With the Clan Heads:

Tsume tore through a Ne ANBU with her partner, Kuromaru. The use of her Shikakyu no Jutsu (Quadruped Technique) and Gatsuuga (Fang over Fang or Double Piercing Fang) ripped the shinobi apart.

Shibi's insects devoured the next shinobi whole, cloth, skin, muscle and bone were consumed at record pace. He showed no mercy to their cries of anguish.

Chouza had enlarged his fist and started to charge at people, slamming them with tons of force, breaking their skeletal structures. He then enlarged himself and started to step on them like a human would on ants.

Shikaku looked at his friends head almost touch the ceiling so high up, it was pitch black. He sighed before executing his technique Kagemane no Jutsu to hold them still, while Hiashi slipped past every single shinobi's guard to instantly kill them.

With a tap to the chest.

While the Hyuuga had appeared arrogant and aloof to others, it also drove to the point, that they were that good.

Inoichi was having a field day, he had taken control of multiple shinobi and forced them to kill their comrades in arms.

All of them had finished up on the first wave, and saw the incoming second wave.

"I'm winning so far." Came the smug reply of Hiashi.

"Not all of us can kill with a touch!" screamed Tsume.

"Remember, the winner gets to set up a marriage contract with Namikaze-sama." He reminded them.

The rest shook their heads.

"I'm glad I have a boy." Said Shikaku, eyeing the still charging wave.

"Agreed." Said Chouza.

"Though didn't your wife split up with you? Maybe she will go for Namikaze-sama, she along with the rest of the women of konoha loved his father, sooo." Chouza finished awkwardly.

Shikaku paled.

The rest laughed as they charged the wave.

With the Jounin:

They were in a giant room used for training. The room was as big as the Hokage Mountain. Screams filled the air.

"41!" Yelled Gai as he snapped the neck of a Kunoichi.

"45." Said a apathetic Kakashi as he obliterated a nin with a Katon: Housenka no Jutsu.

"50!" yelled another, riding a giant Snake while flinging kunai left and right. Anko was happy.

"42." Came the reply of Kurenai, as she used a Genjutsu to break the mind of a shinobi.

"56." Was the ridiculous reply of Asuma, as he swirled around his opponents, blood flying from his Hien technique he had used to enlarge the reach of his trench knives.

"Bullshit Sarutobi!" yelled Anko, as she carelessly took the life of a charging shinobi with snakes coming out of her coat sleeve.

"I could of sworn you were on 47!" she bellowed.

Her answer was laughter.

They regrouped in the middle, as they rest of the shinobi surrounded them.

Back to back, they all eyed the surrounding nin, "Guys, let's do this." Said Kakashi.

They all both crossed their arms. Time to execute the Tajuu Hachimon, where multiple people use the Hachimon together, and unleash hell.

"Kaimon: Kai!" came the roar of the Jounin.

The surrounding Shinobi paled.

With Hiruzen and Naruto:

Naruto and Hiruzen came upon a guarded door, Ten Shinobi were standing, alert. They rushed them both without a warning.

Hiruzen unleashed hell with a Katon: Karyu Endan. The ten shinobi died instantly.

Naruto sweat dropped.

Kami no Shinobi indeed.

Naruto kicked down the door, and it flew off it's hinges into a gigantic room full of shinobi.

He dismissed the Shodai no Tsurugi, and pulled out his Masamune.

Sarutobi Hiruzen summoned his adamantine staff.

At the far end of the room, was Danzo, who had a icy look about his face.

"Kill them both." He commanded.

The gathered ANBU surged forward, even if they knew they would be slaughtered by the Kami no Shinobi.

Naruto and Hiruzen rushed to meet them.

With Danzo:

Danzo had ripped the bandages on his face, to reveal a hidden Sharingan. He then pulled the rest of the bandages from his arm, to reveal multiple sharingan grafted into his arm. He watched with horror as Sarutobi tore through his forces. Multiple jutsu were thrown about, from Katon all the way to Raiton.

He watched as Hiruzen didn't even use hand seals, and let loose more jutsu then he could count. Katon here, crisply done Shinobi, Fuuton here, cut up Kunoichi, Raiton thrown at his direction, an ANBU threw himself in the way. Suiton crushed more then a few shinobi, and Doton blocked Katon and Fuuton combo.

