eyes saw everything, and his body moved around them. Punch to the stomach, dodged. Foot to the face, parried. Small fireballs heading for him, sliced apart. Gai got lucky with the distraction of the fireballs, and landed a uppercut to Naruto's chin. He then decided to use the Initial Lotus.

He appeared behind Naruto, and wrapped him in bandages he had handy. He started to spin while heading to the ground.

Too bad for him he didn't see the devious smirk on Naruto's face.

The training ground exploded from the impact of the deadly Technique.

"Sorry, Naruto-kun, but it will take much more then your massive sword to take me on." Said Gai, "Right Kakashi!" he yelled, turning around, only to see the aforementioned sword at his throat.

He glanced at the clearing dust of the hole he made with what he thought was Naruto, only to find a knocked out Kakashi.

"Kawarimi is taught at the academy for a reason, its usefulness has no bounds." said Naruto.

"And I think I took you on with my massive sword easily enough Gai-san." He finished cheekily.

The present females, Kurenai and Tsume blushed at the word play.

Sarutobi was impressed. Not everyone saw the usefulness of Kawarimi in battle so easily as Naruto did. If all his shinobi saw the technique like he and Naruto did, then the fatalities of Konoha Shinobi would be cut in half.

"Winner, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto." Sarutobi congratulated.

Naruto, deciding to be even cheekier, did a flamboyant bow that looked ridiculous.

The gathered nin snickered.

Naruto stiffened at the memories of the clones he had made to go get groceries. They were in the process of making lunch for everyone.

Sarutobi saw him stiffen, and deduced that he had more clones lying around, dispelling themselves.

"You are hereby promoted to Jounin, congratulations, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto." Sarutobi said.

Naruto smiled at him, "Thanks, Jiji."

Hiruzen smiled back.

"If anyone is hungry, my clones are making lunch, your welcome to come inside." Naruto said, as he walked back into his house. He paused, then made two kage bunshin to throw Kakashi onto a chair somewhere.

He saw most of them coming in to eat, sans Hyuuga Hiashi, who had to return to his clan compound near the mansion.

They walked into the large kitchen slash eating area. The kitchen was big and square, with clones already cooking one of the newer recipes of the Vault Room. It turns out that his mother was fond of many subjects, Music, Cooking and others were her way of dealing with Shinobi Life.

Naruto saw that they were cooking Butter Chicken with Rice. Naruto smiled, a very delicious dish. He washed his hands before going to help the clones, "Lunch will be ready soon, have a seat at the table.

Everyone sat down at the table (minus Kakashi, who was thrown at a corner where he could heal in peace) and started to talk about the battle they had just witness.

Jounin. A big step to being Hokage, so he can fix Konoha. To a place were outcasts are accepted, where a fallen angel can feel welcome. Naruto smiled as he cooked.

Naruto had finished cooking and started to head to the table, where he served the people the meal. "Eat up. Lemme know if it's any good." He said.

People took one bite of the orange coloured dish with trepidation, but immediately found it to their liking. Except Kakashi, who was unconscious still.

As the people talked about the battle, he frowned. He could not really catch the two, as they were fast, frighteningly so. He would need to devise a technique that allowed him to get them from afar, or he would need to seriously start doing the Hiraishin Technique. Both seemed good alone, but together. He smirked.

He wondered, if he could fire a projectile from his sword. The idea sounded ridiculous, but he blamed Manga. If he could hurl a crescent of chakra, or even elemental chakra, it would be a really good ace in the hole. He pulled a pen and pad from… somewhere, and started to right.

This caught the attention of Tsume, who asked "What are you doing, Naruto-san?"

"I'm making a technique." Was his simple answer. He didn't even look up as he replied, just looked down at the pad and was writing furiously.

"What's it called?" asked Sarutobi at the other end of the table.

"I call it Koukuu Yaiba Tansen." He answered. "Using elemental chakra, I focus it into Masamune, and then unleash it in mass, thus, it acts as if my sword had gotten longer. It appears to be a giant crescent of chakra, that cuts through anything. Flying Sword Edge seems fitting."

Everyone sweat dropped at this seriously over powered boy's talent.

In a dark underground cavern:

Nine people shrouded in darkness gathered around a statue silhouette. "How is everyone's progress with their assigned tasks?" asked one with eyes the colour of metallic purple, which had ripples around the pupils.

"As good as any would hope when going against Jinchuuriki." Said one hunched over man, with dreadlocks.

"The only one we have captured so far are the Sanbi, Shichibi, and the Yonbi. We are behind schedule, fix it." Commanded the purple-eyed silhouette.

All of them nodded, and then disappeared.

Except the purple eyed one. A man with a orange mask, in the design of a swirl, appeared next to him.

"Madara-sama, I'm sorry for the delay in plans, but some of the more….. erratic members of Akatsuki aren't reliable as I would like." Apologized the chosen of the Rikudo Sennin.

Madara nodded once. 'You must grow more, Namikaze-dono, you must. I fear the day that he arrives, for he is the one you must meet, the universe has been rushing towards this meeting for eons. I will gift you with the only thing I can, the Gedō Mazō, and with it, you will gain something not even I would dream of.' He thought in desperation. The fools best make haste, time is short enough as it is.

Everything had a reason.


And that's it. Okay, a little twist in the Akatsuki plot, and Naruto getting more power.

Who is this He that Madara is afraid of? It involves Sephiroth somewhat, along with the FF universe.

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