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While The Cats Away The Mice Will Play

Chapter 1-A Night Out

Edward was gone again this weekend. I hated it when he went, but it was something he had to do. For the last 6 months he'd been trying desperately to get work playing the piano. It was his passion. But I couldn't go with him and watch him play even though I wish I could. He hated me to see him fail, and no matter how I tried to convince him I would never see it as failure, he still didn't agree.

Usually I would curl up on the sofa in one of his shirts and read a book. But Rosalie was determined that this time I would not be staying at home feeling sorry for myself. I knew I wouldn't enjoy myself, but it was just easier to say yes to her. I preferred my quiet night in. I knew as soon as we got wherever we were going she would abandon me to play tonsil hockey with her boyfriend Emmett, making me miss Edward more. The doorbell rang interrupting my thoughts. Rosalie was here.

"You ready to go?" She said as I opened the door. She stopped, looked me up and down and said,

"Your not going out like that, are you?" I looked down at myself. I didn't see anything wrong with it. I had jeans and a nice T-shirt on. I was comfy. I already had a boyfriend anyway so why did I need to look good?

"No, no, no. Right, I'll pick something out for you." She cried grabbing my hand and pulled me upstairs. I stood as she rummaged through my wardrobe and tossed my clothes unceremoniously to the floor.

"Do you not have anything? Seriously we need to go shopping for decent clothes." Rosalie muttered. I sighed; so far I'd managed to avoid shopping trips with Rosalie.

"Ah ha!" She cried, thrusting a garment in my direction. A dress, if you could call it that. I couldn't remember buying it. But then again it was probably something Alice had given me that I'd forgotten to get rid of. Granted it was beautiful black silk, but barely enough to cover a person decently. I'd never worn it and for a good reason.

"Put it on, before I have to put it on you myself." Rosalie growled. I obeyed knowing she would do what she threatened. I slipped it on cringing at the lowness and shortness of the dress. Tonight would not be fun. Not only would I be left by myself by Rosalie, but now I'd most likely have a drunken old man slobbering over me.

"Now let's go. Emmett will be waiting for me… us." Her eyes glazed over for second as she thought about it. I would not like to know what she was thinking of; it was bad enough watching them kiss. She blinked, giggled and dragged me to the car. The journey there was good; we talked, laughed and sang along to songs on the radio. I didn't mind having company when Edward was gone, it was just when Rosalie left me and all I could to do was count the hours until he's back. We reached the bar at the same time as Emmett. Rosalie ran over to him and kissed him passionately. I looked away, straight into the eyes of Jasper.

"Jasper, what are you doing here?" I asked.

"Alice is away and Emmett didn't want me moping at home." I nodded. I'd forgotten all about Alice not being here this weekend. She'd flown to Paris or somewhere for her latest fashion show.

"Well at least well have each others company because I think" I gestured to Rosalie and Emmett, "are pretty preoccupied." He nodded smiling. We made our way to the bar leaving Rosalie and Emmett to their reunion. You'd think they hadn't seen each other for days, but it was probably only hours. We sat down on a corner table both hoping for a quiet night with a friend.

"You want a drink?" Jasper asked as we sat down.

"Yea sure" I replied reaching for my purse.

"It's alright, I'll get it. What do you want?"

"Whatever you're having" I said with a smile. I watched him walk off to the bar and order. I took the time to look around the place. Emmett and Rosalie had only just made it in and were heading straight to the bar. I looked to the small dance floor, it was full of couples, and my heart ached. Hopefully Edward would get the job this time and I could with him in future.

"Here we are" Jasper had returned with a tray with 6 shots of vodka.

"Seriously?" He nodded

"We'll have a little fun while our partners are away." I smiled and picked up a shot.

"Bottom's up"

Several shots later

"He he. Look at Emmett, he looks ready to kill." I said bursting into laughter. Rosalie was very drunk and when Emmett had gone to the toilet had started grinding with a rather attractive man on the dance floor. Now Emmett had returned he wasn't happy.

"Well… if that was my girl… I wouldn't be happy either." Jasper said with a small smile.

"You know you're kind of cute." I murmured.

"And I think you're drunk."

"No… Well… Maybe a bit tipsy… But I bet that I could sooo walk in a straight line." He raised an eyebrow. I stood grabbing the chair as the room span around me. I walked defiantly for a few steps turned and said

"See" Before falling over. Jasper helped me up laughing, but he couldn't walk much in a straight line either. We made our way outside, both of us in hysterics trying to walk in a straight line. We eventually reached the grass verge on the side of the car park. I sat down and then collapsed backwards onto the ground.

"You know the skies really pretty."

"Like you." I slapped Jasper gently.

"Shush, we're both taken remember. Look, look at that cloud. It looks like… like… like a fishy." I started laughing again. Slowly I pulled myself into a sitting position. Jasper laughed at me.

"The world's spinning again." He smiled, then took his jacket off and put it round me.

"Don't want you getting cold."

"Thanks." I turned and looked at him. We were closer than I realised, our noses were almost touching. He leaned closer and kissed me. It took me a few seconds to realise what I was doing. I pulled back.

"No. Jasper what about Alice? And Edward?" I was shocked. I stood up and started to walk away from him.

"Bella? Where are you going?" Jasper called after me too drunk to follow me. I didn't reply, I just kept walking, hoping I was sober enough to remember how to get home.