A Vampire Knight Fan Fiction

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Pairing: Kaname/Zero

Warnings: Yaoi, means boys love means male x male; maybe some OOC-ness, but I'll try to reduce it to minimum, also somewhere in the story – abuse, violence, mature situations, non-con, even rape with blood and etc. Oh, and should I consider it an AU? Anyway, don't like it – don't read it. Oh, and I'm really sorry for any commas, grammar and other mistakes. As you could guess, English is not my native language.

A/N: Just to avoid any confusion, let's put it straight: Yuuki is not Kaname's sister, but a human. Kaname is not the ancestor of the Kuran clan. Ichiru is wandering somewhere after Shizuka's death. And Rido is not a threat because I'm dismissing the war since I don't want to copy manga events or give any spoilers. Firstly, what's the point? Secondly, we already have a lot of stories like that.

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Chapter 1: Dark Desires

He wondered why he still hadn't got rid of that goddamned insolence that seemed to get more and more troublesome with each and every passing day of his life.

He could get past that total disrespect and never-ending insults that fell from the boy's lips so freely, could even ignore the vile gun, raised in his direction and aimed straight at him, but one thing can not be forgiven no matter what. And by now the amount of his patience and generosity had grown very thin.

Kiryuu Zero...Even the thought of this name itself made his kinematic powers overflow and the glass filled with the blood wine shattered in pieces right in his gracious hand.

Kuran Kaname, a pureblood prince of a vampires laid leisurely on the couch of his spacious study, lost in his own thoughts, not noticing the blood dripping from his hand along with the wine due to the broken glass that slashed his flawless skin because of his short loss of control over his pureblood powers.

However, he regained his composure easily as he stood up and, wiping the hand from both liquids, cuts closing themselves in no time, moved to take another glass of wine and fill it with more blood tablets, which had failed to satiate his hunger as for the recent events. Drinking it slowly and getting past the taste of the blood substitute, he walked to his armchair behind the large desk and sat down, looking out the window at the dying night as his earlier train of thoughts refused to leave him alone yet.

He had always had only one, all-time worry that made him suffer to no ends and the name of it, of course, was Yuuki...His precious girl. He always knew that she fed the ex-human every time the latter needed it. And, as she asked him to, he didn't lay a finger on the disgraceful creature who drained her every time, despite how badly he wanted to tear the silver-haired hunter apart for harming the female prefect. And even more so after the last feeding, when Kiryuu took so much blood that Yuuki had actually fainted and fell sick with fever for a few days. But for the Headmaster Cross and then Yuuki herself, he would have really killed the bastard and sucked him dry to prolong his suffering. To hell with consequences, Yuuki would forgive him eventually.

Granted, it looked like Kiryuu himself understood what he had done, since there was no sign that he drank from her after that day's events. How long had it been?One?Two weeks?He became paler with every passing day and even Aidou remarked his unhealthy appearance. The pureblood didn't bother to answer that comment, as it wasn't meant for his ears, but for Kain and Ruka's, but he did notice that, indeed, Aidou was right.

It was admirable, in Kaname's opinion, that the hunter could hold on that long and not attack anyone on the campus or in the town, but he knew that the ex-human wouldn't last long. The time went by and with every minute he came closer to inevitable.

A smirk appeared on the pureblood's flawless features as the thought crossed his mind. He knew he would do it sooner or later, it was only a matter of time and it looked like now the time had come. Well, at least it wouldn't be as unpleasant as he thought it would be, since, even though he still couldn't allow himself to revel in the ex-human's blood after ripping his throat out, he could enjoy watching him breaking down.

