SOLDIER Doesn't Make Heroes.

Disclaimer: I do not claim to own any of the characters used in this fan fiction. They belong to their respected owners.

Pairing: N/A.

Characters: Genesis Rhapsodos, Yuffie Kisaragi — along with a few others.

Warning: Complete and utter craziness. There is no pairing. Mild cursing as well.

Summary: After learning the truth of his own existence, Genesis is sent off to war—the Wutai War. Though with the fact he is unable to accept the facts causes the man to lose his mind, though things only get worse when Wutai's Princess gets involved.

Chapter One; Captured.

Yuffie Kisaragi, mighty ninja and White Rose Of Wutai, was not going to be left out of this. There was a war going on, and being the Princess of Wutai Yuffie didn't want to miss out on this. Unfortunately for her, her father had decided it was less then sane when he taught her trying to follow Wutai Soldiers out of the Village.

She quickly found herself in a rare move of parental responsibility from her father. She had been confined to her room, two guards standing at the door to her rather roomy bedroom in the palace. But yet if they had just opened the door, the two guards would have realized that no one was guarding the window to her room. Stupid move by Lord Kisaragi and the guards.

Long gone from her room and clothed in her green kimono, with yellow linings and white shorts under the green fabric, the young Princess stood not far off from one of the camps. In the young ninja's hand was a few throwing knives; her naïve expression turned mischievous as she gazed at the camp and watching the SOLDIER members wander about. None of these warriors had noticed her, she would later comment this to anyone who listened, probably claiming something about her ninja skills.

Her plan was that of a troublesome child, it was rather simple yet smelled of Yuffie. She would simply sneak in and cut out their power supply — from the generator — with the throwing knives, then just simply sneak out. It was an easy task that she'd done many of times, but this time things would be different. The young ninja just didn't know this yet.

She advanced forward and into the camp-like set up, hiding within the shadows and behind the small tent like objects. She, of course, knew her way around, after all she had done this before. And it didn't take long for the small princess to finally spot the power supply and smile brightly.

She moved forward with grace and silence, kneeling down and glancing about. She had to make sure no one had noticed her. She was sure that no one had, though she didn't notice someone closing in on her. She pulled up one of the knives and placed it to a cord, readying herself to cut it and run.

An unfamiliar sound of leather shifting, echoed through the air. Yuffie didn't have the time to react as black boots came into her view, crimson surrounding the darkness. Her eyes started to move upward, but soon a pain shot through her head. Her vision blurred as she fell forward; her sights began to darken while her eyes moved up. She caught sight of red before darkness overtook the young woman; her mind blanked as she lost consciousness.

The sound of leather moving echoed once more, the figure in crimson bent down and glanced over the fallen child. Placing his Rapier away, the SOLDIER smirked faintly as he realized who this mere child was. What he originally thought was just a mere village child, was actually the most important child to Wutai; Yuffie Kisaragi, Godo Kisaragi's only child.

Smirking faintly, the SOLDIER lifted the slumped over the girl. She was light, lighter then he would have expected, but then again she was only a small child. He flung the girl over his shoulder, he moved into the camp. He could hear the whispers of others, but chose to ignore them, at least until a helmeted second class came up to him.

"General Rhapsodos," the mere second class shouted. "What do we have here? A toy?"

The General shifted his gaze, "A prisoner, one that is very important. Now take her and tie her up."

No other words were spoken as the crimson SOLDIER passed the girl to the Second Class. The uniform SOLDIER nodded and carried the little girl off. Mako infused eyes watched him carry her off, his smirk growing a bit. This was perfect timing, he could finally ear his fame and drown out the pleads for Sephiroth. He could be the new hero for the world, not a failure or a monster.

He could use Godo's child to end and win the war, then he would be the hero. His dreams would finally come true, and that damn scientist couldn't tell him he was a failure anymore. The title of monster would disappear and he would be a true hero for once. He could leave Sephiroth behind, while he basked in his own glory.

"General Rhapsodos?"

"Yes," the general snapped out of his thoughts, to see the second class standing in front of him. "Finished?"

The younger member nodded and lifted a hand, pointing to a nearby tent. Genesis only smirked once more and moved past the SOLDIER. He strolled right up to the tent and lifted the flap, stepping inside to see the young female still unconscious. He was almost amused by this situation, especially how the others treated her—they didn't know how important she was.

Her arms tied behind her back as she sat on a chair in the middle of the tent. Her legs were bind to the legs of the chair, her head slumped over and hair messy. She certainly didn't look like a princess to him, but he remembered seeing her before when the war first started. He remembered how Godo scolded her, not only for heading to the battlefield, but for also looking like a 'commoner'.

He checked the bindings before exiting the tent, quickly giving orders to a few guards. Four were to stand inside the tent, then two on each side of the area. Afterwards, he moved to another tent that held a few others. He smirked as soon as he entered, earning odd glances from the few others that stood inside.

"Get ready for a battle, though first I want a message sent to Godo." Genesis announced to his men, "I want it to say that we have his daughter, and will return her when he surrenders."

A round of 'Yes Sir' fills the air as Genesis turns, and soon exit's the tent. He began to walk to the tent as he noted the warriors beginning to look restless with guarding. He stood at the front of the tent, dismissing them from their duties, and telling them to report to the second in command.

Once the SOLDIER members were gone, the general entered the tent. He shifted his gaze to the princess, only to see the young girl stirring a bit. He smirk reappeared as he seated himself in a chair not far from her own, watching and observing the waking child.

