SOLDIER Does not Make Heroes.

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Characters: Genesis Rhapsodos, Yuffie Kisaragi — along with a few others.

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Summary: After learning the truth of his own existence, Genesis is sent off to war—the Wutai War. Though with the fact he is unable to accept the facts causes the man to lose his mind, though things only get worse when Wutai's Princess gets involved.

Chapter Eleven; Not Just A Kid.

"The war can't end this way! I can't be the reason that Wutai loses, please don't do this! Kunsel! Please, do something!"

Kunsel had sat on the stairs leading to the lounge area for the SOLDIER floor, his mako enhanced eyes scanned over the vacant space from behind his helmet. He had long since been pulled from the field, since the company was concerned about him due to his previous squad's disappearance. He often remembered those last few days at the camp, before he moved to another one then sent back to the building. He frequently remembered the little ninja that pleaded with him to help her, to do something to save her country from his employer. It hadn't been known then but he wanted to walk off the chessboard, taking her with him so that she didn't have to face the war that was slowly draining her homeland.

It wasn't until meeting that hyper yet concerned little ninja that he even thought of ever leaving behind the company that raised him. His gloved hand now brushing over the cellphone that he hadn't realized that he was cradling in his hand, his eyes moving down to the object and narrowed them. He hadn't gotten a call from Zack yet, worried about what was happening over in Wutai, worried that the little princess might have gotten herself in more trouble or worse. He worried that Shinra would the entire win at this very second and he shuddered at the thought. However, his heart began to pound in his chest as the phone rang—almost as if on cue—and he flipped it open, placing it against his ear. "Kunsel."

"What took you so long to answer?" The voice on the other end of the line replied, "don't worry about answering that one. Come to the training room, I want to get some training in before we're hopefully sent back."

"Oh, Luxiere," Kunsel sighed in relief as he bit his bottom lip. "I, uh, I'm sorry about that."

"You were thinking about Wutai again, weren't you," came his friend's voice. "You shouldn't worry yourself. Just get to the training room."

"Yeah, be there in a few." He hung up the phone before anything else could be said, placing it in his place. He pushed himself up and inhaled slowly, turning and heading towards the exit to the hall. He paused, though, and turned his attention to the window—staring for a moment and noticing little peaks of sunlight shining through. He flashed a small smile and turned back around, shoving his hands into his pocket. "I got it, princess, don't worry. Supposed to watch out for my buds here, you've got things handled there—you're the great ninja Yuffie."

"You remember though, pray until he gets so annoyed with us!"

Two SOLDIER members remained knelt down, hidden behind a bush, as they watched for a signal that would give them enough time to make a move into the fortress. The elder of the duo watched as the younger practically hopped around, the bouncy young man that he had taken under his wing. The way this youngster behaved was enough to remind me of the ninja princess that his best friend had held captive for those few days or so, and he couldn't stop his lips from twitching as he forced back a smile. He managed to pull himself together long enough to give the younger a stern look as he spoke their orders; "When Team B sets off the bombs that'll be the signal."

"And with all the confusion happening," Zack responded with a grin, "that's when we make our move!"

"Right," Angeal nodded before turning his gaze away from the pup and towards the building. "I will be going to the center of the fortress and setting up the bombs. You will go in from the front and then—"

Zack bounced; "And then? Then? Then? Then?"

"Just do whatever you want," Angeal sighed.

"Leave it to me," Zack beamed. "This kind of stuff is my specialty. Grr!" The younger frowned impatiently, "Isn't Team B ready yet?"

"Hn," the elder responded as he pulled the larger of his weapons off his back, placing it in front of him as the memory of the ninja entered his mind once more. Those last words that she spoke to him, they echoed through his head, as he bowed it and placed his forehead against the cool metal blade. He closed his eyes and frowned slightly, focusing everything he could into a prayer that she had taught him, to a God he hadn't believed in but the ninja showed him and gave him hope about. As he whispered a plea to the God, he began to realize just how much that princess had shown all of them, Angeal included.

"This isn't how its supposed to be! We prayed! We wanted you to get better, to become the hero you always wanted to be!"

Bright blue eyes watched his best friend and the company he kept, the crimson traitor observed his former companion display something he had only seen the young princess present to his sights a few times. He knew what he was doing, he probably knew what he was praying, after all, he remembered what the little ninja had spoke during the last prayer he witnessed from her. He remembered how she spoke so fondly of his childhood friend, about everything that they were trying to do for him, yet he couldn't help but feel bitter. He couldn't understand why they were so interested in saving a monster such as he, not that Angeal was much better then Genesis in that situation, raven haired man just didn't know it yet. Not to mention, it wasn't like the pleas were getting him anywhere—his body and mind still racked with the pain he didn't want to feel anymore, surprised that it hadn't numbed out completely.

Yet as he thought of lashing out at the two men, it was becoming harder and harder to control his temper as the disease within him spread, he was surprised by a loud boom—an explosion going off. He could hear his former friend say something, then watched as the puppy jumped up from where he was standing, storming the front entrance and slicing down the guards that once stood. He stood completely still as the two barge their ways through the fortress and he found himself cringing at the thought of who he had witnessed entering moments before them. The little ninja that often entered his mind, however, even a monster like Genesis knew better then to stand in the girl's way. He lowered his head, realizing that if his friend and the girl could pray, so could he. He closed his eyes lightly and frowned, backing into the wilds of Wutai.

"If there is a deity that watches over all of us, besides the Goddess, please listen to a broken a monster, one without honor or pride, one that harbors so much hatred, but still wishes to ensure the safety of one little girl," he rambled as he backed against a tree. He tilted his head back and allowed the night air to hit him, his lips forged a smile. "Protect that little ninja and I would do your bidding when my own revenge is finished…" He stopped and opened his eyes, lowering his head to survey the area—waiting.

"Just not any child!"
"No, of course not, The Great Ninja Yuffie."

Yuffie Kisaragi, the single white rose of Wutai, was a babbler. Even the Shinra Dogs knew that, most of them because of the stories the few from Genesis Rhapsodos' camp brought back. As she stood in front of this new SOLDIER, with Raven hair and blue eyes, she used this rambling to bother this newcomer more then she probably did those in the General's encampment. She slipped a hand on her hip, swaying them to that side with narrowed yet playful eyes. "Third, an ugly Shinra Dog. Prepare for your punishment!"

"Who are you," Zack blinked like a child himself.

"Wutai's strongest warrior," she spoke without thinking or even pondering on what had made her say it. "With me here, you shall not advance any further!"

"A kid—?" Zack stepped forward and lifted a fist, "It's dangerous around here. You should hurry back home!"

"You're the one who should go back home," she replied with a grin. "I told you that this is the end of your progress because I will defeat you!"

"I give up—" he sighed and lowered his head, "this brat just told me to fight her."

"Pow-pow-pow! How's that! Give up!"

"… … …" Zack lifted up his hands in defeat, "Oh no, you got me!"

"How's that! That was my true power! I will protect Wutai's peace and honor!" The small ninja grins and takes off, believing that she'd defeated the SOLDIER, who was looking at her like she had grown an extra head. As she raced out of the fortress, bouncing and looking for another fight, she hadn't noticed that a pair of blue eyes watched her from the dense bushes of Wutai. Her personal guardian angel watched as she took off down a path, smiling and laughing at her achievements.

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