Calvin and Hobbes sat outside, digging a hole.

They weren't sure what to do with it, but hey, who doesn't need a giant hole?

Then, the peaceful silence was shattered by the sound of a moving van backing up.

Calvin had to check it out; new people meant more people to pickpocket.

He burst through the hedge that separated his house form the house next door and immediately face-palmed.

Standing there, hands on hips, was another GIRL.

Susie Derkins complicated his life enough with her never ending requests to play house and her awful Mr. Bun.

This girl was going to be another Susie, he could just tell.

That afternoon, his parents made him come with them to welcome the new people, bringing them a casserole.

The only thing Calvin liked about this was the fact that he didn't have to eat the casserole.

The introductions were made, and the adults talked. Calvin just glared.

The parents went inside, leaving Calvin still glaring at the girl.

He name was Callie, an insult to his name.

She aid something to him, obviously trying to make conversation.

"Booger Brain" He said, hoping it would insult her.

She surprised her by taking it in stride and throwing her best back at him.

"Bug Butt"

Then, he noticed she was holding a tiger.





"Why the heck do you have a tiger! I'm the only tiger holder here!"

She scowled.

"Apparently not, Butt brain"

Ooooo. She made him mad.

"My Tiger's name is Hobbes, you better not copy that name"

"Well, my Tiger's name is Stripes"

"What a lame name"

"You have a lame name"

"Not as lame as you"

The insults went on and on until they both collapsed in the grass, tongues worn out.

Remarkably, they became friends, sitting next to each other on the bus, and copying each other's homework.

They still insulted each other, but in a good way.

And that, is how Calvin got along with the new girl.

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