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He was moving... Tony could hear a noise which sounded much like a car engine. But he wasn't sure, his mind seemed to be spinning. Where was he? Fighting to open his eyes he managed to let out a little grunt, but his eyelids wouldn't budge. It felt like lead weights had been placed on them, and he felt nauseous. A smell started to fill his nostrils and at first he couldn't recognize it, only that it wasn't very comfortable. Again he tried to open his eyes... It felt like they were open, but they couldn't be. Everything was black and he didn't know what was up and what was down. Drowsily he turned his head a few inches and let out a surprised groan when a flash of bright light hit him - his eyes HAD been open. And now he recognized the uncomfortable smell, it had to be gasoline and fumes. Squeezing his eyes shut from the blinding light, Tony turned his head to the side again. His throat felt like sand paper and he had a massive headache - what on earth was going on? He only remembered standing by the stairs and then... then everything just went black. Slowly and almost with his eyes closed he turned his head towards the light again - it was a long strip of light, very narrow and thin. And now it dawned on Tony - he was in a trunk of a car.
With a weak movement he tried to reach his hand out towards the light, but to his surprise his limbs weren't paying any attention to his brain. It was like his arms and legs were sleeping. Swallowing dryly Tony tried to focus - but at the same time he could feel the car slowing down and he tried to move his arm again... This time a little twitch ran through his fingers. But that was it. He was numb and limp, almost like a ragdoll. Suddenly the engine stopped and silence fell. Immediately Tony's eyes darted around and then settled on the light strip...

Gibbs sat in his car at the end of an alleyway, just staring into nothingness. He had been driving around like a maniac for some time, unable to pick up a single trace of the grey Sedan. The rest of the team was headed for the crime site, and Gibbs was anxiously waiting for Abby to call him back with the information he wanted. He just couldn't believe that he had been this dumb and naïve... And now Tony was paying for this stupidity. If only he hadn't trusted what the scumbag had said, if only he had been more cautious...!
With a furious roar Gibbs hammered his fists into the steering wheel with a loud 'crash', breathing unevenly and fast. His wheezing breath was now the only thing that could be heard except the drops of water from various drainpipes hitting the ground. Gibbs' eyes darted around and for some reason he found himself staring into the rear view mirror... looking right back at himself. And he couldn't recognize what he saw. A panicky look in the eyes, like a deer fleeing a bullet. This was so unreal. He tried curling up his toes as if he thought he was about to wake up from a nightmare... but he was still here in the damn alleyway, staring perplexed at the strange man in the mirror. He even thought he saw hints of tears in the ice blue eyes. Suddenly his cell began ringing - and before the second ring could escape the phone, Gibbs had already grabbed it and received the call.

"Talk to me, Abby," Gibbs said as controlled as he could, trying to keep his breathing just somewhat normal. Sweat drops had already drenched the back of his shirt.

"The license plate is NOT registered in his name, but in the name of a Simon Sulford. Apparently they attended a class together at a Navy seminar earlier this year. That's the only connection I could find between them, Gibbs," Abby said in a shaky voice. Gibbs frowned.

"I need the list of all guests and every bill paid at the Zenith, Abs. What's Simon's address?" he asked as his free hand kept turning into a clenched fist. Abby quickly gave him the address. It was in a bad neighborhood in the suburbs, and immediately Gibbs started driving towards it.

"You have to find him, Gibbs...!" Abby pleaded nervously.

"I will, Abs. Trust me, I will. Call me back as soon as you have the guest list and tabs!" Gibbs said and hung up the phone. It was a long shot, but maybe - just maybe - this Simon Sulford was the same Simon who had assaulted Tony by the Zenith. Maybe they had connected through the navy and were now team players. He rubbed his eyes in frustration as he headed down through several rich neighborhoods towards suburbia.

Tony's eyes were still locked on the light stripe and he constantly tried to order his arms and legs to move, but he only managed to twitch slightly. Something suddenly blocked the light and he could hear a key being put in the lock. A quirking sound came and all at once the dark trunk was illuminated by the sharp daylight - Tony squeezed his eyes shot from the blinding, searing light and prepared himself for a fist in the face. It didn't come though. Only silence and some birds singing nearby. Carefully Tony tried to open his eyes, but it was too painful - the light seemed to pierce his brain.

"Goodmorning," a voice said somewhere above him. Again Tony tried to open his eyes and this time he could keep them just a tiny bit open without it being overwhelmingly painful. It was not enough for him to be able to see anything except light though. That voice sounded familiar... But in his drowsy state he couldn't place it.

"Time to rise and shine, butter tart," the voice said in an exaggeratedly caring voice. Tony opened his eyes a little more and now he could see a blurry outline of a figure...