The thought itself made Kaname's blood boil and he almost felt the shiver run down his spine in anticipation. He didn't quite know why, but every time it concerned the male prefect, the beast in him threatened to come out and show its violent nature. He had never felt something of that sort before. The sweet anticipation and incredible excitement of a predator getting ready to hunt its prey down and feast in its fear and pain that he himself would inflict. And then the adrenaline that would come after, during the hunt itself...The victim's pained screams as the talon-like claws dug into his prey's sides, desperate and utterly useless struggles against his firm hold, scared eyes widened, trembling body covered in blood...All these rapid images came across the brunet's mind once again, now really making him shiver with sick excitement of a beast he had suppressed his entire life.

He growled, feeling as another wave of hunger passed through his entire being. Repeating his recent actions, the pureblood dropped some more of the blood tablets in the glass and downed it at once not waiting till the pills were fully dissolved. The need for blood toned down a little, but he still felt that it wasn't enough to make the throbbing of his slightly elongated fangs stop and by now he knew that his eyes also weren't of their original color.

He hated it because he couldn't control these reactions of his. It was natural, being a Pureblood: a vampire among vampires, perfect and ultimate predator. He knew it better than anyone and the reactions themselves weren't the reason why he felt angered, it was rather because of whom he felt all that adrenaline in his boiling blood. Because of whom he saw as his prey in those violent yet so alluring visions of his hunt.

Yes, he wanted it. He longed to see those lavender eyes widened in horror, the lithe form trembling with fear, covered in blood, trying to get away from the monster crawling over him, licking a fresh blood from his hands and then coming closer to the pale, vulnerable neck and...

'No! Stop it!' Kaname mentally scolded himself for thinking about it again as he slammed his eyes shut, gritted his teeth and shook his head, gripping it with one hand. He knew it would happen again. Every time he started thinking about the hunter, he would eventually end up in this state. Hungry, excited and utterly lost to himself. He didn't know why such a thing happened though. But assumed it was simply because of his strong negative feelings for the silver-haired guardian. After all, he was the only one who dared to show such an attitude towards the older vampire.

He would break him. He would make Kiryuu Zero submit to him and respect him one way or another. The boy would be punished for doing all this to the pureblood.

Finally pulling himself together, Kaname thought of a better way to calm himself down and concluded that he had no choice but to feed his inner beast at least a little.

"Seiren..." His voice, once again cool and monotone, deprived from any emotion, sounded in the dark room, calling for attention of one of his the most loyal followers. The female vampire appeared out of nowhere and bowed respectfully to her lord, waiting for his orders. "Call Ruka here for me. I wish to see her." With that said, Seiren, once again, put a hand over her heart, head bowed and with the only answer that could follow the pureblood's request, "Yes, Kaname-sama",she left the room as fast and as soundlessly as she appeared to fulfill the order of her master.

After a few moments of complete silence, the soft knock on the door sounded and the pureblood smiled slightly to himself, calling softly for the person behind the closed door to come in.

It wasn't the first time for him to do this. Especially lately, every time after imagining all that he wanted to do to a certain ex-human it was harder to calm his primal instincts that were calling for him to reveal themselves, begging to give in to temptation. But his own pride would never allow himself to fall so lowly, like some untamed, uncontrollable beast, even though he wouldn't deny himself the need for blood.

Ruka came in the room, closing the door behind her, and stepped further as the pureblood prince asked her to. The said vampire came closer with his inhuman grace even more noticeable than before due to his current condition. The female vampire knew that something was wrong with 'their Kaname-sama'. His hunger was too irregular and unpredictable, it was unusual, especially for him considering how composed he always was. Not that she was against of giving her blood to their precious leader, it was an honor for her, but the pureblood's state still worried her greatly.

Suddenly her thoughts were interrupted as she felt a breath on her neck and, not even a second later, a sharp fangs pierced her skin hard and the blood was being deprived from her slim form.

