"Uncle Theo, will you read me this book?"

"I'm busy right now, Lewis. I've gotta go sort out these books, then I've gotta go check on your aunt-"

Lewis' face fell, disappointment evident in his voice. "Okay."

"I'll go sort the books, Theo," Lila said, taking the stack of books from her uncle. "And go check on her. Read to Lewis. It'll make him happy. He's rarely been happy since Mom and Dad died."

"Thank you, Lila," he smiled, greatly relieved. "If you have to, stay with her." Lila nodded as he redirected his attention to the younger cub and they sat down on the floor for the elder lion to read the book to his nephew. Lila smiled at the scene before going off to put her stack of books back.

"Hi, Lila," a familiar computerized voice said as she was putting the last of the books away, scaring her a little.

"Oh, hey, Click."

"I thought Theo was putting those away. Did he ask you instead?"

"No, actually, I offered. My brother wanted Theo to read a book to him, so…"

"How is your brother?"


"Are you going to see Cleo next?"

"Yes, actually, I am." She pushed the last book onto the shelf and smiled. "Do you want to come with me?"

"No, I'll stay here. Would you tell her hello for me?"

"Always, Click."

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