The Fight for Harry – Chapter One

Starts midway through the last battle in DH. Harry has seen Snapes memories in the pensieve and heads out to the forest to meet his fate. From here on it's all change and many 'dead' characters are not dead (JK killed of all my favourite ones and being a bit of a wuse, my poor heart couldn't cope with that).

This is my first fanfiction piece although I have got an original fantasy novel out there! Enjoy

Harry heading out the great doors and into the grounds, now flooded with light from the castle. From under his cloak he watched as several aurors and 7th years walked amongst the wounded, checking for those who had survived.

Harry felt himself start to shiver in the cold air; so many dead, so much pain and grieving to come. He wondered how everyone would respond when they knew; when they knew that Harry Potter had just calmly walked to his death without even attempting to defend himself. He hoped they would understand that he hadn't given up.

A familiar voice made his steps falter. Ginny was just a few feet in front of him leaning over an injured child. Her murmuring words of comfort made Harry's chest tense up as if he was being squeezed in a vice. 'Over here', she shouted to one of the teams of healers who ran over and conjured a stretcher out of thin air. The girl was charmed onto it and the three healers ran towards the castle.

Ginny wiped her hands on her jeans and looked around in such despair than Harry couldn't help himself. He let the cloak slide to the ground, appearing from nowhere in front of her. Ginny drew in a shocked raspy breath and then in a second she was in his arms. Harry clung to her, aware than he was sobbing without knowing when he had started.

'This is awful,' she choked into his ear. 'I can't bear it.'

He squeezed her tightly and started to shower kisses on her neck and face. 'I love you Ginny, I love you so much. Don't ever forget that.'

'I love you too.' She said quietly but with such feeling that his throat constricted.

Ginny frowned and pulled away, her hand going to his right side. 'Harry! You're injured, 'she said looking in horror at the rapidly spreading dark patch on his jumper.

'We have to get you to the hospital wing.' She attempted to pull him away towards the light of the great doors but Harry resisted, gently shaking his head. He wondered idly when he had been hurt, maybe when he pushed Fred out the way of that curse; maybe during the escape from the fire those idiot Slytherins had cast. He hadn't noticed at the time.

'Ginny,' he said softly and she stopped pulling, her hands resting on his arms. She looked into his eyes, confusion evident on her face and then stepped back in shock, her arms falling to her sides.

'You're giving yourself up,' her shocked whisper tour at Harry's heart.

'I have to..'

'NO!' Ginny shrieked, grabbing the front of his jumper. 'He won't stop, you know he won't. He'll just kill you and move on. We need you Harry, I need you.' She was pleading now, tears running down her face.

'Ginny, you don't understand. I have to die. He can't be killed until I do.'

Ginny was grabbing his jumper so tightly now that he could feel her nails scratching his skin.

'Harry no, please.' She pleaded with everything in her. 'I don't understand.'

Harry firmly pulled her hands down and kissed her one last time. If he didn't move now, he never would.

'I'm sorry Ginny. I love you so much,' he said his voice breaking. 'Tell Ron and Hermione that I was the seventh; that this was the only way. They will understand, they can explain it to you.'

He picked up his cloak and taking the hardest few steps of his life, he walked away.

'Harry, 'she called. 'HARRY!' There was a pause and then she started shouting.

'Why do you have to do this? Why are you always walking away? What about us? Do I mean so little to you that you can leave me again?' she sobbed. 'I HATE YOU, DO YOU HEAR ME? I HATE YOU FOR DOING THIS TO ME!'

Harry paused, his heart thudding in his chest and then with one sure movement he swung the cloak over his head and disappeared. Ginny fell to her knees sobbing, her hands tearing at the wet grass.