Kaname drank in long greedy gulps, eyes closed in what looked like desperation. The hunger reduced, but he still wanted, needed more of that crimson essence. He knew that he shouldn't do it, that it was wrong and cruel like every other time when he ended up draining the girl whose blood he was drinking now. Once again, it brought the image of those silver hair and lilac eyes, widened in horror, mouth covered in blood, hand over the face at that fateful night when he bit Yuuki for the first time. The thought of it made Kaname's fangs throb and he bit even harder, making Ruka gasp in pain and pleasure that was bound to present itself in the vampire's bite. However, it ended faster then expected as the pureblood felt the female vampire go limp, starting to lose her balance. Kaname withdrew his canines from the soft flesh, all the while supporting the other vampire.

He still felt a slight hunger, but it was much easier to ignore unlike the one he felt before. At any rate, this time the blood tablets would help.

Kaname sent Ruka to her rooms to get some rest and allowed her not to attend classes the next night seeing how he drained her yet again.

Now drying his chocolate locks after a shower, walking to the bed in his sleep attire, he watched as the sun rose and the light marred his spacious bedroom. He cringed slightly as the sun wasn't too welcoming for him due to his nature. He pulled at drapes with his powers not lifting a finger and continued his way to the King-sized bed, where he would succumb to the long-awaited slumber.

He decided that he would pay Kiryuu a visit later on today and would finally settle the matters on hand with him. At this thought, the smirk appeared on his sculpted lips as he got under the covers and pulled over the blanket to drift in unconsciousness.

Zero groaned as he rolled over to his side after one more sleepless night of fighting with bloodlust. Hands clutching each side, he curled into himself protectively, body trembling slightly whilst another wave of hunger went through his entire being.

Tired...He felt so tired and exhausted. He wanted to sleep, to get lost in nothingness for the whole week, without damn vampires and anything that concerned them. He couldn't trust himself anymore. He had become a beast, a bloodthirsty monster and a threat to everyone, because he'd lost it. He hurt Yuuki, drained her so much that she got sick while the beast in him was fully sated.

'How disgusting,' was Zero's only thought about himself. He hated his entire being for that loss of control, for not being strong enough to suppress his inner beast...

'I should have died that day instead of surviving and living like that...Like those leeches...' He hugged himself tighter, trying to keep the moisture threatening to fall from his eyes at a bay.

' No. Even worse than them.'

The silver-haired teen loosened his hold on himself and laid there, in his bed, staring blankly at the wall in front of him not seeing anything aside from his own thoughts.

He already hated himself for what he'd done, but now his self-hatred grew even stronger because of the horrid images penetrating his mind and making him more and more desperate.

It was unbearable and he couldn't take it anymore. He had to get out of this room, to run away from those visions of blood, Yuuki's delicious blood, that haunted him all the time during these hellish days. In the only place he ever felt safe from the others and himself, where he could have some peace at least for a while.

Slowly, Zero slid out from under the covers and stood up. Visibly weakened physically and mentally, his movements a little slower than usual, he got dressed in his school uniform and left his dorm room quietly so as not to wake up any other students who still were in their peaceful slumber.

He exited the dormitory building and filled his lungs with fresh morning air while a light breeze caressed his silvery locks as the boy went in the stables' direction, to his own sanctuary.

The journey wasn't too long, he came to Lily in no time, still lost in his own thoughts.

The mare greeted him excitedly, trying to chomp a few strands of his silky hair as she always did. But the hunter was faster and managed to move his head away in time to escape Lily's display of affection. He patted her head and slightly caressed her cheeks, all the while showing a gentle smile, also glad to see his friend.

"Hey, I'll rest a little and then would take you for a walk. You must be bored here, huh?"

Lily felt his mood and state he was in and put her heavy head on the hunter's shoulder, suggesting him a comfort of sorts in her own way, which Zero gladly accepted.

Yuuki sat in the class waiting for the bell to ring announcing the end of the last lesson for today's classes.

Only a few minutes left till that moment, she knew, but still, the time came by way too slow for her liking. She was eager to get out of the classroom as fast as possible because of her worries for Zero as she hadn't seen him even once that day.

