Authors Note. I think we are all crazy at four o:clock in the morning when this was written so to speak in "one take." The other story I just posted, long and deep and sad and wise took me almost three months!

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As a matter of fact I do own Cupid. As my reason for saying this I point out I wrote this at four 0:clock in the morning. :P :0) And do you really think ABC is going to come after me under that circumstances when this and other fanfiction will get more people watching their canceled masterpiece than any promotion they've done for it lately, (if any?).

Cupid: The Silence of the Ham!

Dr Greeley pretending to frown motioned for his best Therapist to come into his office. She did. He said to Dr Claire McCrae "I have it on good authority that you actually spent about ten minutes right out Sixth Street (which destroys any chance of Doctor-Patient privacy) actually trying to convince your delusional patient, Trevor Pierce that he actually IS Cupid, Greco-Roman god of love, instead of what he was currently engaged in being! Is this true?"

Dr Claire McCrae pretended to look distressed. "I did indeed sir! The sad reality is there are things a patient can fall into that are worse than delusions of minor godhood! The preoccupation he had at that present moment was far worse. Much worse! it had to be curbed! It had to be if there was to be any hope at all for any improvement in his mental state and for the good and mental health of society as a whole! I had to use desperate measures! It worked! He's back to just being just Cupid again sir, instead of the deprived creature he was degrading down into being!"

Dr Greeley pretended to be horrified, "Then it was true?!"

Claire nodded, "I'm afraid so sir! And even you will admit in this case medication would not have been effective!"

Dr Greeley pretended to shutter, "Yes. I admit it. We have nothing, NOTHING that will work against that horrid condition! Much more medical research is needed and it will be hard for we have no Animal model. Even Mice squeak! And talk therapy isn't even helpful since, God! They can't or won't talk! So you did the best anyone could, verbally forcing him to revert to his previous pathology. I applaud you for original thinking! Freud himself would be pleased my Girl! Very pleased!

Claire smiled, "So for once we are on the same page treatment wise?"

Dr Greeley smiled. "Absolutely! And even the General Public can't be criticizing us here. For think of what we've spared them! Oh the Humanity! The World now has one more great Matchmaker again and one less Mime!