Genin: Author's notes on a repost.

It's been quite some time since this fic was originally removed from for my end rant, and I have to honestly say that the admins that removed it were right for doing so. My old 'manifesto' will not be reposted at the end of this for a couple of reasons. Firstly, I don't buy into it anymore; it was a frustrated rant that blew the issues of the 'ficcing community well out of proportion. Fandoms don't die because of any one group of fans—they die because the next great thing has come along, and it was stupid and selfish of me to arbitrarily decide that one group of fans were better than another. Thus, to those I might have pissed off (and those that I didn't, I should have): I'm sorry. Everyone has a right to write. That's the whole point of this forum.

I didn't re-up Genin for a long time after it was taken down because it was archived elsewhere, because I was (frankly) very busy, and because I've largely moved on to writing in other forms. I hope, someday, to be published for real, but if that's going to be the case, it means that I've really got to focus on my serious work; while I took my ficcing seriously, it was always a diversion, a comfortable way to freewrite my way out of awful writer's block eslewhere.

This fic has not been revised at all. I'm not messing around with the formatting as I post it. In short, it is exactly what I wrote some 6-7 (insert horrified face here) years ago, and it reflects my capabilities and mindset at the time. If you enjoy it, great. If you think I've got further to go, I agree with you.

Finally, I do have to admit that it's almost certain that this will be my final posting in any fanfiction forum. I still enjoy fanfiction, and I still write, but I'm moving into a professional sphere that allows me neither the time nor the discretion to spend hours on end writing for the sheer joy of writing. If I do, anything I'll write will probably be Ranma fiction, simply because I've always loved that series' mix of seriousness, comedy, and humor more than any other series.

Thanks, everyone. It's been a ride.


Music: Check out Zoe Keating. She's amazing.