She knew she had to get to the silver-haired prefect and make him drink her blood by all means, otherwise Zero would really fall to Level E, and knowing her, she would never allow something like that happen if she could help it.

'But he is so stubborn!' she thought furiously as she remembered how he completely refused to even look in her direction when she asked him to drink, baring her neck. And after a short argument that ended with Zero's angry 'leave me alone!' , he just walked away not sparing her another glance.

However, now she was determined to make him feed. Zero shouldn't suffer and torture himself with starving because of the single accident. It wasn't his fault, but he always blamed himself for everything.

'Stupid! Stupid Zero!Just you wait, I'll find you and kick your-'

Her thoughts were interrupted and fast forgotten as the bell had finally rang and she jumped out of her seat and fled from the auditorium.

Deciding that the Chairman should know where the other guardian was, she went to his office, not changing her hurried pace. Still lost in her musings, she turned the corner and, not noticing the figure walking her way, bumped into it and fell on her backside not able to regain the balance in time. Standing up hastily and not looking at the unknown person, she started apologizing, bowing her head deeply to whomever she bumped into, but froze and looked up the moment she heard the soft, melodic voice of the said person, known to her all too well not to recognize her savior in him. She blushed deeply at the pureblood who stood before her very eyes.

"Yuuki, are you alright?"

"Y-yes, Kaname-sempai! I'm really sorry for running into you just now." She bowed again, still as red as a ripe tomato.

"You seemed quite hurried...Is something the matter?" The vampire paused as he took a glance over her shoulder and looking around a little, noticed something odd. "Is Kiryuu-kun not with you today?"

"...Um...No. Actually, I was looking for him. Zero hasn't shown up at classes today and I thought maybe the Chairman knows where he is, so..."

"I see. Well then, the Headmaster Cross is in his office. I hope he will be able to help you."

"T-thank you, Kaname-sempai!" The female prefect bowed again before excusing herself and heading forward. The pureblood nodded, giving a slight smile to his precious girl before continuing his way to the exit of the school building and proceeding with his own task.

While Yuuki kept searching for the other guardian, Kaname knew how and where exactly he could find the said hunter. He let his senses locate Kiryuu. The pureblood caught a slight whiff of the ex-human's unique scent and allowed himself being guided by his sheer instincts.

'Like a predator that traces his prey...' The vampire stopped in his tracks as that particular thought crossed his mind, threatening to pull him back in one dangerous state he couldn't allow himself being into.

Kaname took a few moments to compose himself before exiting the woods. He was slightly surprised to see clearing as he had no idea what Kiryuu could be doing there of all places.

Nevertheless, the pureblood continued his journey, following the silver-haired teen's scent, which was getting stronger with each step he took. For a second, he thought that maybe his senses failed him this once -which was ridiculous- when he comprehended the final destination of the hunter's odor. But getting closer, he caught a partial sight of the silvery locks and then a figure, lying on the stack near the white mare. It looked like the both of them were soundly asleep.

A little bewildered and slightly intrigued, he attempted to get closer, but stopped as he saw a movement of the horse. It snorted and instead of backing off his deadly aura out of its self-preservation instinct, stood up and moved forward, all the while blocking the sight of the sleeping prefect. Looking at the vampire with intent and stamping restlessly, the horse bared its teeth offensively as if trying to protect the one behind it, preventing the silver-haired hunter from being seen by the pureblood.

Somehow Kaname was both pissed and amused at the same time. It was unheard of that the prey would stand up proud and bare its fangs against the highest rank like himself. And something like that had never happened to him before. He let a little smile grace his lips.

'Ah...But it happened before...And there is only one person who still dares to do it, stubbornly refusing to give up his useless struggles and submit,' the brunet thought as he remembered his first encounter with Zero and the boy's attempt to stab him with the knife.