"Where... am I...?" Tony managed to say in a hoarse, almost non-existing voice. This caused the figure to laugh and Tony twitched as something grabbed a hold of his wrists... a pair of hands.

"Don't worry about that, cupcake..." the man said and pulled at Tony, managing to put him in a sitting position, leaning against the side of the trunk. His head was dangling slightly to the side and still he couldn't move. Again he opened his eyes a little more... Now colors were starting to get visible. Lots of green... something red in the background... and the male figure was wearing black. He still couldn't make out his face, it was all a blur.

"Had a nice nap?" the figure asked as he let go of Tony's wrists. A weird rattling sound was heard and Tony immediately tried to identify it... it sounded like plastic sliding against plastic... But he came out short. Now the figure bent down towards him, blocking some of the sunlight, and the outlines of his face started to become a little clearer. He looked familiar... Finally Tony was able to open his eyes almost completely and the blur slowly started to disappear. Every second the face above his became a little less washed out.

"Aren't you going to answer my question?" the man asked and Tony blinked a few times to try and clear his vision more. And now everything finally got clear. Tony's eyes widened in shock.

"Oh my god," he rasped as he gained eye contact with his kidnapper. The man smiled broadly.

"Yes, I know," he just said and chuckled a little as he held out a plastic strip in front of Tony's face. THAT had been the weird sound from before... Tony looked to the ground where the empty plastic bag was lying in the grass. On the label it said 'plastic strips'.

"Why are you doing this, Roland?" Tony asked, this time his voice was a little clearer and not as hoarse. Roland smiled as he grabbed a hold of Tony's shoulder, massaging it gently. Tony couldn't even move away from the unwanted touch.

"Because..." Roland said and bent further down, positioning his face only an inch or two from Tony's.

"I'm gonna teach you a lesson, bitch," he whispered into Tony's face while smiling a big, fake smile. Chills ran down Tony's spine with every word. For a few seconds there was a tense silence. Then suddenly Roland grabbed Tony and forced him to fall backwards in the trunk with a hard push. Tony hit the hard metal edge of the trunk and uttered a small groan, feeling how Roland now grabbed his wrists and started to put the strip around them.

"Don't," Tony hissed, but he knew it was to no avail in this defenseless state. Only a chuckle came from Roland, who straightened himself back up after securing the thick plastic strip tightly around Tony's wrists. Almost cheerfully Roland began whistling as he bent down again and scooped his arms under Tony, lifting him up in one swift motion. Tony was barely able to hold his head up, but he immediately began scanning his surroundings. They were in the country somewhere... Trees, grass, birds singing... a big red barn needing maintenance... and the car was a silver grey Sedan. He quickly memorized the number plate.

"Let's get you inside, sweetness," Roland hummed and walked across the big, muddy lawn towards the barn. Tony was looking around, but there were no sign of any neighbors who might hear a cry for help... only a dirt road leading away from the barn into a big cluster of trees. Roland reached the door to the barn and managed to open it with a loud quirk. Walking inside Tony noticed that there wasn't any hay or other things you would normally have in a barn... The floor was raw cement and there were some chairs, a table, crates and a bed with a stained mattress. The walls were made of raw wood and there was no paint on them. Swallowing a lump Tony again tried to make his body obey his mind... He told his fists to smash Roland in the nose, but again it was only a twitch... but a slightly bigger one this time. Roland stopped in front of a chair standing in the middle of the barn and managed to sit Tony down on it. Tony almost fell to the side, but Roland's strong hands quickly steadied him, leaning him back a little. Not even out of breath Roland then turned his back to Tony and rummaged about in a crate for something. Tony could only sit there and watch, but he began feeling how his ability to move was slowly coming back.

"What did you give me?" Tony asked and smiling Roland turned around, holding up a roll of duct tape. Slowly he walked towards Tony.

"Just a little curare... could've killed you, but I dosed it right. Nothing a trip to the Amazon can't teach ya. Now we better fix you so you don't start bouncing around," Roland chatted and pulled at the duct tape.

"Leave me alone," Tony hissed, but Roland knew that there was nothing the agent could do at the moment... and he intended to KEEP it that way. After securing Tony's torso to the chair he moved on to his ankles... duct taping each on to the legs of the chair. He didn't bother to put tape over Tony's mouth, because no one would be able to hear him anyway. Besides it was more fun to hear the victim scream. Roland had used half of the roll of duct tape and neatly he put it back in the crate. Grabbing a chair he placed himself in front of Tony, just looking at him with a confident look on his face.

"This'll teach him," Roland mumbled as dark shadows seemed to appear in his brown eyes.

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