Author's note: This is my first fanfiction I decided to publish. I plan to have my attempt at describing relationship between Shepard and Garrus Vakarian, from the very beginning (yes, it means ME1) until the end ('cause there's never too many femShepxGarrus stories, right?). If you take your time for constructive criticism and any hints for the future chapters, I'll appreciate that.

For those who want to skip the beginning, ME2 part starts in the chapter 8.

I hope you'll enjoy.

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Of Friendship Between Man And Woman



The C-Sec Academy was unusually quiet. No visitors hanging around, no officers hurrying somewhere to do something. Just like a calm before the storm. But in fact the storm was already over. At least for now.

"Working with you was a real pleasure, detective Vakarian" Commander Jane Shepard shook her hand with him. It was a strange human gesture, but Garrus got used to it after the years spent in C-Sec. Fully expected for a soldier, too, and she probably was a soldier to the core. He saw it in her eyes and the way she stood.

"The pleasure is all mine, ma'am" he said with a contentment in his vibrating voice. "I'm really glad to see that the Council finally did something to make Saren answer for his crimes."

He noticed a smile on her face, which quickly appeared and disappeared even quicker. Oh yeah, soldier to the very core. No emotions on the surface.

"They should've never stonewalled your investigation, detective…" Shepard hesitated as if she'd like to say something more, but looked at the two Alliance soldiers accompanying her and closed her mouth. Garrus glanced at them – both, man and woman, seemed to be tired and annoyed, more and more as this conversation was being prolonged. Oh yes, the grudges of the First Contact War were still somewhere in the dust between humans and turians.

"I won't keep you any longer, Commander" mandibles of his jaw moved slightly in a turian equivalent of smile. "Good hunting."

"Thanks" she smiled, for a bit longer that time, and turned away. Garrus was watching her leaving for a brief moment, then sighed and headed to his office. Paperwork awaited.

People started coming by and congratulating him as soon as the news of Saren being stripped of his Spectre status began to spread around. Garrus was grinning like an idiot – hell yeah, he was extremely proud after all; the case he was investigating turned out to be presumably the biggest scandal of the decade – and trying not to show his co-workers that the timing of their visits really wasn't right. He knew he just had to close the door of his office and focus on work, but he couldn't do that. Almost everyone at C-Sec doubted him. Most of them didn't even believe that Saren might go rouge. And he, Garrus Vakarian, prove them wrong. Now he had his five minutes of glory but he suddenly realised that it didn't matter. There was only one thing that mattered – he wanted to go after Saren. Vakarian wanted him to pay for everything he had done. For ruining the good name of all the turians.

And he knew he wasn't able to do it.

At least the Council had sent the right person after that traitor. Probably the only one who could track him down.

"Officer Vakarian?" he heard the voice of woman who worked as an assistant for him and four another C-Sec officers.

"Yes, what's wrong?"

"Executor Pallin wants to speak with you" she announced and disappeared as quietly as she came in. She returned almost immediately, though. "Now, officer Vakarian. He said it's urgent."

Garrus sighed and stood up. He looked at is personal computer and sighed again. He wasn't even in the middle of his paperwork and now he doubted that he'd be able to finish it that evening. Whatever Pallin wanted, it couldn't be just a short, friendly conversation. They rarely were short and never friendly.

"You know, Garrus..." he suddenly heard his assistant speaking, "I can do that paperwork for you."

"What would you want in exchange?" the turian asked suspiciously. Woman smiled and he realised that he even didn't remember her name.

"Nothing big, really" her smile widened. "Just a little drink or two this evening."

His mandibles twitched. Holy crap, she was asking him out on a date and he didn't believe when his co-workers said she had a crush on him. Vakarian was aware that the turian females found him attractive, but how was even possible that the human females thought so as well? That was... somewhat disturbing.

"No, thanks" he managed to say finally. "That's what I have to do myself."

"Pity" his assistant shrugged. "But think about that drink, would you?"

"Yeah... Yeah, certainly."

Woman smiled again.

"See you in the evening then."

Wait, what? Did he say 'yes'? Garrus was pretty certain he didn't. He felt that his mandibles were quivering in embarrassment, so he quickly excused himself and hurried to Pallin's office. He found Executor sitting in his chair and working, as it seemed to be happening all the time.

"Vakarian" Pallin said without giving him a look, "sit, please."

He sat with no word or change in his facial expression, silently wondering what this was all about. He doubted, though, if Executor wanted to congratulate him.

"You are being given a leave, Vakarian" the other turian announced at last. Garrus felt his jaw dropping. "Monthly at first, but it'll be extended if needed. Of course C-Sec is going to pay you your sala—"

"I proved that the best Spectre became a criminal and all you have for me is a forced leave?" Garrus interrupted. Pallin scowled at those words.

"Believe me, I don't like it either. However, the leave is only the official cover. Unofficially, you have been reassigned."

"Reassigned..." Vakarian repeated when part of his anger shifted into confusion. "Reassigned where?"

Executor shrugged. "I can't tell you. All you have to know is that you're meeting your new boss at C-Sec hall tomorrow at 1000 of the Citadel time. You're supposed to take your most necessary belongings with you."

Garrus nodded and stood up, intending to get the hell out of this office. Maybe he'd even go to that ridiculous date with a human female.

"Vakarian?" Pallin said suddenly. "Whatever happens, make C-Sec proud. I know you can do this."

The younger turian nodded again and left. He knew the Executor wasn't that stupid to think Garrus would believe him.

Instead of returning to his office, Garrus went home. He realised that being on effective-immediately-leave probably meant he should finish the paperwork anyway, but he couldn't care less. As the first shock had passed, the curiosity began to rise and finally the thought of the reassignment was eating him alive.

Why would anyone request this? And who would that be? Was it because of his investigation or something else?

Too many doubts. Too many uncertainties.

Vakarian growled in annoyance and packed those few things he decided to take with him – including his sniper rifle he wasn't allowed to use during the work at C-Sec. After that he started pacing around his apartment, for he had no idea what to do now. The turian had no intention of having that drink with his assistant, despite that he earlier was considering it as possible. It was just... wrong. And he was in no mood for dealing with crowds.

Right now, all he could do was hoping that the reassignment would be better than the work at C-Sec. In fact, there weren't many things that might be actually worse than work at C-Sec. In his opinion, there was just one job restricted with more red tape than the position of an investigator at the Citadel police forces, and there was no way he could suddenly become the councillor representing the Turian Empire.