The white mare neighed and started to thrash violently, agitated by the pureblood's presence. Surprisingly, despite all the noise, Kiryuu didn't even stir. He kept lying on the stack, sleeping peacefully, oblivious to his current surroundings.

Reluctant to attract an unwanted attention to himself, as the horse kept insisting on his retreat, the pureblood narrowed his eyes that flashed red, glanced at the sleeping figure once more and disappeared in no time as if he never was there.

It was already dark when Zero drift out of comforting unconsciousness that claimed him the moment he laid himself on the stack and felt Lily join him there.

A little surprised that he was able to sleep calmly and without any nightmares or pain all this time, he hurried to his room in the Chairman's house, reluctant to come back to the Sun Dorms.

Seeing as the house was empty and dark, the ex-human let out a breath he didn't realize he was holding and headed in his room's direction, not requiring any light due to his perfect vampire sight. Zero entered the room, walked over to the wardrobe, from which he fished out his pajama, towel, and headed to the bathroom, still a little tired despite his earlier rest.

Kaname entered the house expecting to find the Headmaster, whom he failed to catch in his office a few minutes ago. He went straight to the ex-hunter's study, but stopped in his tracks, feeling the presence he didn't expect to find there at this hour. Confirming with his senses that the Chairman Cross wasn't in the house, the pureblood turned on his heels and headed in the direction where he felt the silver-haired hunter should be, all the while concealing his deathly pureblood aura so that the teen wouldn't notice him earlier than necessary.

Founding himself before the bathroom door that wasn't closed fully, he entered slowly, soundlessly, holding his breath for unknown to him reason. He heard the sound of rushing water and saw the pieces of Day Class uniform lying on the floor, leading to another door, behind which the other person was taking a shower at the moment.

Casting aside a strange thought of opening the closed door, he stood there unmoving for a few minutes, switching his attention from the clothes on the floor to the door a few meters away from him, and back. Deciding that it would be better to leave and wait outside till the ex-human finished, Kaname exited the bathroom, anticipating the forthcoming events.

Still being slightly dazed, Zero didn't notice a lone figure sitting on the bed as he entered his room, drying his damp hair with towel in both hands. The silver-haired hunter was blissfully unaware of hungry eyes observing him attentively and watching his every move with intent until he felt a familiar presence of the one person he wanted and expected to see the least. He froze in place, eyes widening as he dropped the towel and turned to face the intruder hastily, a boiling anger replaced the astonishment.

"What the hell are you doing here, Kuran?" A fierce lavender met deep auburn and their eyes held.

Kaname took his sweet time looking the youth up and down slowly, intently, before his calm, seductive voice sounded in the room.

"Not so friendly, are we, Kiryuu-kun? Shouldn't you show some hospitality to your guest?" Kaname asked with a slight smirk on his sculpted lips, ignoring the other vampire's question.

"You're not a guest. I don't remember inviting or allowing you enter my room."

"I don't need your permission..." the brunet trailed off as he started scrutinizing the hunter's form again, pausing at the flat stomach and toned chest, presented before his eyes due to the wide open shirt that the ex-human left undone. Zero shifted uncomfortably under his gaze, tensing visibly when he saw the pureblood's eyes become slightly red as they continued their way up, to the hunter's beautifully exposed neck.

"Stop it!" Zero roared angrily, teeth gritted. His fists clenched as he watched the pureblood's smirking face.

"Why?Are you afraid of me, Kiryuu?"

"Like hell I am! Get lost, you bastard!"

"What a foul language. As crude as ever, aren't you?"

That was it. Zero went to the door to get away from the smug-looking vampire as far as possible. But even before he could touch a doorknob, the door slammed on its own accord and a soft 'click' confirmed that it was locked. A second later the younger vampire found himself pinned to the opposite wall, strong fingers squeezing his neck when he heard Kuran's roar. "Don't you dare turn your back on me, D. I don't remember dismissing you." The pureblood's mood changed from playful to murderous in no time as he saw the silver-haired youth trying to walk away from him, not paying the required attention to the older vampire. His eyes, now fully crimson, narrowed dangerously as he got closer...Too close for Zero's comfort.

