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Pepper walked down to the workshop, arms full of papers that needed signing and a mug of coffee for Tony. She carefully balanced the piping hot coffee on the same arm that was holding the papers and hurriedly punched in the code, making the door swing open.

Tony and Rhodey were seated on the couch near the kitchenette, talking about something. Pepper noticed that Tony held a brochure in his hands, and was waving it around enthusiastically.

"Mr. Stark, I need you to sign…" she began, but was abruptly cut off.

"Hey, Pepper, have you ever skied before?" Tony asked her quite seriously.

She blanched. "Uh…I went with my roommates in college once or twice…why do you ask?"

"Great! Then it's settled," Tony decided, standing up. "Rhodey, help me pack the car."

Pepper raised an eyebrow. "What's settled?"

Tony held up the brochure in front of her face. There was a picture of a skier jumping high into the air off of a jump, and to the right, another picture, albeit smaller, of a group of skiers riding on a chairlift.

"We've planned a skiing trip," said Rhodey, grinning.

"Um, I hope you don't mean today, because…" Pepper paused only to pull out her Blackberry and bring up Tony's schedule, "…you have quite a few meetings, and there's papers that need signing, and…"

"Cancel them," Tony said, busy rummaging through a closet and eventually bringing out a pair of skis, a helmet, gloves, and a pair of boots.

"Where did you get those?" asked Pepper, who had never even knew that Tony skied, much less owned a pair.

He laughed. "I've been skiing since I was three, Potts."

There was nothing for it, then. Tony's mind was set. Pepper sighed audibly. "Fine, I suppose I'll just attend all those meetings in your place…" Pepper was cut off yet again,

"Oh, no, Miss Potts," said Tony, "You're coming with us."


A couple of hours later, after a very long car ride in which Pepper was stuck in the back of Rhodey's truck while numerous ski stories of the past were shared between the two men, they arrived at the ski resort. Pepper hopped out of the car, feeling a little nervous about the fact that she hadn't skied in years and she would most likely make a fool of herself. She would have to stay as far away from Tony and Rhodey as possible.

The trek to the lodge was incredibly tiring. Pepper tripped over the mounds of snow they were climbing up nearly four times, and her legs were beginning to hurt from carrying the skis and the bag. They were going uphill instead of taking the trolley that Tony insisted would "take too long". It would take a much shorter time riding up rather than having to stop every ten feet for me to recover myself, she thought miserably. Skiing, it seemed, was the one thing she couldn't do immaculately.

Putting on the equipment wasn't much better. Pepper struggled for the longest time with her ski boots, which didn't even fit because they were rented and the people always got the sizes wrong.

She eventually figured out that the three plastic strap-like things on the boots were to be hooked up to the array of ridges on the left of the boots. The first strap was relatively easy, and so she began to feel a bit more confident.

The second and third straps, however, would not budge when she tried to push them down so they would click.

Pepper swore under her breath like mad and began attempting to push them down. First she tried to do so using her hands, but even with all of her strength they would not go down.

She was getting extremely frustrated. It's just the boots, for goodness sake! If I can't even do this, how am I going to ski?!

Pepper briefly considered asking Tony for help, for they were also in the locker room, but a bit further down. But no, she would do no such thing, because she was Pepper Potts, and she could handle any amount of stress at any given time. She was going to do this.

Next Pepper tried to hammer the buckles down, first with her other boot, then she got so desperate as to use one of her rented skis.

A hand came down to clasp her own.

"Need some help?" Tony was standing in front of her, looking down with an amused smile on his face.

Pepper blushed slightly. "Um…"

"Here," he said, and pushed the buckle all the way down in one try.

Great, she thought, but deep down she was grateful. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, Miss Potts," Tony said, and then, "Well, come on then! We're going to go straight up to the top, and you're going to show me your skiing skills."

Oh, no.

To be continued.

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