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There was awfully quiet in the bullpen this morning. The team hadn't had a case for about a week, nothing interesting anyway. Tony was sitting at his station, playing with a pen and just looking through websites online… Mostly Google pictures of big breasted women came up. Letting out a small sigh he looked at the phone once in a while, hoping someone would call and give them SOMETHING to work on. However he still did enjoy the pictures and a small grin popped up on his face every time he enlarged the pictures from Google. Ziva was sitting by her desk, reading something in Arabic and McGee was as usual pounding away on his keyboard, doing geek-stuff.

"Where's Gibbs?", Tony asked as another picture popped up on his screen. It was a picture of a half-naked Tiffany Amber-Thiessen.

"Wow…", Tony couldn't help but burst out. He had always liked the brunette a lot, especially in Beverly Hills – which of course he'd never admit to have seen. On the picture she was wearing nothing but a black fishnet blouse and a tiny g-string. Suddenly Ziva's hand was placed on his right shoulder – and Tony jumped in surprise and dropped the pen to the floor. He hadn't heard her coming at all, he had been way too focused on the oh so lovely picture.

"She's nice", Ziva joked as she looked at Tony's screen.

"So that's what you do all day here", she added and looked at Tony with a slight pout. Tony cleared his throat and looked up at Ziva from his sitting position:

"I also doodle", he said and pointed to a little stacks of yellow post-its with small drawings on them. Well, most of them just were doodles, but Ziva was sure she saw several set of breasts among the many pen lines. Ziva let out a small sigh:

"Why don't you date real women, Tony?", she asked and moved away slightly as she noticed Gibbs coming into the bullpen from behind Tony. As he picked up his pen from the floor, Tony clicked it a few times:

"I do! Only the ones on the screen are a lot prettier and don't complain as much", Tony said and winked at Ziva, who looked a little offended:

"That's chauvinistical", she said, but was immediately corrected by Gibbs who had now reached Tony's desk, looking at the screen:

"It's called chauvinist, officer David", he said and Tony immediately reached out his hand and scrambled for the screen's off button. He finally found it and the screen went black, saying 'no signal input'. He then slowly turned his chair to look at his boss:

"Sorry, boss…", he said and waited for the scolding. Gibbs however was just staring at him for a moment, before walking up in front of the desk, placing his cup of coffee on it.

"Anything new? Besides women's breasts and DiNozzo's dating status" he said and looked around at his team. Everyone shook their heads. McGee had been quick enough to shut down his online role playing game as soon as he saw Gibbs approach them. It really was a dull day in the bullpen. Both Ducky and Palmer had a day off… the others weren't so lucky.

"Abby's out getting lunch, hope you're hungry", Gibbs added and grabbed his cup of steaming hot coffee, drinking a few mouthfuls. He really couldn't function without his coffee.
Suddenly Gibbs' phone rang and he sat back down the cup of coffee and picked up his cell from his inner pocket:

"Yeah, Gibbs", he said.

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