"Don't touch me! I'm not one of your little slaves!" Instinctively, the prefect's hand started reaching out for his Bloody Rose gun, but remembering belatedly that he left it in the bathroom along with his black uniform, he groaned inwardly and started to think of a way to escape from the vampire holding him in place. One of Zero's hands grasped that of the pureblood, trying to pry it off his neck while another pressed at Kaname's chest to push him away. But all attempts were to no avail as the other vampire didn't budge, only moved closer so that his face was a mere inches from the hunter's.

"No, you're not..." He smiled evilly, showing the tips of his half-aroused fangs. "Not yet at least."

Zero's eyes widened, a fear shot through his body when he saw those canines. "Let go..." he said absent-mindedly, not averting his gaze from the older vampire's mouth. "Let me go, damn it!" He started to thrash violently, now pushing at the pureblood with both hands.

Kaname felt excitement creeping from the depths and starting to spread farther through his entire being when the hunter started to struggle. He shivered, closing his eyes and letting out a shaky breath.

"Do you know that it excites me, Kiryuu?" Zero froze. He stared at the pureblood, eyes wide with astonishment and...was it fear? The other vampire leaned in, his lips only a few inches shy from the ex-human's ear as he whispered with a husky voice. "Do you know how much?" Zero flinched at the hot breath on his skin and tried to press himself further into wall behind him to get away from Kuran by any means. Something was wrong with the other vampire, his behavior was strange and Zero didn't like it. He had to get out of the room. Now.

Kaname chuckled at the hunter's attempts.

"There is nowhere to go." As though reading Zero's thoughts, the pureblood spoke, "You can't escape me, Kiryuu." Kaname pulled back a little to meet the hunter's gaze again. "Not now, not ever."

"What the hell are you talking about...?"

"..." The pureblood stared at the prefect as if looking for something in the other's face. He kept watching silently, mesmerized by the lilac orbs looking back at him.

"You don't look too well." He ignored Zero's question again. "How long has it been since you last fed? You must be really hungry and craving for blood even now...at this very moment..." His free hand traveled up to cup the the ex-human's face. Zero jerked his head from unwanted contact, the action angered the pureblood and Kaname gritted his teeth, grasping the other vampire's chin, forcing the silver-haired teen to look him in the eye. The hunter flinched at the slight pain. "Don't tempt me, Kiryuu. Give me a reason and I will tear you apart." The older vampire dig his nails in the prefect's neck as he whispered. "You cannot even imagine how much I want it."

"I don't care what you want." Zero's voice was hard with venom, fangs bared, eyes glaring and shining with deep hatred. "Get your filthy hands off me, vampire!"

"Filthy?" Kaname narrowed his eyes, now blood red with fury, as he slashed the hunter's neck.

A sharp pain shot through Zero's entire being, the blood ran down his body, covering his chest and stomach, reaching the waistband of his pajama pants and staining it.

"You are the only one filthy here, Kiryuu. You are more of a vampire than any of us, because we can restrain our urges and cravings for blood...Unlike you, the one who is getting closer to the End with each day... The real beast among all of us."

The teen felt a tearing pain in his chest, all too familiar for him not to recognize the new wave of bloodlust and the strongest one at that. His head became a little hazy with the loss of blood and he started to slid down the wall, weakened. The lavender orbs changed its color to the bright red, now matching with that of the other vampire, who was standing in front of him, licking the crimson liquid from his fingers slowly, leisurely, savoring the taste.

Kaname enjoyed every drop of the hunter's delicious blood. Eyes closed as he slightly trembled in ecstasy. For a moment there, Zero thought that he heard a small moan coming from the pureblood, but he quickly defined this thought as a mere hallucination due to his clouded mind. Eyes closed as his vision became bleary, he breathed heavily, feeling those damned fingers encircle his bruised neck again, lifting him up to standing position. Face visibly paled, he barely stayed conscious.