Danzo turned to watch Naruto, and was shocked to see him keeping pace with Hiruzen. His cuts from his swords were wild, catching more then two at a time. He then did something he would never forget.

"Blizzard." Said Naruto.

A lotus of ice bloomed around Naruto, catching ten shinobi who tried to rush him. The ice turned bloody as they were impaled, the blood dripping in mass.

'Hyoton techniques!? How!?' came the startled thought of everyone.

"Firaga." Came the hollow command of Naruto.

Like flames of an ancient dragon, so did the flames from the finger tips of Naruto consume all in its path. More then half the shinobi he was facing died; they were burnt so utterly, that not even ashes remained.

With Naruto:

Naruto tore through the shinobi, revulsion welled in his chest as he took more lives, but it was a cruel world, its kill or be killed.

He concentrated, and swung his sword in a wide arc,

"Koukuu Yaiba Tasen!" came his roar.

An arc of energy flew from his sword to fly outwards, cutting all in its path, a few shinobi had evaded the move by clinging to the walls, but not everyone escaped, limbs, and lives were lost to the technique.

Naruto focused even more, as he gathered more energy into his blade. He swung his sword around like a maniac, though still perfectly balanced. Multiple arcs of energy accompanied his slashes.

More lives were lost.

With Sarutobi:

Hiruzen looked on coldly at the corpses he had made from the living. He killed another with a katon from his hands, a useful technique he had learnt in war. He finished the last ANBU, who was shaking while holding a wakazashi.

He ended him with a fist to the throat, cutting off his air supply.

He regrouped with Naruto, and they both stalked towards Danzo.

"This is my fight Naruto, you stay out of it. I will finish him personally." Commanded Hiruzen.

Naruto didn't respond, but Hiruzen knew that Naruto would stay out of the fight.

Danzo stood, and revealed he wasn't so crippled as he appeared. There was a reason he rivalled Hiruzen for the Hokage Office. He was powerful in his own right.

Danzo dashed forward, Hiruzen meet him in the middle.

With the Clan Heads and Jounin:

They had meet up in the middle of the conjunction from where they separated. Only a few were actually injured, one being Shikaku who was stabbed in the thigh, while Kurenai had a nick or two on her face. Kakashi was limping a little, from the use of the Hachimon.

They checked themselves to check the injuries, before the massive chakra build up from the direction that Naruto and Hiruzen went to battle interrupted them.

The chakra was so powerful, it caused some falling debris to fall down.

"Let's meet up with Hokage-sama and Naruto-sama." Said Tsume.

Kakashi looked at her funny. "Naruto-sama eh?" he said cheekily.

Tsume only glared at him. "Of course, he is a Namikaze, it's only right I call him Sama." Was her hot reply.

They all snickered at her.

With Naruto:

Naruto watched calmly as the two legendary ninja tore apart the room. Their jutsu were matched by the other. Raiton split Doton, Doton guarded from Katon, Katon consumed Suiton, Suiton scattered Fuuton. Over and over they launched various jutsu at the other, hoping to seize an advantage.

He twitched as he felt the Chakra of his comrades land next to him.

"Why aren't you helping Hokage-sama?" Anko questioned Naruto.

"He told me to stay out of it, it seems he is stressed about the whole situation." He replied.

"However, if Danzo manages to overwell or catch Hiruzen off guard, then I will intervene." He finished.

Naruto in the mean time pulled out his book Loveless.

Kakashi followed suit with his Icha Icha.

With Hiruzen:

Hiruzen threw a left hook, almost catching Danzo in the face, but Danzo ducked and countered with a round house kick from a crouching position, Hiruzen blocked and grabbed the offending limb, and threw Danzo towards the wall.

Danzo landed on the wall and started to go through hand seals.

"Suiton: Suiryudan no Jutsu!" he screamed.

Water from the melted Blizzard of Naruto formed into a dragon and sped towards Hiruzen.

"Doton: Doryuheki." Came Hiruzen's reply.

He spat out mud, and it formed a giant wall that protected him from the dragon projectile.

He stood atop the wall as the water dragon died down. A giant crater had formed in the wall. Danzo stood before the wall with a look of hate on his face.

Hiruzen flew towards him. He kicked Danzo in the chin, but Danzo dodged. Danzo tried to catch Hiruzen off guard with a side thrust kick to the spine, but Hiruzen merely vaulted over the leg and landed a horizontal spinning kick to Danzo's head. The force alone sent Danzo to the ground where a crater formed around his body.

