I let out a breath and quickly got out of the closet . I looked around and I saw the coast was clear and sprinted towards our room . I was about to jump in the bed when our bedroom door slammed shut earning a scream from me .

"Well hello Isabella I was wondering when you were coming out to play"

I froze.


I had her I knew she was in the closet but then I heard a noise downstairs, So I figured she had faked me out and was actually downstairs. I should not have gone down those stairs.

I just rounded the corner when I noticed a black figure moving around in the kitchen. I grabbed the baseball bat that was leaning against the stairs. I raised the bat ready to swing when I heard a high pitch scream coming from upstairs . I was about to run back up there to see what happened to my BB when all of a sudden everything went black


"Well hello Isabella I was wondering when you were coming out to play"

I froze.

"Alice Cullen what in the world do you think you're doing?" I said as I placed a hand on my hip

"I should be asking you the same thing. Isabella Swan -soon to be -Masen" she quirked an eyebrow at me

"Ho-How did you know?" I said with a shock ridden voice

"You're quite chatty while you sleep missy" She said as she sat down on our bed


"Yeah Fuck. What the fuck Bella. I haven't seen you all summer and then you randomly call me today. Meanwhile you are asleep and telling me all about how you and Edward are fucking and then you're getting married . Bella he is your fucking brother."

"Hold it . He's not blood related, he is adopted and we don't share the same last name . Technically he is not my brother"

"Fuck Technicalities . He is still your brother whether you share the same fucking DNA or not." she yelled

"Well guess what I don't fucking care. He loves me and I love him ."

"Well did you start fucking him before or after you found out he was adopted?"

I looked away. I could not lie to her, and all of a sudden I felt sick to my stomach

"Oh My Fucking God … You fucking looked away. That is some nasty shit Bella . That's like me sleeping with Em- Oh God . Bad very very bad mental image"

"Look I love you Alice but you cannot judge us. So what if I started fucking him when I thought he was my brother. Seriously who cares? All that I care about is that he loves me enough to ask me to marry him and if you cannot support us than I think you need to leave our home"

"Oh Bella . I'm sorry ok . I'm just shocked is all I get a phone call from you telling me your getting married to Edward and I freaked ok. Have you seen Emmett?"

"No I haven't . Now that I think about it I haven't hear from Edward in a while either" I said and shot out the bedroom

When I cleared the stairs I was pissed .Standing over my unconscious fiancée was Emmett eating a turkey sandwich

"Baby Bear why are you wearing an engagement ring?"

"Emmy what the fuck " I yelled at him and rushed over to Edward

I cradled his head and started talking to him

"Edward please wake up, Come on Eddie open your eyes"

"Emmett help me get him to the couch… Why is he on the floor in the first place?"

"Well I was making a sandwich and he was holding a baseball bat. Well I heard a scram and rushed out to see what it was at the same time Edward was going up and I bumped into him causing him to fall and hit his head . I put an Ice pack on it but he didn't wake up so I thought he was asleep "

"You big oaf he could have died, Didn't dad teach you anything . If someone hit there head don't let them go to sleep" Alice screeched

I cradled his head in my lap and started stroking his hair . All to soon I felt tears in my eyes and there was nothing I could to . They slipped over landing on Edward's face, I was going to wipe them away when this hand caught mine

"Oh Edward" I chocked out as I saw him he looked up at me confused and wiped a single tear away

"BB baby why am I on the couch . What happened ? Are you ok I heard screaming" He fired off

"Edward you fell and hit your head. I'm fine Alice just scared me" he looked around the room and saw Alice and Emmett standing beside the couch

"Hey Guys What's up? He said as he sat up

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