Damn vampires.

Damn Kuran.

Kaname enjoyed the feeling of a raw flesh under his skin along with blood, seeping from the wounds he caused. "Look at me." The hunter didn't shift, only kept panting heavily. "I don't like to repeat myself, Kiryuu. Open your eyes and look at me!"

The lilac orbs looked at the pureblood tiredly from under the heavy lashes. He tried to glare, but it was weak if not half-hearted. His voice was hoarse. "What do you want from me...? Just leave me alone already..." The ex-human's eyes started to close again, but shot wide open when he felt a smell of blood, other than his own, hit the air.

"Urgh!" The hunter's hand shot up to clutch his chest."Bastard...!"

The pureblood chuckled. Somehow the insult didn't offend, but amused Kaname.

"I can help you, Zero. . .If you drink from me, you will be free from this pain and the madness would retreat." The older vampire covered his fingers in blood flowing from his already closing wounds.

"Don't you want it?" The pureblood brought his bloodied fingers to the ex-human's lips. The hunter turned his face away, still suffocating.

"Go to...hell...you...damn leech...ugh!" Zero gasped as the vampire gripped his jaw and brought it back roughly to face him. With his free hand he smeared the prefect's soft lips with his pure vampire blood. Reflexively, the hunter licked it without a second thought, the action satisfied the pureblood and he smiled viciously, repeating his earlier question. "Don't you want it, Zero?" He leaned closer. "Isn't Yuuki's safety worth this much? Don't you want to protect her?" The pureblood's voice became harder again. "You don't want to be of a threat to her, do you?"

Zero lowered his head, whimpering pitifully. "What...what do you gain from it?" The prefect flinched when he felt a wet tongue on his slashed throat. The pureblood was licking his wounds clean, enjoying the ex-human's distress. He took his time, savoring each drop of a sweet blood, occasionally scratching his now fully aroused fangs on the pale column before him. Zero couldn't stop trembling, trapped between the wall and Kaname's body. The pureblood shuddered of pleasure as he moved back a little to catch his breath and look at the hunter's slightly flushed face.

"I have my own reasons. . . But Yuuki's safety is the main purpose in this deal. This way she won't have to sacrifice anything and will be in no danger of being killed by you one day when you reach your limit." He leaned in slowly, all the while guiding Zero's head to his neck, the teen's face reflected his inner anguish and desperation. Kaname's voice was now a whisper."You will do it for her sake." He gripped the silvery strands in his hand."Won't you, Zero?"

The hunter shuddered in anticipation as the pureblood brought his hand up and dug the sharp nails in the soft skin in front of the ex-human's very eyes. His heartbeat went wild and the next thing he remembered was the taste of Kuran's velvet skin and rich blood under his tongue. He didn't realize that he grasped the other vampire's shirt to pull him closer as started cleaning the pureblood's neck with his tongue. His breath was raged and mind became even more cloudy after tasting that thick, delicious blood.

Zero sobbed miserably, his shaky voice a barely audible whisper, but the pureblood could hear the prefect's words clearly due to his perfect hearing.

". . .I will."

Kaname smiled darkly at the ex-human's answer. He knew he had won this battle.

The pureblood groaned and allowed his head to roll back in ecstasy as Zero's fangs pierced the smooth surface of his neck sharply. The desperate way the hunter was drawing his blood in a large gulps was breathtaking and Kaname was lost in pleasure. He pinned the younger vampire to the wall, pressing his body onto Zero's, feeling the uncontrollable need to be closer and feel more of the hunter. His free hand went under the other's shirt, enjoying the feeling of a warm skin on his fingers.

The brunet's fist tightened in the soft silvery locks as he brought the other vampire closer, relishing each and every moment of their sin . . .

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