Title: Cold Winter Night
Author: Hotaru / Zorbazura001
Fandom: Fuuma no Kojiro
Characters/Pairing: KouShoryuu
Rating: K+
Warnings: shonen-ai, incest.
A/N: It was cold lasst night.. *pout* So I warmed up by writing fanfics... This is one of them, and I'm working on a sequel with Ryouma & Kirikaze. I might do one with Ryuho, as well...

Kou curled up under the covers in his futon, pulling them close. Why did it have to be so extremely cold? He sniffled, then rubbed his nose, trying to make it warmer. "Cold, cold, cooolddd..." he grumbled, shifting a little under the sheets. He then heard something move, and he looked out from his cocoon. He saw no one, though he was sure he heard something. And then he felt someone sneak up beside him under the sheets. Warm and reassuring. For some reason, he didn't really mind the presence, only wished to know who it was. He lifted the sheets enough to let in a little moonlight, and saw a mop of red-brown hair, and dark, tired eyes gaze at him. "Shoryuu...?"
Shoryuu blinked sleepily at him. "...cold..." he offered in a muttered explanation.
Kou smiled and pressed a kiss to his brother's lips, enveloping him in a tight embrace. Shoryuu curled up against him and nuzzled into his neck, taking deep breaths to feel his scent.

The night had settled over the Fuuma village, cold and clear. It was winter, and the village's shinobi had to do their best to stay warm during the night.