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It was dark. And quiet. Golden eyes snapped open, instantly roaming the sparsely furnished room to search out threats. Silk sheets rustled a little as he sat up, silver hair falling in soft chunks over his broad shoulders and back, pooling on the bed as he glanced around a bit more. The room was furnished with a bed of oak, oiled nearly black. A matching table sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by silk pillows, and several other necessary pieces of furniture kept with the elegant and dangerous look, including the stand where his swords rested, covered by a thin sheet of white silk. Allowing a faint smile to twitch his lips upward, he slid from the bed and dressed quietly, pulling his hair into a high tail, though the long locks still brushed his ankles. Carefully, he settled the swords at his side and glanced at the thick fur pelt lying curled beside them. Another small smile. Turning from the pelt of his youth, he instead picked up the two-tailed pelt of Lordship and adulthood, slipping it into its place with a soft whisper of pure white fur. Then, opening the balcony doors, he looked out on the world for the first time in over four hundred years.

'This Sesshomaru is very pleased."


In the Western regions of Japan lies a place no man, woman or child had been able to enter for as long as anyone could remember. It was surrounded by a translucent silver dome, which crackled threateningly whenever anyone drew too near, drawn by the lush fields of blooms and the alluring air of mystery. Many had tried and failed too breech the dome, most only getting painful burns, though a few had suffered worse fates. As such, despite the beauty of the area, and the intrigue surrounding it, people began to stay away, eventually forgetting about it altogether, though there was the occasional traveler who stumbled across it. Only a select few people ever went to visit the spot regularly, and only one during the summer months. These few were Masters of their craft, highly dedicated individuals, searching out that perfect specimen to use in their research. One such man happened to be nearby when the dome was breached one sunny afternoon. He was hidden behind a tree, picking at a few plants meticulously, when he heard a low grinding noise, followed shortly by a shudder that seemed to rip through the earth itself. Startled, he looked up and froze in place, scarcely able to breath. Standing a few feet away was a man, over six feet tall, with cold golden eyes and long silver hair. Two magenta striped adorned his cheeks and a dark blue crescent moon was displayed perfectly center on his forehead. His clothes were white, with various designs in yellow, black and red across them, and two long fur 'tails' fell from his shoulders in graceful arches, seeming to float above the ground. Even more stunning was the two swords resting against his left thigh, one sheathed the other bare bladed. The man raked his cold gaze over the area around him, skipping over the tree in disinterest before he snorted and closed his eyes. A massive amount of power swirled around him in tendrils of green, forming a glowing bubble of energy, which lifted a few feet and then disappeared with a loud clap, like thunder. Severus Snape fell on his rear, eyes wide with shock and disbelief and stayed there for three hours, all thoughts of ingredients for his next project forgotten.

Albus Dumbledore smiled gently, watching the small bundle on the steps of Number Four, Privet Drive for a few moments.

"Good luck Harry." He murmured quietly before turning sharply on one foot and disapparating with a soft pop. The street lamps flickered back into life, illuminating the once more quiet street. The wind whistled, blowing a few leaves across the pavement, and a piece of hard candy skittered into a gutter, propelled by a passing car. Back at Number Four, the bundle wiggled a little, a slight shimmer seeming to hover around the soft blue blanket for a few seconds. Inside the bundle lay a small child, his hair like spun silver and eyes like emeralds. Two tiny ears poked out of the soft tufts of hair, twitching like little radar dishes in an effort to catch all the sounds around him. A chubby hand shifted, clutching a thick parchment letter closer, tiny claws digging into the paper. On his forehead, oozing clear liquid, was a lightning shaped cut, centered between the points of a midnight blue crescent moon.

That morning, Petunia Dursley shuffled towards her front door, an empty milk bottle in one hand. She yawned lightly, opening the door and looking down, completely gobsmacked at the sight of a shivering, blue lipped babe lying on her doorstep. The bottle dropped, smashing on the stone steps with a loud crack and waking said child, whose eyes fluttered open to reveal beautiful green orbs, flecked with gold. She drew in a sharp breath and turned to find her husband standing behind her, a small frown present beneath his large mustache. She glared, pointing, and spoke, four words which doomed the poor child's life...or made it better.

"Get. Rid. Of. IT."

Vernon Dursley, not one to argue with the woman who made him breakfast and kept him warm during the long winter nights, grabbed his keys, the child, and drove off, heading for London. He looked around for a little while, not wanting to dump the child in a orphanage, and finally settled on a shadowy alley. Glancing at the child and holding it as though it were a bomb, he placed it on a dumpster and ran back to his car, peeling away with a screech of tires on pavement. For a few minutes, all was silent in the little alley, aside from the confused whimpers of the child and the shuffling of his blanket as he kicked in distress. Then quiet footsteps.

"What's this?" A low voice, like rolling thunder, murmured from the dark. Pale hands gently picked up the bundle, adjusting automatically to cradle the babe close to his chest. Light blue eyes met green and a small smile touched his lips before he turned, shrouding himself in shadows and disappearing into the darkness.

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