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~...~ sign language

~"...."~ someone signing and speaking at the same time (usually Light will be doing this, as he's learning sign)

Chapter 3:

Severus Snape scowled at an essay lying on his desk, his gaze unfocused and his quill held over the parchment, dripping red ink onto it tiny splotches. The face of that boy still irked him. So familiar, yet so alien as well. The child reminded him of the man he had glimpsed while gathering ingredients in Japan. Golden eyes, silver hair, and a blue crescent moon centered on his forehead. The child had everything but the eyes. Instead of gold, they were a rich emerald green, though tiny flecks of gold flashed in their depths. So familiar... yet he couldn't remember who...

Blizzard smiled, looking over the sleeping faces of her brothers and sisters. Fang was in a corner, curled into a ball and covered with a thick woolen blanket. Nearby, curled together and sprawled across the couch, were the twins. Storm was resting in an armchair, Light cuddled to his chest, with a light blue blanket wrapped around his shoulders. Dragon was curled in Muse's lap, who blinked back at her quietly, head tilted in silent question.

~Something wrong Bliz?~ He signed, careful not to move to much.

~Thinking. In a few years I'll have to leave.~

~The Society... But they might assign you to watch us. Spike isn't doing a very good job. We still need to dance every Wednesday.~

~I know. I hope they do. But there are a lot of Haven's out there. The Society does what it can...~

~True. But it won't be for a while yet. You're still only 19. They come when you're 21. We still have time.~

~Yeah. Thanks Muse.~ She smiled, leaning over to give him a awkward hug, careful not to jostle Dragon. He smiled back, shifting a little to lie down, pulling Dragon to his chest.

~Welcome Bliz. Now get some sleep. Spike comes by tomorrow to check on us remember?~ Blizzard laughed quietly and turned, curling into her own bed and watching the shadows play on the walls before drifting off as well.

Three Years Later:

Storm scowled, glaring at Spike, the Society member sent to keep an eye on their branch of the Haven. The man was short, with long hair tied in a ponytail at the base of his neck. Thick metal spikes jutted from his base knuckles, sprouting from his skin. Can't say that 'graduates' from the Haven don't get their names for no reason.

"Where's the one girl? The tall one with the white hair?"


"Yeah, that one. Where's she at? I need to take her to Headquarters so she can get her assignment." Storm sighed, rolling his eyes and half turning to glance into the hall. Blizzard was standing there, looking faintly green, with tendrils of frost dancing around her arms. Storm gave a lopsided smile and jerked his chin towards Spike. She sighed heavily, then nodded, stepping forward to squeeze him in a hug.

"Six months of training, then I'll find a way back. Take care of them Storm." She whispered in his ear before stepping away and joining Spike at the doorway. A grunted word and a flash of light and they were gone. A single snowflake fell, melting into a small pool on the step, Blizzard's way of saying goodbye. Sighing, he closed the door and turned to walk away only to pause at a sudden knock. Blinking in confusion, he turned on one heel and opened the door a crack, poking his head out to raise an eyebrow at the visitor.

He was tall and thin, with brown hair and amber eyes. He wore shabby looking clothes and carried a ragged briefcase in one hand. Storm raised the other eyebrow. The man gave a weak smile.

"Hello. I'm Moony. The Society decided that Spike wasn't doing a good job and sent me until someone else could be found. Mind if I come in?"

"Uh, sure." Storm blinked, stepping back and letting the door open further, admitting the one called Moony into the dimly lit hall before shutting it tight behind him. "The others are probably in the main room, practicing."

"For what?"

"The Wednesday dances. Every Wednesday, Muse, Light, and Sneak or Snitch dance in the park or near the fountains. Whichever of the Twins is not dancing does her job filching from the crowd, those who have no intentions on donating." Moony frowned a little.

"Stealing? Really?"

"We do what we can. the Society has been lacking on funds lately or we wouldn't be doing it." He stopped in front of an oak wood door and looked at Moony, gray eyes boring into amber. He let his eyes flash silver for a second. "Beyond this door are my family. I will not hesitate to kill to protect them, Society member or not."

"Completely understandable. I mean no harm, I assure you."

"We shall see..." He gave a feral grin before pushing open the doors with a soft shove. Flute music drifted out at them, accompanied by the jangling of tiny bells. Muse was sitting on top a desk, legs crossed as he played, blue eyes glittering as his fingers flew over the notes. On the floor in front of him, Sneak and Snitch were taking turns to dance, both dressed as gypsies, and both in the same color, which made it hard to tell who was who. Dancing with them, and dressed in a puffy shirt and black pants, was Light, grinning broadly and revealing sharp canines. Dragon, Dea, and Fang were nearby, chatting quietly and listening to the music with content smiles. Moony looked stunned, and stayed by the door as Storm wandered in.

"Oi!" Everyone stopped, glancing at him before all eyes flickered towards the stranger in the doorway. Light slid into a deceptively casual stance while the Twins backed towards the desk under the pretense of leaning on it. Muse tilted his head, flute lowered a little, but ready to be used. Fang was wide eyed, his nose twitching rapidly, and Dea was staring at Moony with a raised eyebrow, suspicion evident in her violet gaze. Dragon merely disregarded the man, turning his attention back to the book in his lap, though his wings were not as tightly folded as before. Storm smirked, nodding slightly to show his approval, before gesturing towards Moony.

"This is Moony. He's replacing Spike until the Society can find someone better." Hostility turned to wary curiosity. "Well, Introduce yourselves!" He snapped, hiding an amused grin. The group hid smiles, slipping forward to stand in a line before Moony, who was looking a mite uncomfortable. Dea stepped forward first.

"Death, currently 20. Capable of killing or incapacitating with skin to skin contact, depending on how long said contact is held. Preferred name is Dea." She snapped off, stifling her snickers at the military-ish intro.

"Fang, currently 20. Lycan. Born of human mother, werewolf father. Can shift from human to wolf form in 3.8 seconds."

"Dragon, currently 10. Half Demon. Elf mother, Draconian father. Wings and claws. Bite is poisonous. Preferred name is Drake."

"Snitch, currently 15. Human. Professional pickpocket and all around sneak. Twin."

"Sneak, currently 15. Human. Professional pickpocket and all around sneak. Twin."

"Light, currently 8. Half-ling. Mother unknown, father unknown. Has dog ears and claws. Markings on cheeks and forehead. Powers yet unknown, possible Magi."

"Stormweaver, currently 20. Race unknown. Capable of summoning storms of any strength or form, from spring rain to rough Blizzards. Preferred name is Storm."

Everyone looked at Muse, ignoring the slightly shell shocked look on Moony's face, and then hid wide grins as Muse started signing. Moony blinked, having no clue what he was saying, so Storm translated, smirking.

"Muse, currently 20. Healer. Mother was named Aleira. Father unknown. Mute. Master of music. Four flutes, Yew (for death), Blood wood (for control), Ebony (for suggestion), and Oak (for recreation). If certain tunes are played, each flute has a different response, depending on the type of wood used." Moony blinked. "Think you got it all?" Storm asked, a slight teasing quality to his voice. Moony, catching the tone, smirked back and bowed.

"Moony, age (whatever...). Werewolf. Human mother and father. Muggleborn Wizard. Graduate of the Haven. Member of the Society."

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