I'm back with a new hinted LeeSan/SongYeon & ChoBi/DaeSu fic . Come on now, my fellow readers I want to hear you cheer!

TenTenD begins writing now!!:D:D

SongYeon was in the art bureau, painting a Maehwa (for those who don't know I think it's plum blossoms) just to take things off her mind for a while. These were her last days with her friends, because she was going to marry San. She could already see it, the music, the party…

Her thoughts were interrupted by Park ChoBi who was staring at her with a look that clearly said that she had a plan, an evil plan mind you! ChoBi whispered in her friends ear "Do you have any idea what to expect of your...'she cleared her throat' your wedding night?"

SongYeons face bleached. She had no idea her friend could be so evil. "ChoBi-ah, Yah Park ChoBi, what kind of question is that?"

Her friends reply was "Well since you grew only with your uncle and DaeSu I was merely concerned. I just wanted to make sure you know about the…"

" ChoBi say one more thing and I'll…I don't know what I'll do, but you're not going to like it."

Her friend just laughed it off and said: "Well Sung SongYeon you can say nothing about me, I am already married to the greatest man in this world…my DaeSu…OH" squeaking cutely at the end."But just so you know' she started again' it only hurts the first few minutes so don't get too…"

"YAH, ChoBi! Shut up, you little…"

"Ok, ok don't go all angry on me I was just trying to help."

Their small banter was dropped when DaeSu came to take SongYeon at the palace. A few days later the wedding took place and just as ChoBi has said it only hurt the first few minutes. San was very gentle and it was clear that she wasn't his first, but he was hers and he did his best to make it enjoyable for his beloved wife.

That was it a cute little friendship fic on ChoBi and SongYeon with a side of LeeSan/SongYeon and ChoBi/DaeSu.

TenTenD is done here.