"Ow!" She whined while her shoulder jerked, realization hitting her when she couldn't move. "Wh-what?! What's going on here? Oh crap! I was—"

He noted how her voice stopped when she lifted her head, spying him across from her. Her face paled like she'd seen a ghost, but then again to a eight year old Wutai girl he probably was something like a ghost or demon. It was almost comical to the General.

"Hey! Lemme out of here," the girl began to thrash against her binds. "This is no way to treat a young lady, especially a Princess! Lemme go now, you filthy SOLDIER!"

Genesis spoke calmly, "Silence, runt."

"Hey! That's no way to speak to a —"

"We're contacting your father, we plan to work out a deal." Genesis broke in, a smirk twitching at the corner of his lips. "I wonder… do you think your father would surrender to the war for you?"

For once in a long time—matter of fact, since her mother's death—Yuffie felt useless. Wutai may have lost the war and it was all her fault. Her innocent eyes widened and became glossy with tears. All fighting against her binds ceased and her head lowered gently.

"No," she whispered out, "No… please don't do this. Disconnect your contact with him. Kill me if you have to but don't make father surrender! Please! I'll do anything, anything you want! Just don't do this!"

Genesis stood up and walked straight over to her, looking at her. It would seem that he had struck a nerve, and in some odd way he enjoyed it. He placed his gloved hand on her head for a moment, ruffling her hair with a grin. "Would you prefer it if we used forced and just ended your father's life?"

She glared up at him with a burning hatred. Not only was he threatening her father's life, the only parent she had left, but he was touching her head and messing up her hair. This wasn't the best thing to do around the young nina, such filth as a Shinra SOLDIER had no right to touch a princess of Wutai.

"Neither! I would prefer neither. Though I would enjoy it if you and your damn dogs scurried away! You have no right to be here, we've done nothing to you. You attacked first, wanting to put your stupid Mako reactor in our country. We don't need Shinra, we were living perfectly until you idiots came in here like you owned the place!"

She fought against the binds once more, trying to get out of his reach, but ended up tipping the chair over on it's side. She yelped as she hit the ground, glaring up at the mage once more. "And now look what you did, you jerk!"

Genesis didn't know whether to laugh or ignore her. Not often did he keep prisoners or even see a child with such bravery, standing up to him and all. Yet it seemed that maybe she was merely a child with far too much energy, and probably too naïve for her own good.

Genesis pointed out, "The world is moving forward and Wutai should not be left behind. Mako energy has increased the value of everything, it's better to be with us. Wutai refuses to move on and join us, so we have no choice."

"No choice? There's always a choice! You're all the same! You don't see what it's like to be proud of something, proud of the past and a country!" She spoke with a glare, "Maybe if you would open your eyes and see what you're doing! I doubt it. You just simply follow orders like some sort of dog! You care about nothing but pleasing people, who are probably just using you. Where's your damn president huh? Is he out there on the field with you?!"

"No! he's just sitting back and giving you orders!" She paused and wiggled around, "And set me back up! You don't know how to treat a lady! Leaving me on the floor like this! You should be shot!"

Genesis stared at the girl, standing there with his arms at his sides. He was impressed with this girl's enthusiasm, she truly was an interesting character. She defiantly had the Wutai pride he's heard so much about. Though it wasn't just that; she seemed more wise then he would have thought. She was making points, and it was honestly getting to him.

"I see," He spoke as he lifted the chair and sat her back up. "You do make a good point but, our leader does not need to risk his life, he's too important to the company. Risking lives is what SOLDIER is for, we risk our lives for him."

"So he's just using you guys huh?" Yuffie was surprised by his actions, actually setting her chair up like that, so she decided to try to be nicer. After all, he could have just left her like that. "He's just using you so he doesn't have to risk his stupid life in a war he started! That's unfair! Th—"

"Enough," Genesis growled lowly as he seated himself. She had a point but he wasn't going to admit it. He had been told before of all of this, he didn't need to hear it from some brat. "Just be silent from now on!"

"HEY! You can't tell me to be quiet!" She fumed childishly, glaring at the man. "You're not the boss of me! I'm just—"

"General Rhapsodos," an unknown SOLDIER poked his head into the tent. "The message has been sent, no reply yet."

"Hmph. Very well, leave."

The helmeted man nodded and exited the tent. Genesis moved his gaze to the young Princess, who was thrashing against her binds. He smirked and leaned back in his chair, only watching the young female. A part of him was enjoying it, he deemed that part the monster, the other part was against it and felt guilty, his human part.

"Lemme go! You can't do this, you monster!" She shouted angrily, too busy thrashing to notice the man's smirk fall. "First you kidnap me! Now you're making my father surrender! You're a monster!"

"Hn. Remember, you wanders into our territory and tried to sabotage us. Do not act as if we kidnapped you," Genesis spoke darkly. "You were captured in war, that is all."

"Oh! Just let me go," She growled and glared at him. "Quit following every order they give you or you'll die out there! Not as a hero either, as a stupid monster!"


Yuffie's eyes widened as she stopped thrashing once more. She watched as the SOLDIER pushed himself to his feet. He narrowed his glowing blue eyes at her, a growl developing in his throat. She felt a chill run down her spine, something that never had happened before.


"Shut up, I said," Genesis growled. "You know nothing about me!"

For once in Yuffie's life she was utterly silent. She could only find herself staring at the SOLDIER, who just glared at her. Her hands shook behind her back, still tied like that. She moved her gaze away, and inhaled softly. She kept silent, only staring at the ground.

Neither spoke until sounds echoed through the air, fighting and weapon clashing. Genesis turned to the door quickly, muttering for her to stay put before taking off outside to the fight. Yuffie's eyes widened as she began to thrash again; not sure if she wanted to leave or because she wanted to just see what's going on.