Danzo looked up in a daze to Hiruzen, "You are too weak to lead Konoha, it will die with your pathetic teachin-" he was silenced forever from a kunai to the throat. Hiruzen's cold face was the last thing he ever saw.

With the audience:

They watched in Awe as the Hokage battled, all except Naruto. They haven't seen Hiruzen kick ass like that in quiet a while.

Naruto had moved to the desk that Danzo was sitting at and leafed through all the files that were on it and in it.

"Hmm, seems like he had a few dealings in the disasters that had happened to Konoha, Hokage-sama." He informed Hiruzen.

Hiruzen came over after torching the body, so that no one can take the Sharingan. He himself leafed through the files as well. He sighed.

Hiruzen sealed them into a scroll he had in a kunai pouch, along with all the dealings.

Naruto let loose a fira that would burn all the corpses, but leave the structures themselves standing. He stared at the spot were Danzo was incinerated, then turned around and followed the rest of the nin out of the catacombs.

He saw the injured people that were walking with Hiruzen, and cast a small Cure to stop the bleeding and to close the wounds slightly. They looked gratefully at him. He nodded back.

They exited to the cold night air, it looked to be around 8 P.M.

Hiruzen decided on something he had been pondering for awhile.

"Naruto, I want you to lead a Genin team." He said.

Naruto looked at Hiruzen. "I don't think they would follow the orders of someone they perceive to be inferior to themselves Hiruzen." Naruto commented.

Hiruzen nodded but rebutted with "They will do as their told, even if I have to punish them myself." He said rather coldly.

Naruto was amused at the thought. Leading a genin team, especially those that used to make fun of him? Hilarious.

"So be it, but it must be people I will not strangle with my bare hands, so Kiba and Sasuke will not be placed on my group." He bargained with Hiruzen.

"Indeed, Sasuke will likely go with Kakashi, since he is a Ninjutsu Specialist that will compliment Sasuke, as he is both a Ninjutsu specialist, and has the potential to awaken the Sharingan. Which Kakashi has. Kiba will likely get sorted towards a tracking group, either Kurenai or Kakashi's group would take him." Hiruzen explained.

Naruto laughed openly.

Hiruzen continued "You're group will likely be an Medic/Assault group."

Naruto nodded as they all walked towards the Hokage Tower.

"If that is the case, it would be better if I had people that had amazing chakra control, if I got the three Kunoichi, Ino, Sakura, and Hinata, I might be able to turn them into a mini Tsunade, and even teach them elemental jutsu corresponding with ther affinity. Konoha needs more Ii-Nin that can take care of themselves." He finished.

Hiruzen could only nod. He would be introducing the 4 man squad idea to the next graduating clas of shinobi. It was Tsunade's idea originally, and he decided after so long to implement it into the system.

"My family vault has much knowledge on anatomy and medical procedures. I'm sure they would be pleased with learning this, they seem like the girls to rather heal then fight." Naruto commented.

Shikaku raised an issue with the idea, "I think that having a boy sensei with three girls is asking for trouble, Hiruzen."

Naruto chuckled, Hiruzen face palmed himself at having forgot they were teenagers, thus they had to handle their hormones. "Never the less, it shall be done, I trust Naruto to behave himself. And the three girls were brought up in high society, even Sakura, as she was the daughter of one of the councilwomen." He concluded.

Shikaku and the others that had problems with it nodded. Hiashi was torn between pride of his daughter being trained by a Namikaze, and anger at his poor daughter being underneath a boy sensei. Inoichi was of the same mind.

Naruto knowingly looked at the two Clan Heads, "Trust me, I won't do anything to your daughters." He said confidently.

The two nodded reluctantly, even though they had no say in the matter anyway.

The arrived at the Hokage Tower, where they were quick to enter Hiruzen's Office.

"Well done on the mission everyone, S-Rank pay will be moved to your accounts, and it shall be marked on your profile the success of the mission, dismissed." Hiruzen complimented. The gathered shinobi nodded, and left.

Naruto looked out to Konoha, and asked Hiruzen, "When do I pick up my team?"

"Next week, good luck." Replied Hiruzen.

Taking the comment for what it was, a dismissal, he leapt through the window and floated outside. He flew slowly towards his mansion, ready for a shower and a feast, then sleep.

Next week will be interesting.